Dark Web Donna


Synopsis: This horny teen fucks everyone else, so why not her big dog King? (Too hot for smashwords) 34,000+ words.


Dark Web Donna

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Dark Web Donna

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Josh licked Donna's clitoris. Donna wiggled all over the bed. Josh had to grip her ass cheeks tightly to hold her in place. He went on sucking her.

"Eat me," she begged frantically. "Yes, Josh. Suck me. I love it."

She reached down to grip his head and hold him pinned over her pussy. This is the first time that Donna had ever become so excited in her life. She didn't know that sex could be so stimulating. However, Josh's tongue is teaching her vigorously.

"Eat me," she cried ecstatically, "oh, baby, now you're doing it. That's the way I like it. Keep it up."

As Josh nibbled her love button, she gushed in his mouth. Pressing his mouth tight, he sucked hard.

"Suck it out," she moaned as she threw her legs up in the air, "suck me, baby."

She is feeling fantastic now, and she wanted him to lick her all over when he finished sucking on her pussy.

When she finished juicing, Josh pulled his tongue out of her and looked up at her to see what she had to say.

"Just like you told me, Josh," she exclaimed excitedly, "you are really a tongue man. Oh, Josh, use that tremendous tongue of yours all over me. Lick my tits, too."

Josh is delighted that he'd gotten Donna to agree in the first place. However, he never expected she would get this excited. Wasting no time, he started sucking on her bosoms. "Keep it up," she begged frantically. As Josh lets his hands feel all over her body, he suddenly felt her ass cheeks. His cock stiffened once more. He knew he had to fuck her.

"Ohhh, baby," he told her, "I want to slip my cock up your asshole."

"No," she insisted, "you're not going to do that."

"You can eat it then," he said. "Let me slip it in your mouth."

Even though Donna didn't like the idea of taking Josh's penis in her mouth, she thought it would be easier to accept that way than up her asshole.

Josh is so horny that he is straddling her at this point. His firm round behind brushed across her bosoms as he aimed his cock for her mouth.

"Open wide so I can slide inside," he told her eagerly.

Opening her mouth, she accepted him. He loved the way she lay back and let him slip it in smoothly. Her lips fastened around-the-head of his shaft. Soon she's sucking hard on the tip of his cock.

"Easy does it," he warned her, "Much more of that cock sucking and I'll juice my gun."

She'd always known Josh is a pistol. However, she never knew he could be this wild.

"Beautiful," he told her. "Now play with my ass while I fuck your face."

He is thrilled when she accommodated him. Her hands reached for his behind.

"Suck it," he told her, "suck my sticky cock."

He rammed his cock down her throat without mercy.

"Yes," he moans as he pumped it to her. "Now you're doing it. That's the way I like it. Suck it off. Suck every drop out of it."

With the meaty head in her mouth, she sucked. She could taste him starting to juice. At first, she thought she would hate the taste of his cum. However, to her surprise, it wasn't bad.

"Eat it," he insisted, "eat my wet cock. Come on, cock sucker, eat it."

Josh's balls bounced against her lips as she sucked. Now he is almost there.

"Come on," he begged, "suck it off. Suck me."

Not only did she find pleasure playing with his ass cheeks, but she thought it would be fun to finger his asshole. Parting Josh's ass crack she slid a finger up his rectum. He loved the feeling of her finger gliding up his tight anal channel.

"Fuck it," he told her as he watched her slip a finger in his behind.

Massaging his prostate gland excited him even more. At this point, he is so excited he could hardly stand it.

"I'm aiming," he cried ecstatically. "Oh, ah, yes, yes. Suck it. Suck it off. Eat my cock."

His hot white cum shot down her throat and she gulped hungrily.

"Eat it," he told her. "Come on, eat my cock."

She sucked hard. Josh's hot white cum shot down her throat and she gulped some more.

When she'd finished sucking off Josh's cock, she knew that he would want something else.

"Oh, baby," he told her, "you really are wild."

She glanced at his cock and noticed it's still erect.

"What do you want now," she asked him.

"I know what I want," he told her, "and I'm gonna have it, too."

He rolled her over. Grasping her ass cheeks, he flipped his cock between them.

"No, no," she cried out in alarm, "you're not gonna stick that big cock of yours up my ass—no way."

Josh is determined he is going to ram his rock-hard cock up her asshole.

"I'll make it slippery and nice," he promised her.

He got some Vaseline and applied it to his shaft.

"Now it'll ride up easy," he assured her. "Relax."

With his slippery cock sliding between her ass crack he prepared for the invasion of her asshole.

"Come on, baby," he told her, "we're gonna make it."

All of the sudden he drove forward.

"That's the way," he told her, "thrust your ass back to me. Come on. Cooperate with me."

Driving it hard up her asshole he enjoyed every moment of it.

"Fuck, baby," he told her. "Now you're doing it. Twist your ass for me. Churn it around."

She churned her behind as he rammed it into her.

"Fuck it," he told her, "fuck. Oh, baby, fuck it."

Every erotic moment he is getting more and more excited. His balls slapped against Donna's ass cheeks as he fucked the teen's asshole.

"Hurry up and get the damned thing off," she told him. "I can't take much more of this. Hurry up."

He is enjoying it immensely.

"Oh, baby," he told her, "You don't know how good this feels to me. Oh, yes. Like that. Twist your tail."

Churning her hips for him, she provided the kind of erotic pleasure that he required. His plunging penis is ready to explode.

