Animal Passions

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Animal Passions
Animal Passions
Year: 2022
Jackie’s lust for her much younger neighbor Andy is driven by the passions of his big dog, Hawk.
Sheela B.
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As she mounts the stairs, Jackie must stop for a second and close her eyes.  The friction of her pussy lips rubbing over the swollen nub of her clit as she climbs becomes excruciating.  She feels shamefully close to orgasm.  Jackie feels shakier than usual.  This isn’t herself at all, a woman entirely in control.  Her breathing is shallow and hot through her flared nostrils.

The sensation passes, and Jackie resumes her trek up the stairs.  At the top, she hears Hawk padding down the hall toward her, the dog’s tail is erect, and its ears point forward.  Jackie cringes.  She always shrinks away from Andy’s dog.  Andy Bergman is a young twenty-year-old that lives in apartment two-zero-five.  It annoys her how he lets the dog roam the hallways.

Something about the big German shepherd reminds the woman of something primal.  Hawk always seems out of control.  The dog is three years old, a gorgeous gray and white dog.  There’s something very wolf-like in its manner, though strangely, Andy can control it with a single, sharp word.

She has complained to the Landlord numerous times about Andy and his dog, but nothing has changed.  There are times when Jackie thinks the dog’s trying to control her.  Eventually, Jackie backed off about the issue because there was no point in worrying about something she couldn’t change.

The woman collects herself and starts down the hall.  “Down, Hawk, down,” Jackie said.

The dog dances around her legs.  She feels a damp nose on her calf and then again halfway up her right thigh.

“Bad dog, bad…  Oh, get away,” Jackie cries.

Hawk paces along her to her door.  If only she could get in without the big animal following her inside, she’ll be alright.

“Oh, it’s stuck,” the woman moans in growing panic.

She twists the knob while trying to turn the key, shoving hard against the door with her right shoulder.  But it won’t give.  Below Jackie can hear the animal making a muted growling noise in its throat.  Once more, the dog nosed between her legs.


Jackie slaps down, but Hawk ducks back, his dark sloppy tongue hanging from the right corner of his mouth.  ‘I’ll have to go down and ask Hank to let me in,’ she thought.  Hank is the building manager and has often helped her in this situation.  She’s halfway back down the hall toward the stairs when she feels the dog’s nose slide between her moving legs and bumps the underside of her pussy mound.

She cries out sharply, trying to kick at the dog.  But the big German Shepherd ducks behind quickly.  Once more, Jackie feels its hot breath on the delicate inner surfaces of her thighs.  ‘Oh, why am I feeling so giddy and weak?’ Jackie wonders.  ‘Is it because Hawk is touching me?  Is it because he’s exciting me sexually?  Oh God that has to be it.  But he’s just a dog.  It’s silly to feel like this just because a dog’s sticking its nose where it shouldn’t.’

“Get back, get back.”

The darkened hallway seems to wind back and forth, and Jackie stumbles down, bumping into a corner.  Hawk presses close behind her.  The German shepherd is licking her now, licking the flesh behind each knee, wetting her with that long dark pink tongue.  ‘Oh God, it feels so good to have something doing that to me,’ she thought.  ‘Yet it’s so awful too.’

She has to get downstairs to Hank in one-zero-one.  But Hawk has cornered her.  There’s no escape, just as in her dreams.  Jackie can feel a scream about to explode in her throat.  But she can’t scream.  There’s been too much Scotch, and she doesn’t want to draw that kind of attention to herself.  Hawk’s nose pushes hotly against her pussy mound again.  She can feel the sheer nylon of her panties pressing up between her puffy pussy lips.

Hawk.  Ahhhhh….”

Why am I so weak?’ she wonders.  ‘Why are my shoulders shaking so much?  That ball of heat in my belly is getting bigger and harder.’

She’s panting, panting like a dog.  Jackie grasps frantically at a light switch.  Maybe turning on more lights will drive out these horrible feelings.  But then Hawk butts her thighs further apart with his big head and starts slopping his tongue over her ass cheeks.  Jackie feels the material of her panties quickly soak through.  Then she can feel the roughness of the dog’s tongue through the thin nylon.

“This is terrible,” she groans.

