A First Time for Everything!

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A First Time for Everything!
A First Time for Everything!
Year: 2022
18yo Sally and her mom are staying at her aunt’s house for the weekend and she discovers her mom doing something completely shocking. Not only having sex with her sister (Sally’s Aunt) but also the family dog.
Moe Lester
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Sally Anderson stirs in the small bed.  She opens her eyes.  For a moment, Sally feels disoriented.  Then she remembers that she and her mother are visiting her Aunt Gina and Gina’s daughter, Judy.  She pulls herself out of bed and sees her lithe eighteen-year-old naked body in the mirror.  Soft blonde hair covers her pussy like golden silk.  Her small breasts jut proudly.  She combs her fingers through her tousled blonde hair and is about to dress when she hears faint laughter.  She grabs a robe to cover herself.

Padding barefoot, she wandered down the hall as the laughter grew louder.  It’s coming from her aunt’s room.  The door is ajar.  Before going in, she peeks inside.  A lump suddenly clogs her throat.  Her hand goes quickly to her mouth to stifle a cry.  Her mother and her Aunt Gina are naked on the bed, joking and laughing as they stroke the Great Dane’s sleek gray coat.

“We haven’t done this since we were kids,” Trisha said as she stared at her sister, Gina.  “Shit.  It’s like old times.”

Gina laughs.  She strokes the Great Dane’s side.  “We didn’t have a dog then.”

“Mmmm, I know,” Trisha said.  “God, when you told me what Buster could do—WOW!

“He’s the perfect mate.” Gina’s hand skims to Buster’s belly.  She strokes the dog’s sheath where its cock lies dormant.  “You’ll cream when you see his cock.”

Trisha leaned over, and she caressed the giant dog’s huge sperm-crammed balls.  “Mmmm, nice, Buster,” she moans softly.  “Nice handsome dog.  Let me see your big cock.”

Buster whimpers, the dog’s head in Trisha’s lap.  Its tail thumps on the bed as it squirms under their caressing and teasing hands.  Sally watches, flabbergasted.  Her mother is fondling a dog, and so is her aunt.  It’s unbelievable.  Her eyes bulge, and then she understands what she’s watching makes her hot.  Aside from the dog, Sally had never seen her mother naked like this.  It’s making her head spin.

“His cock’s getting hard,” Gina said.  Her brown eyes widen as the top of Buster’s thick cock comes into view.  “Aw, look, Trisha.  He’s getting so damn big.”

“I’m looking.”  Trisha gasps, licking her lips.  She releases the dog’s balls and jerks back the skin that keeps the Great Dane’s cock hidden from their horny gaze.  “C’mon, Buster, let me see your cock.”

The dog lifts its big head and slaps its tongue over Gina’s breasts.  Wet slobber coats each large fleshy globe.  “Oh, Trisha,” Gina gasps.  “I forgot to tell you.  Buster’s tongue is great, too.”

Trisha stares.  “God.  Let the dog lick me like that.” She rubs her hands over her breasts.  “Hell, I’m your sister and your guest.  Don’t I get to feel his tongue first?”

Gina giggles.  “You always were the horniest.”

“Fuck off,” Trisha said.  “I haven’t been fucked in months, and you’ve had this gorgeous dog all to yourself.” She pushed her sister away from the Great Dane and laughed.  “I need some of its loving lingua.”

Sally couldn’t believe she was listening to her mother’s dirty talk.  She finds herself staring at her mother’s ample breasts.  Her mouth waters, and her hand slips into her open robe.  She begins massaging her small plump mounds as her other hand covers her mouth.  The dog is licking her mother’s breasts.

“Lick my boobs, Buster,” Trisha said.  “Get them wet.” She looked at her sister.  “The dog better not bite the fuckin’ things off.”

“He won’t,” Gina said.  “He’ll bite your pussy, though.”

“I’m counting on that,” Trisha moans.  “God, am I counting on that.” She leans over, rubs her breasts over Buster’s snout.  “Lick, Buster.  Chew ‘em up.”

The Great Dane’s tongue slithers from its mouth like a wet rubbery snake.  The dog slaps its tongue hungrily over each fleshy mound.  Gina’s hand on its cock is making the dog jerk.  The dog’s balls are beginning to ache.

“Ohhh, Buster,” Trisha moans.  She trembles and bites her bottom lip.  “Ooh, God, you don’t know how I’ve missed this.”

“Like hell, I don’t,” Gina said hoarsely.  “Why do you think I got the damn dog in the first place?” She laughs.  “The dog’s getting hard as a rock.”

