Blake’s New Life

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Blake's New Life
Blake’s New Life
Year: 2023
An 18yo is kicked out of home and heads to LA looking for a job. There she meets a woman who teaches her about fucking dogs.
Moe Lester
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“I just got Baron in here on the spur of the moment,” Kristin said.  “And because I desperately wanted to be fucked, of course.  Maybe I made a mistake.”

“I was just kidding,” Blake said, rolling her eyes.  “I think you knew that, though, and it sure as hell didn’t turn me off to watch the dog fucking you.”

“You would’ve protested when you saw me getting his cock hard if you hadn’t been interested, Blake.  And, if you’d been disgusted, you would’ve hauled your lovely ass out of here long before this.  Right?”

“Right,” Blake said, still unable to put into words the fact that she wanted to be fucked by the dog.  “Wasn’t there any jealousy when you saw your husband eating and fucking other women?  I’m assuming you saw such action, of course.”

“The only thing I can say is that you have to be a special breed to swap in the first place.  I enjoyed seeing my husband giving and receiving sexual pleasure with other women.  Therefore I didn’t feel any jealousy.  Were you jealous of the fact that you knew your stepfather was also fucking your mother and your sister?  And, I assume, also eating their pussy?”

“You have a point there,” Blake said and giggled.  “Still, I didn’t watch them doing it, and that could’ve made a difference.”

“I don’t think so,” Kristin said.  “Not after seeing the way you’re handling this situation.  I’m sure you’re also a special breed, sweet stuff.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone this far with you.”

“You’re right, of course.  I guess I’ve always been interested in everything concerning sex.  I know I had some wild, way-out fantasies while rubbing one out when I was just a kid.”

“It takes a lot of guts at times to live the fantasies most of us have, Blake,” Kristin said in a motherly tone.  “Personally, I wouldn’t change how I live and have lived.  Have you ever thought of having two cocks to enjoy simultaneously?  I’ll bet you have, and there’s nothing like having two cocks shooting off at the same time.  One flooding your mouth and the other filling your pussy with hot cum just as you melt into a blissful orgasm.”

“You’re making me hot again, Kristin.  Even hotter, as I should’ve said, I’ve been horny like crazy since you first put your tongue in my pussy.  Do you think Baron could go again?”

“Say no more,” Kristin said, swinging from the bed.  “Come here, Baron.  You’re about to get a special treat.”

Blake thought the dog had gone to sleep.  The Doberman lifted its head, barked, and got on all fours.  Baron pushed his nose against Kristin’s dark crotch.  She shoved the dog away and told it to sit.  The Doberman immediately settled back on its haunches.  Kristin knelt and began playing with the animal’s balls and cock.  Blake watched, fascinated and at the same time a little apprehensive, as the canine cock began to ease out of the dog’s sheath.

When the dog’s big cock had extended to its full length, Kristin looked at the teen, smiled, and asked, “What are you waiting for?”

Still on the bed, staring, Blake’s heart pounding, she managed an answering smile and silently got off the bed and into position.  On her hands and knees, her ass toward Kristin and Baron, the blonde teen was suddenly very calm.  ‘After all,’ she thought.  ‘I’ve been fucked many times before, and it isn’t as if Kristin will let the big dog hurt me.’  The dog hadn’t scratched or bitten her, and Kristin was there to control things.

Hearing Kristin urging Baron forward, Blake braced for the onslaught.  Then the girl gasped and flinched as the dog’s cold nose nuzzled her asshole.  The beast’s rough tongue swiped up through her gaping gash.  She heard Kristin urging Baron to mount her.  The teen figured the brunette had tugged on the dog’s collar because she felt its hot breath on the base of her spine as it lifted its head.

Blake lowered her head and hiked her ass higher as Kristin told her she’d do the guiding.  The teen felt Kristen’s fingers touching her pussy even as the big dog began humping and jabbing toward its target.  The Doberman felt her hot skin touch the tip of its cock, and instinct took over.  Its front paws tightened around Blake’s body while its powerful hindquarters gave a fierce lunge that rammed its shaft into her.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Blake screamed as she felt as if punched in the stomach from the inside.

Paying no attention to her, Baron was in a sexual frenzy, treating her like any bitch, not a woman.  She screamed again as the thick shaft stretched her open, and the temperature of the cock felt like molten lead.  The brutality the fucking amazed Blake.  Despite her experiences, this was so different.

Baron,” she yelled.  “God, what an animal.”

As Blake spoke, she struggled to straighten or twist away from the rutting beast; her strength was no match for the dog’s weight.  She could move from side to side, yet Baron’s front paws remained locked around her waist, and the dog moved with her.  Even when the dog changed position, its cock stopped fucking her tight teenage cunt.  Gradually, the pain associated with the violent stretching of her cunt faded, and Blake began to relax.

