A Weekend in Paradise

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A Weekend in Paradise
A Weekend in Paradise
Year: 2020
Gretel is unhappy with her life after she left her husband, but her new man Miles just might awaken something inside her. A new life as a sex worker who fucks dogs.
Sheela B.
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Overcome by the lurid wantonness of the situation, Gretel responds hungrily to the kiss.  She grinds her ass upward, welcoming the finger.  The thought that three men, so cold to her in their manner, are watching her and getting hot makes her pussy throb.  Gretel begins to move her hand over Justine’s soft body, savoring the resilient feel of her breasts, the firm flatness of her belly.

“Come on…  Get her up on hands and knees,” somebody said.

Hands maneuver her until she’s kneeling like a dog, on all fours.

“Come on, Fritz.  Up here, boy.”

Suddenly Gretel knows precisely what they had in store for her.  They’re going to make her fuck the dog.  Her mind races: ‘Can I do it?  It seems so hopelessly debased.’  Yet she had the pictures in the book yesterday, and Justine’s responses last night encouraged her.  Justine had said it doesn’t hurt at all.  The brunette responded as hungrily to the animal as Gretel had ever responded to a human lover.

She thought of how far she had come from the dull housewife she had been a short while ago.  Gretel thought of the hotel parking lot and the embroidered purse with the money and the new sophisticated friends.  ‘Why not fuck a dog,’ she wondered?  ‘If that’s what they want, that’s what I’ll do.’  Groaning submissively, she thrusts her ass cheeks high in the air.  Gretel feels the animal’s paws wrap around her hips.  She imagines how she must look, kneeling naked and vulnerable in front of a brute animal while three strange men watch her.

Ohhh, please…” her moan is a plea for help.

Justine eases her head and shoulders under Gretel and pulls her down onto her in a feverish kiss.  Gretel has all the moral support she needs now.  Gretel can feel the animal’s hard pointed cock ramming against her buttocks, looking for her vaginal entrance.  It’s going to happen to her, and she’s ready for it.  The blonde’s excited enough to want something hard and thick deep in her wet cunt.

A male voice said, “Look at them go.  The bitch’s ready as she’ll ever be now.”

Miles grips the long red dog cock and guides the tip to the woman’s cunt.  At once, Fritz drives that hard cock deep into Gretel’s belly.

AHHHHHHH…” she squeals in response.

It hurt.  Gretel hadn’t expected it to hurt, not after what Justine said about it.  Gretel tries to pull away from the agonizing intrusion in vain, but Justine pulls her head back down.  The dog holds her hips firmly.  Realizing that further resistance will get her nowhere, Gretel drives her tongue deep into the brunette’s throat and tongue-fucks her.  Her brain is reeling with the shock and pain of the animal’s fucking.  Somehow she feels Justine deceived her.

Yet, at the same time, she wants to do what Justine was able to do so well.  Gretel wants to take the dog’s cock and to love it.  That’s what they want of her too.  Like a madwoman, the blonde squirms her ass back, trying to make it easier for the dog’s cock to surge deep inside her cunt.

“Fuck me.  Will you look at that?” Lars said hotly.  “She sure as hell is hot.  You brought us a winner, Miles, old buddy.”

Miles chuckles.  “I knew it the minute I set eyes on her.  She moves like a born whore.”

Their words only add fuel to her smoldering fires of energy.  Strange things are happening to Gretel.  Her pussy is beginning to spasm with hot bursting shocks of power, and that dog cock is starting to feel incredibly good.  She labors for more of it, to get the dog’s cock in harder, deeper, and faster.

The animal moves like a robot.  The dog’s forepaws cling urgently to the woman’s smooth, creamy hips.  Its red, hard cock drives into her cunt in short bursts.  Fritz’s tongue hangs from that canine mouth as the dog strives to ram its knot into her tight cunt so it can spill its jizz up there.

Ugh … Ugh … Ugh…” Gretel grunts as the growing knot punched her pussy lips with force.

While the men watch the dog fucking the ruthlessly pinioned woman, they begin to remove their clothes.  Each has a big hard-on.  While the women kiss ravenously, the dog pummels Gretel’s pussy with relentless enthusiasm, trying to get its knot inside her unyielding cunt.

Lars asks, “Do you think Fritz can knot the bitch?”

“Not many can take it the first few times,” Don said with a smirk.  “But he sure is stretching her cunt nicely.”

To show them even more, Gretel tries to wriggle even faster.  Her world is, again, a total dream world.  A place where her pussy flares with desire, and her mind allows her anything and everything.  She moans loudly, “Aaaahhhhhh.  Uuuuhhhh…”

Justine is stroking her breasts, milking them with teasing skilled fingers.  In return, Gretel struggles to move her head down to the brunette’s rounded breasts.  She begins to suck first one nipple, then the other.  Her pleasure in those pertly responding buds increased by the hard-driving force of the dog fucking her from behind.

“Come on, Fritz.  Fuck her, boy.  That’s the way.  Get that little pussy good and wet,” Lars shouts.

“Man, I’m ready.  I get her next,” Lars said eagerly.

“Hold on, asshole,” Don said gruffly.  “We want to see the dog cum in her first.  She should know what it feels like to take a load of dog cum in her hot little cunt.”

