Big Momma’s House

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Big Momma's House
Big Momma’s House
Year: 2021
Two college girls visit big Momma for a lesbian sex orgy that includes the black woman’s dog.
Moe Lester
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Leto howls, the German shepherd’s cock fucking into the scalding heat of Sabrina’s tight cunt.  The dog’s long neck stretches as its big cock fucks deep into her vagina.  The dog howls again, its paws clamps to her body, its hind legs prancing.

Oh, sweet God,” Molly moans as she watches Hoss fuck Sabrina’s throat while Leto fucks its cock into her squishy cunt.  “Ooooo, I’m cumming.”

“So am I,” April moans as she whacks her hand over Leto’s rump.  “Suck out its balls, Sabrina.  Suck it.”

Sabrina hears their voices through the mist in her lust-sopped brain.  She is reeling.  Two cocks fucking at her blows her mind.  Her pussy gobbles at Leto’s slamming cock.  She sucks, taking the hard punishing jabs of Hoss’s mammoth cock, welcoming each stab of their hard cocks.

“She loves it,” Molly moans as she petted Hoss’s head.  “God, look at her hips go.”

April reaches under Sabrina’s bucking hips and feels Leto’s cock fucking her pussy.  “Shit, Molly.  She’s flowing like a fucking river.” April pinches Sabrina’s clit, then moves her hand to Leto’s swinging balls, squeezing them.  Leto yelps.  The dog’s hind legs are lifting and down as April massages the dog’s aching balls.  The dog’s tongue is hanging out, slapping at Sabrina’s back as it fucks her pussy with lightning-fast stabs.  The dog twists its hips as April pulls on its balls, its cock fucking into the cushiony walls of Sabrina’s sizzling cunt.

Sabrina is in heaven.  Two hard fat cocks are filling her.  She sucks hard, gnawing roughly on Hoss’s lunging Great Dane cock.  She slams back, taking Leto’s German shepherd cock into her cunt, her pussy muscles milking its shaft and churning the jizz in the dog’s balls.  She squirms, her hand finding Hoss’s swollen balls.  With them in the palm of her hand, she starts to squeeze them rhythmically.  Hoss howls its pleasure.

The juices in her pussy flow, greasing Leto’s lunging cock.  She catches its pace, her hips rolling with each jab.  Her mouth gobbles on Hoss’s cock.  With her head steady, she allowed Hoss to fuck her throat, her tongue and teeth keeping the Great Dane at a feverish pitch.  She’s reeling under the two stabbing dicks.  Her pussy is on fire, and her mouth is like a sucking furnace.

Hoss lifts its head, the dog’s big eyes rolling, its mouth panting.  The dog whines.  Its tail is thumping the floor as it jerks frantically on its side.  The Great Dane drops its head back on Molly’s lap, its rump jerking, its cock fucking into Sabrina’s gulping mouth.

“Cream her, Hoss,” Molly rasps as she strokes the Great Dane’s head.  “Cream her mouth.”  Hoss yelps as if it knows what its mistress wants.  The dog jabs, its balls rumbling, its knot swelling in the tightness of Sabrina’s throat.  The dog is ready.  “Hoss is gonna cum,” Molly moans dreamily.  “Ooooo, God.  He’s gonna cum.”

With Leto fucking away at her pussy, Sabrina feels Hoss’s knot swell in her mouth to the point where it can’t enter anymore as it’s too big.  She’s ready, greedily ready to drink at the Great Dane’s spurting cock.  She keeps her hips rocking, wallowing in the pleasure of Leto’s cock as she massages Hoss’s ready-to-explode balls.  Sabrina craves its jizz, anxious to take every drop.  With her mouth ravaged and her pussy fucked, her head starts to spin.  She’s making it with two dogs, and the idea keeps her swirling in bliss.

Curling its skinny tail between its legs, Hoss’s thick cock explodes and a stream of hot doggie-jizz spurts from its pisser, splashing against the back of Sabrina’s throat.  Yelping and whining, Hoss fucks her throat, the dog’s knot punching her mouth.  The teenager’s sucking mouth draws the semen from the dog’s erupting balls.  The dog jerks wildly, pawing, its nuts aching under Sabrina’s squeezing fingers.

