A Moment of Weakness


“Oh wow, am I ever sweaty,” Lena said and sighs, tossing her tennis racket on the bed and stripping her t-shirt off.

Her small, firm tits are white in contrast to the tan of her chest and belly, and as she wiggles out of her shorts, she admires her slender body in the mirror. She’s just has a terrific match with a friend on the big clay court belonging to Lena’s father. The two of them has gone at each other without let up until finally Lena’s opponent, Zoe Jacobs, has tired enough to let Lena get a few just over the net and win. Lena enjoys violent exercise. It makes her skin flush and her heart pound. She’s sure it has something to do with sex too, because when she’s fatigued like this, she always becomes aroused. Slipping thumbs over the elastic of her panties, she skins them down and with a graceful movement of her small foot and kicked the musky panties across the room.

“Oh boy, this shower will sure feel good. Or maybe I’ll have a bath today.” She’s looking at her naked body in the mirror. The sheen of drying sweat on her skin makes a thrill go through her cunt. “Yeah, a good long soak in a hot tub, and then—”

She bites her lip. Since she’s turns eighteen, it’s hard to take a bath and not touch her delicate, most feminine places. Zoe, who is a few months older, tells her if she did it just right, something wonderful would happen. The word is ‘orgasm’. However, Zoe swore what actually happens is far more interesting than the rather clinical word. Zoe makes it out to be almost religious, and since she’s learned the knack, Zoe did it every day. That’s what she tells Lena.

The sudden jingle of a collar tag tells Lena Duke, her sleek Doberman, is looking for her. The jingle grows louder, then stops.

“In here, Duke,” she calls, clapping her hands.

The black dog rounds the corner, tail nub wagging. He comes to her for a thorough scratching and Lena obliges. Then she goes to her bathroom to start her tub running. She’s leaning over the tub, adjusting the faucets when she feels something brush her exposed cunt mound. The rub comes firm, hard enough to part her sweaty cunt lips. The strangest tingle she’s ever experienced ripples through her. As the shock sets in, Lena realizes her dog has just stroked his tongue along her crevice. He’s licked her clit!

“Duke! Bad boy!” she shouts and turns, still crouching, her cute round face set in a frown.

Duke just pants as happily as before and seems to be looking for another opening. She lifts a hand as if to smack him and the dog dives forward. His tongue wet her right tit, bringing the small pink nipple up out of its dimpled areola. Shocked, Lena looks down to see the dog’s saliva glistening there.

“What’s gotten into you?”

She’s squatting, facing her pet, and the stretching of her cunt mound has opens it. She can feel the heated membranes exposed to the air and her heart picks up speed. However, she’s in a mild state of shock, too. Her large, blue eyes are fasten on what’s taking place beneath her Doberman’s belly. His furry sheath bulges at the end and something pushes his dark-pink cock slickly into view. It’s as streamlined as a rocket ship with only a slight ridge where the cockhead is. Lena has learned much about anatomy, but since Duke is such a well-behaved dog, she rarely glimpses his sex organ at close range. Her emotions are mixed. She still has the urge to punish him for being so unruly but the way his cock grows fascinates her. It’s throbbing and it’s glossy with the animal’s lubrication. She stares, ashamed to be interested in the secrets of a mere dog. Even if he is her loyal and loving pet.

“I really should thrash you, wicked dog!”

However, Lena is smiling and blushing. She gives him a playful push and makes him leave the bathroom. As she closes the door behind him, Lena notices her hands are shaking.

“What would make him want to lick a human girl?” she ponders aloud. “I don’t smell like a dog. I don’t have fur like a dog. I must not even be very pretty to a Doberman like Duke.”

Lena turns the water off and climbs into the tub. She sinks back to let the sweat melt from her skin, her eyes close as she tries to think of other things. She wants to go shopping as there’s a cute little dress she’s seen in a shop window in town. She didn’t dare tell her older sister about the dress because Maria would beat her to it if she did. Maria is nineteen and wore almost the same size clothes as did Lena. Maria is bigger breasted, but she usually chose frocks tending toward tightness to show off her amazing cleavage.

“Mine are perfect too,” Lena said aloud, “they’re just smaller.”

She splashes hot water over the nipple that had been licked by her Doberman and a thrill goes through her. She soaps a palm and strokes the nub with circular movements until the tingle in her cunt has grown more intense.

“Uhmmmmm, that’s nice.”

She soaps both palms now and lets her other nipple share in the excitement. The pleasure in her cunt is becoming very strong now. She can feel her little clit-bump growing. It grows tumid and plump when she rubs her nipples. Once she’s even squatted over a mirror and watched it push out from behind its fleshy hood. For some reason she thought of Duke and the way his red cock exposed itself.