“If he knots her, I’ll have to wait for ages for the fucking thing to come out,” Lars groans sullenly.

Miles said, “Fritz won’t knot her this time.  So, don’t get your panties in a bunch.  She has plenty of holes for everyone.”

Almost oblivious now to the men’s words, Gretel writhes like a demented creature between her woman lover and her canine assailant.  Her belly is so full of sensation, she doesn’t know how much more she can take.  Suddenly, Fritz begins to speed the pace and lunge forward savagely, yet the knot cannot enter.  Then Gretel realizes the dog’s ejaculating inside her belly.  The thought drives her right over her own barriers.

Oh, Lord.  I’m cumming.  AHHHHHHHHHH…

It makes it no less pleasurable to think it’s a brute animal’s jizz that’s overflowing her hot cunt.


For the men, too, it is a turn-on to think of the woman’s cunt, dripping with animal sperm.  It’s Lars who unceremoniously pushes the dog off the woman and turns her over onto her back.  He kneels over her, his thick heavy cock aimed at her vaginal entrance.  With a grim smile, he shoves forward.  His turgid cock slams deep into her cunt.

Lars then said, “Mmmmm, good wet pussy, Gretel.  How does it feel, baby?”

He begins to ram his cock deep into her with hard, lunging strokes.  Gretel is beside herself with excitement.  Without time to recover from the assault of her orgasm, she’s driven onto a still higher plane of arousal.  She’s wide open and ready for whatever these men can throw at her.

Ooooohhh.  Aaaiieeee…” Gretel wails.

Even to her own ears, she sounded like nothing more than an excited animal, wailing in the wilderness.  The other men surveys with approval the effects of their friend’s fucking.  Don sees an opening for another stiff cock, and he politely offers it to Miles.

Miles said, “You go ahead, Don.  I’ve got my own ideas.”

Don kneels on the bed next to Gretel.  He grabs her head in both hands and guides her mouth to the swollen, throbbing head of his cock.  “Suck, Gretel baby.  Suck my cock.”

Somewhere in her mind, there registers the idea the men want her to service two rigid cocks at once.  Gretel obeys, opening her mouth wide, taking all of Don’s cock far into her throat.  It feels good, good to have something to suck on while the unceasing surges of pure naked pleasure driver her to sexual madness.

Almost forgotten now, Justine is seeking her own pleasure on the other side of the bed.  She’s stroking the deflated shaft of the German shepherd’s cock, slowly encouraging it to swell back into renewed life.  As soon as Fritz again has an erection, she kneels provocatively before the dog and begs it to fuck her.  Watching her woman lover take two thick cocks at once drives Justine to a smoldering peak of arousal.  She undulates her pussy upward with such wanton precision that the dog’s surging cock stiffens almost at once.  The German shepherd rams his red cock deep into her belly.  Drawing on untapped reserves of strength, the dog begins to fuck the brunette with the same energy it spent a brief time ago on the blonde.

Oh yes, Fritz, boy.  Fuck me.  Fuck me…” Justine moans, watching Lars’s rock-hard cudgel drive deep into the red halo of Gretel’s vagina.

From time to time, she gazes up at Gretel’s mouth that’s taking an unceasing beating from Don’s rigid penis.  She’s vaguely aware her new girlfriend is getting her pleasure beside her.  Yet Gretel’s unwilling to take her mouth from the big man’s cock to find out exactly what’s going on.  She’s isolated in her own little universe.  Filled to brimming with good hard cock.  Gretel can’t remember ever having felt so utterly fulfilled.  At last, she has come into full touch with the essential meaning of her existence.  Courtesan, lover, or whore, Gretel was born to fuck.

Like an impassive judge, Miles stands beside the bed, watching the lascivious scene.  His cock stands stiff and swollen from his belly, but he’s content just to watch for now.  The thought of his turn with Gretel gives him sufficient satisfaction to carry him through being odd-man-out in this ravenous mid-morning orgy.

The tempo on the bed seems to increase steadily.  Lars’s thrusts into Gretel’s wet cunt grows harder, faster.  Don is unconsciously matching his pace to the other man’s.  Both Lars and Don are intensely aware of the beautiful Justine, screwing the dog beside them.  Their cocks grow harder, longer at the lewd sight of the dog’s paws circling her tawny hips.  Moaning, sweating, grunting, the five people on the bed work themselves to a fever pitch.

It takes Lars’s lusty declaration to start them all going.  “Shit.  I’m cumming…

While Lars pumps Gretel full of her second load of sperm, Don shoots off in her mouth.  Her lips clutch his penis hotly as he fills her throat with yet another thick jolt of semen.

Don is shouting, “Jee-zuz, baby.  Suck it.  Suck it…

Realizing that both men are shooting her full of sperm, Gretel squirms hungrily beneath them and feels her orgasm flood her body.  Whimpering cries of joy escaped her lips, around the deflating shaft of Don’s cock.

Then Justine shouts, “Ooh, me too.  Me too…”  She trembles joyously as the dog fills her belly with jizz.

Miles holds his heavy cock in his hand as the group on the bed collapse, exhausted by the exertion of their strenuous output.  Unwilling to wait any longer, he pushes Lars aside and maneuvered Gretel roughly over onto her belly.

“Come on, baby.  Get on hands and knees for big daddy,” Miles orders sharply.


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