Moe Lester

Moe has to be the dirtiest mind we have ever met, and that’s why we love him. Read his stories and find out for yourself.

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind
Synopsis:  An alien female finds herself in the clutches of some gross human hillbillies and their dogs. Words: 15,880.
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The Watchdog!
Synopsis: Rachel gets her husband to buy a watchdog, and the dog starts watching Rachel very closely. Words: 16,050.
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The Mind of the Moe Lester 10
Synopsis: Four great stories from Moe Lester in one book. Relentless, beautiful, and oh so taboo. Including:
Caught in the Park
Big Momma's House
Camp Canine
The Cove.

Girls Weekend
Synopsis: Kay invites her long-time friend Yvonne for a weekend away to seduce her into her perverted ways.
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The Maid!
Synopsis: When Sofia the maid is kidnapped by mistake instead of rich bitch Tiffany Hilton, it's a guilt-free excuse to fuck animals. Words: 21,430.
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Big Momma's House
Synopsis: When Big Momma's white college-aged neighbors come to visit, a good time is had by all. Words: 16,980.
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A First Time for Everything!
Synopsis: 18yo Sally and her mom are staying at her aunt's house for the weekend and she discovers her mom doing something completely shocking.
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The Dirty Dog
Synopsis:Eva is lonely and hasn't been with a man for years, so her dog Loki changes that with his big canine cock! Words: 25,280.
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A Summer of Cin!
Synopsis: Cindy is a naughty girl, and she can't wait for her cousin Kay to come to stay for the summer. Her mom also has a secret. Will they discover their common ground? Words: 29,280.
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A Dog & Pony Show!
Synopsis: Sally has just arrived at her Aunt Freda's house to stay and discovers her naughty aunt is busy getting it on. Words: 19,370.
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Amazing Grace
Synopsis: Grace has woken and is feeling very aroused and decides to play with herself. Her pet Doberman decides he wants to play too. Words: 23784.
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The Boarding House
Synopsis: Staying at a boarding house on a ranch while doing an internship, Ava finds a love for a horse called Bowie. Words: 24,160
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We're ALL nothing but Animals: A woman is taken to a live sex show in Tijuana featuring animals and it awakens her animal lusts. Luckily her man friend and her son are ready to help her explore the farmyard and experience so many new things, so many new inter-species sex encounters.

