Animal Rescue 2: Part 1 – Undercover!


Debbie and Roberta sit opposite a man in a gray suit who they know as Agent Carter, a thin, muscular man in his late thirties with immaculate blond hair and blue eyes.

“Thank you for coming today,” he said to them with a smooth southern accent. “I hope you ladies are recovering from your ordeal.”

Roberta smiles coldly. “Some scars we’ll never recover from,” she said shaking her head.

“Assuredly, but I wonder whether you’ve given any thought yet to what you’ll be doing in the future,” he asks.

They laugh, making Agent Carter raise his eyebrows questioningly.

“Excuse us, Agent Carter,” Debbie said with a smirk, “but we’re both pretty confident our careers are finished.”

“But what happened is hardly your fault,” he said with a frown.

“Maybe,” Roberta said with a sneer. “But no Cop wants a partner who’s an ex-bestiality porn star.”

“And Animal Rescue doesn’t want an officer who may fuck the animals she saves,” Debbie said nodding.

They suddenly stare at Agent Carter with deep frowns, and he decides, not to argue.

“So what will you do?” he asks.

They shrug.

“Well, I want to let you know Curly and Annie are in witness protection, and with all your testimonies we have enough evidence to put Tim and his associates away for a long time.”

“Why couldn’t you just call us and tell us that?” Roberta asks, folding her arms across her chest while shaking her head.

Agent Carter smiles warmly. “I wanted to meet and thank you because without your help we’d never have busted that case open. Curly told me how you convinced him to turn on Tim.”

“So?” Debbie said.

“So—we could use a couple of undercover consultants like you.”

The women glance at each other and laugh.

“I’m pretty sure the FBI has defined recruiting standards,” Roberta said sarcastically.

“We’ve hired people with dubious backgrounds before,” Agent Carter said. “Their inside knowledge of organized crime is beneficial to us.”

“But you said what happened wasn’t our fault,” Debbie said harshly, “and now I’m a criminal with inside knowledge?”

Agent Carter raises his hand and shakes his head. “No, no, that’s not what I mean,” he said. “I apologize if that’s what you thought I said. What we’re looking for are people willing to go beyond the normal limits, getting information and turning potential witnesses.”

“Only as consultants and not agents, right,” Debbie said.

“What do we get for placing our lives in such danger?” Roberta asks.

“We pay very well,” Agent Carter said evenly.

He picks up a file and hands it to Roberta. She opens it, and the women read the contents. They read of a big drug cartel shipping drugs into the USA. The files had DEA stamped on them.

“You want us to get intel on a drug cartel?” Roberta asked, eyes wide, staring at Agent Carter.

“I don’t want you to, no. You’d be working for the DEA on this case,” he said. “They’re offering a million dollars each to go in with no links to them. You’d get half the money up front, the other on the conclusion of the case.”

“Just how do we get on the inside of a drug cartel?” Debbie asks. “I’m an animal welfare officer, not a fucking spy.”

“They want us to pose as American hookers,” Roberta said to Debbie with rolling eyes. “Isn’t that right, Agent Carter?”

“I’m not sure of the operational detail, but if you’re interested I can set up a meeting with them,” he said.

The girls gaze at each other wide-eyed and shrug.

“I guess it can’t hurt to talk to them,” Debbie said. “But we’re not promising anything.”


A week later, they meet a Hispanic man dressed in a dark gray suit. The DEA agent’s quite handsome and smells of cologne. They meet in an apartment that has minimal furniture, and it’s clear no one lives there.

“I’m Ray Otero,” he said shaking each woman’s hand. “Please sit.”

“I’m Debbie, and this is Roberta,” Debbie said pointing to her redhead friend.

“Yes, I’m aware of who you are,” he said as he sits. “I’ve seen some of your, err, work.”

The women glance at each other, and Debbie blushes slightly knowing he means the bestiality porn videos they made with Tim.

“We were forced to do that, just in case you don’t know,” Roberta said coldly.

“I have read the brief, and am aware of the circumstances, he said professionally. “Your experiences make you perfect for what we need.”