“Ugh, how awful. Imagine the poor girl dog who has to put up with that thing inside her.”

Lena is still a virgin and she hasn’t come to grips with the mysterious and somewhat messy facts of life yet. She’s fascinated by the idea of sexual intercourse, but scared at the same time. She’s heard stories about what happens when a guy gets too excited.

Zoe, Lena’s best friend, tells of how she’s gotten into a wrestling match with her cousin when she was fourteen. Her cousin had been a few years older and Zoe had become curious as to why he kept wriggling around so much when he was trying to pin her. She described to Lena how the contest had become something very different. Her cousin started kissing her and his eyes has glazed. He moved his hips around in a funny kind of way and Zoe had grown a little excited herself. She knows vaguely her cousin’s strange behavior has something to do with sex. She also knows cousins weren’t supposed to do such things with each other, even if they weren’t all the way naked. Then Zoe had felt him jerk and gasp and she’s aware of something hot and sticky down where his hard thing had been rubbing against her crotch. He then collapsed and Zoe had to push him off her. She related in some detail exactly how slick the stuff was, how it smelled, and how slimy it felt when she dabbed a finger into it and rubbed it against her thumb.

Wallowing in her warm tub, Lena finds these memories keenly exciting. She wonders just what a guy’s cum is really like. Zoe has hinted the stuff is pretty awful. However, Lena thought her friend was saying it for her benefit. She has a strong suspicion Zoe had enjoyed the sordid little scene with her cousin and though Zoe has no other stories to tell, Lena wonders if she played again with her cousin.

Suddenly, Lena has the strongest urge to explore her cunt. Yet she feels somewhat guilty for having been licked by her dog, then remembering with exquisite detail the lewd story Zoe had told her almost a year ago. No, she wouldn’t allow herself the pleasure. It would be punishment for her naughty daydreaming. She steps out of the tub, dries herself briskly and searches in a drawer for a fresh pair of panties. She didn’t hear the jingle of Duke’s collar until he’s in the room this time. Lena is about to turn when his hot, damp nose presses between her thighs and he nuzzles upward against the plump, white lips of her cunt. The sparse curls of brown parted and her cunt lips open with a wet sound.


Lena clings to the edge of her dresser as she struggles with the conflicting forces of her conscience and the jolt of pure pleasure shimmering through her belly.

“You awful doggy! Get back, get away!”

She flees toward her bed, the powerful animal in close pursuit. Sitting heavily on the edge of the mattress, Lena shoves at Duke’s head with both hands. However, he burrows past her ineffectual defenses, and again his sharp nose opens the lips of her cunt. She tries to squeeze him out with her knees but her strength is failing. She’s staring down as his pink tongue flicks out. How long it is? How wet it is? And the heat of i—the heat sends tingles along her spine, making her thin shoulders shake.

“No—don’t do that—Bad dog—Baaaaad!” Lena shouts.

Her cunt is blooming now, the delicate inner surfaces exposing themselves as her flesh swells from the friction of the dog’s licking. Lena feels as if she’s slipped into another dimension. Her small hands rest on the dog’s head but she isn’t trying to push him away anymore. She can’t. She didn’t have control of her will now. It’s the damnable pleasure that has destroyed it. That and the lewd fascination locking her eyes on what Duke is doing. He likes it, likes the way she smells and tastes. This fact alone thrills her past the ability to reason.

“Ohhh—Oooooo—WOW—Ooh—Just too m-much!”

Hot tickles of fire bring her clit surging out, its sensitive and pearly head hunting for the source of the pleasure. Duke’s tongue finds the glistening nub and the most powerful thrill of all makes Lena suck her tummy in deeply beneath her ribs.

However, she knows she can’t allow this to go on. She just can’t. She shakes her head, her light brown hair flying out over her shoulders.

“Uhh, stop—Ohhhh—God, don’t do that—Ahh Duke—Bad dog—Very b-bad dog!”

It’s no use. Her strength has been absorbed by the passionate waves of ecstasy seeming to ride the surface of her skin. The soft, licking slurp of the dog’s tongue against her exposed cunt flesh adds to her excitement, weakening her further. Her nipples have budded too, and she longs to touch them. What has happened to her willpower? Her pet’s tongue has diluted it so much, it’s useless. How can she resist pleasure so pure and breathtaking as she’s now experiencing?

“Ahhhrr—Uhhhh— God, if you don’t stop—if you—Ohhhhhh!” Lena moans passionately.

The dog nuzzles deeper. His black nose has opens her inner folds now and she can feel his breath scorching her poor little clit. Well, it wasn’t so little as it had been. She saw the pulsing tip of it for a second, then she can only see Duke’s tongue swathing it with hot saliva.

