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Year: 2021
Something is happening to Kaylee and Zoe. Some strange bestial lust awakening inside them. Can they resist it or will they give in to it?
Moe Lester
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“Come on, Kaylee,” Zoe calls.

Through the trees, Kaylee can see her friend’s nightgown wafting in the wind.  Her long, white legs flash, and her breasts bounce as she darts behind another tree and frowned back toward Kaylee, who hunkers behind a bush.

“You sure they won’t know we’re out here?” Kaylee whispers.

“Sean keeps the dog inside.  At least at night.” Zoe frowns again and waves Kaylee closer.

Kaylee comes up beside her and peers wide-eyed through the leaves at the single square of light that’s the neighbor’s bedroom window.  She’s already in a state of intense sexual arousal from talking for hours about guys and cocks, and what it must be like to have one inside.  Kaylee can feel the dampness of her panty crotch and the tingling glow around her breasts.  If her mother ever suspected Zoe was such a devilish and wild girl, she’d never have let Kaylee spend the night at Zoe’s.  But Kaylee hadn’t talked about Zoe’s trouble at college.  The Dean nearly suspended Zoe for carrying a half-pint of vodka in her purse, not legal for an eighteen-year-old in the USA.  Kaylee knows she smokes joints between classes too.

“Isn’t this fun?” the dark-haired Zoe hisses.  “I feel like rubbing one out right here.”

Kaylee watches her friend do that until she feels the desire to do it to herself.  Her mother, though, had always told her the body is taboo.  A nice girl certainly didn’t play with herself for pleasure.  Besides, Kaylee is still a virgin.  One or two times, she searched her young, pink crevice and found no trace of an entrance into the hotter, more secret depths of her body.

“I’ll bet Sean’s got his girlfriend in there,” Zoe whispers, long fingers cupping her breast.

“I’m not sure we should be out here,” Kaylee hisses.

“Of course, we shouldn’t be out here,” Zoe said and laughs.  “That’s what makes it so much fun.”  She trembles as the breeze blew black hair across her face.  “Ohhh, I can hardly stand it.  I just know Sean is fucking her right now.”

“You’d better be quieter.”

A shadow moves across the window, and Zoe bends and hurries the last few yards.  Kaylee, her pussy lips squishing together as she follows, comes up beside her again.  Zoe wrinkled her nose.  Long and thin, her exquisitely shaped nose is like the rest of her body.  She has the figure of a fashion model and the dark, flashing eyes of a temptress.

“You want to look first?”

Kaylee bites her lip.  “I… I don’t know.”

“Oh, let’s both look together.”

Zoe’s painted nails dig excitedly into Kaylee’s arm as they slowly edge their heads over the sill.  The first realization of what’s going on made Kaylee’s knees feel weak.  She blinks and almost turns away.  But when she notices that Zoe is staring wide-eyed, her mouth parted sensuously, Kaylee forces herself to focus on the spectacle inside.

The neighbor, Sean, is a big, young man with a wild thatch of brown hair and bulging muscles.  Kaylee can only see the back of him since the man is bending between the widely spread legs of a thin, redheaded girl on the bed.  Sean’s eating her pussy, and the sounds of his feast are so incredibly erotic Kaylee unconsciously slides a hand down the front of her gown.

Oh God,” is all she can say.

“Just imagine what that must feel like,” Zoe groans.  “Fuck, I wish I had brought my phone to video this.”  Zoe turns to Kaylee and whispers, “Have you got yours?”  Kaylee shakes her head, making Zoe sigh.  “Too bad,” she said and gazes back in the window.

The slurpy sound that comes to Kaylee’s ears tells her Zoe has just inserted a finger into her cunt.  Now she can hear soft panting as Zoe rhythmically rubs the swollen flesh as she watches the neighbor rub his chin over his girlfriend’s dripping pussy.

Honey … Ohhhhh Sean…” the redhead moans, flipping her head from side to side.

When Sean pulls back his mouth from her pussy, Kaylee sees the swollen inner lips.  They’re pumped with blood and stand out firmly like petals of a strange, hot flower.  The woman’s clit is tumid, too, fully erect from the friction of Sean’s tongue.  It’s dark and taut-looking, and when Sean licks his finger and rubs the sensitive nub, the woman hunches her hips eagerly.

“Oh wow,” Zoe said, wetting her lips.  “If a guy did that to me, I think I’d piss the bed.”

