Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace
Year: 2021
Grace has woken and is feeling very aroused and decides to play with herself. Her pet Doberman decides he wants to play too.
Moe Lester
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Grace Turner wakes horny as hell.  She’d been dreaming about her boyfriend’s gigantic cock.  Sean Foster might not be the brightest guy in the world, but he has a magnificent cock, and he knows how to use it.  Unfortunately, that was about all he knew.  Grace needs something more from a relationship than just a great fuck.  On the other hand, there are times like this morning when a great fuck wouldn’t be so bad.

The eighteen-year-old girl stretches hard beneath the covers, arching her body off the mattress and sighing loudly.  She feels her nipples rise stiff and itchy.  Her belly tautens with desire, and her thighs tense as she imagines her boyfriend lowering his weight onto her slim body.  Slowly she parts her long slender legs.  In a tired but pleasant state of half-sleep, Grace begins undulating her hips very slowly, feeling in her mind the warm friction of Sean’s massive cock between her thighs against the puffy lips of her pussy.

Mmmmmm,” she moans quietly as one hand slips between her legs, cupping her warm pussy.  “Ooooo, Sean.”  Her fingers toy lightly with the sparse blonde hair of her pussy, curling the silky strands and pulling at them to cause a slight sharp tugging pain.  “Oh, yeah, Sean,” she mutters, rolling her head to one side on the fat pillow.  “Put it into me, honey.” She spread her legs wider as she poked at her pussy with her index finger, probing for the swollen nubbin of her burning clit.

Suddenly, she thrust her hips high.  Her fingertip touches her hot hard clit, sending a jolt of electric pleasure into her guts.  “Oh, fuck me, baby.  Come on, Sean.  Put your fucking cock into my hot belly.  I need it so fucking bad.  Come on, baby.”

Her fingertip rubs and rolls and massages her clit button hard and fast, pressing the sensitive flesh until her body is arching and quivering with lust.

Oh, God, I need it.  Fuck me.  Fuck my horny cunt, baby.  Oh, how I need your cock.  Your giant cock.  Your wonderful cock.  Put it in, honey.  Now.  Oh, please, baby, do it to me now.”

She feels herself rising toward a brutal and violent climax.  Her thighs are tight, and her belly is hard.  The eighteen-year-olds nipples throb and swell even more, feeling like they’re about to burst open.  She throws her head far back on the pillow, panting wildly through her lips.  Her finger claws madly at her clit.  Her body arches higher off the bed.  It’s close, so close.  She can almost feel it coming now.  Now.  NOW.

She screams as something huge and heavy lands on the bed beside her.  The girl sits upright and backs rapidly against the headboard, stifling another scream of terror as she realizes it’s only Neo, the family Doberman.

“Oh, you miserable rotten fucking animal,” Grace growls, gulping air and shaking as she fights off the frenzy of lust that fills every pore of her body.  “Oh, fuck you, Neo,” she mutters.  But Grace grabs the big dog’s head in her hands and draws it against her, hugging the animal lovingly.  “You owe me a fuck,” she whispers into the dog’s ear.

Neo yips quietly as though in agreement.  Then the dog nuzzles its wet snout against Grace’s slim throat, and the animal’s rough tongue strokes the soft flesh of her bare shoulder.  A strange shiver of delight shoots through the girl, and an even stranger thought develops through her lust-fogged and sexually frustrated brain.

She forces Neo’s head away from her body and stares into the dog’s dark intelligent Doberman eyes.  Neo has been a member of the family for the past five years.  The dog is a handsome beast, its fur sleek and black.  The dog’s powerfully built and beautifully proportioned.  Grace loved Neo at first sight, and in return, the Doberman loved Grace from that same instant.  The teen girl and the Doberman quickly became inseparable.  But as Grace grew older, she started dating boys and going out more and more, leaving Neo alone.

