My Mom: The Nymphomaniac


Synopsis: A frustrated MILF/teacher discovers her son has a huge cock and it drives her to a lusty life that includes dog sex. A free sample is in this post. Check it out.


My Mom The Nymphomaniac

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My Mom The Nymphomaniac

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Sarah drove Joshua up to the lake to begin his work for the summer. They had spent most of the night trying to store up enough orgiastic pleasure for the weeks ahead, and Joshua was very subdued during the drive. He gave his mother a fond kiss when she pulled up in front of the building where he would stay. It wasn’t the kind of farewell she liked, but under the circumstances, it was the best she could hope for. She watched him lift his suitcase out of the back seat, waved and drove off. The further she got from the camp, curiously enough, the more she looked forward to returning home. The thought of having the house to herself and the assurance of plenty of free time in which to explore Groucho’s sexual potential aroused a new interest in her, and she began looking forward to the experiment with more and more enthusiasm. The dog is in the backyard chained. The German shepherd greeted her with leaping yelps of delight; it had already become the favored member of the family and enjoyed its role. She led the animal into the house and rubbed its big head fondly until the dog quieted down. Then she took Groucho into the living room, where she pulled a footstool around into a position. Groucho watched with sparkling eyes, almost as if it could tell that something was afoot which the dog would like a great deal. Sarah lifted her dress and pulled off her panties; during the drive back from the lake, she had become excited enough to have wetted the garment thoroughly. She dangled her panties in front of Groucho’s nose to see if the dog recognized the scent of a woman in-heat.

Groucho’s ears jerked back and positively vibrated with interest when it caught a whiff of the rich, ripe oils. She laughed happily, confident now that the animal would require minimal coaching, and lifted up the bottom of her dress. She kicked off her shoes and spread her feet wide, leaving her pussy completely exposed.

“Come here, Groucho…” Sarah urged in a low, tense voice. “Come on, boy … I’ve got your breakfast here, and it’s boiling hot…”

Groucho answered her command and came closer. The dog did not yet recognize what it was supposed to do and had made no association between the intoxicating scent in her panties and the dark, fluffy muff growing at the base of her belly. The dog sat back on its haunches and looked up expectantly. Sarah edged closer to the animal, which was so large that its up tilted muzzle was on a level with her pussy; she positioned her fragrant, ripe, overheated slit just in front of Groucho’s nose and waited for the German shepherd to get the message.

It did not take the German shepherd long to scent that intoxicating aroma of hot, aroused sex and to act upon it accordingly. The dog thrust its big muzzle between Sarah’s thighs and rammed it up close against the woman’s vagina. She quivered and shrank back slightly when she felt its cold, wet nose against her gash, but then pushed back against the German shepherd hard. The dog whined deep in its throat and burrowed deeper into her moist, fragrant crotch, bringing an answering groan to her lips.

“Argh…” Sarah moaned, thrusting and writhing against the German shepherd as it began licking her pussy with its warm, rough tongue. “Ooh, eat me, you bastard, eat my fucking cunt out … Unngghhh … I’ll cum all over your tongue…”

She discovered that Groucho’s tongue could deliver caresses of fantastic power. The animal quickly learned to love the taste of a hot, fully aroused cunt, and its tongue slithered up and down the juicy, tingling gash of her pussy. Sarah shuddered and writhed as the dog tongued her entire slit, indiscriminately licking her clitoris, cunt, and asshole. The dog even shoved its big, rough tongue up into her cunt hole in its eagerness to get more of that deliciously exciting juice. Within a concise time, it had succeeded in making Sarah’s body quake with vibrant sexual energy, and she felt her womb winding itself into a hard, quivering band of coiled sexual energy. Another long, fervent thrust of the animal’s tongue brought her off, and the climax exploded within her cunt with a fury.

Crying out in distressed anguish, she ground her crotch against Groucho’s muzzle and surrendered entirely to the crashing waves of orgiastic pleasure it had provoked. The powerful jolts of sexual delight coursed outward from her pussy, spreading down through her thighs, shooting upward to inflame her nipples. She was orgasming from head to toe within a moment and grunted heavily with the effort. Repeatedly she thrust her cunt against Groucho’s muzzle, and finally, she felt the orgasm peak within her cunt. Giving a weak, shrill cry of agony, she sank down to the floor, a limp, exhausted hulk of satisfaction.

This did not satisfy Groucho, however. The horny beast was more excited than ever by the taste of her juices, and when Sarah slumped down to the door, it scrambled onto her. The dog curled its forelegs around her waist and began humping at once, even though its cock was nowhere near her cunt. Sarah roused from her lethargy by this sudden assault, squirmed about to get the animal’s dick properly placed; she could feel the naked, warm prong rubbing the top of her muff, but could not lift herself high enough to get it into her cunt.

