Abby Does Dogs 2: The Fall of Leah!

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Abby Does Dogs 2: The Fall of Leah!
Abby Does Dogs 2: The Fall of Leah!
Year: 2023
Leah decides to confront Merv the Perv about what he’s doing to Abby, and things don’t go well.
Sheela B.
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“OK, honey, on your hands and knees,” Merv said, lifting one foot and pressing the top of his shoe under her right tit.

Leah shivered at the contact.  Already she was aware of what they would make her do, fuck that big dog.  Glancing down, the redhead saw the big Great Dane’s long, red cock bouncing and jerking hard against its flat belly.  She wondered how it would feel inside her cunt.

“No, don’t do it to her,” Abby sobbed, wringing her hands and crying hysterically.

But there was little the crying woman could do.  She helplessly watched as Leah pushed herself up from the floor and crawled into a kneeling position, her rounded, white ass cheeks shining in the bright living room light.  Tiny red pubic curls peeked up from the bottom V of her pussy lips and pointed toward her asshole.

The girl’s butt crack slightly widened as she spread her thighs apart.  Leah let her head hang between her shoulders, making her shoulder blades poke behind her neck.  She felt the weight of her titties pulling down on her chest as they jiggled with every move she made.  Leah realized she was in a bitch fucking position.

Her knees scraped across the carpeting as she moved away from the snarling animal.  The dog was growing more and more excited.  Turning her head around and peering over her shoulder, the terrified young girl could see the Great Dane’s black lips flecked with spittle.  The dog’s eyes rolled about in its head while its strong body trembled excitedly.  It was her hot, red cunt the dog was after.

Leah became fearful.  Letting out a groan of terror, Leah snapped her head back and stared straight at the hallway before her.  She would think of nothing, a brick wall in front of her.  Whatever happened behind her wouldn’t affect her thoughts.  With a sharp bark, the Great Dane moved forward, its fat eight-inch doggie cock wagging like a tail between its hindquarters.

“He’s fuckin’ hot for that cunt,” fat Tom said, licking his lips.

“He can smell a horny bitch,” Merv commented.  “She’s wetting herself all over.  Fuck, Abby, why didn’t you bring her over to me sooner?  I’ve got a lot of cock to feed her.”

Leah ignored the dirty words; she bit hard on her lower lip, waiting for the doggie fuck.  It came sooner than she thought.  Hoss sniffed at her juicy cunt, lapping at the few pussy hairs curling around the bottom junction of her pussy lips.  Then the Great Dane leaped into action, rearing back on its hindquarters, and sprang forward with one smooth movement.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” the girl cried, her elbows bending from the sudden weight.

She felt something warm and furry covering her back.  The sharp toenails dug into her chest and lower belly as Hoss positioned himself on the shaking girl.  The Great Dane flattened its head in the valley between her shoulder blades while moving its hind legs back and forth.  Leah could feel something warm and hot pressing against her buttocks.  It was that doggie dick.  ‘Oh God, I’ve let a dog lick me before, but this is just too much,’ Leah thought.

Quickly Hoss took the position, arching his back upward while tensing his hindquarters.  The cock slid down the length of the girl’s ass crack, going down, down, until it reached the center of Leah’s pussy crack.  The girl tensed, closing her eyes and sucking in a deep breath.  She could feel the pointed tip of that red canine boner pressing lightly against her vagina.

Ooooooo,” Leah cried, her body stiffening and quivering.

The dog was fucking her.  That damned dog was pushing its funnel-shaped boner into her cunt.  It was peeling back her labia, tickling the sensitive membranes between her outer and inner pussy lips, then forcing those smaller interior labia apart.  Soon Hoss’s cock slid like a knife into her cunt, pushing her membranes apart.

“That’s it, girl, that’s it,” fat Tom said, bending his knees slightly and aiming the camera on his cell phone at the girl’s contorted face.

Leah backed into the big dog, clenching her vaginal muscles, hoping to bring the big dog off.  She couldn’t stand this much longer.

“Oh, Leah, I’m so sorry.  I never meant for this to happen,” Abby groaned, covering her face in shame and horror.