Sally’s shocked, totally shocked.  Her mother is acting like a whore.  She sees the dog’s tongue and what it’s doing to her mother’s breasts.  It makes her virgin pussy wet, and the teen girl chews her hand to keep from whimpering.  Trisha mashes her breasts against Buster’s face.  Passion eats away at her overheated pussy.

“Ooh, Gina.  The dog’s fantastic.”

“I told you,” Gina said.  “Wait until Buster’s tongue is inside your cunt.”

“Um, I’m creaming just thinking about it.”

“Then what are you waiting for?  Get on your back and enjoy yourself.”

“I will,” Trisha moans.  “Give me time.”  Trisha hugs the giant beast.  “How would you like a nice hot pussy to lick?”

She rubs her spit-soaked breasts over its hard-muscled body.  Buster whimpers, the dog’s tongue is sloshing over her face.  Nuzzling its snout between her huge jiggling breasts, the animal begins nipping them gently with its teeth.

“Ooooo, Gina.  Oooo, he’s biting me!” She throws herself back on the bed.  “C’mon, Buster.  Make me feel good.  Gimme your tongue.”

The Great Dane straddles her squirming body.  The dog attacks her breasts, nipping, lapping, coating the jiggly meat in spit, and making her creamy skin pink.  The dog’s teeth work on her areolas and hard-pointed nipples.

“Shit, Gina, the dog’s fabulous.”  Trisha squirms, twisting her hips.  “My pussy, Buster.”

Trisha’s large areolas intrigue the animal.  She pushes the dog, needing the beast between her legs, not on her breasts.  Buster growls because the dog is enjoying itself.  The dog feasts on Trisha while Gina plays with its balls and growing red cock.

“Make the dog lick my pussy, Gina,” Trisha moans.  “Shit, I need its tongue inside me.”

“He’ll eat you when I tell him,” Gina said, enjoying her sister’s frustration.  “Relax.  You’ll be cumming soon enough.”

Buster’s cock swells.  Whimpering and growling, the animal turns Trisha’s pink breasts into deep red, teeth marks dotting the smooth, jiggling flesh.  The dog’s tail wags, and it jerks its hips, its cock swollen, throbbing.  The animal’s mistress’ caressing fingers are driving it wild.  Trisha twists on the bed.  She pushes at Buster, her hips jerking, her breasts sore from the fabulous attack.

“I’m crazy hot, Gina.  Fuck.  Eat me, you fucking dog.  Eat me.”

Gina laughs.  “You better keep it down, or you’ll wake Sally.”

Trisha is too hot to care.  “So what?  Seeing me like this might do my prude daughter some good.” She moans as Buster nips hard on one swollen nipple.

“Maybe we’ll set Buster on her,” Gina laughs.

Trisha doesn’t care.  She’s too hot.  All the woman wants is Buster’s tongue up inside her overheated cunt.  “Mmmmm,” she hums, writhing on her back.  She pushes hard and covers her breasts, keeping them from the dog.  “Lick my pussy, Buster.  Shit, Gina.  Make the dog lick me.”  Trisha squirms on her back and stares at her grinning sister and the Great Dane above her.  “Let me feel your tongue, Buster.” She humps her ass up from the bed.  “C’mon, fucker.  Lick me.” She squished her hand through her pussy and brought her juicy fingers to Buster’s nose.  “Smell it, fucker.”

Buster yelps.  The dog drops to its belly between Trisha’s squirming long legs.  The dog’s nostrils flare, and it inches back, drawn to where the sweet-smelling scent comes from.

Oh, Gina.  Buster’s gonna lick me.  Ohhhh, shit, I’m cumming already.”

Gina laughs and watches, easing her hand from under Buster’s belly.  The dog slops its tongue over the juice-stained flesh of Trisha’s luscious inner thighs.  The animal squirms, its cock jabbing into the mattress.  It makes it squirm, even more, the friction from the spread agitating its exposed cock.  The dog whines and nips her thighs.

Lick my pussy, Buster,” Trisha wails.  “Oh, God.” She rolls her hips, grinding her ass into the bed.  She claws her way down her overheated body, parts the hot sticky folds of her pussy, exposing her cunt.  “Tongue me, fucker.  Tongue me.”

Buster snorts.  The overpowering scent of Trisha’s cunt attacks the dog.  It slaps its tongue over Trisha’s pussy, getting a thick juicy coating of juices.  The juices cling to the dog’s tongue, and it laps its jowls, savoring the tasty cream.  Again, its tongue whipped up through Trisha’s fingers and through the gaping red slot of her cunt.  More juice flows over the dog’s tongue.  The beast snorts and licks enthusiastically between her ripe red pussy lips.