“Maybe we’d better go back now,” Kaylee said weakly.

“Are you kidding?” Zoe digs her nails harder into Kaylee’s arm.  “He hasn’t even fucked her yet.  Look…

Kaylee rubs her tummy, her fingers sliding dangerously close to her pussy.  Through the silky gown, she can feel her heated flesh.  The teen blonde cups three fingers under the sparsely furred curve of her pussy lips and presses up and in.  The juices of her excited pussy wet the nylon of her gown, and she moans under her breath.

“Shouldn’t touch,” she whispers, not loud enough for Zoe to hear.

Zoe wouldn’t have heard her as she’s pushed her hand under her nighty and is plowing frantically in her slippery, smoldering folds.  Kaylee can smell the musky scent of youthful pussy juice rising in the night air.  She gazes into the window again.

Sean has gotten onto his knees and pulls his girlfriend up, so her mouth is only inches away from the head of his cock.  For the first time, Kaylee sees his cock’s shape and size, which seems enormous.  The head pulsates with a dark blue color as the redheaded woman closes her fingers around the thick shaft.  Kaylee saw movement in the room and turns to see a huge black dog jump onto the bed behind the panting couple.

“My God,” Zoe murmurs, swallowing hard.

Kaylee’s speechless because the dog has an erection too.  The cock that slides from the furry sheath is every bit as big as the one that bobs between Sean’s thighs.  The black dog licks the redheaded woman’s back and shoulder.  She smiles and half-turns to let him lick her face.  Zoe is just as shocked and surprised as Kaylee.  They exchange embarrassed glances and turn to the window again.  The black dog has put its paw on the woman’s shoulder now, and its cock seems to be thrusting toward her skinny back.

“Okay…” Sean said, and then Kaylee couldn’t hear the rest of what he said.

There is murmuring and laughter.  Then the redhead drops to her hands and knees.  Sean is in front of her, his cock jutting through the woman’s fingers, jumping toward her mouth.  But it’s what the dog is doing that draws Kaylee’s attention.  She stopped breathing when she sees the animal’s haunches jerk forward.

The dog’s cock is red, slender, and glossy with hot juice.  At the tip, the dog’s cock shapes differently from Sean’s.  It’s pointy, and the knot swells out more too.  It’s the strangest, scariest thing Kaylee’s ever seen in her life, but she cannot take her eyes off of it.  Especially when the dog moves again, and the slick-looking tip brushes the redhead’s cunt.

“He’s really ready,” the woman said, licking her lips and staring at the mushroom of Sean’s cockhead she holds with both hands.

“Suck it, honey,” Sean whispers.  “I like to feel your lips around me when he puts it to you.  You always bite a little.”

“Oh Sean, you’re perverted.”

“So are you.”

Kaylee’s dizzy.  She turns from the window and kneels on the grass, her hand presses against the house’s bricks to steady herself.  She cannot bear to watch any longer.  ‘I should never have come with Zoe in the first place,’ she thought.  ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to spend the night too.’  She’s all mixed up inside.

But squatting there in her nightgown, Kaylee can feel her young pussy lips open against her panties.  The hot flesh throbs with excitement against the thin nylon barrier.  Unable to control herself, Kaylee drags a fingertip across the taut bulge and feels the slippery juice wet her knuckle.  She rubs again, weakening as the thrilling surges of electric pleasure go through her.  She gazes at the eager face of her dark-haired friend.  Zoe’s fingers hook over the windowsill, and her tongues lightly touching her upper lip.  Beside her in the grass, Zoe’s long feet are on tiptoes to see better.

From inside the room, Kaylee hears the dog’s yipping.  Then there’s a groan from the redheaded woman’s throat.  Sean moans too, and as Zoe continues to dig at the heated plumpness of her young pussy.  A trickle of glossy juice slides down the inside of her leg, the droplet forming at one ankle.  Kaylee sighs and pushes herself up to look again.

The appearance of the redhead’s face is indescribable.  Her eyes are half-closed, her mouth firmly squeezed into a perfect ‘O’ with Sean’s big cock inside.  Behind her, mounting her, the black retriever is jerking its hips forward and back.  Kaylee saw the red shaft for an instant and then doesn’t see it anymore.  It’s speared deep into the woman’s cunt.  The sound of the knot forcing her lips apart makes Kaylee’s own pussy ooze with lubrication.  She cannot keep from digging a fingertip under the elastic band of her panties and petting her pussy lips open.  As she brushes her clit, her back arches, and she bucks her hips in an instinctive forward and back movement.  The movement makes her feel gloriously happy.  Her eyes feel so heavy, and her tongue lolls out of her mouth.

