Animal Rescue 2 Part 3: The Count!


As she’s undressing, there’s Dudley still, her peeping ram, staring into her bedroom not hiding his boner. After dinner last night, the ram had disappeared to wherever it goes, to Debbie’s disappointment. She had hoped to play some more with the bighorn sheep. The blonde undresses slowly, giving Dudley a show, and the animal’s golden eyes were transfixed on the blonde beauty.

“You really are a dirty pervert, Dudley,” she said through the glass. “Even for an animal.”

Dudley bleated as if agreeing. Rams have no sense of morals. Debbie opens the French doors, and the beast enters her bedroom boldly, sniffing at her pussy. She gazes at the huge cock, so hard and dripping precum already.

“For me? Oh, you shouldn’t have,” she said fluttering her eyelids.

She falls to her knees and crawls to the ram, watching its cock sway slightly from side to side and jolt. The blonde curls onto her flank, one knee raised and her face just in front of the cockhead. Debbie gazes at the tasty slab of dark cock, anticipating the pleasure she’s going to have when she sucks it. Her mouth waters at the sight. Dudley stands stiff-legged and rigid, waiting to see what new delights the horny blonde had in store for him. She leans in, and her tongue flutters out and licks lightly at the tip of the hot cock, then draws back to let the musky flavor tingle on her taste buds, to appreciate it. Ooh, she thought, this is going to be fun.

Ducking in again, the cock-hungry woman runs her hot tongue all over his glistening meat, licking and slurping on the succulent slab. His cockhead balloons in her face. She pushes the tip of her tongue right inside the parted cleft. Then Debbie sweeps with long moist strokes around the fat width of the ram’s cockhead, lavishing its meat with devout attention. The more Debbie licks, the hornier she becomes, eager for the beast to shoot in her mouth, yet she’s in no hurry because the taste of the cock is enjoyable.

A thick drop of precum squeezes from its cleft. Debbie watches it run sluggishly down the slope of its cockhead, then gathering the drop with her tongue while purring with joy. Debbie knows cum is more delicious directly from a cock. The woman tongues Dudley’s cock some more and licks another glob of slimy precum into her mouth. It’s time to take the head of Dudley’s cock into her mouth and suck him to climax. Surprised she feels an actual physical hunger for the cock and cum, along with the more subtle inner urges driving her toward this depraved act.

Debbie’s mouth is watering every bit as much as her cunt is creaming, and her tongue feels as hot as her clit. Pursing her lips, she kisses the tip of the rams cock. Then she lets her lips slowly part and feeds the cock into her mouth. The ram gives a little lurch as she feels its cockhead bury in a human mouth and discovers it feels every bit as good as any cunt it has ever fucked. Dudley didn’t start fucking her face yet. It seems willing to let the blonde ewe take the initiative, introducing it to the strange activity called cocksucking.

She sucks softly, her cheeks hollowing, her lips collaring its cock just behind the knob. Dudley’s cockhead flares so hugely the sides of its cockhead presses into her cheeks simultaneously, giving her the look of a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts. Her lips unpeel, almost turning inside out as she nurses on the bighorn sheep’s juicy cock. Debbie’s tongue switches back and forth against the underside of Dudley’s cockhead, then folds into a soft, pliable bridge as she bobs her head, fucking the cockhead in and out of her mouth and sucking on every precious inch.

“Mmmmm,” she purrs, relishing the taste, the temperature, the texture.

The woman is salivating heavily. The ram’s cock has started to drool steadily, its thick slime mixing with the woman’s saliva. The mingled juices flow in her mouth, washing over her gums, and set her tongue afloat on a sluggish current of precum. Some semen slips down her gullet.

Holding the cock in her hands, she’s not pumping because Debbie wants to do it all with her mouth. She pushes back on its sheath, so its massive cockhead flares out in her lips. As Debbie’s head bobs back, about half of the big meaty cock slips from her mouth. Precum and saliva steam from the hot cock, evaporating in the air as the blonde works hungrily on the tip. Then she ducks and takes all of it into her mouth again, her nose twitching as it encounters the rim of its furry sheath. Debbie has deep throated the ram, an impressive feat, as its cock is big.

The ram begins to fuck gently, not the way it would’ve lustily fucked a cunt though. Dudley calmly screws its bloated cockhead in and out. The dripping tip of the cock lodged in her throat, causing her to gag, then draws out until only the very end remains collared between her lips. Debbie’s tongue bridges beneath the slab, a pink carpet over which the ram’s cock can fuck triumphantly into her throat. She’s gurgling with joy, the moist sounds muffled on Dudley’s cock. The knowledge struck her as much as the physical sensations. The depravity, the degradation, the wickedness all enhanced the thrill. Debbie can’t fool herself anymore that she is merely a performer; these sexual liaisons with animals have become her life.

“Mmmmm,” she moans as the huge wad of its cockhead slips into her throat, cutting off her air.

Then Debbie purrs while the cock fucks her pursed lips, pulling them almost inside out. She sucks on the tip, milking tasty precum from its cleft.

She sighs and moans, “Ahhhh.”

Dudley begins to quiver violently. The ram’s cockhead suddenly balloons in her mouth, and, looking down the shaft, Debbie sees its balls swell alarmingly. The ram is going to unload its cock and balls in her mouth, and she’s going to drink it all. Fiery waves of pure passion race through the blonde and she trembles in anticipation as much as the beast. Her lips pull, cheeks drag, and tongue flashes. Suddenly Debbie’s mouth is full of ram semen.

The jet hits her throat with such force her head tilts back, and her golden curls bounce. The woman’s blue eyes open wide. The ram almost blows her head off the end of its cock. Debbie stiffens and pushes her face back onto the spurting cock, fighting against the tide of the river of semen with all the strength she can muster.

She mouths Dudley’s cockhead again as he hoses her mouth with another squirt. The cum-starved woman is gulping the semen down as fast as she can, but the beast’s load is too much for her. Debbie can’t manage to swallow it all. Cum fills her mouth, expands her cheeks and, overflowing her lips, it runs down the sides of her chin. She keeps sucking voraciously. Dudley keeps ejaculating semen. Her mouth had been more effective than her hands, and the ram is cumming with more abundance than she thought possible. Dudley’s balls seem to be bottomless, spinning out in an endless supply of hot semen.

Eventually, the bighorn sheep ram stops cumming.

Dudley stands, splay-legged, its head bobbing over her shoulder, its flanks heaving. The ram’s cock is still in her mouth. Debbie nurses on its cock, milking out every drop of slime. She uses her hands to stroke it. Her lips pull and her tongue flares, as she makes sure every precious drop ends in her gullet. Eventually, Debbie pulls her mouth away, and the dark cockhead bobs up and down before her face. She uses her tongue to lap the ram’s cock clean, polishing the solid piece of meat until its head gleams with a wet luster like some tasty dark pearl.

Then she sits back on her heels. Now the act is over, the cock sucking accomplished, and the cum swallowed, Debbie feels content. Glancing at the clock on the wall, she realizes Marco is coming over for a coffee soon and scrambles out from under the bighorn sheep ram.

“Time for you to go, Dudley,” she said pushing the reluctant animal out of her room.

Dudley bleats disapproval, yet yields to the woman’s pushing. His yellow eyes stare as she closes the French doors and heads for the shower.


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