“He’s cumming,” Molly moans.  “Suck him, Sabrina.  Suck him” Molly rocks on the floor, her eyes glued to Hoss’s jerking ass as it fucks Sabrina’s mouth with its squirting cock.  “Suck out Hoss’s big balls.”

Sabrina is in heaven.  She gulps at Hoss’s spurting cock, the jizz flooding her mouth and throat.  Her hips rock, Leto’s fucking cock and growing knot keeping her swirling at the peak of emotion.  The girl sucks deep, taking jizz straight into her throat as the dog fucks its cock hard into her face.  Canine semen fills her cheeks and starts oozing from her lips.  Muffled gurgles escape Sabrina’s mouth as more sperm gushes from Hoss’s pisser and oozes from her mouth and nose.

“Suck him,” April wails as she whacks Leto’s jabbing ass.  “Suck Hoss off.”  She reaches under and pinches her girlfriend’s clit.

A spasm rips through Sabrina’s pussy.  Leto’s pussy-stabbing cock and knot and her girlfriend’s pinching fingers are driving her insane.  She gnaws on Hoss’s cock, its rumbling balls spewing out wad after wad of delicious salty jizz.  The girl sucks, then pushes forward, taking the Great Dane’s cock to its knot, making its hairy balls slap her jizz-stained chin.  Hoss howls, the dog’s frantic yelps are blending with Leto’s whimpers and high-pitched barks.  The dog wrenches its ass, its exploding cock fucking deep into Sabrina’s mouth.  The dog’s muscles tense, its hind legs twitching, its front legs flailing as its balls burst again.

Sabrina is climaxing.  She absorbs Leto’s lunging stabs and gums on Hoss’s cock.  Her pussy is hot, and Leto’s lightning-fast jabs make it even hotter.

“The little sex fiend is cumming, “ Molly moans.  “God, look at her.”

April, still pinching her girlfriend’s clit, watches as Sabrina orgasms.  Hot buttery pussy juice flows over her fingers.  She whacks Leto’s ass.  “Fuck her,” April cries.  “Knot her.”

The two powerful dogs brutalize Sabrina, and she loves every second.  Rippling tremors shoot through her cock and knot-stuffed vagina.  She chews on Hoss’s cock, drawing up the last of the Great Dane’s metallic tasting jizz from the dog’s swinging balls.  The girl starts to shake, not wanting Hoss to stop fucking her face as she sucks hard and the last of the dog’s semen dribbles over her tongue.

Sabrina jerks her hips, gurgling on Hoss’s sperm.  Her mouth and cunt are full of cock, and it’s the most fantastic feeling of her life.  Knowing Hoss has given her everything now, Sabrina slams back, grinding her ass into Leto’s slamming body, her pussy craving the jizz rumbling in the German shepherd’s balls.  Hoss yelps, the Great Dane’s balls empty, and its cock is shrinking.  The dog jerks its spent cock from Sabrina’s greedy mouth and staggers to its feet, its tail curled between its legs.  The dog looked at its mistress, but Molly was too involved with Leto fucking Sabrina’s pussy to notice.  The Great Dane whimpers like a puppy and curls up on the floor, exhausted.

April,” Sabrina moans as she struggles under the pounding jabs of Leto’s cock and knot.  “Ooooo, April.”  Jizz dribbles from Sabrina’s mouth as she forces herself up, her arms stiff, her palms flat against the carpet.  “Leto’s knot is so big.  It’s ruining me.”

Leto howls, its hind legs are dancing, its front paws clutching her twisting body.  The dog rams its cock and knot hard, fucking the tip into the steamy wetness of her vagina.  The dog’s balls swell and slap against her flesh as it pounds her with hard violent stabs.

“Knot her cunt,” Molly moans, her eyes darting from Sabrina’s contorted face to the twisted expression on Leto’s face.  “Rip her fucking pussy apart.”