Her words sound so faint.  She can smell herself now, sniff the strange, musky odor of her pussy juice.  She can tell Hawk likes that.  The German shepherd is sniffing under her skirt, lapping the juices that soak through her panties and run down her quivering thighs.  ‘Oh, how awful to be aroused by this kind of act,’ she thought.  She’s heard of terrible women in Mexico who have sex with dogs and even donkeys for money.  ‘But they probably hate what they’re doing,’ she thought.  ‘They let a dog slip his cock into them for money, that’s all.’  But Jackie Thomas is letting this German shepherd do this to her because she likes it.

“Bad dog, bad,” Jackie cries.

But the dog’s tongue still laps noisily at her crotch.  She feels the dampened nylon stretching away from her body.  Then she feels the surface of the animal’s tongue touch one exposed labia.  Oh, that is too terrible, too unreal for the woman to believe.  Her body stiffens and then shakes as if a current of electricity has passed through it.  She groans, then thrusts her hands down to cover her pussy.  The animal licks her fingers, nuzzling its snout against her palm in tenderness.

“Oh God, no, nooooo,” she wails.

Jackie turns suddenly and faces the big animal, raising her right hand.  Hawk jumps back easily from the weak blow and barks.  When the dog gets through her futile defenses the next time, it goes right to the target of its lust.  There’s a sudden, scalding pressure of the dog’s powerful tongue as it peels her pussy lips apart and almost brings her to her knees.  Jackie can feel the soaked band of nylon pushing aside.  Hawk growls low in his throat and braces his paws on the carpeting as he presses up and in.

Jackie feels her knees shaking, threatening to buckle at any second.  One wet lick rubs over her clit, and the woman finds herself sucking in her lower lip and biting hard until she can taste blood.  ‘Why am I letting this happen?’ she wonders.  ‘Am I losing my mind?  This is a dog, a motherfucking dog.’  Nothing seems real anymore.  She’s standing in the hallway of her apartment building, letting her neighbor’s pet lick her off, and she’s enjoying it.  She’s actually letting it happen and hoping the dog will keep it up.

Ahhhhh,” Jackie moans softly.

She can feel her ass cheeks pressing against the wall.  She can’t pull away from the dog.  There doesn’t seem a way she can stop the dog.  She tries raising her hand one time again.  This time when Hawk ducks away, Jackie pushes herself forward and staggers toward the stairs.  ‘If I could only get to the stairs, I could prevent Hawk from doing anything more to me,’ she thought.  ‘He can’t get to my pussy on the steps.’  But soon, Hawk is back, sensing what the woman is about to do.  The German shepherd bumps her legs, nipping at her ankles, guessing what Jackie is trying to do and trying to keep her from doing it.

“Oh God,” Jackie sobs, watching as Hawk jumps in front of her and blocks her path to the stairs.

The dog’s tail is straight up, its muscles tense and quivering, and a low throaty growl is coming from its throat.  Jackie stops and backs away, her heart pounding with sheer animal terror.  She once saw Hawk when several seedy characters were hanging around the apartment.  The German shepherd might have killed them with its fangs and sharp claws.  Now the dog is threatening her.

I’m not gonna make it to Hank’s apartment,’ she thought.  ‘I’ll have to try my door again.  If I can get into my apartment, I’ll be safe.’

Jackie runs to her front door, slides the key in, and turns.  This time, the key turns, and the door unlocks for whatever reason.  She opens the door and rushes inside.  However, Hawk was close on her heels the whole time, and as Jackie turned to shut the door, the dog slipped into her apartment too.

“No, get out,” Jackie yells at the dog.

She thinks fast.  ‘The bathroom.  If only I could get to the bathroom, I’d be safe,’ she thought.  ‘There, I can lock the door and keep that big dog away from me.’

Turning around quickly, the woman runs through her front room, hitting one table and knocking one vase to the carpeting.  She panics now.  She can hear the dog coming after her.

Oh God, Hawk’s chasing me as if I’m big game,’ Jackie thought in her panic.

She sees Hawk closing on her, then feels the dog nipping at her ankle.  The German shepherd hasn’t bitten her, but the sharp brush of its powerful teeth makes her choice with terror.  Jackie stumbles, falling onto the carpeted floor, feet away from the entrance to the bathroom.  Hawk pounces, the dog’s paw braced on her thighs as it nuzzles at her ass.  She turns onto her back and clamps her thighs together as she beats at the dog.

Hawk growls.  Nothing seems to keep the dog from doing what it wants with her.  The woman hears the dog bark and twists her head around.  ‘Oh God, he’s staring at me through those narrowed wolf-like eyes,’ she thought.