The dog is loyal to its mistress.  Patiently, it’d wait for her to return from her latest date, and when she finally got home, Neo would be there, tail wagging, eager to hear her newest secrets.  Good date or bad, Grace told Neo every detail about it.  The dog has been the only living creature ever to listen to her talk about her first fuck.  It’d listen to the delightful girl whisper her wonderful secrets.  She’s a woman now and made it sound like the most excellent adventure in the world.

But now it’s about to take part in a new adventure with its mistress.  The Doberman tips its head as she gazes at the dog, wondering what she has in mind.  Grace frowns, considering what she’s about to try.  It strikes her as wild, mad, exciting, sexy, and evil, all at once.

She licks her lips.  “Don’t hurt me, Neo,” she said quietly.

The dog’s head shakes as if it understands.  Grace tightens her grip on the dog’s big head.  She licks her lips one last time, takes a deep breath, and then slowly draws Neo’s head forward, forcing the tip of the dog’s snout against the bare warm mound of her beautiful breast.

“Lick my nipple,” she whispers, watching Neo closely.

Without the slightest hesitation, the animal obeys.  Its big wet sloppy tongue slaps against Grace’s firm flesh, and she sucks a deep lungful of air as she feels the roughness stroke quickly over her already hard nipple.

She closes her eyes and lets her head fall back.  “Oh, my God,” she moans.  The blonde gasps as Neo licked her nipple again, sending another hard jolt of pleasure into her breast.  “Oh, yeah, that feels so good.”

She holds the great dog’s head to her breast and presses her nipple against the dog’s lips.  The Doberman licks at the meaty mound with great pleasure.  It’s enjoying the salty taste of its mistress’s bare breast.

Grace is in lust heaven.  She’s never dreamed of doing such a kinky thing with her dog.  But now she’s given it a try, and she’s delighted with the results.  Neo’s wetting her whole breast with warm doggie saliva.  The canine tongue licks her nipple until she can barely stand the pleasure.  Her body begins quivering again as she feels the high rising tide of her lust swelling.  The Doberman twists its head out of the girl’s grip and takes control of the situation.  The dog nips lightly at Grace’s stiff nipple with hard teeth, causing just the slightest pain.

Ooh,” Grace yelps sharply but lets the animal continue having its way.

Neo is one of the gentlest animals she’s known.  She has complete confidence in her dog and knows it won’t bite her nipple.  The dog senses her faith and begins chewing her nipple a little bit harder, making her moan with lust.  Grace likes a little pain with her sex, a slight dominance in her lovers.  It doesn’t matter to her this lover is a Doberman and not Sean Foster.

Neo’s snout thrusts into the girl’s breast, mashing the beautiful mound back against the rib cage, driving her stiff throbbing nipple deep into the lush globe of her breast.  The Doberman twists its head, scraping its rough nose back and forth over Grace’s nipple and driving her nuts with desire.

Oh, Neo boy.  Oh, baby.  Keep doing that, honey,” she begs, clawing at the thick warm fur of the dog’s neck.

Her head rolls rapidly from side to side on the pillow.  Her body is hot.  She’s sweaty with lust.  Neo nips at the wet flesh of her breast, trying to take the mound into that canine mouth.  The dog’s sharp teeth scrape over her flesh, leaving pale welts of pleasure in her skin.  Grace is in a frenzy now.  She’s moaning and pleading in gasping whispers for sex.  She’s lost in a fog of lust, and her being balances on a needle-sharp point of pure pleasure.

Yeah, baby.  Fuck me,” she whines, clawing harder and harder at Neo’s slick coat of fur.

Without knowing what she’s doing, Grace works herself flat onto the bed and forces her dog’s head down along her bare belly toward her steaming hot pussy mound.  Neo obeys.  The Doberman catches the scent of Grace’s wet pussy and drives its snout into her crotch, the dog’s tongue lapping madly to slurp away her drooling juices.  Grace throws her arms above her head, her fingers catching hold of the headboard and clutching tight to the wooden bar.  She violently quivers and trembles as Neo licks her pussy.

Suck me, honey.  Oh, fucking yeah.  Do it to me.  Eat me, Neo.  Eat your little girl’s honey, baby.  Eat me.  Suck me dry, you animal, and make me cum.”

