Catching Olivia


I first met Olivia a month ago at a neighborhood barbecue in the middle of our cul-de-sac. She’s introduced by my burly neighbor Ted, as his oldest daughter. I didn’t even know they had kids, however, I’m fairly new to the neighborhood so this is to be expected. At barely eighteen, she’s a senior in high school, destined for the Ivy League, according to her father. As she skipped over, her attractiveness struck me immediately. Redhead, five foot seven, a long, thin birdlike frame, and the pale, freckled complexion common on redheads.

It isn’t until she reached out her delicate wrist to introduce herself I looked into her eyes and realized that her face is perfect. Gorgeous brown eyes and a large smile on the face of a Hollywood starlet. As a forty-five-year-old, recently divorced man, I acted as if I didn’t notice at all. It didn’t help she’s dressed for a summer evening with a small pink shoestring tank and soft lime-green short-shorts.


A week later, while trudging through my jungle of a backyard along my property line with my neighbors, I caught her behind her parent’s utility shed. When we caught eyes, she seems petrified, her face is flushed and sweaty. Then I notice it, the neighbors Labrador is licking her bare cunt. Sweatpants and panties are at her ankles, as the animal frantically tongues her young cunt. Her soft ginger pubes stick to her glistening skin as the dog I knew as ‘Mutt’ assaulted her. She stared at me, her eyes narrow and her mouth in a pout as her orgasm builds.

She said simply, “Please, don’t tell my parents.”

The wet, rough tongue looks so good on her and she’s humping the dog’s face, trying to intensify the feelings. Olivia’s fingers rub her clit as a familiar feeling grew in her loins. Her body twitched in lustful pleasure, as she grabbed her nipples and began to twist them.

“Oh god, yes, it’s so hot. Don’t tell my parents, please. Oh fuck, yeah!”

I stand frozen staring at girl and dog in the most unholy of moments. She’s obviously snuck out here to do this, I think. My cock is getting hard and I pull it out and start jerking-off.

Her moans grew louder as the persistent licking eventually took its toll on her lithe young body and she came hard with a squeal and a gush of juices into the mouth of the eager dog. The sudden burst of flavor drove Mutt wild and he tongue-fucked her even faster and harder. Sticking his long, pink tongue deep in her cunt to get at the source of the juices, and it made Olivia cum again. As her body shook and her head flopped about, I ogled at the sight of that tongue forcing her cunt open and ramming inside.

Mutt didn’t seem to want to stop, and soon Olivia came for a third time, forcing her to collapse on her knees in a stupor brought on by her powerful orgasms. Olivia appeared to be in a daze as she fell onto her hands, panting as if a dog herself. Her animal instincts taking over her logic and sense. A furry body is suddenly on her back, wrapping its strong legs around her thin waist.

“Good dog,” she says almost as whimper, not sure what’s going on.

The dog is moving her with his legs and body and he managed to push her upper body lower than her waist. Olivia giggled at the playful animal.
“Olivia, don’t do it,” I said grasping the fence with my hands that blanched white.

“You can watch, just don’t tell my parents.”

Don’t tell your parents? Don’t tell your parents? Aren’t I supposed to be the adult here, I think in a panic.

Mutt thrust his hips and his cock suddenly ravaged her cunt again. The hot cock thrust deep inside her body, banging her cervix with its head and making her grunt loudly and her body sways forward. The dog having found its mark now began to fuck his bitch as fast as he could, his back legs jumping to increase the power of his penetration.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Olivia moaned.

It must feel great, I think. I’ve only ever seen women get off like this in porn films where they’re acting .

The dog is blissfully unaware of Olivia’s moral turbulence, all he can feel is her sweet bitch cunt wrap around his cock in a velvety heaven. He pants madly in her ear, licking his lips every so often, yet never stops probing, slicing, and pounding her cunt with his big red cock. Olivia grunts and moans, her head hanging low with her long red hair over her face. With a sudden squeal of pain she shoots her head up, making her hair fly everywhere. Something large just pushed its way into her pussy. The knot, I realize. She’s being tied like a common street dog.

The large object stretched her cunt beyond what he thought she could cope with, and he could see Mutts cock pushing her guts from her inside as it slammed into her. An orgasm explodes from her clit sending intense shock waves through her body. Her cunt and anus begin to clench violently, making the dog slow its pace as it feels Olivia cum all over his cock.

Mutt begins to slow and eventually stops fucking her. Suddenly, cum erupts from her cunt around the cock and knot buried in her teen pussy. Luke gasps, stroking his cock hard now and with a grunt shoots his cum against the wooden fence. The dog seems content now, as he breeds her with his hot seed. Olivia has gone into a post-orgasmic stupor again, even worse than before. She groans and mumbles incoherently, feeling her world consumed by a dog’s cock and his hot cum.

Mutt dismounts, swinging a back leg so he stood ass to ass with her. He tries to pull her with his thick cock, however, she grabbed the fence and instead the big cock slid out of her followed by a gush of dog cum. Luke stares at her gaping cunt, all red and angry, fleshy, inflamed and dripping.

Olivia had her head low, her beautiful red hair in ‘just fucked’ mess, and her normally pale skin glowing a soft red and glistening with sweat. Mutt walked off to god knows where, leaving Luke to worry about his bitch.

“Olivia? Olivia? Are you OK?”

She looks up at him, her face still flushed with sexual heat.

“Just don’t tell my parents!”

“But, Olivia, you were just raped by Mutt. I—”

“I wasn’t raped,” she blurted.

Luke’s head jerked and his eyes bulged.

“You mean—”

“Yes. Just don’t tell my parents.”

She pulled herself to her feet and hauled up her sweat pants as well. Briefly, she stands on tippy-toes and peers over the fence at my soft cock hanging flaccid and smiles.

“Now I know you won’t tell my parents,” she said and walked off.

The End.


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