Akari’s Awakening!

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Akari's Awakening!
Akari’s Awakening!
Year: 2023
Akari is rocked by the sudden death of her dog lover and family pet, but her husband comes up with a plan that excites her.
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Akari and Rick had an escrow period of ninety days to pack and prepare for the movers.  After they moved, Rick spent much time supervising the building of dog kennels behind the old farmhouse.  They registered the business name as ‘Rufus Kennels.’  Eventually, he and Akari climbed into their car and left their apartment and the city for the last time.  They drove on a lovely, sunshiny day to the outskirts of town and then took the old, rutted road to their new home and business.

“It’s so exciting,” Akari bubbled.

She scooted closer to Rick and slipped her hand into his lap.  Her fingers got his dick erect, and she nursed his boner as he drove.

“I’ve got our first customer, too,” Rick informed her.

“You do?”

“Yep.  Remember that old guy who went nuts over your low-cut dress at the Christmas party?  Mr. Mergen?”

“How can I forget him?” Akari said and giggled.  “He offered me a hundred dollars if I’d let him cover my tits with whipped cream and let him lick it all off.”

Rick chuckled.  “You must admit that your outfit nicely showed off your tits that night.  And you know you have luscious tits, Akari.”

“Mmmm, you’re nice,” she cooed.

She gave his stiff cock a special squeeze and jerked it a little to give him good feelings.

“He’s going out of town on business for a few days.  When he heard I was leaving the company and starting a kennel, he asked me if we’d board his dog.  Cool, huh?”

“That’s good.  Our first customer,” Akari said.   Her eyes took on a sexy sparkle.  “What kind of a dog does he own?”

Rick laughed and slipped his hand up between her thighs to her naked pussy.  “A German shepherd,” he replied, diddling her clit.

“Oh,” Akari cooed.  “A big dog.”

“Very big,” Rick said thickly.

He already imagined his sexy wife fucking the big dog’s stiff cock.  Akari imagined the same thing, and her breathing grew faster as she rubbed Rick’s stiff boner.  Rick pulled up in front of the farmhouse, and they released one another’s genitals to get out.  He led Akari around to the rear of the house and showed her the newly built kennels.

“There are so many,” Akari observed.  “Are we going to have this many dogs here?”

“Eventually,” Rick said.

The thought of a group of dogs at her disposal made Akari shudder, especially when she thought of bigger dogs than Rufus.

“Come on,” Rick said.  “I’ll introduce you to Emperor.”

“Emperor?  Is that Mr. Mergen’s dog’s name?  How sexy.”

He led her down the row of kennels.  Akari gazed wide-eyed through a chain-link fence at a huge black and brown German shepherd.

Her pink tongue shot across her lips.  “What a gorgeous animal.”

Rick glanced at her excited tits and chuckled.  “Wait till you see his cock,” he said.

Akari blushed.  “What a thing to say,” she groaned.  Then she giggled and squeezed his arm.  “Have you seen it?  Is it bigger than Rufus’s?  Rufus had a decent-sized cock.”

Rick’s eyes took on an obscene gleam.  “Want to get to know him better?”

Akari looked at him and saw the lust burning in his eyes.  She smiled wickedly.  Her eyes sparkled, and her nipples erected.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Rick unlocked the gate and put a leather harness on the huge animal.  He guided the dog out of the kennel to the house, and Akari followed behind, her eyes admiring the dog’s heavy rump.  It swayed as fluidly as her ass, and it intrigued her.  She was very curious about what was between those hefty hindlegs.  She soon found out.  Rick led her and the dog upstairs to a special room he’d built to surprise her.  The minute Akari saw the room’s interior, she caught her breath.  ‘So this was what Rick had been up to,’ she thought.  The room was surrounded by mirrors with a special upholstered bench with chains attached in the center.

“Rick,” she said.  “You’ve fixed up this room like some BDSM porn set.”

“Yeah.  Cool, huh?”

She jabbed his ribs, and she giggled.  “You’ve been planning this all along, haven’t you?  You want to see me fuck dogs worse than I do.”

