A Hot Night


“Fucking climate change,” Kelly Maguire whispered harshly as she tossed and turned in bed in the early hours one morning.

A heat wave mercilessly holds her small rural community in its relentless grip pushing the land into drought conditions quickly. So it was on the Maguire farm, a five-hundred hectare business in Western Victoria, Australia. Daytime temperatures were already getting more than thirty-five Celsius (ninety-five Fahrenheit). The nights didn’t cool much, either.

A fan noisily blew air over her young naked body, yet even that had become ineffective in the heat. Somehow it seemed hotter when it swept over her body, than when absent. The twenty-year-old daughter of John and Michelle Maguire is home to help at the farm over Christmas. Some might think the small framed brunette wouldn’t be tough enough for the hard work on a farm, however, she could keep up with most men and could shear a hundred sheep a day easily.

The heat is driving her to the point of rage, and she thinks about having a cold shower to cool some. Nah, I’ll wake everyone with those fucking old pipes squeaking and squealing, she thought with a sigh. She sat up, eyes wide and smile growing on her face. The dam near the house is perfect, though. There’s a full moon to light the way, and no one will hear me.

So putting on a toweling-gown and some flip-flops, and grabbing a flashlight, she creeps out of the house trying to avoid the worst of the squeaky floorboards.


The night is so balmy and warm, and the pale-white glow of the landscape around her breathtaking up against a giant sky full of stars. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner, she thought. City kids have pools, country kids have dams, creeks, and rivers. She giggled, feeling all bubbly inside, skipping toward the dam that glowed silvery in the moonlight.

When she reached the edge she threw off her robe and flip-flops and poked a toe into the water. Kelly’s tight body shining beautifully in the moonlight, glowing from the light sheen of sweat on her soft skin. The ground around the dam is slippery with mud, so she decides the best thing to do is jump in. She goes to the high bank on her left and dives into the cool water, reveling as the coolness engulfs her.

Kelly glides over the bottom feeling the mud beneath touch her skin, so she reaches out a hand and stirs it up Dad needs to dredge this dam soon, it’s full of mud, she thinks. As she breaks the surface and takes a deep breath, she rolls onto her back and floats, looking up at the moon and stars.

“What a terrific night,” she says to herself in the cool water.

As she lay basking in the stillness and the beauty of the deep night, something touches her leg briefly. Kelly ignores it, knowing the dam probably has long-finned eels in it. They used to catch them when she was a kid. I can share my swim with a few harmless eels, she thinks. Again, something brushes against her back, and she giggles feeling the eel moving its long body against hers. There’s a few splashes around her as the slimy eels play in the moonlight and catch insects to eat.

Kelly ignores it.

Suddenly, the water around her starts bubbling and moving as if something large is moving beneath her. She looks around to see the surface of the dam is turbulent, and decides she had better get out. As she gets close to the bank she drops her feet to stand, only to have them sink into deep mud, far deeper than she imagined it would be. Trying to lift each leg only seemed to suck her down until she couldn’t move at all, the water level just below her shoulders.

“Oh great, just what I fucking need,” she said with a sneer.

The turbulent water moves toward her now and soon engulfed her again. Around her lower legs, she could feel things moving in a frenzy. Eels, possibly hundreds, maybe thousands of them, wrapping and writhing around her as she had never seen. In moments the manic eels had covered her body, making her wriggle and giggle as their tubular bodies and silky fins touched her all over. Kelly tried to bat them away with her hands with no effect.

Suddenly, she feels an eel batter its way inside her pussy and she gasps at the shock of it, so unexpected. In a panic, she tries to reach into the dark infested water to grab the offending eel. However, there’s so many around her, she can’t find the right one. The eel in her pussy wriggles deep inside her, soon it’s followed by another eel following its friend. Then another, and another, as eels squeeze their slithering, writhing bodies into her ever expanding pussy. The pain grows as eel after eel stretches her pussy beyond anything she thought possible.

Kelly puts her hand on her stomach and feels them squirming inside her, constantly moving, jerking, sliding, and grinding. Suddenly she moans, her body reacting to the mass of eels raping her. An eel pushes its head inside her ass, again followed by what feels like a hundred more. Her pussy and ass stretching under the writhing mass, as the eels outside rub against her clit stimulating her even more.

She throws her head back and moans loudly as pain gives way to intense pleasure. The eels push into her so hard she can feel herself lifting from her muddy trap and starts to use her arms to swim toward the bank, grabbing a handful of grass to pull herself out of the water. The eel’s continue to bluster and squirm inside her pussy and ass as she drags herself out of the water. Her eyes hard, and muscles straining with the effort.

As she leaves the water, an overpowering sensation takes over her and she screams. Not a scream of fear or pain, a scream that comes from the most intense orgasm she could ever have. She now lay on her back, staring at the beautiful stars and the pale full moon, as her muscles now quivered and squirmed just as the eels did in her pussy and ass. Her stomach bulging in odd ways as if some alien is trying to breakout.

Kelly trembles and shakes as orgasm after orgasm rattles her brain. As the long night goes on, Kelly’s orgasms drive her to a madness she had never known, until she passes out.


As the Maguire family sat around the kitchen table eating breakfast, Kelly their youngest came in and sat, taking some toast.

“You look dreadful,” Kelly’s mom said, putting her hand on Kelly’s forehead.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Kelly said softly.

John Maguire, Kelly’s dad, nodded empathetically. No one could sleep in this hot weather.

He looked at his watch and said, “Well, I’d better go feed the eels.”

Kelly’s head snapped to attention, she stared at him wide eyed.


“Didn’t we tell you?” Kelly’s mom said.

“Um, no,” Kelly said, glancing at her with a deep frown.

Kelly’s dad said, “Yeah, we’ve been breeding eels in the dams to sell. So if you feel like a swim, use the river instead.”

Now he tells me, she thinks feeling her aching pussy and ass.


The End.


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