“Oh? You want us to perform in porn?” Debbie asks and grimaces.

“Not in porn, exactly, but we need women willing to perform the kind of acts you did in those videos.”

There’s silence, then Roberta laughs coldly. “Omigod, Deb, he wants us to perform in a fucking Tijuana donkey show.”

“Nooo,” Debbie says and grimaces again. “You want us fucking donkeys on stage?”

Ray shrugs. “I’m gonna be straight with both of you,” he said evenly. “Yes, we want you to perform in a particular establishment that features animal sex shows. The women there fuck all manner of animals, not just donkeys.”

Debbie chortles shaking her head insolently. “And given our experiences, you think we’d be perfect for the job,” she said.

“Frankly, yes,” Ray said. “I watched several of the videos with you two, and it’s clear you were enjoying it.”

“Oh, thanks, asshole,” Roberta shouts and pushes her chair out to leave.

Ray grabs her hand. “I’m sorry, I mean no offense,” he said. “Maybe I read it wrong, and if that’s true, then we should end this meeting because you’re not suited for the task.”

Debbie glances at Roberta who’s still glaring at Ray. “You know bestiality is illegal here in America.”

He nods. Ray understands they need to maintain a facade so people won’t judge them too harshly. Sure, Tim kidnapped the women and forced them to do wicked things, and the sympathy for that is great. However, if they admit they enjoyed the sexual experiences with animals, then the compassion they have received would soon vanish. Ray understands their reticence to be open with him entirely. This is why Debbie mentioned the legal status of bestiality, to cover themselves.

“I’m not judging you,” Otero said calmly, “many people like getting it on with animals, I have nothing against it personally.”

“And it’s legal in Mexico anyway,” Debbie said. “Otherwise those sex shows wouldn’t exist so openly.”

Roberta is still glaring at Ray, and he sighs. “I need women who’ll do this willingly, gladly even,” he said. “It’s important you enjoy it, that way the people will think you’re genuine.”

“I can’t do it, sorry,” Roberta said making Ray’s eyes go wide. “I’m just not willing to put myself in that place again. Not knowing if some thug is going to kill me at any moment.” Roberta gazes down at her blonde friend with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Deb, but my bestiality days are over.”

“I understand, sweetie,” Debbie said standing then hugging her friend. “You do what’s right for you.”

Roberta breaks the embrace and glances to the DEA agent. “I’m sorry, Agent Otero, but I’m out. I thought I could but just being here is making me freak out.”

“I understand, too,” he said with a curt nod. “Thank you for coming, and I trust you’ll keep this meeting and what was said here to yourself.”

“I’m a former cop, Agent Otero, you don’t have to worry about my silence,” Roberta said. Turning to Debbie, Roberta kisses her on the cheek. “I see you in the car,” she said.

Debbie nods. Roberta leaves the room, and the two remain watching the redhead leave until the front door closes shut.

“So that means you’re in?” Otero asks Debbie.

Debbie shrugs. “For the money, but I want two million with the first mill up front,” she said. “My self-respect is worth that much, and God knows what damage those big animal cocks will do to my body.”

Ray grimaces. “I’m not sure I can promise you that,” he said. “I’ll have to talk to my boss.”

“If you can’t pay, I don’t play,” Debbie said deciding it was a good time to leave anyway. “Call me when you find out until then stay away from me.”

Debbie leaves the apartment to catch up with Roberta.


“I hope you’re OK with that?” Roberta said as Debbie climbs into the red SUV they jointly drove to the meeting.

“Hell, girl, I get it,” Debbie said. “Besides, I know you and Jake are planning to get married and settle down.”

Roberta nods somberly. “I don’t think you should do it either,” she said with tears filling her eyes. “What we went through with Tim was something no one will really ever understand. Getting back into that life isn’t going to be easy for you.”

Debbie grabs Roberta’s hand and squeezes it. “I know, but if I can get through this the financial payout might let me rebuild my life,” the blonde said softly. “I’ve been thinking of buying a pet boarding business since the only thing I know is how to look after animals.”

“You’d whore your body for that?”

