Change to Members Area

Hi everyone,

So many people seem to have trouble subscribing to our member’s area thanks to Paypal. So we have changed our membership model now to a non-subscription form. Instead of subscribing, you can buy a member pass. These passes will be for one, three, six, or twelve months. Once these passes expire they do not renew. That means you’ll have to buy another pass to regain access to the site. (A member pass is not a subscription)

The other incentive is the longer the period you buy, the cheaper it is.

The changes won’t affect current subscribers, who will remain as subscribers as long as they keep their current subscription active.

Only new members will be affected.

If you cancel your subscription and decide later you want to rejoin, you won’t be able to subscribe again but will have to buy a member pass like everyone else.

Here’s the new price structure:

1 month pass is $10.95/month = $10.95
3 month pass is $9.95/month = $29.85
6 month pass is $8.95/month = $53.70
1 year pass is $5.95/month = $71.40

These passes do not renew when they expire.

Have a great day.

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