She pressed her right hand down between their bodies and grasped Groucho’s cock; it emitted a gulping whine when it felt her fingers closing around the sensitive rod. Pushing the German shepherd back with one hand and using her other hand to guide its dick to her vagina, she succeeded in arousing them both even more frantically. The dog’s cock was already dribbling warm streams of sperm; it felt wetter than Joshua’s did and not quite as thick, but she welcomed it nevertheless as a sign of the dog’s overwhelming passion. She finally got the pointed tip of its dick aimed into the mouth of her cunt. Groucho lunged forward again when she released the German shepherd, and its cock speared deep into the tender, throbbing slit she had opened up for the German shepherd. Even though the size of its dick could not begin to compare with Joshua’s sturdy cunt-stretcher, she thrilled at the penetration—the sensation of being fucked by a warm, vibrant, living piece of aroused masculinity appealed greatly to her, and she began fucking back with greater enthusiasm. More and more of Groucho’s cock speared into her cunt, and she felt her womb again knotting up into that familiar ball of tingling sexual tension.

Several inches of the tool was already well into her cunt before she remembered the ferocious-looking knot which had appeared in the Great Dame’s cock. Would Groucho’s dick have a knot, too, she wondered? She had neglected to check for that on the few occasions when she had investigated its cock; the thought of having a prodigiously big knot forced into her cunt gave her a feeling of anticipation, but also one of worry. The way Groucho was humping her, lunging forward and very obviously showing its desire to shove all its cock into her hot, wet cunt, left no doubt that if there were such a knot in its dick, she would have to do the experiment or dissuade the animal from completing the act.

The latter alternative did not strike her as a viable one, owing to the animal’s size and strength; the way it was clinging to her with its forefeet, the way it was striving so energetically to enter her cunt thoroughly, suggested that it would not take kindly to a decision to terminate the fuck. Sarah, therefore, surrendered to the inevitable. Just as she reached that conclusion, she felt the knot bump up against the mouth of her cunt; the sensation sent a thrill of delight rushing through her body. She knew then that Groucho’s dick, for practical purposes, was exactly like the Great Dane.

Groucho humped against her more vigorously, sensing the extra effort which would be required if it were going to succeed in planting its cock entirely. She could feel the raw, brutal power gathering in the dog’s body as it prepared to launch the final assault against her waiting cunt; she knew then that nothing she could do would be enough to get the German shepherd off her. When it was mounted, she concluded, it would fuck her to the finish, and she would have to accept it as best she could.

Groucho’s cock had been spurting out steady jets of semen all the while it had had its tool in her cunt. She could feel the hot juice squirting against the walls of her tunnel as it drove deeper; evidently, she decided, dogs did not reach a sudden, explosive climax, as did humans. The continual spurting aroused her quite as thoroughly, however, and she could feel her body mounting toward another fluttering peak of sexual delirium. Groucho’s stubborn bullish insistence on lodging its entire dick, even the grotesque knot, in her cunt paid off after several powerful lunges. Her cunt muscles relented at last and admitted the ferocious lump into her vagina.

When the largest part of its cock lodged in her cunt, Groucho began fucking with renewed intensity. His back arched into a curve, and it grasped her flanks even more strongly with its forefeet as it drove that big tool deeper into her passively waiting cunt. She tried to move against the German shepherd, as though it were a man but found that it was much more difficult to generate a satisfactory fucking action when there were no legs around which she could wrap her own. What with the unsatisfactory nature of the position and the dog’s urgent insistence on continuing its own fucking motion, she could do little more than lie there quietly and feel that bizarre cock shoved deeper into her cunt.

As the big knot in the dog’s swollen dick worked deeper into her cunt, stretching the ways to a greater degree than she would have believed possible, she felt her body growing more and more strained with sexual feeling. Suddenly the bands of knotted tension burst within her womb and an all-enveloping, lusty red fog of orgiastic pleasure spread rapidly throughout her aunt, then expanded further to cover all her body. Grunting, screaming, sobbing, she lay there, quivered as her climax mounted to a peak, ebbed slightly, and then rose to another, a more powerful crescendo of delirious joy. Repeatedly her cunt throbbed powerfully as her climax mounted higher and higher. Groucho was humping faster than ever, working its monstrous cock back and forth in her cunt, and it, too, was approaching some kind of climax.

Sarah felt the German shepherd stop suddenly and tremble mightily. She waited for the quick spurt of semen, the blasting rocket of hot jizz that would signify the peak of its pleasure, but found that its cock only vibrated heavily within her cunt and that the flow of sperm was no stronger than it had ever been. The lack of a strong, definite culmination frustrated her slightly, though her climax had been intense enough to make it only a momentary irritation. She heaved a great sigh of relief and layback, relaxing as Groucho’s body slowly lost its rigidity. The dog collapsed on her, weakening every second; she could feel its dick losing its iron-hard quality and growing smaller within her cunt. After a moment, it slipped off her and curled up at her side, nuzzling himself between the legs and licking the tip of its dick. Sarah smiled at that. The woman enjoyed the thought of fucking a partner who could suck itself off and who enjoyed the feel of its own dick against its tongue. The sight did not create a similar urge within her, however; she thought briefly about sucking the dog’s dick and rejected the idea. The pleasure of having the German shepherd fuck her, she decided, would be more than enough to satisfy her.