Debbie gasps. She frowns at her friend and shakes her head. “I’d expect better from you,” Debbie said coldly. “My body has been used by everyone else to make money, so why shouldn’t I be the one to get the pay off for once.”

“It won’t be that easy, and you know it.”

“No, I suspect even the DEA might try to cheat me, but I’m not talking about them,” Debbie said. “This drug cartel might be a good source of money too while I’m working.”

“You don’t think the DEA will let you launder drug money for your own use here in the USA?” Roberta asks and grimaces.

Debbie starts the engine. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” she said and put the SUV in gear and pulled out onto the road.


Three days later, Debbie’s phone rings and its Agent Otero.

“I have spoken to my superior’s, and they will pay you one and a half million, with the half up front,” he said in a neutral tone.

Debbie doesn’t hesitate. “A million up front, or no deal,” she said.

“You’re driving a hard bargain, Debbie,” Otero said with a hint of annoyance.

“You want me to have sex with animals for my country, which comes with a cost,” Debbie said coldly.

There’s a pause. “Seven hundred and fifty up front and the other half when the job’s done,” Otero counters.

“Don’t treat me like a fool Agent Otero, these jobs are never done,” Debbie said. “I guess that means I’m out. Bye—”

“Wait,” Otero snaps. “Alright, a million upfront, it’s a deal.”

“I want it paid into my account before I leave,” she said. “If I don’t see my bank account jump with lovely tax-free money to the tune of a million then I’ll never get on that plane.”

She hears Otero sigh. “OK, give me your account details—”


Debbie has a problem, while she had lots of sex with animals when Tim held her hostage it’s been nearly a year. She hasn’t even had sex with a man since they escaped, unlike Roberta who went back to her cop boyfriend and is now going to marry him. Now the attractive blonde is agreeing to go perform in a live sex show featuring bestiality. What if I get up there on my first night and freak out in some PTSD thing, she wonders? I’m gonna have to do it before I leave, to make sure I can handle it.

So a few nights later, at about four am, Debbie, steals into her next door neighbors backyard where a Great Dane named Rufus lived to see if she still had it.

The first animal cock in a year to enter her pussy thrusts into Debbie’s cunt with a power that dazes and delights her. She squeals as the full length of the doggie cock buries itself into her cunt, and when Rufus starts fucking, she goes crazy. She squeals loudly, as the big Great Dane cock stretches her cunt beyond anything. The pumping cock hurts her tight pussy, there’s no blood as she broke her own hymen many years ago with a vibrator.

“Whoa,” she shrieks as the dog fucks her. “Oh god, you’re gonna tear me in two.”

The big dog cock feels even bigger inside her cunt, as it dominates and pushes her, forces her body to have to adjust to its massive girth. The muscles don’t give way easily, even when being forced, and a curious mix of pleasure and pain makes her body quiver. Having sex with a big dog is as good as she remembers, there’s no PTSD, no fear, no anxiety—just pleasure. Once the doggie cock invades her tight cunt, there’s no stopping the animal. The beast’s hind legs stomp the floor. It drools all over the back of her head and neck. The massive cock fucks relentlessly into her stretched-open, wet cunt.

“Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” she whispers, quivering with mounting excitement. “He’s really fucking me. Mmm, my pussy’s so hot. Fuck me, Rufus, fuck me.”

Out of her mind with lust and pleasure, Debbie starts fucking back. Horny for more, she screws her juicy cunt around for the fucking dog. She pants and whimpers, even shedding a few tears as she fucks for the first time. The pain is getting less, and the pleasure is now dominating. Once her pussy catches the animal rhythm of the cock, she starts humping for the dog. The blonde giggles lewdly and screws for the beast. Debbie fucks her pussy against the stabbing, drilling canine cock with increasing force. The blonde soon discovers where to position her cunt, how to hold the dog on her writhing body, and how to get the most out of its pumping cock. Then its seventh heaven for her as Rufus the Great Dane fucks the former animal welfare officer with animal ferocity and lust.

“I’m gonna cum,” she moans, fucking faster on the plunging cock. “Omigod, this is wonderful. Ooooo—Rufus, fuck me—Give it to me! Shoot your puppy batter into my womb.”