The Farmhand
Synopsis: Ava is an eager 18yo who has just got a job on a sheep farm for the summer. However, the owner Olivia has some unusual duties for her to fulfill as part of the job. Words: 22,230.
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Synopsis: Sometimes there's a price to pay for the right protection. Sometimes that price tests to the very depths of your soul. Words: 8,600.
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Synopsis: Something is happening to Kaylee and Zoe. Some strange lust awakening inside them. Can they resist it or will they give in to it? Words: 31,290.
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Blind Lust!
Synopsis: When Mia discovers a nasty secret about her friend Jada, her life turns upside down. Words: 28,670
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The Cove
Synopsis: MILF Aisha spies a couple of young lovers on the beach and watches them. They catch her and that's when things go bad for Aisha. Words: 23,960.
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Harvey's Revenge
Synopsis: When shy and frigid Kelly says some nasty things about Harvey after a failed date, he gets even in a very nasty way. Words: 19,520.
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Synopsis: Roxy is abducted by two men and put through hell. When the courts fail her, she goes into hiding with her friend Katie. Words: 15,790.
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Hungry Holly
Synopsis: Holly leads a double life as an escort with a special kink. Yet something is missing from her life. Maybe the unexpected arrival of her sexy younger cousin Lisa will change that. Words: 22,480.
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Rylee's Love
Synopsis: Rylee's sent to the city to work for a rich couple as a housekeeper. The young woman struggles with a yearning emptiness in her soul by filling it with her taboo perversions. Little does she know, her new boss Amy has a similar problem. Words:25,150.
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Sisterly Love
Synopsis: Jane is worried her younger stepsister Tasha coming to stay is going to seriously cramp her wild sex life. Words: 21,280.
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The Nymphomaniac
Synopsis: Kayla is a nymphomaniac always looking out for a new thrill. There's nothing and no one who she won't have sex with. Words: 19,680.
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Outback Girls
Synopsis: Jenna is on holiday at her cousins' farm in outback Australia and has her first sexual encounter. Words: 20,390
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Camp Canine
Synopsis: Mia has made a promise to her boyfriend to remain faithful over the summer, but her desires are growing too strong to control for much longer. Words: 23,800.
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Sikici: Part 2
Synopsis: Beck is a nasty man who breeds nastier dogs. Three women are trapped and escape seems impossible. Something has to give if these women are to be saved. Words: 19,870
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Synopsis: Tonia's mom has been admitted to the loony bin so she goes to her Aunt's farm to stay, only the farm dogs seem to have a great interest in her. Words: 30,160
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Caught in the Park:
Synopsis: After Suzy gets caught doing an unspeakable act, she runs away from home and falls in with a farmboy on the road out to sow his wild oats. Words: 24,590,
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What Sarah Wants!
Synopsis: Sarah is in a rut working at the county library feeling very unhappy with her life until she finds a porn book that changes her life. Words: 25,880
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Her Mom's Secret Life
Erin wonders why her parents always want her out of the house a few nights a month and decides to spy on them to find out. What she discovers changes her life forever. Words: 33,010
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Sikici Part 1
Synopsis: When lust flare these women are all animal and a descent into the taboo is inevitable. Link goes to Words: 17,920
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The Wild Dog of Diamond Lake!
Synopsis: A wild dog at a picturesque lake becomes a popular attraction for lonely women. Words: 14,370.
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The Storm!
Synopsis: When a chemical weapon is released into a storm, Tina Thompson's discovers every animal in the city wants to have her. Words: 20,630
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Some Women
Synopsis: When Sierra's boyfriend goes away for work her horniness gets to much to bear. Luckily, her friend Molly has an unexpected solution. Words: 27,060
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There's Something About Ryan: Part 3
Synopsis: The weekend away at the Entsch farm isn't off to greatest of starts; but at least Ryan can't get to Amber & Kelly, or so they think. Words: 15,400
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Dog Trainer Wanted Parts 1 & 2.
Cain's Canine Corner Parts 1 & 2

Synopsis: When a touring country band picks up sexy young groupie named Marie, the old adage of what happens on tour, stays on tour has never been truer. Words: 50,410
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Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2
Synopsis: Pick up the story during the rather depraved job interview for the Dog Trainer position and enjoy the amazing conclusion to this lurid tale.
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There's Something About Ryan: Part 1
Synopsis: Amber is a receptionist at a vet clinic with nasty kink, but when she starts a raunchy affair with Dr. Mason things start getting out of control... Words: 18,010.
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There's Something About Ryan 2
Synopsis: Now Ryan has discovered Amber & Kelly's bestial secret, what will this twisted man do to them? Words: 15,520.
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Cain's Canine Corner: Alexis Cain, an active swinger, is finding the scene suddenly boring. Sara, her best friend, is struggling with men in general. There has to be an answer?
Cain's Canine Corner Free Sample

Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2 - Sara has arrived at Alexis's new business in the country to escape another bad relationship and discovers what's really going on at Cain's Canine Corner...
Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2 Free Sample

Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 1 - Sadie needs a trainer for her breeding kennels, and Simone and Julian need dogs to train. It could be a match made in bestial heaven...
Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 1 Free Sample

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Synopsis: A frustrated MILF/teacher discovers her son has a huge cock and it drives her to a lusty life that includes dog sex. Too taboo for smashwords.