That first, extraordinarily invigorating fuck with Groucho naturally gave Sarah a strong predisposition to continue using the German shepherd as a substitute lover. The poor dog was exhausted for the time being, however, and it was much later that day before she could again get the German shepherd interested in repeating the performance. She again enticed the German shepherd by thrusting her naked, passion-swollen pussy in front of its muzzle; the scent of that highly aroused slit proved enough to bring the dog to a state of trembling hominess. The dog licked her pussy for a few minutes, bringing her mother quick, thudding climax, and then mounted her. She was ready for the German shepherd this time and caught its dick as it rose up; she guided the stiff little tip into the mouth of her cunt, and then settled back for a long, passionately satisfying fuck.

Groucho quickly learned to associate the region between Sarah’s thighs with sexual pleasure. After a couple of days, it discovered that it could persuade her to open her legs to the German shepherd at almost any hour of the day by merely thrusting its nose into that region; Sarah’s highly sexed nature made her a pushover for the dog. For the first week after Joshua had left for its summer job, she calculated, she fucked Groucho an average of three times a day. Each time, naturally, she forced the animal to lick her pussy before mounting her; the cunnilingus sessions served not only to arouse them both to a higher pitch but also to give Sarah more orgasms.

She had no qualms about the injustice of it, of a system whereby she got much more pleasure out of the sessions than Groucho did. The dog appeared to like sucking her cunt, and indeed, the taste of hot, juicy cunt made the German shepherd fuck all the harder when finally she allowed the German shepherd to mount up and begin those frantic, driving thrusts that filled her cunt so full of hard, quivering dog dick.

Sarah soon tired of that monotonous style of fucking, though she was never to lose her eagerness for the way the ravenous beast licked her pussy. She had always loved it when Nathan, her husband, had eaten her vagina, and Groucho’s tongue, though different in texture, was just as pleasing in its overall effects.

One afternoon, just over a week after Joshua had left for the lakeside job, she resolved to try something new. She had already fucked the German shepherd once that morning, but the encounter had had only a temporarily soothing effect upon her almost continuously throbbing pussy. After making sure that her cunt was hot and wet, she summoned the dog into the living room and spread her thighs wide. Groucho bounded toward her and began licking her cunt with as much relish as it had ever shown; the taste of its own sperm upon the juicy slit—Sarah had not washed the mess off after the first fuck of the day—did nothing whatever to diminish its appetite for that luscious vagina.

When it had licked her into a long, quivering orgasm, however, she did not follow what had become their standard procedure. Instead of releasing her grip upon the scruff of its neck and allowing the German shepherd to mount her in what had become the usual manner, she twisted about until she was in a kneeling position. She brought her ass up high and waited for the German shepherd to get the message. Groucho hesitated a moment, then climbed up on to her body, just as though she were Lassie herself; its cock entered more easily in this position, though for a moment she feared that it might be going into her asshole rather than into her cunt. She reached between her legs to correct that error and then begin fingering her clitoris and the lips of her pussy as Groucho started humping its cock into her well-oiled cunt. She quivered expectantly when she felt the hot prong sliding deep; the position seemed to allow the German shepherd a lot more freedom, and she could feel the German shepherd working its cock back and forth energetically.

The dog whimpered piteously as it fucked away. Sarah finger-fucked herself steadily, seeking to bring herself off again as quickly as possible; for a time Groucho’s fucking action, though hearty and robust, became no more than a mere supplement to her masturbation. Her fingers, thoroughly slippery with cunt juice, slid easily over her clitoris and gave her a powerful sense of sexual accomplishment. She stroked her pussy into a state of quivering, shuddering joy and fucked back at the dog stronger than ever as her womb pumped out those deliciously pleasing waves of animal-like joy. Groucho, sensing her increased participation, fucked away like a crazed beast. She felt the big lump in its cock bump up against the mouth of her cunt; by this time, she had already learned not to fear that moment in their sexual encounters

Sarah had learned that the introduction of the knot into her cunt always signaled a quick climax for Groucho, as well as a great deal of abandoned pleasure for herself, and she now looked forward to the struggle to get it well stuffed into place. Groucho humped away, grunting and snuffling heartily, and pressed against her until finally the big lump bulled the mouth of her cunt apart and slipped into her hole. She screamed out in anguished delight as she felt her cunt dilated to the utmost by the huge, stiff knot in the dog’s cock. Groucho shoved it deep, spearing the pointed tip of its dick into the very mouth of her womb, and again gave that peculiar finish to its fuck. The dog held himself immobile against her as its cock gave one last, dying jerk and then the dog slowly began collapsing.

She could feel the German shepherd weakening by the second as the strength ebbed from its body, though it still had not doused her cunt with that overpowering wad of fuck juice that she loved so well with her son. That failure, in fact, was becoming the principal drawback to fucking with the dog. Apart from its inability to shoot off in a satisfyingly hearty manner, it was reasonably pleasing, indeed a couple of notches better than Aaron Newman. Granted, Groucho probably dribbled enough sperm during their fucks to equal Joshua’s load, but the boy concentrated its blast into one spasmodic moment of gushing glory. Small wonder, then, that Sarah continued fucking with Groucho but reserved her greatest interest for the short periods when her son returned from his summer job.


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