The dog’s black rubbery lips peel back, revealing a double row of white crisscrossed teeth.  Jackie feels her body uncontrollably shivering.  The German shepherd could rip her to pieces.  But instead, the dog starts licking her again.  Her dress is around her lower belly.  The German shepherd starts licking her there, wetting her navel and the bottom of her ribcage.  She’s on her elbows, watching the dog with fear and confusion.

Her cunt aches from the tension of lust she’s been feeling grow worse and worse this week.  It is wonderful to have something exciting in her pussy other than a wild dream.  After all, it’s just friction, rubbing one hot wet surface against another.  She can’t simply lie there and do nothing while the growling animal has its way with her.

“Oh, don’t, back, back,” Jackie cries.

But there’s nothing she can do to stop the dog.  The German shepherd positions itself between her knees, starting to lick them tenderly.  It’s that wonderful tender affection that’s reaching the woman.  How wonderful the soft, warm, wet brush of the dog’s tongue against her hot flesh makes her feel.

The German shepherd is just like the young lover she always dreamed she’d have and never did.  All because of her neighbor’s dog.  Jackie tries to snap her legs together for the last time.  But an authoritative growl from the big German shepherd tells the woman to let the dog have its way.

“Oh God, don’t.”

Hawk’s tongue starts going higher and higher, moving along the insides of her thighs again.  If only she could crawl away and get into a cold shower, somehow she’ll manage to come to terms with what has happened to her so far since she came home from the bar.  After all, all this is innocent enough.  She’s a little high on booze.  That, combined with the fact that she hasn’t had a good fuck in years, would explain why she’s gone so far with Hawk.


Hawk is trying to reach her soaked panties again.  The dog’s tongue brushes across the narrow band of nylon.  To her disbelief, Jackie pushes her hip forward and up, feeding the big dog her pussy.  The animal whimpers and moves its nose from side to side.  Jackie groans, feeling the cold nose tickle her hot, wet flesh.  The nylon crotch panel is pressing against her inner pussy lips, forcing them wide.

Jackie hears herself groaning as if she’s in another room listening to another woman down the hall.  ‘No, I’m not doing this.  It’s a dream,’ she thought hopefully.  But it’s no dream.

Nothing could be mistaken for that beautiful sensation of a hot tongue against a hot pussy.  Jackie catches the dog’s big head in her hands and starts pushing the dog away from her spit-saturated loins.  The German shepherd starts that low growl in its throat again.  The dog’s eyes slit, and its ears pin back.

“You can’t, Hawk.  Oh God, you can’t,” the woman cries, dropping her hands from its head and sinking to the floor.  ‘How does Andy command the dog so easily?’ Jackie wonders.  ‘What is his secret?  All I can do is lie here and let Hawk have his way with me.  Oh, how wonderful it feels to feel his white fangs pressing into my thigh.’

The German shepherd isn’t biting, simply showing her who’s boss.  Jackie sucks in a ragged breath.  The animal let go for a second and then bit higher on the leg.  The burning explosion of teased nerves makes her heart pound wildly in her chest.  The big animal pushes its shoulders further between the woman’s knees.

Jackie feels them pushed apart.  She’s letting it happen, wanting it to happen.  She tastes blood on her lips.  Jackie sobs and rolls to her right side.  The soppy nylon of her crotch panel pulls into a twisted rope.  It falls to the side and exposes the swollen lips of her vagina.  The animal grunts with satisfaction and lunges at the glistening wet surfaces.


Hawk seems to go crazy.  The German shepherd is more aroused than ever.  The dog gouges its claws against her thighs and sticks its nose up and down against the wet, slick inner pussy folds.  She can see her hot juice wetting the fur around the beast’s mouth.  The dog’s black nostrils glisten with it.  The dog’s lengthy tongue lolls sloppily over her pussy, driving into the hot, jagged cleft, then bathes her clit repeatedly.

Jackie pushes out one leg.  The incredible aching tickle is getting worse.  She can feel herself building steadily toward orgasm, and yet she can’t seem to understand the meaning of what is happening to her.  She’s letting a dog go down on her.  She should have felt horrified by now, wanting to die rather than let this scene play out any further.  Yet she’s opening up more to Hawk embracing the dog as a viable lover.