Trisha humps.  “Ooh, Buster.  Fuck.” She twists her hips, thrilling with every great slap of Buster’s tongue.  It’s heaven.  “Ooh, Gina.  He’s great.”  Trisha stares at her sister.  “It’s been so long for me.  So very long.” Her eyes drift to the Great Dane between her legs.  “Oh, God,” and her head falls back with a thud.

The Great Dane slithers its tongue through her pussy, scooping the juicy cream as it oozes from her vagina.  The more the juice flows, the faster the animal works its tongue.  The faster the dog works its tongue, the louder the whimpering cries and the creamier the juice.

Sally leans against the door.  Her legs are weak, and her virgin pussy is seeping.  The girl’s nipples are sore and swollen.  She bites her lips again as her gaze flows over her mother’s naked body and Buster between her long legs.  Sally almost tumbles in through the partially open door.  Catching herself, the blonde teen holds her hand between her legs and trembles as her fingers become soaked in hot pussy juices.

Ooooooo,” Trisha moans.  The dog’s tongue is driving her wild.  It’s teasing her, forcing her to lust-induced insanity, and she loves every second of it.  She shudders, feeling Buster’s tongue whip over her fingers and hard exposed clit.  “Oh, Gina.  I love it.  Shit.”  Trisha lunges and grinds her pussy over the dog’s muzzle, twisting her hips.  “Ahhhhh.”  Lights flash behind her fluttering eyelids.  Trisha twists, her breasts flopping, her legs stiff, and her fingers clawing at her pussy.

Sally becomes dizzy.  Her gaze drifts to her naked aunt, then back to her squirming mother and the dog.  With one hand on her pussy and her other hand mauling her firm breasts, the barely eighteen-year-old girl continues to watch.

Inside me, fucker,” Trisha yells.  “Tongue my cunt.” She thrashes on the bed.  “Gimme your tongue.  Oooooo, Gina, I’m so fucking hot.”

With its snout coated in frothy pussy slime, the Great Dane plows its tongue deeply into Trisha’s cunt.  Her cuntal muscles, hungry and wet, attack, pulsating against the great invasion.  The dog shakes its head and snorts, its tongue slithering out.  Again, the animal plunges its tongue into the bubbling heat of Trisha’s cunt.  Rich, thick cream floods the dog’s mouth, bathing its muzzle in sticky ooze.  The dog jerks back as Trisha banged into its snout.  Pussy juice dribbles from the beast’s lips and its nose.  Vaginal slime clings to the Great Danes jowls, and it licks at it noisily.

Don’t stop,” she moans, desperate for Buster’s tongue.  “Oooooo, God, don’t let the dog stop, Gina.” Her wide blue eyes plead with her grinning sister.  “Please.”

“Buster will be back for more,” Gina said, watching her sister roll on the bed in agonizing bliss.  “Be patient.”

The Great Dane goes back to the juicy gash of Trisha’s pussy.  Black eyes glowing, it attacks again.  Burying its snout between her thighs, the dog jabs its tongue into her cunt.  The dog reams deep, exploring her steamy vagina as the juice flows into its canine mouth.  The animal jabs deeper.  Trisha squeals making the dog squirm on its belly.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.”  She clenches her teeth, hissing out her breath.  Her hips jerks and rotate in tight frenzied circles.  “Oooooooo, Gina.  I feel him.  Oh God is it deep.  Oh, I’m gonna cum.  God, I’m getting so close.”  Trisha’s gaze floats from her sister’s lewd grinning face to the ceiling.  “Oh, I’m close.” She lunges, grinding her pussy against Buster’s blunt snout.  “Ahhhhhh.” She raked her flesh with her fingernails.  “Tongue fuck me.  Tongue fuck me.”

Sally watches, enthralled with her mother’s gyrations and what’s happening to the woman.  She sways, wishing it were her cunt treated to the pleasures of the dog’s tongue.  The thought startles her, and she glances away for a moment, but her mother’s squeals of delight bring her gaze quickly back.  Sally chokes back a moan and swallows.

Trisha climbs closer to exploding.  She reaches the peak, hovers, her orgasm a breathless moment away.  The woman jerks against the dog’s snout.  Its tongue is doing wild things to her pussy.  “I’m gonna cum.  Oooooooo, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum on Buster’s tongue, Trisha,” Gina moans.  “Drown the fucker with your juices.” Gina is rocking back and forth on the bed, her breasts bouncing, her eyes glued to her sister’s writhing, twisting body.  “Cum, Trisha.  Cum!”

I am.  I am,” Trisha squeals.  “Oooooooo, I am.” Her back arched, and her breasts flop, the nipples peak in swollen pink.  Her face contorts into an expression of lust, then freezes.

Sally is watching, too, her innocent blue eyes staring.  She knows what’s happening.  The girl had done it enough to herself since puberty started.  Orgasming is the best feeling in the world.