“You’re so beautiful with them,” he said.  “And Emperor is eager to get to know you better.”

Akari shuddered with erotic excitement.  It touched her that Rick liked seeing her hot and horny with fucking dogs.  There was something deeply erotic about it.

“What do you say?” Rick prodded.  “Want to try out the bench and Emperor?”

Akari needed no further coaxing.  She kicked off her shoes and stripped her dress over her head.  Naked, she shook out her black hair and strolled to the bench.  She lay down on it, smiling.  Rick guided her into the proper position, with her lovely legs straddling the bench.  He shackled her calves to the wooden frame, then chained her wrists under the bench.

“Is all this necessary?” Akari wanted to know.  “I mean, this isn’t for a porn movie, you know.”

“It’s necessary,” Rick assured her.  “You’ll see why in a minute.”

“Oh, silly,” Akari said and laughed.  “I’m not trying to get away.  Not from a beautiful animal like that.”

Rick’s lewd eyes ran up and down his wife’s naked body, and he chuckled evilly.  “It isn’t that,” he said.  “It’s so you won’t claw the poor dog to death.”

“God,” Akari groaned.  “Is it going to be that good?”

“You’ll see,” Rick said and laughed.

It was a rather obscene laugh that made Akari’s flesh crawl.  Little thrills rippled through her pussy.  Rick was acting as if something special was about to happen to her.

“You ready?” he said, grinning.

“Yes, yes, for God’s sake,” Akari rasped.

Rick guided the huge dog up to Akari’s open and willing pussy.  He urged the animal forward until his thick snout touched her snatch.

“Lick, boy,” he commanded.

Emperor’s gigantic tongue flew out of his mouth and lapped viciously at her pussy, slurping her with such long sweeps that Akari jerked on the bench.

Oh my God,” she groaned.

She quivered from head to toe as the dog licked up and down her pussy.

“Get it, Emperor,” Rick ordered.  “Get it.”

Emperor grew frantic at Akari’s pussy.  The end of the dog’s long, thick tongue licked into her squirming vagina.  The licking of her inner pussy-flesh made her whimper and wiggled around.

Rick, Rick,” she moaned, twisting her pussy beneath the lapping dog tongue.  “Oh, it’s fantastic.  He’s gonna get me off right away.  God, his tongue is so big.  It licks my whole pussy at once.  Ohhh, my clit is gonna burst.   Rick.  I’m gonna cum.  I’m—I’m—I’m cumming.”

Rick’s eyes burned into his lovely wife’s luscious body as it jerked and whipped on the padded bench.  He saw her wrists turning and twisting at the chains, and he knew she’d claw the dog to pieces if she could.  Emperor’s big tongue was whipping her pussy into a high state of passion.  Akari groaned and moaned continually.  Her pretty head tossed back and forth, and her nipples hardened as her silky pussy slime flowed wetly from her vagina.  Emperor licked faster and harder, lapping up her oozing fluids thirstily.

Rick, Rick, Ohhhhh, Riiiiiiiiick,” Akari whimpered.  “I wanna fuck.”

“You’re gonna fuck, all right,” Rick said, almost threateningly.

Akari had meant that she wanted Rick to fuck her now that her pussy was all creamy.  But Rick had other things in mind.  He patted Akari’s flat, straining belly and called the dog forward.

“Come on, Emperor,” he said hotly.  “Up, boy.  Up.”

Emperor leaped up onto Akari’s writhing body.  Rick leaned over and positioned the dog’s front paw on Akari’s aching tits.

“That should make your nipples feel good,” he said.

Mmmm, it does,” Akari moaned.

Her brown nipples tingled beneath the animal’s heavy paws.  Rick chuckled lewdly and guided the dog.  Standing behind the animal, he gave Emperor’s ass a little shove.  Akari groaned, feeling the animal’s dick prodding around her hot crotch.  His cock felt enormous.

Oooooooo,” she squealed excitedly.  “His cock is monstrous.”