“I’ll make Leto cum,” April said.

She plunges a finger deep into Leto’s ass and twists, her nail gouging the wall of the dog’s sensitive shitter.

Sabrina’s head is spinning, “Ooooo, I’m gonna cum, April.  I’m gonna cum.” She rocks on her hands and knees, her pussy ready to explode.  “Ooooo, I’m there.” Her head snaps back, and she sees Leto’s fangs.  “Oooooo, fuck me.”

Leto’s mistress’s nails rip into the dog’s asshole, so the animal fucks Sabrina’s cunt with quick punching jabs.  The dog howls, its lips drawn back, its fangs exposed, saliva dribbling from its tongue.  The dog yelps.  The dog’s cock and knot caught in the viselike grip of Sabrina’s ready-to-explode cunt.

I’m cumming,” Sabrina screams at the top of her lungs.  “I’m cumming.” An orgasm rips through her cock-stuffed cunt, and she goes into convulsions.  “I’m cumming.” Her face twists with lust as Molly reaches under and starts to maul her breasts.  “Ahhhhhh.”

April grabs Leto’s balls and milks them.  “Cum, Leto,” she rasps.  “Cum.”

With its balls mangled and ass probed, Leto’s balls burst.  The dog yelps and barks.  Its neck is straining as a river of semen spurts from its pisser and squirts deep into Sabrina’s climaxing cunt.

The dog’s cumming,” Sabrina squeals.  “Leto’s cumming in my pussy.”  The hot squirting jizz triggers another orgasm deep in Sabrina’s belly.  She rocks and bucks her hips, her pussy gulping at Leto’s stabbing cock.  “Ooooo, I’m cumming again.”

Watching Sabrina thrash under Leto’s powerful body mesmerizes the watching women.  Molly twists Sabrina’s breasts and pinches the swollen nipples.  April fingers Leto’s asshole and squeezes the dog’s balls.  The action adds to the pleasure of the animal and girl, and they both go crazy.  Sabrina’s face twists with lust.  She slams back at Leto’s pounding body, absorbing its powerful thrusts.  Jizz gushes from her pussy, flows over the German shepherd’s exploding balls and down her thighs.  Her shoulders wrench, the pain from Molly’s gouging fingers adding to her pleasure.

Leto’s cock cut through her gooey pussy at lightning speed.  Hot squirting wads of doggie-jizz spurts from its cock.  The dog yelps, the agony from April’s gouging fingers and mauling hand has made the dog crazy.  The dog pranced.  Its rump jerks and its cock throbs as more jizz shoots from its piss-hole and floods Sabrina’s already overflowing pussy.

Sabrina’s arms start to tremble.  The pleasure in her pussy is overwhelming her.  She takes one hard jab and falls forward; her breasts crush into Molly’s twisting fingers.  Her face slams against the carpet, her panting mouth is drooling as Leto continues to fucks her pussy with quick piercing stabs.  Leto howls, the German shepherd’s balls just about empty.  The dog lunges hard, almost losing its balance as Sabrina writhes beneath the dog.  The dog grips her body tighter, its rump jerking, its cock still spewing out thick globs of doggie-jizz that gushes out over its balls every time it fucks its cock into her pussy.

April,” Sabrina screeches as the room starts to spin.  “I can’t take anymore.” Her hips swivel, her pussy still greedily milking Leto’s slamming cock.  “Ooooo, I can’t stop cumming.”

Molly pulls her hands out from under Sabrina’s twisting body.  She stares at Leto as it drools spit over Sabrina’s back and fucks her pussy with its cock.  “Fuck her,” she cries hysterically.  “Fuck her.”

April gouges its ass and pulls on its balls.  “Drown her, Leto.  Cream her.”

Leto howls, the dog’s fangs bared, its black eyes rolling into its skull.  The dog howls again, its neck straining, its body tight.  The dog lunges hard, squirting jizz from its cock.

April jerks her fingers from its ass and whacks the dog hard on the rump.  “Give it to her.”