Leah wagged her head from side to side as Hoss buried the full length of his boner up her cunt.  She felt the dog’s hot breath blowing against her cheeks while its front legs curled tightly around her upper chest.  Her titties jiggled back and forth, banging against one another as the big dog’s fucking motions jarred her body from side to side.  The room was filled with the slick clicking sounds of the animal’s cock slipping back and forth over the smooth surface of Leah’s pussy.

Oh, ah, ooh,” Leah moaned, curling her fingers and clawing at the carpeting.

Her body was on fire.  Her lungs burned, and her mind spun out of control.  ‘How could I be kneeling like this so complacently?’ Leah wondered.  ‘Dear God, is all this happening?  Could it be I’m being fucked by a dog?

Ugh.  Ahhh.  Ooh,” Leah said each time the big animal hammered its long cock against her flattened outer labia.

The Great Dane was trenching her out, making her vaginal muscles relax by the constant fucking.  Unlike Merv, this big animal had little technique.  The dog fucked hard and fast, its growling turning into high-pitched whimpers.  But something inside of Leah began to respond to this humiliating experience.  The redhead backed into the dog harder, closing her eyes and concentrating on the feeling those knobby bumps on Hoss’s pecker were creating.

Dropping her head, the teenager peered between her jiggling titties and saw the animal’s hard red boner sliding in and out of her hairy cunt.  She watched the long, red shaft grow wetter and wetter with her flowing juices.  What a thrill it was to watch his muscular belly humping up and down, slamming that pointed doggie cock into her cunt.  To think here she was, kneeling on the floor of a stranger’s living room, getting fucked by a Great Dane.

Ah, ahhh, ahhh,” Leah moaned, her ass muscles cramping with tension.

The girl kicked one leg out, nearly losing her balance and knocking Hoss off her back.  She felt herself getting hot again.  There seemed to be no limit to her newly awakened depravity.  Closing her eyes, the girl swayed drunkenly from side to side.  Strange, choked cries of unspeakable ecstasy rippled from her tight throat.  The girl could feel her heart pounding so hard she thought it would tear through her rib cage any second.  Up and down the animal’s hips went, feeding its cock into Leah’s upturned cunt.

The dog pants loudly in her ear as it rapes her soft young cunt with its big cock, blissfully uncaring of the young woman it’s using.  To the dog, she’s just another bitch in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The dog feels her velvety folds stretch and contract around its rock-hard cock as it rams it into her abdomen.  It’s the most delicious feeling the dog’s brain understands.  Suddenly, Leah feels the dog’s cock getting even larger, and she knows what that means.

No, don’t do it,” she whispers.

Now when the Great Dane withdrew, she could feel the outer lips of her pussy train and pull with the growing knot.  Then, when the dog thrust again, the knot pushed through her making her grunt as it stretched her cuntal walls far.  The dog bulldozed her cunt, its knot growing larger with every thrust.  Leah clenched her eyes, and she groaned rhythmically with the probing cock slamming into her.

Oh, God, it feels good,” Leah moaned.

The heat grew in Leah’s loins, and then an orgasm released with surprising intensity.  Her muscles surge into paroxysmal spasms, making her stomach look like rolling waves crashing onto the beach.  Leah’s cuntal walls convulse around the dog’s cock, which continued to pound into her without respite.  An intense heat glowed at her core, making her soft skin turn red and beads of sweat drip.

“I think he’s gonna cum,” fat Tom said, bending down and focusing the camera on Leah’s twat and the animal’s pistoning cock.

They all watched the big Great Dane’s head.  The dog flattened it hard in the valley between Leah’s shoulder blades.  It was finishing the final round of its fucking.  The dog would occasionally stop to readjust its position, then start its hips pounding back and forth, reaming out the girl’s cunt.

Leah started braying like a jackass in heat, her head snapping to the right, then to the left.  Her long redhead hair curtained her red face, hiding her shameful look of lust and perverted desire.  She started making low grunting sounds with every forward fucking thrust.  The teenager was trying to create as much friction as possible between her pussy walls and the big dog’s fucking cockmeat by wiggling her ass from side to side invitingly.