Whimpering in defeat, Lena sinks back to lie upon her back on the bed, her slender legs hanging off the edge of the mattress as she gouges the carpet with her heels. Knowing he has won, Duke spreads her thighs wider with his shoulders and laps hungrily at her parted pussy. She can feel her juices flowing out and can feel them being slurped up by her loving pet. Shudders of glowing warmth spread upward from her cunt and send electric thrills down her long, tan legs. Her toes spread apart from the constant friction against her cunt. Her nipples feel as rubies on her chest and she gives in to the passion taking her, bringing her palms up to excite the tender bumps of tit flesh.

“Oh—Omigod—Oooo—This is awful—”

It’s incredible too. She’s touched herself before but has never experienced the full flush of excitement Duke is giving her.

“Ahhhhhrrrr, something funny is happening to me,” she moans loudly. “I’m getting all shivery and hot—Omigod—Ooooo—God—God—God!”

The muscles in her thighs tighten. Her fingernails digs into her palms. She flops her head back and forth on the bed as her hungry pet makes a mess of her blossoming pink cunt. The itchiness is growing so intense Lena wonders if she can bear it much longer. Of course she knows what’s happening to her. She’s going to have an orgasm. Her dog is going to lick her and make her cum. That taboo word thrills her as it runs through her thoughts. However, she also feels so guilty too. It’s bad enough to listen to Zoe’s lewd stories but to let her dog lick her cunt until she cums is unthinkably perverse.

Again, Lena struggles against the Doberman’s hungry attack. She pushes at his head with her hands, whimpering weakly all the while. However, the dog has a taste of her delightful young twat and he isn’t going to give it up without a fight. Under his belly, she can see his huge cock now. It seems fully extended and the tip has grown into a streamlined barb. Lubrication drips from the thing as it swings back and forth when Duke digs his hind paws in to brace himself against Lena’s flailing hands.

“STOP—Ooh— STOP, damn it, or I’m gonna—gonna—ohhh shit—Ohhhhh no!”

The first excruciating tickle sparks through her. It’s something akin to an electric shock but there’s no pain or discomfort. Only the most lovely pleasure she’s ever known. Her fists drop and she falls back on the mattress again. Shouldering her squeezed thighs wide again, the Doberman growls and covers the entire length of her crevice with his open jaws. His tongue digs and gouges into the fleshy flower of her inner lips. His breath scorches her wonderfully.

Lena knows now she’s beyond help. Her slim ass dances on the bed with convulsive movements as she thrusts her open cunt up and down against the dog’s licking. She doesn’t want to move like this and she isn’t even thinking about it, it’s the maddening itch, the insatiable hunger suddenly overtaking her. She can’t get enough of the cursed tongue. She can’t rub back against the dog’s licking mouth quite enough. Her heart flutters as if it might fail totally and her breathing is wild and ragged.

Lena pinches both her tits and her tummy heaves rapidly as the Doberman laps more furiously than ever. It’s as if he knows what’s happening to her. Her excitement has aroused him. Lena looks down over her belly to see his hindquarters hunching in the familiar movements of fucking. Then another burst of pleasure exhilarates her so intensely she can’t focus anymore. How can it get any better? However, it did. The next explosion is the first erotic spasm of her climax. It makes her give a squeal lasting only seconds because another hot storm between her cunt lips chokes it off. She revels in the ecstasy. Her young hips leap around on the bed. Her clit is a burning sun, throbbing, inflaming all her senses to the utmost sensitivity.

“Ahhhggg—ahhhhgggg—ahhhhhhhhrrr!” she babbles, biting blood from her lip.

She’d never dreamed in all her life coming would be like this. The tender spots between each toe tickles. Her armpits glow and grows damp. Her earlobes feel extra-sensitive and the touch of her ass against the bed is pleasurable. Even her tight little asshole throbs with the passion she’s experiencing.

“Ooh—I’m gonna die—AHHHHHHRRRR”

Then as suddenly as the shivering paradise has encompassed her slim body, it’s replaced by pain. Now Duke’s tongue hurt. With a cry of pain, Lena brings a leg up and back and drives against the dog’s body with all her might. He yelps and staggers back and Lena used the moment to clasp her hands over her ravished cunt. She’s surprised to feel how swollen it is. Never before has her dainty flesh exploded into such a plump, slippery flower as now bulged between her thighs.

She sits there on the edge of the bed, watching her Doberman. However, he seems to know she isn’t going to allow anymore of his fun and games. He lowers himself onto his haunches and licks his chops. His cock is still very long and very shiny. Lena stares at it, her tits rising and falling as she tries to catch her breath.

“Omigod, I can hardly believe it happened.”

However, it did happen, and as soon as Lena pushes her dog out of the room and closes the door again, she throws herself across her bed and sobs with shame and disgust.


The End.


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