Ohhhh, baby,” Sean groans, holding his girlfriend’s head between both hands as she bobs on his throbbing erection.

Her spit leaks down to make bright jewels of wetness in his cock hair.  The dog lurches and yips, its powerful haunches driving that hot cock deeper into the redheaded woman’s cunt.  With a whimper, Kaylee realizes what she’s doing.  She’s drenched her fingers, for she’s using two of them now, with her own juice.  Her breasts are glowing with a strange and disturbing tingle.  Her tummy heaves under the loose drape of her nightgown, and her bare feet itches where the grass digs into them, her toes spread with the sensuality of the moment.

No,” Kaylee babbles, turning away from the window.

She limps weakly across the lawn.  She has to stop to lean on every tree she comes to.  It seems so far back to the house despite it just being up the street some, but she makes it to the back entrance and clings to the doorknob for a moment before letting herself in.


The house is quiet, the deep rugs muffling even her panting breath.  Kaylee catches a glimpse of herself in a big mirror near the bottom of the stairs.  Her blonde hair drapes in waves across her flushed cheeks.  Her eyes seem abnormally bright, her mouth full and shiny where her tongue keeps flicking out.

“Gotta get upstairs,” she mumbles, grabbing the banister with both hands.

Her pussy seems on fire.  Every movement rubs the soft, velveteen surfaces together, and between that tender sandwich of adolescent flesh, her clit is hard.  At the top of the stairs, she turns down the hall.  Zoe left her door open as they’d slipped out, so Kaylee heads toward the shaft of light.  She closes the door and throws herself onto one of the twin beds that’s hers for the night.

“Ohhhh.  Ohhhh, what’s happening to me?”

Hiking up her gown, Kaylee hooks her thumbs in her panties’ elastic and wiggles them down.  She’s known sexual excitement before, but the way her pussy feels now frightens her.  As she gazes at the blonde fluff fringing her plump pussy lips, her heart pounds harder.  During the past few years, Kaylee noticed subtle changes in her body.  Her breasts hang heavy and proud on her chest, her nipples as big as the tip of her little finger.  Then her pussy has become plumper too.  Her pussy lips feel heavier, moister, fleshier.

But the way her pussy appears now makes Kaylee wonder if something’s wrong with her.  The inner surfaces have gotten so plump with blood they’ve swollen out, exposing the folds that usually lie hidden.  There are all sorts of little wrinkles, petals, bumps, and darkly hued tissues glistening with juice.  Kaylee puts the finger on each side of her pussy lips and pulls back slightly.  Even her cherry is swollen, a bright red lump of inviting flesh.  A thrill makes her tremble as she imagines what a guy might think of the way she now appears.

“Maybe I’d better put some icy water on it,” she said, starting to get up and go to the bathroom.

But she doesn’t leave the bed.  Instead, she continues to stare at the slippery-looking wound caused by her excitement.  Then she inserts a forefinger into her mouth, sucks it wet, and touches the bead of her clit.  The lump throbs upward as if begging for more friction.  Hating herself for being so weak, Kaylee teases it with a slow, circular motion.

In her mind, she is playing the movie about Sean and his redheaded girlfriend.  She can see the woman slurping the neighbor’s big cock and that black dog humping and panting.  The dog’s huge paws hook over the front of the thin woman’s shoulders.  ‘Surely it hadn’t really happened,’ Kaylee wonders?  It was so fantastic that Kaylee wouldn’t have dreamed of such a thing in a million years.

“But it did happen, and it’s still happening,” the eighteen-year-old whispers hotly.

She rubs her clit again, and a surge of pleasure makes her sharply pull her belly in under her ribs.  A sound in the hall makes her jerk her fingers away and pull her gown down.  She gazes up at Zoe as the black-haired beauty sweeps into the room.  Her eyes are still bright with the thrill of what the two of them saw.  Zoe sits next to Kaylee and grins with mischief.

“They cum,” she blurts.  “Both of them.”