The German shepherd yelps fucks its cock into Sabrina’s cunt, then jerks its cock out, spraying her back with the last of its jizz.  The dog whines and gazes at the jizz seeping from Sabrina’s gaping vagina then starts licking its tongue up through her open pussy.  Sabrina collapses on the floor, writhing as Leto cleans her.

No more,” she moans.  “I can’t stand it.”

She tries squirming away, but she’s too weak.  She lies there panting as Leto reams her pussy and lugs out every drop of jizz.  Finished, the German shepherd drops to its stomach and rests its head on April’s lap.  The dog licks its chops and closes its eyes.  Fucking Sabrina has drained the dog of its strength.

“Good, boy,” April whispers as she strokes the dog’s glistening coat.

“Good, boy.” Sabrina moans.  “No more tonight,” she whispers.  “I’m finished.”

“Sorry, babe.  You’re our slave.  Remember?”

“Ooooo, no,” Sabrina moans.  “No.”

“Let her rest,” Molly said.  “We’re gonna be fucking all night anyway.” She looked at Hoss.  “It’ll give me a chance to get a piece of Hoss’s cock.” She stands and glances down at Sabrina.  “I’ll show you how to fuck a dog.”

Sabrina licks her lips and sits up, leaning against the couch for support, her ass against the carpet.  “Show me,” she purrs.  “It’ll turn me on all over again.”

April crawls over and sits beside her girlfriend.  “We’re ready for a show, Molly.”


Molly stands naked, her thick black legs spread.  Her Great Dane is lying at her feet.  “Come on, Hoss.  Let’s show Sabrina how to fuck.”

Hoss’s nostril’s flare.  The heady scent of its mistress’s pussy turns the dog on.  The beast pulls itself up and starts licking her, working its tongue slowly over her feet and toes.  Molly purrs as she watches her pet.  The big black woman shivers with pleasure as its tongue works methodically over her calves and ankles.  Her pussy seeps, soaking the puffy folds of her black-thatched pussy and the soft silky flesh of her inner thighs.

Mmmmmm,” she groans.  Her massive breasts rose and fell with each jagged breath she took.  “Keep licking, Hoss.” She slides her hands over her sizzling hips and up to her big black breasts.  “Mmmmmmm .” She clamps her fingers into the meat of her breasts, her nails digging into the soft flesh.  “Mmmmm, so good.”

Sabrina and her girlfriend watch entranced as Molly plays with herself and Hoss licks her.  The dog snorts.  It moves its tongue over Molly’s knees and between her parted thighs.  The dog tastes the warm sticky juice of her pussy, and its cock peeks out from its hairy sheath, the tip glistening, the shaft red and thick.

Ooooooo,” Sabrina moans.  “Look at his cock grow.”

“I’m looking,” April huskily said as she squirms on the floor, her pussy itching for some doggie-cock.

My pussy,” Molly whispers hotly.  She’s trembling, ready to have her pussy tongued.  “My pussy, Hoss.  Lick my pussy.”

Molly moans, her hands trembling as she glides her hands to her pussy and parts the juicy folds.  The dark chocolate pussy lips spread to reveal her inner pink flesh.  With her inner pussy exposed, she pushes back the skin that hides her clit, displaying it to her pet Great Dane.  Instantly, the dog’s long thick tongue slithers from its drooling mouth.  The Great Dane slaps it between Molly’s parted legs, through her pussy and over her fingers and throbbing clit.  The dog does it again.  Warm pussy juices flow over its tongue as it lavishly dines on its mistress’s pussy.

Ooooo, Hoss,” Molly moans as she rocks back and forth.  “Ooooo, you’re the best pet in the world.” She shudders, her dark eyes misting as Hoss turns her pussy into a cauldron of hot bubbling juices.  “Lick, fucker.  Lick me.”

Hoss whimpers, the fuck juices from Molly’s pussy flowing over its snout.  The dog swipes its tongue through her pussy again as milky strands of white filmy pussy juice cling to its tongue and cover its wet nose.  The dog whines and jams its hard snout against her pussy and fingers, the juices soaking the dog and oozing into its mouth.

