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Are you an author who writes bestiality themed fiction and you want to earn money from your stories? The only problem is for many authors in this area of fiction remaining anonymous is important because we live in a world where bestiality is misunderstood and oppressed. So we can understand why you’d want to not join an independent self publishing site where you’d have to give your details like name, address and banking details. So many great bestiality authors out there are forced to give their work away on free sites and never make a cent from all the work they put into it.

Here at GW Enterprises Publishing Company we welcome bestiality authors with open arms. Our deal is pretty simple and we strive to help your stories sell as much as we can. You receive more for your work from us than what we do. That’s our promise. We publish our authors through and we sometimes sell direct to the public from our sites too. We have one main site to promote bestiality stories known as, which gets 10,000 unique visitors a day.

For non-bestiality stories we run a website call Kinky Books where we can sell any other work you may wish to publish through us and keep your anonymity.

What We Offer!

  1. Formatting & Editing your story for publishing (people who pay expect a certain level that free stories usually don’t reach)
  2. We do a book cover design for you saving you that hassle.
  3. Cross promotion of your stories on our high traffic websites.
  4. An author page on our website and smashwords.
  5. We do all the submitting to smashwords for you, and you publish as one of our authors.
  6. We provide you with book sales data so you know exactly how much you’ve sold and what you’ve made.
  7. We pay your royalties monthly to you through paypal.
  8. Your details are safe and secure with us.
  9. Send us stories when you have them ready. No deadlines. No stress.

What We Charge And Pay!

This is the bottom line in all these things. If we sell your stories on smashwords (which we will), then several people will take a cut before you get paid. Smashwords charges a fee per sale, there’s a US Govt tax of 5% we pay on all sales, there’s the possibility some other webmaster will occasionally run ads to your stories and they’ll get an affiliate cut usually 11%, and then there’s us. We charge a 15% royalty for all the legwork we do preparing and promoting your stories. So, as an example, if you sell $300 (after smashwords fees & tax deduction) worth of books through us in a month, we would pay you $255, so you still get 85% of the royalty we get from smashwords.

The more books you publish with us, the more money you’ll make. Content is king and to keep the cash registers ticking over you need to keep writing and publishing. The bottom line is, none of your stories will sell a million copies (We live in hope) so to make the most from publishing with us you need to try to publish an eBook a couple of times a month.


What We Won’t Do

At GW Enterprises Publishing Company we’re pretty open minded when it comes to story content. But there’s only one area we do not go into and that’s stories involving minors in any sexual activity. You can have minors in your stories as characters, but they should never be involved in the sexual elements of your story. We don’t publish snuff stories either.

We also reserve the right to refuse to publish stories if they aren’t of sufficient quality, and if one of our authors sends us something we feel needs more work, we’ll usually tell them, so they can keep polishing their story to publishing quality. Like we said earlier, people who pay expect a good quality work, and often what people post on free sites is just not good enough.



If you publish with us, we will control the copyright for a period of 3 years from the date of publishing. If you leave us within that time, then all copyright resorts back to you after the period of 3 years for each title from the date we first published it. We will still pay you royalties over that period, even if you have chosen to no longer publish with us. Of course, we hope you’ll stay with us forever, but we understand that life takes people to different places. There’s no hard feelings.

While we hold the copyright to your work, you cannot post, publish, or submit it to any other website, free site, or publisher, without our permission.

If you have already posted/published stories to free sites before we have published them, then all we ask is you do not submit it to any other sites for 3 years after we have published it.

Giving your stories away for free is not how you make money in this business. You need to free your mind from the bondage of free sites like literotica, as someone else is making money out of your stories when you post on them, not you. And while it’s nice to get the feedback from people on free sites, they don’t pay your bills, do they.

All this is pretty standard in the publishing industries, in fact, we’re being more generous than you’ll find with any other publisher who can tie your work up for ten years or more.


Members Area

Yes, we do run a members area where most of our authors books are available for members to read, and this is just another way we keep this company afloat. If you publish with us, your stories will appear in our Member’s Area but there’ll be no royalty payment for that. The money we make from this goes to paying for everything else that comes from having to run a web based business. The real money will come from what we sell on smashwords, and not the small amount we get from the Members Area.


So Why GW Enterprises Publishing Company?

Sure, if you want you can go create your own profile on a self publishing site like smashwords, but you’ll have to give up your real name and personal details. Even if you use a pseudonym (writer’s name) on smashwords to publish your stories under, the company still knows who you are. Publishing with us means you can remain anonymous. All we will know about you is an email address and because we pay royalties through paypal. No contracts. No meetings. You can keep your real identity private and still make some money.


How much will you make?

Short answer is, we don’t know. You’re never going to make a fortune, that we can guarantee. Probably anywhere between $5 – $500 per month (US dollars), but it all adds up. The more stories you publish, the more you will make.


So if this interests you, contact us: