A Summer of Cin!

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A Summer of Cin!
A Summer of Cin!
Year: 2021
Cindy is a naughty girl who fucks the family dog, and she can’t wait for her cousin Kay to come to stay for the summer to show her. Meanwhile, her mom also has a secret—she’s fucking a stallion. Will they both discover their common love for bestiality?
Moe Lester
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Pretty nineteen-year-old Cindy Braun sits naked on her bed.  She’s propped two pillows behind her back and leans against them comfortably.  She draws her bare feet up and spreads her knees wide apart to expose her pussy.  Only then does she pat the blankets and invite her dog onto the bed.

“Come on, Gus,” she coos.

The black-and-white mutt leaps onto her bed excitedly, its tongue lolling out of its canine mouth.  Cindy got Gus on her eighteenth birthday and named it Gus because the animal had been so good about licking her pussy.  Gus is shorthand for cunnilingus.

“Lick it,” she purrs, smiling impishly now.  She uses her dainty fingers to pry open the puffy lips of her nubile young pussy.  “Ohhh, come on,” the teen urges the dog, exposing the pink gash of her pussy to the animal’s sparkling black eyes.

She’s in a hurry to have her pet lick her pussy.  Of all her young pleasures, she likes this one the most, getting her pussy lapped by an animal.  Her mother, Elsa, had often wondered why Cindy favors the mutt Gus when the farms loaded with some fine dogs.  Stella and Spike, for instance, sleep out in the barn, two sleek collies.  Yet young Cindy let the mongrel Gus share her bedroom.  Mrs. Braun finally chalks it up to youthful lack of appreciation and allows her daughter to do as she wishes.

Cindy likes her mom.  Ever since her dad died some years ago, the insurance money makes it possible for her and her mother to live comfortably and happily on a darling little farm, far away from people.  Mother and daughter love their privacy.  Cindy especially enjoys her: freedom and privacy with all the animals on the farm, including the pigs and cattle and collies and German shepherds.  But Gus is the love of her life.

Come on, lover,” Cindy purrs now, smiling brightly.

She opens her pretty young legs real wide for the dog and hunches her ass forward.  This motion elevates her furry little pussy into the position she likes most.  This way, Gus has no trouble at all in licking her pussy.

Lick me, lick me,” she purrs.

Right after dinner, while her mother watches Netflix, Cindy came to her cozy bedroom, closed the door, and strips naked.  She twists her cute little ass to attract her pet’s attention.  Her pussy is moist because she’s been playing with it again.  Stretched out on her bed, she likes to toy with her pussy lips and especially her clit.  That little pink thing had given her extreme erotic pleasure for a long time before she discovered some animals like to lick her pussy.  The tips of her fingers are sleek with moistness now as she pries her labia apart.  She rubs her pussy gently as she coaxes her pet to lap it.

Lick it, Gus,” she rasps hotly, getting anxious.

Gus makes a soft sound, happy to be on the bed with Cindy.  The mutt lowers its head, the dog’s big, red tongue soaking her soft flesh with spit.  Stroking her pussy, she twists a little, then moans softly and sighs for Gus to lick that red tongue over her aching genitals.

Mmmm, yes,” Cindy moans.

A smile of contentment lifts the corners of her sexy mouth as she watches her pet lick around her thighs and pussy.  Cindy rests back with a sigh of utter bliss, and her bright blue eyes grow sexy as they roam over her jutting breasts.  Her tiny pink nipples always get stiff when Gus licks her privates.  She lifts her fingers to the dog’s head and pets it lovingly as the animal’s tongue starts to lick and lap faster over her smooth, firm flesh.  Cindy moans when the dog’s tongue hits her pussy straight on.  The first contact is electric for her.  Desire ripples deep in her belly, making her head swim.

A doggie-tongue against her vagina always makes Cindy feel creamy-dreamy and hot to have her pussy all wet and sticky.  She lives to orgasm.  The girl feels there’s nothing so scrumptious in the whole world as a doggie-tongue licking her pussy.  When they lived in the city, she’d never known such delights.  Cindy shudders now with pure joy, fully appreciating her room, farm, and dog—it’s all so wonderful.  Smiling happily, she cups her taut breasts with her tiny hands and plays with them slowly, teasing her pink nipples until they tingle as she watches the dog’s tongue searching between her quivery thighs.

She giggles.  It tickles her the way Gus noses and nuzzles her pussy before the mutt starts licking it.  As a farm girl now, she understands a male animal has to sniff around the female’s pussy first.  It’s all very sexy for Cindy.  Getting more excited with each passing second, she squirms on the bed, and her fingers clutch more tightly around her jutting breasts.

Lick my pussy,” she rasps hotly.  “Lick it, Gus.  Fuck.  How long do you have to smell it?

Her slender fingers tremble now as her hands roam frantically up and down her lithe body.  She follows the curves of her blossoming figure, and she crushes her hard breasts.  Her pink nipples are tingling with the sexy sensations she likes, and the tickle deep in her belly is getting worse.  She wants to orgasm.

When she was a city girl, Cindy never would have dreamed of lying naked on a bed, begging a dog to lick her pussy.  But now, things are different.  Now she feels a little sorry for her cousin Kay, who still lives in the city with no trees, babbling brooks, deer, horses, cows, bulls, and no dogs.  No, nothing except concrete and tall buildings and stuffy tiny apartments where a girl can’t even play with herself without someone catching her in the act.

Cindy has already introduced her cousin to the pleasures of doggie-licking.  She thinks of her cousin Kay now as Gus’s red tongue licks her pussy.  Just last year, when Kay visited, Cindy let Gus lap Kay’s pussy, and the girl went wild.  Then she and Cindy become better friends than ever.  They both like dogs to lick their pussies.

“Kay will be here again next month,” Cindy whispers to her dog as she wiggles her pussy at its snout.  “Won’t that be nice?  Wait till she sees how big you are now.  She won’t believe it.”  The dog makes a throaty noise as if answering her.  Then the animal shakes its big head, making its wet nose knock against Cindy’s pussy slit.  “Ooooooo,” she moans.

She takes its head between her hands.  She pulls gently and humps her pussy upward.  The dog’s nose kisses her juicy little vagina.

Lick it, Gus.  Lick it,” she moans.  “Now, Gus, now.  Ohhh, lick Cindy’s cunt.”  She raises her cute little ass and thrusts her pussy at the mutt.  The dog’s nostrils flare at the musky scent of her pussy juice, and its tongue lashes out a few times.  “Ahhhhhhhh,” Cindy coos excitedly.

Gus seems to get excited, too.  After all, it has become the dog’s canine pleasure to lick her tasty pussy.  It’s becoming natural for the mutt and a sign of her affection—and dogs love the attention too.  It makes them docile, friendly, and obedient.  The closer the dog gets to Cindy’s open, wet vagina, the more agitated the dog becomes.  The smell of female sex excites its balls, and the dog’s hind legs start moving on the blankets.  Gus gives the girl’s slit a nice long lick.

Ohhhhh,” Cindy moans.

She rocks her firm little ass gently back and forth and softly whimpers as she aches for the dog to ravish her genitals.  Her breathing quickens as Gus’s hot breath kisses her pussy and crotch.  Gus casually licks her inner thighs again, almost as if the dog wants to torment her and make her quiver and quake.  Maybe it’s the hot and soft sound of her voice inspiring the mutt to lick her body.

Oh, God,” Cindy suddenly moans, aching.

She grips her breasts tightly and pinches her pink nipples hard as she scrunches downward with her cunt in a desperate effort to get what she craves.

Lick me here,” she cries.

Gus drops and wriggles that lengthening cock against the soft blanket as the dog suddenly focuses its lapping tongue on her twisty little teen pussy.  She throws her pussy up and twists it homily at the teasing, tantalizing animal.  Sobs and gasps escape her throat as her pretty head tosses and turns.  The tickle in her belly feels like it’s going to explode—her mind reels as she pants for release.  The dog responds as if obeying a command.