Molly stares at her audience, her face a mask of lust.  “You two like watching?”

“Love it,” Sabrina said, realizing she was no longer sleepy.

April has seen it all before, but it never fails to turn her on.  “Get to the good part,” the redhead groans breathlessly.

A lewd smile spreads over Molly’s flushed face. Her head lolls, her black hair swishing back and forth as she jams her pussy into Hoss’s hard snout and moans with joy.  As always, Hoss’s tongue has her sizzling.  She starts to tremble, her pussy ready for the dog’s cock.

“Sit,” Molly moans, her entire body shaking.  “SIT.”

Hoss yelps but obeys.  The dog plops its ass on the floor, its tail swishing across the rug, its tongue licking the pussy juices off its chops.  With its jowls clean, the Great Dane pants, its tongue hanging out as its dark eyes stares at its mistress.

“Now comes the good part,” April said, nudging Sabrina.  “Watch.”

Molly drops to her knees and pushes everything off the coffee table.  She strokes the Great Dane’s head as it squirms impatiently for her pussy.

“You’ll get it,” she promised with a hot whisper.  “You’ll get it.” Molly gazes at her audience.  “I’m cumming,” she giggles lewdly.  “Cumming my fucking brains out.”

Molly strokes Hoss’s flank, her hand skimming under to its stomach.  She squeezes its cock, making its cock thick and hard.  Molly drops to her side and quickly gobbles its cock into her mouth.  She sucks deep, her cheeks drawing in tight.  The black woman uses her teeth, fingers, and tongue, working her pet into a frenzied state of passion.  She quickly yanks her mouth off the dog’s cock.  She sprawled herself out on her back and squirms into a comfortable position.  Lifting her head, she spreads her legs, her ripe pussy ready for Hoss’s stiff cock.  She wiggles her ass.

“Up, Hoss.  Fuck me.”

Hoss barks.  The massive dog’s tail slaps against the floor.  The dog leaps, its front paws planted firmly on the table.  The dog hits her face with its tongue and prances on its hind legs.  The dog’s long cock juts out, its ass jerking as it tries to find the squishy hole of its mistress’s cunt.

Fuck me,” Molly wails as she writhes on her back.  “Fuck me.”

Hoss yelps triumphantly.  The dog’s cock has found her vagina.  The beast fucks forward, slamming its thick oversized cock into Molly’s sizzling hot cunt.

Ooooo,” Sabrina moans as if her vagina just took that massive canine cock.  “Ooooo, God.”

Ahhhhhh,” Molly moans as her pussy closes around the hard meat of Hoss’s thick cock.  “Ahhhhh, heaven.”  She humps her ass off the table, thrusting her pussy into her pet’s hairy body, her cunt greedily gulping on its plowing cock.  “Fuck me.  Fuck me,” Molly squeals, thrashing beneath the dog.

She brings her hands up to its head and caresses its panting mouth.  She scratches and pulls on its jowls and lifts her mouth toward its drooping tongue.

“Mmmmmm, April,” Sabrina whispers.  “I wanna fuck that way too.”

April pats her girlfriend’s thigh.  “You will.  There’s plenty of time to try everything.”

Hoss cuts into their conversation with a howl.  The dog’s head is shaking.  The dog’s mistress’s teasing fingers are spurring it on.  The Greta Dane jabs hard, its ass jerking, its cock cutting through her soupy cunt and into the hot scalding depths of her vagina.  The dog fucks the black woman with powerful stabs.  Her cunt is gulping and pulsating against its throbbing boner.

“Fuck her,” Sabrina shouts.  “Fuck her, Hoss.”

She squirms and hugs her girlfriend, her eyes never leaving the giant Great Dane as it fucks Molly with hard lightning stabs.

Yessss,” Molly hisses, torturing her pet with her nails.  “Fuck me.  Rip me open.”