Kaylee gasps.  “You mean…”

Zoe nods, biting her bottom lip as she takes a slow breath.  “Yeah.  It’s all over the place.  I just about came unglued myself.” She giggles.  “In fact, I brought myself off at just about the same time.” Zoe lifts her nighty enough to show the swollen state of her dark-thatched pussy.  “I’m a mess!”

“Me too,” Kaylee admits, blushing.  “Sorry, I had to leave.  I just couldn’t stay and watch that…”

Zoe doesn’t seem to be interested in Kaylee’s reasons for leaving.  It’s plain to see her mind is still back in that bedroom with her neighbor and his girlfriend.  “I’ve heard about that sort of thing, but I never thought I’d ever see it happen,” Zoe said and swallows hard.  “It must’ve been wild to feel that furry thing rubbing so close to her cunt.  And his paws always hugging her…”

The blonde teen shivers involuntarily.  “I’d rather not think about it,” she said.

Kaylee closes her eyes and instantly sees the humping, fucking dog.  She sees its red cock, shiny with the redhead’s pussy juices.  The teen watches the dog’s tongue wetting the woman’s back and Sean’s big cock with his girlfriend’s saliva all over it.

“I’m still so horny I’m about to freak out,” Zoe said and sighs, hugging her breasts.

They’re smaller than Kaylee’s but perfectly round and riding high and firm on her friend’s chest.  Zoe’s nipples are large, dark, and sensual, looking through the transparent gown.

“I’m eighteen,” Zoe goes on, “and I still don’t know what it feels like to really fuck a guy.”

This admission surprises Kaylee.  With her friend’s display of sophistication, she assumed Zoe was sexually active.  In fact, Zoe had even led Kaylee to believe she was fucking many guys.

Kaylee said, “I thought…”

“I know,” Zoe said and grimaces.  “I’ve always come on like I know what I’m talking about.  But I’m not as ‘experienced’ as you think I am.”

“Who says I care anything about doing that sort of thing with a guy?”

Zoe narrows her eyes.  “Oh, come on, you’re as hot as I am.  I can smell you under your gown.”

Kaylee blushes furiously.  “Maybe,” she mumbles and shuts up.

There’s a moment of awkward silence, then Zoe jumps up.  “I’m gonna do something about it.”

Kaylee watches the lithe beauty hurry to her dresser and digs in the depths of a drawer.  When she draws her hand out, Kaylee’s eyes go wide at what her friend has grasped in her long, thin fingers.

“A vibrator?”

Zoe smiles.  “Yep, the only way to fly solo.”

“Where’d you get it?”

Zoe sits down next to her again and holds the pink cock-shaped vibrator out to Kaylee, who draws her hand back.  “Oh, go on, it won’t cum in your palm or anything,” Zoe said and laughs.

Kaylee takes it, curling her fingers around the shaft as her friend had done.  The surface is amazingly lifelike, with veins and bumps cleverly simulated along the entire length.  When Kaylee presses a fingernail into the flared head, she found that it gave slightly before she feels the firmness underneath.

“I bought it at a sex shop,” Zoe admits.  “Last summer, just before we started college.”

Kaylee can only stare at her.  The things she finds out about her friend never ceases to amaze her.  She squeezes behind the head of the artificial cock, wondering if Sean’s big cock is similar in firmness and texture.  Her body thrills at the titillating thought.  She’s also wondering precisely what Zoe does with this fantastic device.  Zoe doesn’t let her wonder for long.

“I love using that thing.  It makes me cum so hard.”

Kaylee’s eyes bulge.  “Really?”

“No kidding.  The best stress release there is.”

Zoe takes the cock out of Kaylee’s hand and presses the knobbed head against her cheek.  “This is better than any guy.  It never tells its friends what a slut you are.”

“You mean you…” Kaylee blushes again, unable to finish her sentence.

“You can watch if you want.”

“I don’t think I should, and anyhow I don’t really want to, I…”

“Aw, come on, stop acting like your fucking mother.  You’re eighteen, a woman now.  You don’t need to be a sexless prude like her.  Live a little, for fuck’s sake.”

Kaylee smiles.  She doesn’t want Zoe to think she’s some out-of-it dud who won’t take chances.  However, it’s too late.  Zoe flops onto her back and pulls her gown back under her breasts in the subdued light from her night lamp.