Ohhhhh,” Cindy moans, and her eyes close in rapture as she squeezes the hell out of her aching breasts.

She almost faints from the initial shock of the scraping doggie-tongue against the tender flesh of her pussy.  Excited beyond measure, Cindy humps her pussy and bangs it hard against the animal’s snout.  Gus licks and laps faster, and the combination of the dog’s wriggly tongue and knocking snout is enough to drive Cindy wild with lust.  The teen moans with sudden pleasure and satisfaction.  Her luscious legs sprawl out in a big V, and her whole pussy churns as the dog’s large head twists and turns between her quivery thighs.  The dog’s long, scraping tongue lashes her pussy furiously as the dog licks away her female juices.

Cindy whimpers helplessly and homily as she feels every touch of the doggie-tongue along her pussy slit and lips.  She massages her jutting breasts hotly and thrashes on the bed in ecstasy as she smashes her wet pussy against the licking, lapping animal tongue.  The tickle in her belly finally explodes, and stars shoot through her whirling mind as Cindy screws her pussy around and around on her pet’s licking tongue.  The girl feels like she’s climbing, climbing, higher and higher to some mountaintop where she’ll fall off into a sea of excruciating pleasure.

Oh, Mama,” she squeals.  “Lick me.  Lick me.”

She’s already out of her head with erotic pleasure.  Reaching for those horny stars, Cindy humps her hot ass wildly, trying to trap her pet’s thick tongue between her pussy lips, wanting it to thrust deep into her cunt.  Grunting and groaning with effort, she fucks her body upward, again and again, dying for the impossible with Gus’s tongue deep in her belly.  But Cindy has to content herself with the anguish and erotic pain of a doggie-tongue just thick and long enough to drive her crazy.

Panting and gasping for breath as she mauls and squeezes her aching breasts, she can only surrender to the animal’s pace and style.  Her pussy belongs to the mutt.  It isn’t as if the animal doesn’t want to get into her writhing body.  Her steaming pussy smells and tastes much like a bitch in heat.  When the dog’s initial licks and laps and stabs make her vagina leak, the dog certainly goes after more.  The dog’s tongue darts like a snake inside the pulsating cunt, and each time it does, Cindy’s cuntal muscles clench and clamp and try to milk something out of the exciting tongue.

Impassioned now, Cindy thrusts and jerks as she moans and cries, “Lick it.  Bite me.  Chew.  Bite.  Lick me.  Eat me.  Ohhh, get me off.”

She always grows quite lewd and obscene during her slow, agonizing orgasms.  Anything can come out of her mouth, even the filthiest words.  Cindy rarely hears herself nor knows just how horny she appears, thrashing so hotly on her bed trying to make a dog’s tongue fuck her.  Lust is contagious.  Cindy’s arousal stimulates the animal too.  The beast in her beckoning the one in the dog.  With its senses stimulated and its big red cock smearing the blanket, the dog wiggles its hindquarters until its cock emerges from its sheath.  Gus dry-humps the bed as the musky aroma of Cindy’s seeping pussy drives the mutt into an animal frenzy.

Cindy’s mind whirls with exaggerated passion, a passion unleashed by her free, uninhibited sex with an animal.  Unlike city girls such as Kay, Cindy can get naked and feed her pussy to any animal she wants.  This newfound freedom shows brightly in her blue eyes whenever they open, glazed and glassy, to peer down at the big dog tongue delighting her pussy.  The delicious feeling in her pussy makes her beautifully naked body respond totally to animal sex.  The sheer joy of her free position turns Cindy on and makes her years in the city seem like another world, a dry, dull, boring world.  There’s nothing like living on a farm, surrounded by wild, fucking animals.