I’m cumming,” Trisha shouts.  “I’m cumming.” Hot flashing flames of passion rip through her cunt, and the woman goes insane.  “I’m cumming, Gina.  Cumming all over Buster’s fucking face.”  She bucks on the bed, her eyes glowing, her cunt pulsating against the Great Dane’s invading tongue.  She bangs her clit against its teeth.  “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Sally sees her mother’s twisted expressions of lust.  She senses the pleasure her mother is having is better than anything she’s known.  The blonde teen pinches her clit.  A mild orgasm ripples through her body, and she sighs.  Sally knows it doesn’t compare.

Buster gobbles on the delicious meal of pussy.  The dog tongues deeply, growling as its tongue slithers into the squeezing vagina.  The beast begins to chew on the juicy, sticky flesh of Trisha’s cunt.  Pussy juices drench the dog, filling its nose and mouth.  The animal’s tongue plunges deeper, lugging out thick globs of cunt slime.  Trisha, her body on fire, devoted herself to the pleasure of her first climax in months.

Chew me up, Buster.  Ooooooo, bite me.  Bite me.” She grinds her cunt onto the hard snout, agitating the dog, making it ferocious.  She jerks.  Her breasts were flopping on her chest.  Her head snaps from side to side.  “Bite me.  Bite me.”

With its snout flush with her jerking pussy, Buster growls.  The dog whips its tongue into her cunt, then out over her clit.  It shakes its head and jams forward as if trying to bury its head inside her hot wet vagina.  The animal’s muffled snarls drift up, mixed with Trisha’s squeals of pleasure.

Bite,” Gina orders.  “Bite her cunt.  Make her scream.” Gina is shaking.  Watching her sister orgasm is blowing her mind.  She hadn’t seen Trisha climax since they were in their late teens.  Now it’s even sexier.  “Bite, Buster.  Chew her up.”

Buster’s tongue lashes over Trisha’s clit again.  The hardness caught its attention.  The dog shakes its head, finds her hard fuck button with its teeth, and begins to chew gently on it.  Trisha goes into spasms.  The attack on her clit has her delirious.  She screams, Buster’s teeth destroying her clit.  The woman climaxes again, and more juice flows from her vagina.  Buster feasts on her clit and the puffy folds of her pussy.  The dog chews her hard blood-gorged clit until it’s raw.  The beast lashes its tongue over the tip, making Trisha cry in agony.  Her screams make the dog more frenzied.

The dog’s chewing me.  Buster’s biting.”

Trisha is delirious.  She humps and twists, mashing her clit against the dog’s teeth.  The woman grabs the sheets, twisting them in her fingers.  Trisha contorts in bliss, neck muscles straining, face screwing up in lustful expressions.  She lifts her legs, then slams them back on the bed.

Buster slurps at the river of pussy juice, gushing with each pulse of her steamy cuntal walls.  The dog finds her clit again, its teeth latching tightly to it.  Buster almost tears it from her gyrating body in its frenzied chewing.  The dog’s rump squirms.  Its cock is swollen and throbbing.  The beast’s balls ache, needing to release the jizz that fills them.

Trisha jerks, her back bowed.  She releases the sheets and mauls her breasts.  “I’m still cumming.  Ohhhh, it won’t stop.  Ooooooooooooo.”  She stiffens and falls back, writhing as her orgasm finally leaves her.  “No more,” she wails.  “No more.” She tries closing her legs, but Buster growls.  The dog wants to keep going.  She finds her sister’s lust-crazed eyes.  “Make him stop.  Make Buster stop.”

Gina laughs and snaps her fingers, and the Great Dane lifts its head.  The dog’s jowls drenched with pussy slime.  Its eyes seem to glow as it licks its jowls clean.  “Well, what do you think of my pet?”

Trisha massages her breasts, relaxing with her gentle caresses.  “Mmmmm, God, I haven’t felt this good in months.” She squirmed around and petted the dog’s head.  “You’re marvelous, Buster.  I want to keep you for myself.”

“Get your own dog,” Gina said.  “While you’re visiting, we’ll share him, but when you’re ready to leave, we’ll get you one to take home.”

Trisha drooled.  “God.  How will I keep something like this from Sally?”

“Maybe you ought to let her have some fun, too.”

Trisha shakes her head.  “She should try boys first.  This is next-level shit.”

“So what?  It’ll keep some guy from getting her pregnant.”

“What about Judy?”

Gina smiles.  “Judy has as much fun as I do with Buster.”

“Fuck,” Trisha said.  “Maybe you’re right.”

Sally hadn’t heard.  After her mother stopped cumming, she tiptoed silently back to her room.


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