Debbie’s orgasms first, wildly, wetly, and wantonly her body quakes and squirms as her pussy cums gloriously on the dog’s cock. Her senses reel and the blonde pants hotly. Debbie moans and laughs sensuously as she cums.

“Aaahhhhrrrr—Yeah—fuuuuuuuuuck,” she shouts, and the stiff cock fucks her harder still.

Debbie feels his big knot banging and battering her pussy lips, trying to force its way inside her already over-stretched cuntal walls. The woman’s just too tight, and Rufus’s Great Dane cock too large. The knot can’t break through her battered pussy lips. Rufus let out a deep whine as if it’s in pain. In a sense, the dog is. Debbie’s tight; cunt sucks the semen out of its aching balls. The dog drools and pants hotly as its cock throbs and twitches between the tight walls of her spasming cunt. Then Rufus shoots a hot load of dog semen into her, and Debbie’s cunt takes it all. The dog’s cock spits and gushes cum into her twisting, humping pussy and Debbie moans with pleasure and she orgasms all over the cum-spitting canine cock. The student shudders ecstatically as her cunt creams for Rufus, and Debbie laughs wildly to feel herself cumming on a dogs gushing cock. The sensation is entirely new to her, and she loves it.

Debbie grasps her arching tits and mauls the hell out of them as Rufus finishes shooting cum into her screwing, humping cunt. She smiles and closes her eyes in rapture during her last spasms of pleasure. Humming softly, half-dazed with fuck-joy, she churns her hot pussy on the dog’s huge cock. The Great Dane pumps all its semen into her hungry cunt and eventually jumps off her writhing body. The dog licks her dripping pussy a few times and then lies on the ground to tend to its spent dick. Rufus licks its cock clean, panting for breath as if it’s just run a mile. Debbie squirms erotically on the cool grass, playing with her tits and basking in the afterglow of the fucking. It takes her several minutes to come out of her sex-daze, and then it’s to rub and massage her pussy and wallow in her creamy-dreamy feelings.

“Mmm, yeah,” she moans softly.

I guess I still have what it takes, she thought. However, if a Great Dane can’t knot me, then they won’t believe me.

Sighing excitedly, Debbie gets to her feet and peers at the shadowy figure of the panting dog. The blonde rubs her pussy for a moment, then parts her cunt-lips and tries to study its pinkness and wetness, yet can’t see much in the dark. Her pussy is still buzzing. Dog semen is dripping from Debbie’s gaping cunt, and she gathers some and tastes it. The mixture of her pussy nectar and Rufus’s cum is a heady, potent taste.

Just as I remember it, she thought.

With this thought in mind, Debbie returns to the panting animal. Her eyes light up. Debbie’s pussy tingled like never before.

“Rufus,” she moans, sitting on the ground. “I wanna fuck again. Why don’t you lick my pussy and get in the mood? C’mon, boy, lick my pussy some more. Then maybe I’ll suck your cock till it’s nice and big again. OK?”

She sprawls out on the cool grass and stretches her legs wide, exposing all of her pussy. Rufus gets to his feet and attacks her cunt vigorously as if to pay it back for fucking the life out of its cock. Debbie swoons. It doesn’t take much cunt-licking to set her on fire. Horny and eager, she rolls after a sweet cum and sucks Rufus’s cock until it’s as big as she can get it. Then she positions herself again, anxious for the dog to mount her. A little coaxing and its happening again, just the way she craves. Rufus mounts her resting on her back, and she guides his stiff boner into her horny little cunt. Naturally sexy, the animal fucks his thick cock into the woman’s juicy pussy with mounting speed.

Just moments later, his cock stabs viciously into Debbie’s squirmy cunt. His hairy balls hit her clit repeatedly as she fucks wantonly at the dog. She moans and groans with increasing pleasure as he fucks her willing pussy. She’s a happy woman.

“Rufus, you fucking animal,” she whispers hotly, getting thrills deep in her pussy. “Fuck me—Give it to me—Ooooo, make me cum, and cum—Shoot in me—Fuck your cum into me—Knot me.”