Cindy’s pretty legs turn to rubber as ripples of extreme sexual pleasure flowed through her.  Her passion reaches a feverish pitch.  She thrust her hands down, and her slender fingers clutch madly at her quivering little clit as her dog licks furiously all over her pussy.  Her breasts heave with her labored breathing, and her cute little ass churns and twists in complete abandon.

Mmmmm,” she purrs now.

Her fingernails scrape wildly over her stiff clit as the doggie-tongue laves her fingers and pussy.  She humps rhythmically, panting hotly as her pussy creams.  She gives her pet lots of pussy juice to drink, and Gus sucks it all up.  Soon the dog can’t keep her pussy lips clean.  Her juices flow faster than the dog can lick.  Cindy moans hotly then, knowing she’s going to orgasm.  She lifts her wet hands away from her sensitized clit and begs her dog to lick it.

Gus’s tongue lashes her pussy slit, and each upstroke hit her quivery little clit, delighting the teen.  She squeals and mewls each time its tongue scrapes the joy button that’ll get her off.

Ahhhhhhhh,” she coos when the dog’s tongue accidentally hits too low and kisses her squirmy little asshole.  With a giggle and a moan, she deliberately raises her ass in the air, and, with some maneuvering, she manages to get relentless doggie-tongue to lick her asshole, pussy-slit, and clit.  “Ohhh, Gus,” she cries hotly, jerking wildly.  “I’m … I’m…  Ohhhhh, I’m gonna cum.”

Even in the throes of her massive orgasm, Cindy has to remember to keep her voice down.  Luckily, the TV is blaring loud.  Her mother likes it loud.  But Cindy bites her tongue to keep from crying out in sheer agonized joy as her dog licks her pussy to a fantastic climax.  Her toes curl, and her breasts heave, and her eyes roll in her head as she orgasms all over her precious pet’s snout.  Gus snorts in the wetness and keeps on licking as if the dog is drinking from its water bowl.

She’s always appreciative of a good orgasm.  She now twists on the bed and hugs her dog, throwing one leg over the mutt even as the dog continues to lick and lap her churning, jerking pussy.  Juice pours out of her pussy to reward the mutt.  Cindy humps and lashes on the dog’s face and crushes her legs around the mutt.  She drenches its face entirely with her hot pussy cream.  As if defending itself against a violent attacker, Gus begins nipping at her pussy.  Cindy laughs sensuously, and her whole body jerks on the bed as she thrust her soaked pussy against the dog’s nibbling teeth.

Her whole body jerks wildly then, and her legs thrashes about crazily as her pussy and ass humps and churns.  Great streams of hot pussy juice cascaded through her twisty vaginal channel to feed her pet.  The tickle in her belly explodes, and she’s fallen over the cliff of orgasmic bliss.  Cindy pants and laughs and giggles into the pillow as she fucks her lower body around and around against her dog’s head and mouth.

Gus finally tugs and tugs to get out of her vise-gripping thighs.  Gus stands and gazes glassy-eyed at the girl moaning and writhing on the bed.  The dog’s cock is out of its sheath, all red and thick and dripping a clear liquid onto the blanket.  The animal’s big tongue lolls loosely out of its mouth as it watches the girl.

Ohhh.  Ohhh.  Mmmmmm,” Cindy moans, rocking gently on the bed.

She moans softly with her hands tight against her creamy pussy.  Her round pink ass wiggles and shudders now and again as the last ripples of orgasmic bliss animates her body.  Then she rolls onto her back and peers lovingly at her dog.  Her blue eyes sparkle as they roam over the mutt.  Gus is no show dog like the collies or the Great they board at the farm.  Gus is a mutt, but Cindy loves the dog just the same.

“You’ve got no class,” she whispers to the mutt.  “But you sure know how to lick a girl’s pussy.”

Gus yelps with gratitude, recognizing the compliment.  Gus has been an excellent doggie for her, and that pleased the mutt.  Cindy always rewarded the mutt for her orgasms.  She gets off the bed and slips into a terry robe.

“Come on,” she coos sweetly.  “Time for your goodies.”


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