The dog’s tongue and lips rubbing increases the stimulation, making her cunt tickle so much.  The woman puts a hand down on her mound and feels it’s soaked.  She feels Hawk’s tongue lapping at her fingers and knuckles.  When she drags her fingers up her belly, they make streaks.  The streaks dry and seem to increase the heat of her coming orgasm.  It’s beautiful, lovely.  Jackie can’t help moaning little endearments to the lapping animal.  In a few seconds, she’ll climax, shooting off, achieving her first orgasm in a long time with a dog.  But no, it’s also awful.  Horrible.

“Get away,” Jackie cries, managing to roll over and get on all fours.

She’s crawling across the carpet with Hawk lunging over her back, diving its head between her legs.  Her panties are a twisted rope between her ass cheeks.  Hawk wets her there, too, nipping her shivering flesh with his teeth.  Jackie crawls for the bathroom.  She’s almost there.  Jackie’s halfway inside now as Hawk yips and dances at her feet.  She drags herself forward.  Her pussy is almost completely exposed now.  The giant animal makes one last move, pushing part of its shining black muzzle into the slit of her pussy.


Jackie kicks the German shepherd’s head out of the bathroom and wedges the door shut.  She lies panting like a hurt animal on the floor.  However, she can’t let her cunt burn like that.  How her pussy aches and throbs with sexual passion.  She stands quickly, clinging to the edge of the sink.  There’s that steady pulsing itch in her cunt.  Her pussy lips are red, hot, and bloated, while her clit seems to burn like a tiny lump of fired coal.

Oh God, God,” she babbles, afraid to look at herself in the mirror.  “I won’t touch myself.  I’m not going to sink that low,” she said.

The pulsation in her pussy keeps on, seeming to drain the life from her.  She starts rocking her hips slowly back and forth.  The subtle friction of her inner cunt surfaces rubs against the clitty tip as she moves her thighs faster and faster.  This isn’t the same as letting her fingers jerk herself off.  Her mother and sisters told her that only evil women did things to themselves.  It’s the duty of the man, especially the husband, to give the woman satisfaction.

Jackie’s head droops.  Her eyes glaze over and go out of focus.  She has both hands on the edge of the sink now, her feet wide apart on the tiled floor.  But the friction isn’t as good that way.  She brings her legs closer together.

Ahhhhhhh.  Ooooooooo….”

It’s too good, and it feels wrong to have it that good.  Jackie wants it to stop.  The woman is crying now, tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.  But Jackie can no more stop herself than she could stop Hawk from licking her pussy.  She holds her thighs tightly together, dipping and wiggling her ass.  The weight of her plump yet firm ass cheeks adds to the sensations around her cunt.

She’s moving so fast that a sweat breaks out on her forehead.  She feels the hot dampness under each DD-cup breast.  A stream of drool oozes from one corner of her mouth.  She’s orgasming.  She can feel the explosion starting in the pit of her belly and flowering to her clit.  Then suddenly, the pangs cut through her like a jolt of lightning.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, God, yes,” Jackie groans, one hand slipping down her belly.  She grabs at the tight mat of pussy hair.  “No, I won’t do that.  No, I can’t…”

Thrilling spasms of lust shoot through her rocking body.  Jackie sways like a drunk.  She can hear herself giggling with lust.  Suddenly she feels her knees giving way, and she sinks slowly to the bathroom floor.  Her fingers reach down to plow into the mushy heat of her climaxing cunt.

Nooooo.  Oh, it’s so good it’s going to kill me.”

Somehow, she doesn’t touch her pussy as the firestorm rages through her vagina and ripples to every part of her body.

When Jackie finally opens her eyes, she finds herself stretched out on the floor to the side of the sink.  She snakes the soaked panties off her legs and then pulls off her dress.  In a second, Jackie’s in the bathtub, filling it with cool water and splashing it against her pussy.  ‘No, this is a horrible mistake,’ she thought bitterly.  ‘I’m not normally driven to do such things.  I’m a good, honest woman who isn’t going to have anything more to do with sex.’

“Thank God I didn’t touch myself or let the dog go further,” Jackie said.

Her words echo in the tiled room.  She works soap over where Hawk lapped his tongue.

“I’ll kill that dog if he goes after me again.”

She’s surprised at the vicious tremble in her voice.  But what can she do?  The dog is bigger than her.  ‘Oh God, how will I manage now with the animal, especially when Andy is around?  Will Hawk do something to give away what happened between us tonight?  God, I’d die of embarrassment if Andy or any of my neighbors found out.’  Jackie shudders to think about what would happen if her neighbor knew what had gone on in the hall tonight.


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