The Seduction of Laura: Part 2 - Laura & Luis inflamed by their new beastly desires realize the vet has been pulling the strings all along and confront him.
The Seduction of Laura: Part 2 Free Sample

Lisa Fights Back - After a lifetime of suffering at the hands of men, Lisa finally finds the strength to fight back when her boss puts the moves on her.
Lisa Fights Back Free Sample

Free At Last: Kelly's life is in turmoil. When she found out Todd cheated on her with her sister Diane, she ended it. Now, she's stuck on a failing dog kennel business with her awful sister and dumb brother. Something has to give.
Free At Last Sample

The Seduction of Laura: Part 1 — Laura is a lonely after her husband left her for another woman, when suddenly her big Cane Corso seems to be ready to fill a need.
The Seduction of Laura: Part 1 Free Sample

The Mind of the Moe Lester 7: Has three of Moe's recent published novellas plus a bonus story never before published. Includes:
Free at Last
Our Secret Life
Peggy's Canine Confession

Moe Lester: 2017 Greatest Hits: 17 fantastic novella's in one big eBook for your greatest pleasure. Find Inside:
Big City Blue
Carly’s Nightmare
Doggy Juan
Feral Encounter
Games of the Rich & Dirty
Hope Park
Hot Dog & Pussy
Lina’s Lesson
Mexican Virgins
Nadia’s New Love
The Neighbor’s Dog
No Man’s Land Resort
Nora Unleashed
Teachers Pet
The Zoo

Hookers Do Horses: Two long time friends and co-hookers, go to a rich man's country estate to participate in one of his sordid "projects".

Winston: Can a horny old goat keep up with a group of kinky swingers on a country farm?
Winston Free Sample

Murkwood Manor: A woman inherits her uncle's estate Murkwood Manor, an isolated coastal place and goes to stay there with several friends. The Manor's only resident a big ole shaggy dog is there to greet them.
Murkwood Manor Free Sample

The Southside Stalker - When the Southside Stalker strikes, this victim will get her revenge.
The Southside Stalker Free Sample

Our Secret Life: Jess is a woman with a taboo passion, and as she works at her family boarding kennels, she discovers she's not alone. It seems everyone has a secret life.
Our Secret Life Free Sample

The Answer: Katie is a young lesbian who lusts after her sexy friend Paige, but one day an unspeakable act of treachery throws Katie's sexuality into turmoil. What is the answer?
The Answer — Free Sample!

Jenna's Wild Night: A virgin college student dog sits for the neighbor's and has a night that'll change her and her neighbor's lives forever.
Jenna's Wild Night Free Sample

The Dog Show: A black woman bemoans her sexual frustrations to her neighbor one day and gets introduced to a sex machine, Lex the dog.
The Dog Show Free Sample

Retribution: With her sexier younger sister threatening to take her husband from her, Keira has to come up with a plan to stop the little minx for good.
Retribution Preview Chapter

The Mind of the Moe Lester 4: Four great bestiality stories from the dirtiest mind online, including one never before published. Includes:
Ming's Dynasty
The Gilded Cage
The Red Door
The DogHouse

The Audit: Jessica is doing another tax audit for the IRS when a German shepherd keeps distracting her.
The Audit Free Sample

Ming's Dynasty: An Asian college student discovers the joy of fucking the family pet, and decides to use the situation to get some revenge on her pervert neighbor.
Ming's Dynasty - Free Sample!

A Dog Walkers Story: Her forbidden passions abound, but the most taboo of all will take her to heights she never knew existed! The story of Cindy, a young woman whose sex life is complicated. Very complicated. Yet through all this an accidental experience with one the dogs she walks opens the door to her true self. Cindy, above all else, is a zoophile. Interspecies sex is her bag!

Training Lizzy: Can Kathy turn this boring housewife into a nymphomaniac, ready to have sex with any man, woman, or dog.

The Red Door: Amanda has to stay with some family friends for a few weeks and discovers that things aren't what they appear, especially behind the red door.
The Red Door - Free Sample!

The Gilded Cage: Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex with each other and then some dog's that mysteriously appear.
The Gilded Cage - Free Sample!