Hoss balances on powerful hind legs as the dog fucks its fat cock into Molly’s steamy cunt.  The dog prances, its front paws gripping the table.  The animal’s rump jerks forward, its cock fucking her cunt with hard lightning-fast stabs.  Yelping cries come from the beast’s panting mouth, and the muscles under its sleek coat ripple with strength.  Molly meets the Great Dane’s lunging cunt-splitting stabs, reveling in each one.

Mmmmmm,” Molly moans as Hoss’s canine cock pierces the spongy depths of her vagina.  “Mmmmmmm, Hoss.  Fuck me.  Make me cum.”  Molly rakes the dog’s flanks with her nails, her ass thumping on the table.  Her shoulders wrenched, her breasts flopping as she took each jab and gave it back to the dog.  “Ahhhhhh, fucker.  Deeper.  Deeper,” Molly lunges, rolling her hips as the tip of its cock cut deep.  “Ahhhhh, yes, like that.”

Hoss pounds her large writhing body.  The dog fucks hard, yelping and barking as her pussy pulsates against the shaft.  The dog’s rubbery lips drawback as it stares down into her flushed contorted face.  The dog barks, its balls heavy with jizz and aching for the hot churning jizz to shoot.  They whack into the table each time the dog fucks into Molly’s cunt, and it makes the dog howl.

Cum, fucker,” Molly moans as she twists beneath the dog.  “Knot me and squirt your cum in me, Hoss.  Drown me.” She is out of her mind, her cunt needing the hot jizz churning in the Great Dane’s balls to put out the fire raging in her belly.  She lunges.  “Knot me, you asshole.”

“Yeah,” Sabrina said as she crawled over to the table.  “Cum, Hoss.” She whacks its rump like her girlfriend has whacks Leto’s rump.  “Cum.”

Whimpering, the canine cock cutting into the black woman’s buttery cunt, Hoss increases speed under Sabrina’s slapping hand.  The dog dances on its hind legs, howling as Molly uses her cuntal muscles to milk the red shaft and bring jizz up from its hot churning balls.  The knot is enormous, making sense because the dog is like a small horse (hence its name).  Sabrina’s eyes bulge as she watches the cantaloupe-sized ball of flesh slam inside the black momma’s rippling cunt.

Molly squeals like a stuffed pig as Hoss buries cock and knot balls deep inside her body.

It is no mean feat.  Hoss has the largest cock (and knot) any of these women have ever seen, both in length and width.  Not even the biggest male porn stars could match a cock like this monster.  The dog drops its head, its tongue plunging into Molly’s mouth.  Molly, in her lust-crazed state, has bitten the Great Dane’s tongue.  The black woman goes into spasms.  She glances at Sabrina, her dark eyes wide and staring, her face red and sweaty with desire.

Ooooo, I’m cumming.  I’m cumming,” Molly wails.  Her naked obese body goes into wild contorting spasms.  She humps, slamming her cunt into Hoss’s hard-muscled frame.  “I’m cumming, Sabrina.  Oooooo, I’m cumming on Hoss’s cock.” Her high-pitched wails fill the room as she thrusts her clit into the dog’s hairy body and twists her hips.  “Ooooooo.”

Sabrina sadistically smiles as she watches Hoss plunder Molly’s body with hard fucking stabs.  Seeing that giant knot slamming in and out of the black woman’s ruined pussy is a breathtaking sight.  Sabrina jabs her fingers into the Great Dane’s asshole and twists them.

“Fuck her, Hoss.  Fill her with your cum,” the blonde girl said.

Hoss yelps, the dog’s head twisting, its body is convulsing as it pounds its mistress with its cock and knot.  The dog’s tail swishes as it jerks its ass.  The dog howls again, but nothing can dislodge the fingers gouging its asshole.  Molly claws the animal’s body, her ass thumping up and down.  Her big breasts are flopping as she moans for air.

Cum, Hoss,” she screams, her mouth drooling.  “Ooooo, God.  Cum in my pussy.” She lunges up, rotates her hips, her cunt tugging on the dog’s embedded cock and knot.  “I need it so bad.”