“You know,” Zoe said conspiratorially.  “It was the dog that really got me excited.  It was wild out to watch that woman suck on Sean’s big cock too, but that fucking dog…”

Kaylee can’t admit the part about the dog seems horribly perverted to her.  She even feels wicked for having watched it, and yet the nasty feeling makes her pussy lips bloom and throb.

“Yeah…” Zoe continues.  “That dog had the reddest, wildest-looking cock, didn’t he?”

“I guess so,” Kaylee said evenly.

“Oh?” Zoe giggles knowingly.  “I’ll bet you were hot to do what Sean’s woman was doing to him.”

“I was NOT…”

But her overreaction to Zoe’s insinuation makes Kaylee feel foolish.  She lowers her eyes when her friend’s gaze burns into her.  Zoe’s staring at the ceiling when Kaylee glances up again, the brunette’s expression one of dazed enjoyment.  She holds her outer lips apart with the fingers of one hand as she gently inserts the head of the vibrating dildo into the slippery opening.  There’s a slurpy, sucking sound, and Kaylee sees the head disappear.  A shudder goes through Zoe.

Kaylee tries to busy herself with slipping into her bed and getting the covers straight.  Still, she soon finds herself watching with hot excitement as her friend squirms around on the bed and continues to skewer herself with the rigid phallus.

Ahhhhhhh,” Zoe babbles, saliva flecking her lips.

She moves the dildo in and out with both hands, and it makes slick, rhythmic sounds in the room as it fucks Zoe’s willing cunt.  Kaylee feels her vagina seeping—it aches for touch.

“You know what I’m thinking?” Zoe moans.  Not waiting for Kaylee’s answer, she goes on, her words sliding together in a sexy murmur of pants and groans.  “That dog, that big dog with his hot cock inside me.  God, that turns me on something awful.  Ohhhh shit, I’ll bet he’s really making that redhead flip.  She was wriggling around like she was in heaven.  You should have stayed and watched, Kaylee, no kidding.”

Between Zoe’s thighs, the slurpy sound grows more frenzied.  The soft hum of the vibration is hypnotizing.  Kaylee can see the shaft of the dildo shining from her friend’s pussy juices.  The glossy coating reaches far back on the dildo now.  Kaylee guesses Zoe’s spearing at least seven inches of it into her body, maybe more.  When it’s deep, Zoe holds it there and bucks her ass.  She now has the base of the dildo daintily between the thumbs and fingers on both hands.  The teen eases it out of her clasping vagina until only the head clings inside the circle of muscles that form the opening to her feverish cunt.

Ahhh, that feels so good…”

Her ass makes slow, sensual movements as Zoe squeezes against the phallus.  With a sudden thrust, she forces it deep again.  Her eyes flutter as she digs her heels into the mattress and pants wildly.

“It doesn’t hurt?” Kaylee asks, finding courage at last to ask the question that haunted her for years.

Hurt?  Oh God, no.  It makes me want to scream.  It feels so good.”

“My mother tells me it’s painful.  That a woman only put up with it for her husband’s sake.”

“Husband’s sake?  Your mother is a fucking nutjob.  You seriously don’t believe that garbage, do you?”

“No,” Kaylee admits.  “No, I don’t.  I think mom just had bad experiences with sex and decided to hate it.”

Zoe laughs wildly.  “Imagine,” she babbles as she pounds her cunt with the dildo, lasciviously licking her lips.  “Imagine getting it from a dog like that.”

“It makes me sick to think of it,” Kaylee said softly.  “Bestiality is so…  Yuck.”

The blonde teen doesn’t really think this way, but Kaylee thought she should.  She stares with envious wonder as her friend turns over on the bed and rises to her hands and knees, the dildo still stabbed firmly into her young cunt.  With head on a pillow and her ass in the air, Zoe fucks the dildo into her vagina again.

Ohhh, ahh, FUCK.  It really feels great this way.  That’s why Sean’s woman was cumming so hard.”

Kaylee wishes Zoe never started talking about sex that night.  She wishes Zoe hadn’t peeked into the neighbor’s window and hadn’t seen the redheaded woman sucking his cock.  More than anything, Kaylee wishes she never saw that big black dog stab its cock into the woman’s cunt, like Zoe’s pretending to be doing now.

Doggy,” Zoe groans, her back arching, then humping high into the air as she penetrates herself repeatedly with the dripping dildo.