She could feel her cunt juices flowing freely out of her hole now, dribbling down her thighs, slicking down her sweaty flesh, and creating wet spots on the carpeting around her knees.  Leah bucked and thrashed as wildly as the animal.  If Hoss fucked her hard, the girl was fucking back harder.  She had turned into a wild animal, twisting, writhing, sobbing, and screaming for the big animal to fuck her harder.

As the redheaded teen rode this orgasmic fury, the dog slowed its punching cock with a small whine.  Hoss managed to keep his balls from exploding.  Holding back, the big dog waited until Leah stopped her wild contortions.  When she raised her ass a bit, tilting her cunt up as a signal for the Great Dane to begin fucking again, the big dog proceeded.

Oooooo.  Ooh.  Ahhhhhhhhh,” Leah moaned soon after Hoss had begun once more.

She was tearing at the carpet, pulling up shreds of the rug with her fingers.  It was painful and exhausting.  Her orgasm with Merv had made her pussy super-sensitive.  The dog’s licking had increased that sensitivity.  Now Hoss’s fucking made her raw with pleasure and pain.

“Fuck it out, baby, fuck out that goddamned animal cock,” Merv said, rubbing himself through his trousers.

He suddenly pulled his big cock out to jack off right into the girl’s red hair.  The fat man also pulled his cock out and jerked off as he videoed the performance.

Leah felt a flash of heat, that familiar sexual flash of heat, radiate up from her clit through her entire pussy.  She could feel her cuntal walls wink shut, trapping the whining animal’s sliding cock for a second, then opening again.  Leah was milking the dog’s boner with her pussy walls like her fingers.  She tugged at that funnel-shaped cock, pulling at it with her vaginal muscles, begging silently for the dog’s jizz to come spraying out of that pointed pecker head and slick down her walls.

With a loud, high-pitched yelp Hoss let go.  The Great Dane’s furry balls screwed up tight against its dick root, squeezing hard and pushing a fat load of doggie jizz through his cock and into the girl’s sucking cunt.  The heat and extra pressure caused by the dog’s semen pushed her orgasm along, and she moaned loudly with a twisted, burning face.  There’s a strange sound.  It’s a mixture of a grunt and squeal that echoes in the room.

Ahhhhhhhhh,” Leah moaned, dropping her head to the carpet and rolling her forehead over the scratchy pile.

She bucked forward, her muscles tensing as she felt her pussy filling with the big Great Dane’s jizz.  At the same time, the girl felt her vagina snapping shut with another orgasm.  Waves of delicious agony swept over her clit, making it beat with the power and rhythm of a bass drum.  She clawed harder at the carpeting, letting out strangled cries of joy and relief as more and more of the Great Dane’s jizz sprayed into her.  Leah thought the animal’s shooting would never stop.  She could feel the dog’s jizz trickling from her clenching pussy lips, oozing down her thighs and wetting her trembling knees.

After a while, the dog loosened its grip and hung on her back.  Leah took advantage of this and tried pushing the dog off, but this nasty coupling kept them linked.  The knot was now swollen large enough to prevent its removal, yet it constantly pulled on her pussy lips as the Great Dane fell off her back to one side.

This was Merv’s cue, and he moved in quickly, stroking his cock as his orgasm approached.  Her head hung down as she took the semen the dog was pumping into her womb.  Merv grunted and started shooting jizz into her red hair, pumping out every drop.  Once he had finished, fat Tom approached and did the same.  Depositing his white load in her hair too.

“God, she’s a natural,” Merv said, putting his cock away.

“She was made for fucking,” fat Tom said.  “I can’t wait to get my cock in that.”

“Leave her alone,” Abby shouted at the men, who ignored her.

Eventually, Hoss finished dumping his load of doggie jizz into the girl’s upturned pussy.  With a grunt of triumph and satisfaction, the Great Dane pulled its softening cock out of her cunt.  The dog then trotted to the corner near the front door.  Curling up, the big Great Dane contented itself with licking the tip of its cock, then resting its big head on his forepaws.  Hoss rolled his eyes to the right and left, watching what was happening with mild curiosity.


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