Hoss goes wild.  The dog’s knot swells ever more enormous, its balls rumbling.  The dog strains its neck and howls as its balls finally burst.  A hot river of doggie-jizz spews from its cock and empties deep in the bubbling gash of Molly’s climaxing cunt.  The Great Dane howls again, its pointed ears flat against its skull, its black eyes rolling as gooey doggie-jizz spurts from its piss hole.

“Hoss is cumming, April,” Sabrina excitedly said as she peers at her girlfriend.  “He’s cumming inside her pussy.”

I feel it.” Molly wails.  “Oooooo, it’s shooting up into my belly.”

The black woman’s feet come off the floor, stiffen, then curls around Hoss’s back.  She thrashes and bucks under the pounding Great Dane, her cuntal-walls clinging to its stabbing cock and knot, milking it rhythmically as the dog uses short, jerky fuck rhythms because its knot is stuck.  “Fuck me.  Fuck me.”

The big dog floods its mistress’s cunt and womb with hot squirting wads of jizz.  The dog’s jizz mixes with her pussy juice and bathes its cock, squishing out over its swinging balls.  The dog jerks, Sabrina’s finger is keeping the dog from prancing and humping maniacally.  Molly thrashes on her back, her hips lunging, her clit mashing into Hoss’s hairy body.

Ooooo, I’m cumming again,” she wails as Hoss’s thick gooey jizz sends her soaring off into another orgasm.  “Ooooo, I’m cumming.”

She grabs the sides of the table, her knuckles blanching, her ass humping, and her breasts flopping.  She convulses and screams, her dark eyes filming over with lust.  Hoss barks shrilly, the Great Dane’s body straining as Molly twists beneath the dog.  The animal’s thick-muscled neck stretches, and its fangs drip saliva.  Jizz pours from the dog’s pisser as its balls churn out wad after wad of the gooey jizz.

The dog lunges hard, yelping and fucking like a mad dog, its cock and knot fucking deep, its balls still slapping painfully against the table.  Molly becomes hysterical.  Her flesh dark glows with the sweat of her passion, and she continues to buck and twist beneath the dog’s robust frame.

Ooooo, don’t stop, Hoss.” Molly wails, not wanting the pleasure ever to end.  “Fuck me.”

She lifts her head, gobbles on the dog’s lolling tongue, then drops her head back, too weak to do anything but absorb the Great Dane’s jets of semen.  Molly shudders, a spasm caroming through her pussy.  She stiffens then collapses back on the table, limp and exhausted.  Sabrina’s fingers torture the dog’s asshole, making it twist and squirm.  Hoss suddenly jumps off the table and turns its cock and knot inside the black woman’s cunt.  The girl’s fingers pull free of the dog’s asshole.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Molly moans as the dog’s dragging knot creates a g-spot orgasm.  “God, I can’t stop cumming.”

The dog stands there for a moment, feeling its cock hose the insides of Molly’s cunt.  The black woman’s cunt squeezes and massages its cock and knot as she orgasms.  The two spectators wait for nature to take its course.  Hoss is still for at least ten minutes while Molly moans nonstop.  Then the dog starts to pull.  Sabrina’s eyes bulge as the still sizable knot pulls free of the black woman’s cunt.  Molly’s pussy lips seem to bulge and stretch for a few minutes into absurd proportions.  Whining, Hoss keeps pulling back, and eventually, its spent cock pops from Molly’s vagina.  Poor Hoss drops to the floor and barks.

Sabrina quickly attacks Molly’s gaping, swollen pussy, sucking deeply and tonguing the woman’s cunt until every drop of Hoss’s jizz is in her stomach.

“That was one fantastic show,” Sabrina said, looking at Molly as she rolled off the table.  “God, I wanna get fucked that way.”

“I thought you were too tired,” April said, rolling her eyes.

Sabrina grins sheepishly.  “I was wrong.”

“Then maybe you’d like to see one more show before you take on the dogs again.”

Sabrina nods enthusiastically.  “I’m ready.  What kind of show, April?”

“An ass fuck show,” April said and smiled.

Sabrina’s eyes light up.  “Wow.”


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