Nadia's New Love: A plain woman, alone in life, is given a German shepherd as a birthday gift and it changes everything.

Doggy Juan: An anxious virgin in college discovers the lewd attraction to the campus security guards Rottweiler and ends having the greatest sex of her life.
Doggy Juan - Free Sample!

Carly's Nightmare: Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open.
Carly's Nightmare - Free Sample!

The Moe Lester 2016 Compendium: All 23 bestiality short stories and novella's published in 2016 in one big eBook.

Drifter: After a nasty lover dumps Julia, a sexy Hawaiian socialite, and she finds solace in a stray dog she calls Drifter.
Drifter - Free Sample!

Hot Dog & Pussy: Lori is hired to mind a neighbors Dog Kennel while she's away on holidays and it causes great upheaval in her life.
Hot Dog & Pussy - Free Sample!

Teacher's Pet: After the death of her husband in an accident, Jessie follows her dream of opening a school and finds the perfect place beside a dog kennel.
Teacher's Pet - Free Sample!

Snatched: A couple of nasty men with two Dobermans decide it's time to teach a haughty, cock teasing blonde a big lesson.

The Boiler Room: When Simone needs some money to score drugs, she heads down to the college boiler room to ask the perverted janitor.

The Hill: In Washington, the power of the political elite has created a place where every perversion you can think of happens. Power corrupts absolutely.

Violated: Jade is a pretty 18yo who's just graduated High School and her mom gets her a job at the local PetMart where she meets a nasty Latino man who rapes her.

The Perverted Housewife: Lucy has a deep, dark fantasy, a perverted dream — to watch another woman get raped by a dog.
The Perverted Housewife - Free Sample!

The Mating Game: Emily finds sex with men boring and too much hard work. That's why she does it with dogs.
The Mating Game - Free Sample!

Nora Unleashed: In a boring, sexless marriage, Nora falls in lust for the neighborhood gigolo, a big dog called Rudy.

Games of the Rich & Dirty: Alex embarrasses his uber rich boss with a Twitter scandal and doesn't know that payback involves his pretty blonde wife Lily.
Games of the Rich & Dirty - Free Sample

The Companion Club: Kylie's divorce has finally come through and she rushes over to her best friend's house to share her news and learns her BFF has some taboo fantasies.
The Companion Club - Free Sample

Mexican Virgins: Two Chinese oil executive's find the bestial sex in rural Mexico is playing havoc with their self-control and badly need to get laid.
Mexican Virgins - Free Sample

The Stalker: Emma is an attractive 40yo who has caught the eye of a very bad young man and he decides to do something to her that'll change her life forever.

No Man's Land Resort: Two female lovers start a resort where no man is required after they discover the carnal joys of sex with dog's.
No Man's Land Resort - Free Sample

A Feral Encounter: Kylie is camping in the swamp alone painting and enjoying nature when she's attacked by a big feral pig.

Lina's Lesson: What happens when a pretty German woman finds out the terrorists she's joined in Syria turn out to be nothing more than murderous, depraved monsters. Based on a true story.

The Neighbor's Dog: A lewd encounter with the neighbor's dog changes Debbie's life forever on a deep space station.
The Neighbor's Dog - Free Sample

The Abandoned Warehouse: A desperate MILF goes to a squat to try to talk her junkie daughter into going into rehab when she stumbles onto a crime that will change her life forever.
The Abandoned Warehouse Free Sample

Big City Blue: Hazel has moved to New York with her big dog 'Blue' hoping she can make it big in the city that never sleeps.
Big City Blue Free Sample

What More Could A Woman Want: Chloe is going to be home alone for a couple of weeks, and she discovers a great way to pass the time. Her two Doberman guard dogs.
What More Could A Woman Want - Free Sample

Hope Park: Miley has just finished her shift and heads to Hope Park to change at the toilets, so she can meet her boyfriend at the local fete.
Hope Park - Free Sample

The Babysitters Secret: Kyra has a secret, a deep depraved secret that involves her clients pet dogs. When all is quiet, Kyra knows some sexy games to play with her canine companions.
The Babysitters Secret - Free Sample

The Zoo: Leah is excited to finally going to see the panda's at her cities zoo, only problem is a big storm has been forecast that might ruin her time.