By pushing her butt back slightly, she could change the angle of Baron’s thrusts so his pounding strokes slid over her throbbing clit.  Baron pulled with his front paws and pushed with his back, getting a better angle while his hips moved quickly with a rapid piston-like movement.  The thrusts were so powerful that Blake’s body moved like a rag doll, and she had to use all her strength to grip the floor and keep herself upright.

The rutting dog’s cock thrust into her vagina at lightning speed, and the position they were in allowed Baron to push his shaft deep inside her, bottoming out against her cervix.  The tapered tip relentlessly jabbed into her womb, and each touch sent a spark through Blake’s flesh.  As if that wasn’t enough, the slicing cock was rasping over her clit, and a familiar rush made her body tingle.

Baron’s cock felt so large; it seemed to press everywhere inside her simultaneously.  As she looked between her legs, the dog’s cock was little more than a blur, and she could see its balls swing as it fucked her.  Every inch pounded into Blake’s cunt, and the horny teen eagerly took everything Baron could give.

Blake’s pussy lips stretched tightly around the shaft.  She could feel them pulled and stretched as the dog slid out, then pushed inward as the dog thrust.  Blake’s full of juice from the dog’s pre-cum, and her natural lubrication.  The blonde could hear the slime slosh inside her, producing the most obscene squishing/queefing/slapping noises.  Hot pussy juice flowed from her cunt and coated Baron’s balls before dripping onto the floor.   She was continually orgasming, sliding from one climax straight into the next.

Ahh, God, I love it,” she moaned, quivering with mounting excitement.  “He’s fucking me hard.  Mmmm, my pussy’s so hotFuck me, fuck me.”

Through her orgasms, she started to feel a hard bulge ramming at the entrance to her cunt.  The swelling was only a distraction, however, because Baron’s cock still thrust into her at an astonishing rate and held her deep in the climax.  The girl’s eyes closed, and her mouth hung open with a thin strand of drool dripping from the corner.  Her battered clit continued to fire thousands of pleasure jolts through her body, making her moan loudly.  Meanwhile, the hard, muscular swelling of Baron’s knot was getting thicker and knocking at the entrance to her cunt.

The blonde couldn’t help but feel it now, and she glanced between her legs to see what was happening.  Baron’s thrusts were so fast and hard that her head jerked in time with the thrusts, so she couldn’t focus on what was happening.  She felt the pressure in her vagina stretching open more, and suddenly, Baron’s knot was inside her.

Oh fuck,” she shrieks as Baron fucks her.  “Oh fuck, that’s big.

Baron’s knot was entirely inside, and her slippery juices washed over it as her muscles stretched apart.  When the dog felt her cuntal walls grip its knot, its instincts took over, and its thrusts changed into short, sharp jabs as its knot swelled more rapidly.  Blake couldn’t help but feel the knot now, and lancing pains shot through her belly as she was opened much further than she would’ve thought possible.  Despite the pain, Blake’s still climaxing, and the mixture of the two sensations felt unbelievable.

The knot in her cunt continued to expand, but it was now too late to do anything about it.  Her cunt was solidly plugged, and Baron’s cock was immovable.  Blake’s head hung as she tried to pant away the pain as if giving birth when suddenly her eyes bulged, and her head snapped back.  The dog gave an excited ‘yelp,’ and Baron’s cock exploded inside her belly.  The girl could feel the Doberman’s boiling semen spray into her body and flood her womb.  Blake could feel every spurt and pulse, wondering if Baron would ever stop.

Within minutes, the dog filled her with its thin sperm.  Still, Baron had just begun.  More and more slime jets into her body, and she moaned as she felt the pressure build.  She tried to wriggle her butt and to rise on her tiptoes, yet nothing would move the knot even a fraction of an inch.  Her pussy’s sealed, and still, the spurting dog cock pumped more semen into her.

When Baron eventually dismounted, Blake got on her back as Kristin had done after being fucked.  The dog was again licking its wet, retreating cock.  Kristin gripped the dog’s collar and tugged its head toward the girl’s crotch.  The dog’s long tongue slurped up the oozing jizz.

Kristin asked, “Are you OK?  How do you feel?”

“A little bruised and very weak,” Blake said.

“You didn’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that,” Blake said, a little sorry Kristin had tugged Baron and his licking tongue away.  “I could see how one could become addicted to that.”

“Addicted to love.”

“Yeah, something like that,” Blake said with a wink.

Kristin flashed her bright smile, winked back, and took Baron out of the room.  Blake hurried to the bathroom and showered, wondering if she’d be ready for their hot double date.


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