Her brain seems disconnected from her body suddenly. She can feel her stomach begin to tighten, and her clitoris grow hot. The dog has incredible stamina. Wondering why Rufus hasn’t reached orgasm yet a word flashes through her mind, causing her to smile.

The knot, she thought, yes give it to me Rufus, and make me your bitch.

Sure enough, something starts banging against her pussy lips, hitting her clit and sending shocks of pleasure through her like small orgasms, making her gasp. Debbie tries to move, however, the strength with which the large dog holds her overwhelm any feeble attempt she makes. Her body sweats profusely, and the sound of her rapid heartbeat thrashes in her ears. Yet her pussy loves every moment of the wild sex. The friction of the dog’s warm cock sliding into her with such force is giving her experienced pussy incredible pleasure.

Debbie can’t help moaning as the mammoth cock slices her in two with the knot banging on her clit trying to impale her further. Her mind so focused on the sensation of this giant cock and knot trying to own her, she can’t even hear the dog’s deep pants above her. She clasps her pussy down on the dog’s cock, for pleasure’s sake wanting the knot to force its way into her. The dog, feeling her pussy clamp tightly around him, lost rhythm for a moment and its thrusting became jerky and awkward.

Debbie doesn’t realize it, but this change of motion causes her to suddenly orgasm, a great cum sending paroxysms of pleasure pulsating through her body. She moaned loudly as her little body shook under the beast. The most intense orgasm she’s had in a year. As Debbie releases the dog’s cock from her gripping, clasping cunt, Rufus finds the rhythm again and starts to thrust with force. Her pussy lips loosen slightly in the afterglow of her intense orgasm, and the knot begins to work its way inside her. The dog feels her finally open to it, pushes brutally and the knot slips inside making her moan loudly.

Oh yes, knot me, Rufus, stretch me, own me, she thought hazily feeling the huge knot stretch her even more than she thought she could bear. Debbie tried to relax her pussy to allow it to spread as she worried he might tear her. She can’t even guess how big his knot might be, it feels like a basketball inside her. The dog keeps fucking her but as the knot lodges inside her; Rufus loses s rhythm and eventually stops. Feeling exhausted, Debbie collapses under the dog, only held aloft by the cock inside her.

Then the blonde feels strange in her stomach, there’s warmth growing in intensity.

She has the sensation of needing to pee, a feeling she’s familiar with. Looking beneath her, she can see a whitish-fluid dripping from her. CUM, she moaned in her mind.

Rufus is cumming inside her again, filling her with dog semen and trying to breed her.

The steady drip of dog cum oozing from around the knot and out of her pussy mesmerizes Debbie. It runs over her clit, titillating her. As the dog pumps its cum into her body, she suddenly orgasms again, as the tension in her body grew. Not as powerful as before, but enough to make her close her eyes tight and clench her hands into fists in response. The sudden convulsion of her pussy tightening around the dog’s cock sparks Rufus to life, and the Great Dane begins fucking her again. This pushes her orgasm into another realm of earth-shattering proportions. Now her body shakes as waves of pleasure bend her like a blade of grass in a high wind. Her guttural moans echo around her neighbor’s backyard and as it subsides; the dog settles again and continues the deed of pumping endless streams of dog cum into Debbie’s belly.

Eventually, the dog grows tired and steps over her until its ass is level with hers. They remain connected by the Great Dane’s purple-red veiny cock. Rufus moves back to the spot he had been sitting, dragging her behind like a rag doll.

She feels relieved the dog is off her now, as it weighed a ton. When it lies on the ground, she lies with it, resting and waiting for the knot to shrink. The Great Dane’s colossal cock filling Debbie still, so even her soul seemed overwhelmed by its size. Everything in her world suddenly seemed all about the dog’s cock, and its dominance of her. She falls asleep.

Debbie wakes sometime later when she feels Rufus finally pull free of her cunt. She rolls over, and the big dog licks her buzzing pussy for a while, making her orgasm again. Then, as the Sun rises in the east, Debbie slips over her fence and back home.

I’m ready, she thought. I can handle whatever they throw at me.


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