"I'm cumming," he exclaimed. "Ohhh, keep grinding. Milk my cock."

She continued grinding her hips around just as he wanted her to. She is milking him.

"Yes, yes," he urged her on. "Now you're doing it. That's the way I like it. Fuck it. Come on, baby. Fuck it off."

Her churning behind milked his cock efficiently. Finally, he pulled his penis from her cum-slickened asshole.

He rolled over and laughed.

"So you were the high school virgin," he chuckled. "That's too much."

"I was until I met you, damn it," she told him. "You really burn the hell out of me."

"These days a high school girl should expect to get fucked," he told her.

"I've been screwed all my life," she said. "Ever since I was born, mom and I have had to make it on our own. Dear old daddy left us. I guess he had a love affair with booze and left us for a barmaid."

"That sounds pretty bad," Josh said. "Maybe I shouldn't be dealing with a girl like you."

To comment so lightly on her tragic life did not make Donna happy.

"You worthless piece of you-know-what," she glared at him.

"Go ahead and say it," he laughed as he scratched his head. "I could care less. I banged you, baby. That's all I wanted. I knew I could have anything off you if I worked for it."

Proudly and triumphantly Josh gets off the bed, slid into his shorts, dressed, and left her alone. However, she's outraged.

"You're a royal bastard," she told him as he left her alone.

Donna had a chance to do a lot of thinking.

Her mother worked long hours as a waiter, and she didn't have many opportunities to speak with her. She had figured Josh could help her with her homework as he said he would. However, his insistence on sex surprised her. Giving in on one count she never expected that he would go on to greater lengths. She had learned a bitter lesson.

When she finally just about got to sleep, Sara coming in awakened her. Her mother went into the bedroom and checked to see if she's still awake. "Yes, I'm awake, mom," she told her. "Donna, love," Sara smiled excitedly, "I've been promoted. I don't have to carry any more of those trays. I'm gonna be a hostess."

"But, mom," Donna reminded her, I thought you said if the boss gave you the hostess job you'd have to go to bed with him."

"I know, baby," Sara explained with a guilty smile, "nobody's perfect."

"Really, mom," Donna gulped nervously. "So that's the way you got ahead. I suppose you and dad didn't bother with the license. Maybe that's why you've had so much trouble getting a name for me."

"How you talk," Sara said, collecting her wits. "Of course there are problems when a father has disappeared. But he's your dad."

"Legally?" Donna asked her.

"Of course," Sara replied. 'The records of heaven tell who screwed who. Or at least they should."

Donna recognized she'd been drinking. Her mother really wasn't much consolation.

"Good night, mom," she told her. "I'm bushed."

Donna tried to get to sleep, she couldn't. The teen is thinking. Yes, she did have a beautiful body. The boys at school were starting to pay a lot of attention to her. The only way she felt she could feel secure would be with a big dog. Her mother gone so late made her fearful, too. She had heard plenty of stories about rape. That is the last thing she wanted. At least she'd been careful to guard her pussy. She wasn't going to have any unwanted babies. She knew what it's like from her own brutal experience to be an unwanted child. She didn't want to let it happen to anyone else. Certainly not a child of her own.

The next morning over breakfast she asked Sara, "Can I have a dog?"

"What on earth for?" Her mother demanded. "I've gotten you about everything you could ask for. A month ago it was the latest iPhone, and now it's a dog."

"But I need a dog, mom," Donna explained. "I'm here alone a lot at night. I've been reading about all of these rapes. I'm afraid."

Her mother looked at her. She had to admit she possessed a beautiful body. Her mother recognized her breasts were starting to bloom and her body is taking on a very sexy shape.

"Yes, darling," Sara admitted candidly, "you could get in trouble. The last thing I need is for you to bring a baby into the world."

"So it's settled," she said excitedly. "I can have a dog."

"I didn't say that," Sara snapped, "but we will consider it."

Fortunately, Sara did consider it, and an hour or so later they were at the pet shop picking out an animal.

"Look at that beautiful dog," she told Sara. "Ohhh, I want him."

The pet shop owner looked at her with a sly smile.

"He bit someone last week," he told her, "so maybe you would be afraid of him."

"He'd never bite me," Donna giggled. "I get along well with dogs."

"I'll bet you do," he nodded. "Well, I would give you a special price on him. However, I warn you. He can be dangerous."

"My daughter is seeking a dog for protection," Sara explained, "and that is exactly why we want the animal. How much is he?"

"Normally I'd ask three hundred," the pet shop owner smiled proudly, "but because of the fact he can bite when you least expect it, I think I could let you have him for half price."

"Oh, mom, I've got to have him, "Donna begged. "Please, mom. Please!"

Donna's pleas brought results.

"I guess there's no other way," Sara told her. "I'll have to dip into our vacation fund money. We might not be able to go as far as we planned to."

"I don't care," Donna assured Sara. "I just want the dog."

When she's home with the dog that night, she's happy. For she had found someone who could love and understand her. Donna wasn't afraid for one moment that the dog would prove difficult to deal with. She had already named him. He looked so noble that she thought she ought to call him King.

"King, my love," she smiled, "you would never harm me, would you?"

Just as she's making her grand proclamation, she glanced down and saw the dog's enormous penis. It's becoming erect.

"Oh, no," Donna gulped, "Don't tell me I'm turning you on, King. That's indecent."


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