A Ruff Life


The fight had been terrible, screaming, throwing things, and even fists thrown in anger. Her husband was drunk, taking out his anger on her. She begged and cried, yet her weakness only seemed to make him even angrier. Her nose bleeds, lips are swollen, and big black eye is forming around her left eye. He called her a bitch, slut, and whore, anything else he could think of. His anger unleashed, out of control, wild, and blooming in its fullness. His last act of rage is to throw her out of the house and screaming she should never come back.

Alone in the dimly let suburban street, she see’s shadows in windows peeking at her, reveling in her suffering. Reaching for phones to call friends and tell them about the fight. About what she did, as no doubt they would’ve heard her husband scream it at her. She feels like an animal in the zoo. Hard eyes glaring and laughing at her strangeness, her otherness. She’s not one of us, they thought. She’s damaged goods. Her tears flow as she sobs, shivering in the cool night air.

Suddenly, a warm tongue licks her hand, and she sees her dog, a golden Labrador named ‘Ruff’, her only friend in the world. He whined, mourning her damage. She patted his head and he wagged his tail. She sighed deeply.

“It’s only us now,” she said softly. “Come on, let’s get outta here.”

She turns and leaves her home. The night wraps around her in a cool embrace, yet she feels comforted by it. The darkness hides her from the cold eyes of the judgmental, but also from herself. She feels freer, happier to be alone with her dog in the murkiness around her. Her life is murky, and her pain is real. Muscles ache as she limps through the nearby park, Ruff by her side.

Where shall I go, she wonders? Nobody will welcome me, Tom will see to that. Tiredness overtakes her and she decides to rest in a nearby concrete pergola. Shivering now, as her body gets cooler. Her clothes are thin and OK for indoors where it’s heated. Not outdoors late at night.

Ruff snuggles close, trying to warm her. She cuddles him and he licks her neck and face. Her hand run over his furry back as she cuddles the only being in the world who loves her. Rubbing under his stomach, she bumps into his half-erect cock and gently she pulls at it and rubs it. The warm dick gets bigger in her hand. She moans, rubbing her face into his neck and listening to his deep panting. This is why I got in trouble, she thought. My addiction to Ruff’s cock. Memories of being caught with Ruff knotted deep in her cunt flashed through her mind. Her husband’s anger at her betrayal, boiling into rage.

She rolls onto her hands and knees, and pulls her dress over her head and off. Her nudity making her wet with anticipation. She pats her ass, her signal for Ruff to fuck her. Ruff doesn’t hesitate, and mounts her, wrapping his strong legs around her waist while humping at her. Reaching under, she grabs his hot cock and guides it into her cunt, moaning loudly as her thrust deep inside her.

“Fuck me, Ruff. Fuck me hard,” she whispered. “I need to feel loved.”

His thick cock slides into her making her stomach tighten, and her clit burn with desire. His panting grows heavier and deeper in her ear, interspersed with whines and groans. She rubs her clit between her fingers, feeling her love button stiffen, with her nipples. Breathing rapidly, she grinds her body back into her bestial lovers cock. Fingers start to pull and rub her hard nipples. Her body sways under the force of Ruff, taking her wet cunt as his, just as he has done for the last year.

“Oh, god, yes,” she moans. “Oh, Ruff, I’m your bitch. Fuck your bitch.”

Her legs feel wobbly, her head moves rapidly as the nuances of Ruff’s cock slide against the walls of her pussy, throbbing and pulsating, swishing and sloshing. Taking her mind to another place, a place her love for Ruff, and his love for her is normal. Two beautiful creatures sharing the most intimate of moments. When two become one, and when his flesh and her flesh merge into a single sexual force.

Her groans and his pants reverberate in the empty pergola, a primal sound as old as time. His thick red cock thrusting into her now sloppy cunt as fast as he could manage, stimulating himself so his knot will grow. As his cock thickens, he stretches her wider each time his growing knot enters her greedy pussy. The feeling made her whimper in delight as it pushed against her g-spot. Her body flushing and sweating as her heat grew.

“I’m gonna cum. Fuck me with your knot,” she moans loudly.

The knot getting bigger and bigger slaps in and out of her pussy lips with a wet sound, and each time Ruff drives it inside her she moans loudly. Eventually, his knot gets too big for her, and he can’t pull it free anymore as her body wraps around it, clenching on it, as if it’s the center of the universe. Her head shoots up and she groans and gurgles as her body starts to rattle and pulsate. The force of her orgasm fills her with unbearable heat, the worst of it inside her pussy. Her clit explodes in a rhythmic fury, send the shock waves to wash through her body. Her cunt squirts all over Ruff’s balls and back legs as it spasms on his huge knot.

Ruff has settled now and blinks rapidly as his thick meaty cock shoots his gooey dog cum inside her womb, making her stomach begin to bulge. The perfect union of a dog and woman, joined by love and lust, find peace in that moment. The turmoil of life ebbs away, and she finally relaxes as her orgasm abates. Ruff eventually dismounts and they lay ass to ass in the night, connected by flesh and soul. She falls asleep, feeling she can now make it.


In the morning she wakes, her bare back against the cool concrete wall and Ruff snuggled into her stomach as if a big doggy blanket keeping her warm. She smiles as she rubs his belly. He whines and thumps his tail on the floor in response. A new life awaits her now. A life for her and Ruff.


The End.


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