The dog started humping like hell, trying to fuck Akari’s pussy.  The first few jabs were missed entirely, but she moaned because it felt good to Akari anyway.  Then the gigantic cock hit her vagina straight on.  The dog’s cock drilled up into her cunt.  Akari screamed.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she cried.  “It’s gigantic.  It’s amazing.  Ohhhh, how can a dog have such a big cock?

The breath was knocked out of her as the horny animal started fucking her cunt.  When Emperor felt her tight cunt wrapped around his boner like a fist, he instinctively rammed his dick in and out of her vagina.  Akari went senseless as the dog’s long, thick fuck-pole assaulted her open cunt.  Emperor drilled and plunged his cock with increasing power as the hot fucking excited him to animal lust.

The dog fucked her for a long time.  Accustomed to banging a bitch’s tight pussy for long periods, Emperor drooled heavily on her heaving tits and screwed his thick cock into her with savage fury.  Akari shrieked again and again.

“Enjoy it, honey,” Rick murmured hotly.  “You look so beautiful when a dog is fucking you.”

Akari’s eyes rolled as the relentless animal fucked wildly in her creamy pussy.

Ohhh, Rick, Rick,” she moaned, peering through heavy-lidded eyes.  “He’s fucking me so good.  His cock is enormous.  Oh, ohhh, ohhh, babe, you’re so good to me.  Mmmm, he’s gonna shoot his load up my snatch, I can tell.  God, look at him fuck.  His nuts bang my ass so nicely.  Ohhh, I’m cumming and cumming.”

Her eyes seemed to roam around the room, gazed at the ceiling, and peered at the walls.

Ohhh, Rick, babe,” she moaned.  “I love these mirrors.  Oh, I can watch myself getting fucked.  Look.  Look.  Oh, what a monster he is.  Look how he’s pounding my pussy.”

Gasping for breath, Rick jacked his powerful hard-on.  “I wanted you to see how beautiful you are when you’re fucking a dog.”

That was a white lie.  Rick couldn’t tell her yet what was really happening here.  The real reason he had built this fuck room.  He didn’t have the nerve in case she balked at his lurid idea.  Right now, he just wanted to watch her fuck the rampaging dog cock.  The first phase of his plan to get Akari to like using this room had been successful.  She seems to love it here.

Ohhh, how sexy,” Akari rasped hotly.

She watched herself in the mirror and writhed her ass on the sweat-soaked bench.  She thrust her tits upward and watched them quiver beneath the dog’s paws as its giant cock fucked in and out of her spasming cunt.  Rick couldn’t take much more of this horny scene.  He moved up to Akari’s twisting body and gazed hornily at her.  Panting hotly, he pulled his dick out and let Akari see it.

“You’ve got me so fucking hot,” he rasped.

Ohhh, Rick,” she whispered.

She felt so loving toward him as the German shepherd fucked its rigid cock in and out of her juicing cunt.

“I wanna fuck you,” Rick groaned, gripping his lusty cock tensely.

Yes, yes,” Akari moaned.  “In a minute.  I’ll make Emperor cum first.  Suck my tits for me.  I’ll fuck the cum right out of this animal.”

Rick dropped to his knees and moved Emperor’s paws to the bench.  He lowered his face to Akari’s luscious, jutting tits, and she whimpered with pleasure as her horny husband licked, sucked, bit, nibbled, and mouthed her tits.

Ohhh, Riiiiiiiick,” she moaned, twisting hotly.  “What you do to me.  Umm, suck my tits.  Ohhh, that feels so nice when the dog is fucking me.  Suck them harder.  Suck them harder.”

Rick grew quite anxious to fuck her.  His boner increased in size and strength and started aching for her pussy.  He licked and sucked her beautiful tits until the animal got his rocks off up her twisty young pussy.  When Emperor started growling, Rick raised his head from Akari’s thrusting, quivering tits and watched the dog fuck the hell out of Akari’s humping pussy.

Don’t let him knot me,” Akaria urged Rick.  “If you wanna fuck me soon, don’t let him knot me.”

Rick nodded.  He understood that if the German shepherd knotted with Akari, he’d have to wait twenty minutes before he could get to her pussy.  The man slid his hand between the dog and the woman and placed his fingers between the pounding cock and Akari’s pussy.  It created a barrier the knot couldn’t pass.  The dog’s knot was already quite large, and Rick grimaced as it slammed into his fingers.

