Animal Rescue: The Pony!


Animal Rescue: The Pony! Sheela B.

  • When Jenny buys a pony, she gets an idea of how she might be able to use it in her new live sex act. Words: 31,456.
Flipping the switch on the stereo, Jenny hums with the music.  She sits and waits for the signal, Jaxson ambles to her.  The ponies nose explores her hair, her cheek.  It’s familiar with the routine now.  Jaxson too waits.  It knows it won’t be for long.

At the sound of a low whistle, Hank’s signals it’s time.  Jenny rises and slips off the panties.  She gave up the panty removal bit during the first week of shows.  The punters paid their money to see her fuck a horse, not put on a show.  Jenny inserts a dab of lubricating gel just inside her vagina, smoothing it over her labia.  She pushes the drape aside and goes out smiling, moving to the music, strutting around the hay like an exotic dancer, flipping the bottom of the peignoir to expose her long curvaceous legs.  The catcalls, the jeers, and whistles she ignores, her teeth flashing as if she really enjoys it.

Hardly seconds behind her entrance, the pony’s head appears through the drapes.  As the strains of one number on the CD ends, Jenny moves directly under the light, onto the hay.  Jaxson moves casually around until he faces her, his nose reaching tentatively out to touch her face.  She unties the sash at her waist and stands perfectly still.  As the music begins again, the pony nudges at the opening of the robe, and it parted.  Dipping his head, Jaxson seems to be running his mouth down her torso and back up again, pushing one side of the fabric up and off her shoulder, then he moves to the other side.  The peignoir drops down Jenny’s arms and off.

The sexy blonde stands there in the light, her skin golden-hued, glistening from the baby oil.  Her breasts stand out firm, the nipples hotly protruding, the areola dark against shimmering highlights of bronze.  The flat stomach above the blonde mound of hair.  Her legs contour to perfectly capture the cheeks of her butt curving wide but delicately.  Nostrils quivering, the pony’s lips nuzzle at the nipples of Jenny’s breast.  The cock under its belly stiffens and grows, swelling to its monstrous proportions.

“She’s gonna take that cock?” a man shouts from the small audience.

“Man, will you look at that horse,” another said.

“I’m too busy looking at the woman.”

“Oh, get that big cock,” a woman said.

“What an ass.”

“The girl or the horse?” a man asks, and people laugh.

“Suck that tit, horsey.  Buddy, I’m with you.”

The jibes and jeers seem good-natured enough, but now they’re slowing, the sounds of breathing in the audience heavier.  Jenny’s eyes drop slowly, with the sensation rising in her nipples.  Her hands move to cup her breasts, squeezing them, feeding them to the hairy mouth that sucks at them.  Her head falls limply back on her shoulders, her blonde hair falling back.  Jenny’s not pretending she doesn’t have to.

“Jaxson,” Jenny murmurs, sensuality thick in her voice.

Her hands moved nervously around the pony’s head, shifting her weight to its neck as she inches her feet forward.  Jenny slides forward between its forelegs as the horse’s head gradually lowers her to the hay mattress.  Jenny can see it now, that cock hanging like a weapon under the pony, that big goddamn mother fucking cock, Jaxson wouldn’t fail her now.  Jenny’s ready too.

The horse’s mouth sucks at her breasts as she clutches at them, squeezes them into its mouth.  Her thighs spread open unconsciously until they’re stopped by the hooves, as Jaxson’s mouth nibbles from her breasts down her torso, down between her legs.  Her pelvis lifts off the floor, meeting the mouth.  Jenny moans, gritting her teeth as the wet mouth seems to swallow her whole pussy, lips, ass, and all.  Her fingers dig into the insides of her thighs, thrusting herself at the mouth, the sucking, nibbling, licking maw.

Animal Rescue: The Pony! Sheela B.

  • When Jenny buys a pony, she gets an idea of how she might be able to use it in her new live sex act. Words: 31,456.

The only sounds in the room now are the music and Jenny’s moans and whimpers.  Every face is still, every eye wide with the sight of the girl’s uncontrolled passion for her beast, her lover, every expression totally engrossed.  Jenny’s foot lifts, reaching for the head of her lover’s cock, her body straining for it.  A short cry of frustration breaks through the blonde’s lips as Jenny sees she can’t make it.  Her body writhing, Jenny twists further along the hay between the pony’s forelegs until her foot rested along the head of it, stroking gently, lifting, and nudging it.  Jaxson’s head straightens.  The pony’s whole body goes rigid, its loins push slightly forward as if meeting the touch of her.

Jenny moves further, sitting up beneath the pony, edging her shoulders, her breasts, between its forelegs, grabbing for the cock with both hands, kissing it.  Without letting go of it, Jenny whispers a command, moving from beneath, rising.

“Down, Jaxson,” she said, touching the pony’s rear legs at the joint.

Instantly the pony lumbers to the floor, getting down on its forelegs, then its rear ones, dropping to its belly, and like a dog playing dead, rolls over on its back.  Before the pony stops moving, Jenny is on it, nervously, wildly anxious, her full breasts swaying and quivering.  Quickly Jenny guides the long fat roll of a cock to her cuntal opening.  Her ass lowering toward the mammoth thing.  Her breasts heaving with gasping breaths, Jenny gets it started in the entrance to her vagina.  Lowering her body, the head of the cock disappears inside her body, and then half the shaft follows it in.

The audience lets out a collective gasp.