Grace is in a mindless rage of lust.  The girl thrashes madly about on the bed, humping her pussy against the Doberman’s bobbing twisting face.  Neo matches her every move and keeps lips, teeth, and tongue working at her delicious pussy.  The Doberman licks the warm gooey juices flowing from her tight cunt and forces the tip of its tongue into the hole, stroking it rapidly against her clit.

God, God, God,” Grace moans with each new stroke of the dog’s loving tongue.  “Fuck me, damn you.  Fuck me with your tongue, Neo.  I need it now.”

Grace pumps her thighs against Neo’s snout, driving her hot wet pussy mound into the dog’s nose.  She grinds her ass in a circle, trying to force the animal’s mouth open, trying to push her pussy into the big dog’s mouth.

Eat me.  Fuck me.  Lick my cunt, Neo,” she cries out.

The teen’s dying inside with a terrible need to orgasm.  Her body arched high off the bed.  Her legs shake hard as she holds them spread as wide apart as she can.  She shivers violently in her lust, pushing her sweet wet pussy against Neo’s slurping lips and teeth.  Neo senses the girl’s urgent need.  The dog’s canine cock is hard between its powerful thighs, but it forces itself to just lick her pussy.  The Doberman wants nothing more than to leap up and shove its fat cock into Grace’s tight wet hole.  But the dog’s mistress is whimpering, weeping, begging the dog to eat her pussy.

Oh, please, eat me.  Fuck me with your tongue, honey,” Grace cries over and over.

Grace throws her legs over the dog’s back and locks her loins to the tip of the dog’s snout.  Neo jabs at her clit, nuzzles that cold nose into the fragrant fluids gushing from her little vagina.

Oh…My…God,” Grace moans loudly.

She arches even higher, her body going taut.  The girl begins orgasming violently, her pussy humping and pumping against the dog’s face.  She grinds her pussy into the dog’s nose, smearing her flooding juices all over its mouth, nose, and teeth.  Grace shakes hard.  She’s sweating badly, the flesh of her body glistens with it, and her thighs slap against the animal’s sleek fur.

Grace’s legs flop off the dog’s back, and she lies there, jerking violently upward against the dog’s face.  Neo helps her.  The Doberman drives its snout against her humping pussy mound repeatedly, its tongue slicing into her slit and rubbing her gushing clit, licking away her delicious cream.

The blonde teen’s never had such an excellent climax.  She gasps and grunts her lusty orgasm, her long legs dancing on either side of the big dog’s body.  Sweat, pussy cream, and dog drool soaks her pussy, and it mats her trimmed pubic hair.  Her slit’s a creamy mess of matted blonde hair and sweet girlish juice, and Neo keeps her climaxing for a long, long time, licking her clit repeatedly.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the teenage beauty moans.

Her loins hump into the dog’s face each time she moans.  Her pussy seems to burst open, and she orgasms again, even more violently than the first time.  Pussy juices blast out of her tight slit, spraying against the dog’s face.  Neo jerks back for an instant, then jams that snout back into the girl’s pussy again, delighting in her taste and smell.

Oh, Neo.  Oh, baby.  You’re the best,” Grace whispers as she feels the mighty waves of orgasm slowly subsiding.

She let out a long loud sigh of pleasure and slowly sank into the mattress.  Her wide-spread legs twitch one last time, and she lies still.  Grace feels her juices flowing out of her tight vagina, wetting the cheeks of her ass with the warm goo.  She’s drenched.  Her long blonde hair sticks to her face and forehead, to her shoulders, to her bare wet breasts.

The blonde opens her eyes wearily and gazes down at the animal between her thighs.  The teen smiles at the dog, and Neo gives her a happy grin too.  Grace closes her eyes again.  She doesn’t move a muscle.  She rests there, her legs open, the warm pleasure of her climax flowing through her body.  Soon Grace falls asleep.  She dreams about Sean Foster.  But this time, Sean has a dog’s face, and it’s better than ever.

Asleep, the girl doesn’t hear the front door of the house open and close.


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