It was mind-boggling to see his luscious and lovely wife fucking her cunt so hornily on the drilling, driving dog cock.  Akari was climaxing wetly and enjoying every thrust of the German shepherd’s big, thick cock.  The dog drooled saliva all over Akari’s heaving tits as it pumped a huge load of steamy dog semen inside her quivering vagina.  Akari got off a good one when Emperor shot his load.  She howled like a bitch in heat as her cunt juiced creamily.  She trembled head to toe as she orgasmed on the dog’s plunging, shooting dick.

When Emperor finally stopped pumping his jizz into her heaving young belly, Rick ordered him back.  Emperor pulled his long, thick cock out of Akari’s tight cunt with a loud plopping sound.  Rick stood and took all his clothes off, panting hotly.  Naked and sporting a gigantic hard-on, he stepped between Akari’s quivering thighs and gazed hotly at his wife’s beautiful wet creampie.  Akari stared starry-eyed at his huge, wet boner.

“Rick,” she moaned, licking her lips nervously.  “You look wild.  I’ve never seen you like this.  Why are you looking at me like that?  Don’t—don’t be rough with me.”

Her sexually aroused husband had nothing to say.  Every obscene thought he’d ever had about girls and animals was burning hotly in his brain as he mounted the body of his chained, trapped, dog-fucking young wife.  Outrageous lust simmered, then raged, in his big balls.  If Akari thought getting fucked by Emperor was animalistic, she had another thing coming.  Rick was out of his head with lust for her delicious young Asian body, her luscious, sweet pussy.  He lay on her tight, heaving tits and rammed his stiff cock into her horny cunt.  Akari shrieked as his thick hard dick ripped into her vagina.

Rick,” she cried.  “Don’t fuck me hard.  Please, Rick, be nice.”

But Rick was now insane with desire for her tight, young pussy.  He gripped her sweaty ass cheeks and fucked his cock into her squirmy cunt with more brutality than any animal ever displayed.  He kissed her mouth savagely, then bit into her soft, round tits as he drilled his stone-hard cock in and out of her exposed cunt.

Owwww, you’re hurting me,” Akari screamed.

Her body strained as he plunged his cock into her cunt with brutal thrusts.

Rick,” she shrieked.  “Stop.  What’s the matter with you?  Owwww, Rick.  Don’t, don’t.  Rick, please.  Ohhh, don’t.”

But Rick was out of his head with lust for Akari’s horny pussy.  It wasn’t like he was fucking his sweet young wife now.  She was simply a female.  A beautiful, young, horny girl.  He’d seen a huge German shepherd fuck her cunt.  Crazed, burning lust coursed through his thick, wet shaft as it drilled in and out of her creamy vagina.  He heard Akari scream out of the swirling mist of his enraged lust.  For a moment, he saw the pain in her face, the wild look in her eyes.  It dawned on him that he was brutally raping her.

Akari, Akari,” he groaned, ramming his cock into her.  “I…  I can’t stop.  You’re so fucking hot.  I’m so fucking hot.  I’ve gotta fuck you.”

His big, thick cockhead crashed into her womb, and something happened to Akari.  She squealed and suddenly fucked her pussy hornily.

Don’t stop,” she cried, quaking hornily under her fuck-crazed husband.  “Ohhh, ohhh, it feels so fucking good.   Fuck me, Rick, fuck me.  Oh, my God, you’re cock is so big.  So hard.   So stiff.  Ohhhh, bang me, fuck me, hurt me—anything—but pound me.  Oh, shit, I’m cumming so much.  Please give it to me.  Pound my cunt.  Do anything you want to me.  Ohhh, I’m cumming.”

Rick’s brutal cock grew even more vicious in her cunt as Akari succumbed to the wild fucking and gave her pussy willingly to it.  Even as her pussy flooded with rushing joy juices, the horny thought danced through her whirling mind that fucking dogs sure turned everybody on, herself included.


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