Her face relaxes for an instant, the blonde’s eyes close with relief, and her lungs heaved a tremendous sigh.  It’s as if Jenny’s aflame and water just put out the blaze.  It’s always like this now, the first time each night.  Jenny dreams of this mighty cock in her cunt.  The woman can’t stand being away from it, she must have it.  Jenny can never be without it again now she’s found it.

The woman’s ass is stroking, her breasts bouncing with her movements.  Jenny pounds her vagina with that cock, leaping on it until she bounces off with the force of it.  Her breath coming in gasps and cries and sobs, Jenny pumps, fucking it, fucking it madly.  The rising crescendo of her voice, her heaving breasts, the speeding tempo of her cunt slurping on its beloved horse cock builds inside her body.  Soon, Jenny is orgasming, it’s pouring out of her body like heat waves off desert sands.

I’m cumming,” she shouts.  “Oh my God, I’m cummingAhhhhhhhhhh…

The low, hoarse scream comes ripping out of her, choking out of her lungs as Jenny climaxes, her teeth bared in a grimace of inconceivable ecstasy.  Jenny orgasms.  Her voice choked off.  Her pounding pelvis stroking the horse’s cock slows to a jerky rhythm.  Spastically, her head drooping to her breast.  The entire audience feels some of what Jenny experienced, precisely knowing her sensations, and almost matching them (or they long to in their own hot crotches).  But Jenny hasn’t stopped, not completely, and now the blonde’s moving again, more regularly, picking up speed.  Jenny is still going.

Several of the audience were couples, so great was the fascination for Jenny with the pony they sat wide-eyed watching the show.  But now they are all hot, goaded by the heat of their own loins (even the women).  Nobody can watch Jenny without getting aroused.

One short, red-faced balding man has his hand up the skirt of a woman similar in age, his arm moving he finger-fucks her.  A frailish-looking man in his sixties has his wife on her knees between his legs.  Her head bobbing in his lap.  The man’s eyes chase after every movement of Jenny’s ass rising and falling atop the pony’s cock.

Another white man in his twenties has a near-naked black girl sitting on his lap.  She’s bared to the waist, exposing her large breasts.  The man’s hands and mouth work her breasts as she watches bug-eyed the animal act before her.  The woman’s hand is inside her pants, rubbing her clit.

Animal Rescue: The Pony! Sheela B.

  • When Jenny buys a pony, she gets an idea of how she might be able to use it in her new live sex act. Words: 31,456.

Dane and Freda are sitting in the front row.  The brunette unzips his pants, her hand holds onto his cock as if she’s afraid she’ll lose it, while Dane’s hand over hers moves it on the shaft, jacking it with bursts of fury.  His other hand is around her neck, inside her bra, digging, mashing into the soft globes of Freda’s breasts.

“Jaxson, dear,” Jenny sobs.

Her muscles fighting the passions building, screaming inside her for release.  The passion wants to roam alive in her brain, to touch every breadth and depth of consciousness with the untold beauty and pleasure of orgasm.  Again, the noises, the words, the sobs, and grimaces tell of a bigger approaching climax.

Oh, God, I’m cumming,” Jenny wails.

With a loud cry, it’s on her again, shuddering through her frame like a hot chill, touching every pore and lifting it into orgiastic delights.  Jaxson’s head shifts, his nose, and throat combine in a weird, eerie sound of torturous pleasure.  The horse’s loins hunching in a rhythm of its own, thrusting, quivering, shuddering with the feeling it’s experiencing as it’s mistress climaxes for the second time.

Even as her body jerks slower and slower on that mammoth cock, the pony’s haunches are still straining upward.  Then, in a sudden flashing gush of animal joy, Jaxson reaches the peak of pleasure too.  The horse’s semen shoots like a geyser, lifting the girl impaled on it inches with the force of it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…”  Jenny really screams then, hysterically squealing and laughing simultaneously.

She’s totally oblivious to the audience now.  Only the pleasures streaming into her womb and soul then flushing out again and down her legs like the sudden bursting of a dam.

The frail old man groans, slipping down in his seat, pushing on his wife’s head in his lap, holding her head on his cock as he ejaculates.  Other moans in the audience said others are involved in their own pleasures too.   Even the men who came without a date are jerking off to the lurid act.

Dane seems drained of every emotion as Freda’s hand jacking his cock speeds, and the semen comes spurting out of the head in a six-foot stream.  Freda herself is hardly aware of it, her eyes glassy, her attention never wavering from Jenny’s body and the pony’s cock.

Jenny falls forward, resting her head on Jaxson’s belly for a moment, and then rolls off him, to lie on the hay on her back.  Her firm breasts heaving with her filling lungs, her body shining from sweat and oil.  Jaxson rolls the opposite way, and first his rear legs and then his front ones lift him to a standing position.  The pony stands quietly, looking contentedly at the audience, its tail swishing back and forth across its haunches.  The cock now limp, dangling more than a foot with thick syrupy jizz still dripping out of the end.

Long moments pass, and then Jenny gets to her feet.  Without a backward glance, Jenny strides to the archway, turns off the music, and disappears behind the drapes.  As if in reply to a summons, Jaxson follows her, his tail still swinging heartily until the pony passes behind the heavy curtains.  Then the audience applaud.

Dane gives Hank a nod, showing he’s extremely interested in having this act as part of his roster.  Hank nods back with a smile, he can’t wait to tell Jenny.


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