Mother Knows Best: Sorority sister Louise Collins finds Mother (the sorority house supervisor) has a special punishment for breaking curfew .

Living The Dream: Fred has been seeing Sharon for a while now, however, her 18yo daughter hates him. Until one night they catch her watching a bestiality video.

Blackmail: Officer Kay Jones of the K9 squad will do anything to get ahead, even if it means blackmailing the Mayor's daughter.
Blackmail - Free Sample

Taming the Termagant: The neighbourhood busy-body is giving everyone a hard time, especially the three college girls and their dog Woody living next door. However, another neighbour comes up with a daring plan to thwart the nasty, termagant woman. Termagant - a violent, turbulent, shrewish, or brawling woman.
Taming The Termagant - Free Sample

Pluto's Wild Night: A separated Latino discovers her ex-husband is a zoophile after he's caught in the act. If he only knew she's into dog's too.

Animalia: You're invited to the event of the year: Animalia. Amy Benson, a college student, is the main attraction. Only she doesn't know it yet.

Do Your Duty: Save Mankind: On the edge of extinction, breeding is mandatory. But Lily is exempt due to religious reasons, and visiting her sister on the frontier pushes her faith to the limit.

Love They Neighbor's Dog: The Thompson's just don't understand why their great Dane, Bruno, is acting so strangely lately.

Newfound Urges: A woman agrees to house sit and look after a couple of horses, when these horny beasts start looking after her.

Mandy's Downtime: Mandy's got three glorious hours to herself, and she might just have a good time if the stupid family pet dogs don't stop bothering her.

Julie & Romeo: The forbidden love of woman and dog collide in this urban drama of lust, love, and tragedy. Romeo, a dog of unusual skill and seductive power overwhelm a married lesbian couple, just as he overpowers most women he meets. He drives them to greater heights of orgasmic bliss until all that has been sown by the lascivious dog comes back to bite him.
Julie & Romeo - Free Sample

Bad Teacher: Lisa Morrison can feel her shirt cling to the perspiration on her breasts and when she glances down, she can see it’s already becoming see-through. She hopes she looks irresistible. Her long black hair is hanging in a single ponytail, and her large, firm tits are practically bursting out of a shirt much too small for her. She's a teacher, and she's BAD!

Mia Culpa: Trying to take a nap on a hot day proves difficult for Mia as she keeps getting interrupted by everyone and everything wanting to have sex with her! Bestiality story.

Small Town Girl: Caught in the purgatory of life between high school and college, Kelly is frustrated and bored. yet, an act of depravity inflicted upon her will change her life in more ways than she ever thought possible.

The Lonely Divorcee: Joan is a hot MILF who's living by herself after her divorce. With a sex drive that's still strong, her true wish is to meet a real man rather than keeping use her toys. One day she discovered the hard way that the best sex she's ever had is from her German shepherd, Gus.

A Night in with Spike: Emma is home alone, well not entirely alone - her Labrador Spike is with her. As she prepares to go to bed, Spike makes his move, and before long he's rocking the pretty brunettes world.

The Dog Sitter: Zoey needs to make some money to spend at the Summer Fair in two weeks, and gets a short term job house/dog sitting for an elderly couple going on a cruise. The dog is a giant Great Dane, and Zoey soon finds the friendly dog has more on his mind than playing fetch.

Night of the Dobermans: Julie is invited to a big party in the country, as she walks up the long driveway she accosted by a Doberman, then another, then another... Where are all these Doberman Pinshcers coming from? Soon they're attacking everyone at the party.