Kaylee tries not to watch.  That doesn’t work for long, though.  Soon she’s staring harder than ever, amazed, and excited by her girlfriend’s wild cavorting.  The pussy juice is leaking down the inside of both of Zoe’s thighs, and a glistening sheen completely covers her pussy lips.  The in-and-out thrusting of the dildo she holds makes incredibly naughty noises like sucking, slurping noises that have Kaylee’s hips plunging under the privacy of her covers.  It’s all she can do to resist fingering herself.  The blonde’s hot little pussy has swollen so much that most of it bulged around the edges of her panty crotch.  That soaked band of nylon has twisted into a wet cord and pulled into her slit, so it rubs her clit whenever she makes the slightest movement.

Ahh … Ohhh … Uhhhhh…” Zoe moans, totally lost in the shivering throes of pleasure the dildo is giving her.

She pumps and wiggles, her ass still high in the air, knees bent, toes pointed gracefully.  For instance, Kaylee can almost see the big dog taking her as it took the redheaded woman.  She can practically see that black-furred beast humping with animal fury against the white-skinned Zoe.  It’s an awful thing to imagine, yet the image makes Kaylee’s clit pulse with radiant thrills.

Gonna cum … Ohhhh God, it’s so good … Ohhhh, FUCK…

Zoe twitches, her muscles jerking uncontrollably as if she’s having a seizure.  Holding the vibrating dildo deep inside her cunt again, she makes quick circular movements with her ass.  It’s like she wants to screw the thing all the way into her belly.  Kaylee grabs her pussy and rubs a finger into her slit.  Her tangled panties get in the way, and she stretches them to one side to get to her clit.  With gasps that come one behind the other, Zoe reaches her climax.  Kaylee can almost feel her friend’s twisting, pounding agony.  An agony of pleasure that Kaylee has never really achieved.

Ohhh … Cock … DOG…

Kaylee rubs herself, closing her thighs tightly together to increase the friction as her friend wallows and moans in the turbulent storm of hot sex.  Kaylee recalls the time as a child when she’d run water on her pussy while taking a bath.  The guilt Kaylee felt had far overshadowed the pleasure.  Still, two years later, she’d again felt the enticing surges when she’d leaned against a corner of the washing machine.  The rhythmic sloshing movements brought her to the edge of a kind of pleasure that frightened her.  She knew it was the same sort of thrill her mother always warned her against.  Just seconds before her joy bubbled over, Kaylee has pulled away and busied herself with something else, but she hadn’t forgotten.

Now, at eighteen, Kaylee feels she needs to know that tickling, maddening pleasure.  She needs to know it, like her friend Zoe’s finding it.  Her finger teases her clit again.  Zoe’s growling now, her tongue half out of her mouth as she shoves that cock in and out of her firm cunt as fast as she can.

Zoe moans loudly as she climaxes at last.  “Ahhhh … Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh … God damn…

The brunette pulls the cock from her cunt and flops onto her side.  She appears like some ravished sex goddess with her gown drawn under her breasts, the lower part of her body nude.  Her long white legs folded one upon the other, and her flat belly heaving with her thrilling exertion.  Pussy juice makes shiny drips on her flesh.  Kaylee stares at the dildo that lay a few inches from Zoe’s fingers.  It still glistens with pussy juice, and now it seems even larger than before.  Zoe let out a satisfied sigh, and her breathing slows.  Several minutes pass as Kaylee pats her swollen pussy with frustrated guilt and passion.  By now, Zoe’s snoring softly, girlishly.

“I shouldn’t,” Kaylee said under her breath.  Her eyes glued to the dildo.  “I can’t.  I just can’t do it.”

But she cannot look away from that sexual device.  Without really thinking about it, Kaylee feels her bare feet touch the rug.  She’s moving, not wanting to, but moving just the same.  Her fingers close around the cunt-warmed dildo, and Kaylee stares closely at Zoe’s sleeping profile.  She would die with shame if Zoe suspected she’s taking that wicked, perverted thing back to her bed.

Once under the covers again, Kaylee feels God must be looking down at her.  Though her mother never stressed religion all that much, she’d found it convenient to use God as a threat for wrongdoing.  Kaylee feels terribly, horribly wrong, yet she longs to feel the rightness of that dildo against her hungry flesh.

“Forgive me,” Kaylee murmurs, panting fast, her fingers tightening on the dildo and then slipping under the covers, dragging the damp dildo across her naked belly.


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