Bored in the Barn!

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Bored in the Barn!
Bored in the Barn!
Year: 2023
Zoe’s stuck on a boring family holiday and decides to have some sexy fun when she’s alone in the barn.
Sheela B.
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Redheaded eighteen-year-old Zoe wanders out of the old farmhouse and goes to the barn.  She’s been visiting the farm on a family holiday and is bored out of her young mind.

“Shit,” she mumbles as she enters the barn.  She kicks her foot into a clump of hay.  “Shit.  Shit.  Shit.”

Without thinking, she skims her hands up her young body and begins massaging the firm flesh of her breasts through her summer top.  She purrs as her nipples respond and begin to swell.

“I’m so damn hot all the time lately,” Zoe groans.  Her cheeks burn as she glances around.  “Oh, I could play with myself here while I’ve got some alone time from my boring family.”

Zoe had come here for a three-week holiday before she went to college the next year.  Kind of the last one the Williams will take as a family.  Her two younger brothers have a great time riding dirt bikes around the farm, but poor Zoe is bored out of her brain.  Not helped by the fact that there’s no cell reception here, which she realized her parents knew about all along.  They chose this place so she didn’t have her phone or the internet to escape the endless family time of board games and BBQs.  The redhead teenager hated it here especially knowing her friends were partying hard in the city.

The idea of ‘flicking the bean’ out here, defying her parents’ boring family holiday, made her feel even hornier.  She giggles and quickly pulls off her top, baring her ripe, creamy C-cup breasts.  Dropping the top, she peels off her shorts and pink panties, exposing her young body completely.  She gasps as the excitement of being naked outside the farmhouse makes her hot pussy seep with slime.

Mmmm, this is nice.”

She parades around the barn pretending someone is watching, her slim hips swinging, and her breasts bouncing.  She giggles and throws herself down into a large pile of hay.  Zoe moans as she squiggles on her back.  Immediately, her hands find the flesh of her breasts again, and she kneads the sensitive mounds.

Mmmmm,” she moans as she bites her lip.  “Ooooo, I’m so horny.”

The teen with long red hair and a creamy white body sighs again, her hips moving slowly, the hay rubbing against her butt.  Her fingers paw her breasts, then move down her sizzling flesh to her needy pussy.  Zoe is technically still a virgin, meaning she’s never had a real cock inside her cunt.  Some of her dates have finger-banged her a few times, and in her bedroom at home, she has a hidden vibrator she uses frequently.  But that anatomical part that usually declares virginity in a girl, the hymen, is long gone.  She touches the silky red hair of her pussy mound and shudders.

She rubs her pussy, her breathing shallow, her fingers finding her tender clit.  A spasm ripples through her young body as her clit swells with blood and becomes exposed from its protective sheath.

Ahhhhhh,” she moans, a frown forming on her flushed, excited face.  “I’m stuck in the fucking country, bored out of my brains and with no guys to tease and pass the time.  Shit, I can’t even text the guys I know back home to send me their dick pics.  I’ll be happy when I go to college and finally move out of my boring family home.”

She closes her eyes tight, pretending a guy is feeling her up instead of herself.  Her fingers slip through her soft silky pussy hair and into her vagina.  The moist velvety folds of her cunt are getting wetter and wetter with the sweet juices of her arousal.  She whimpers, her fingers caressing her insides.

Mmmmmm, I’m so hot,” she moans.  “So hot and ready.”

With her eyes closed, wishing there was someone around with a cock, she squirms, imagining the hard cock ripping into her cunt and making her orgasm hard.  Zoe purrs as she squiggles on her juicy fingers.  She wiggles her hips and rubs her clit into her hand.

Ahhhhh.  Ooooooo.  Yeah.”

Her nails scratch at her pussy as warm frothy slime oozes from her vagina.  Sprawled out in the hay, she keeps her legs wide, enjoying herself.  Frantically, her hands roam her hot flesh, kneading and squeezing.  She strokes her pussy, the warm sticky juices clinging to her fingers.  Her breasts ache, and her nipples hurt.  Keeping one hand on her pussy, she rubs her breasts, but the ache only grows more intense.

Oooooo, I need someone,” she moans.  “Ooooo, shit, do I need a fuck.”

Still stroking the puffy folds of her teen pussy, Zoe begins to shake.  She catches her breath and pinches her clit.  Hot spasms flash through her empty pussy and spread, making her tremble excitedly.

Oooooo,” Zoe squeals.

She shoves her fingers inside her cunt until her palm prevents further entry.  But her fingers are not enough.

“Fuck, why didn’t I bring my vibrator,” she complained to no one in particular.

The redhead beauty lifts her ass, her fingers stroking her hot cunt.  She moans, her hips rising and falling, the hay scratching against her ass cheeks.


She bangs her clit with her hand and gasps.  Her hips jerk, mashing her clit into the heel of her hand.  She does it again, quivering each time she crushes her clit against her palm.  Noir, a black stallion that belongs to the farm, wanders out of his stall, the teen’s whimpering sighs and moans making his ears flick.  The stallion heads toward Zoe, its black nostrils flaring as it picks up the erotic scent of her overheated pussy.

Zoe’s eyes open.  “Oh, Noir.  Go away.”  She’s writhing on her back, fingers still pulling at her clit and stroking her wet sizzling pussy.  “Go away, you nag.”

Noir tosses his head in the air and whinnies.  Pawing the earth, the horse drops its head, nudging Zoe’s hand.  The stallion snorts, seeking the juicy slit of her pussy.

Stop it,” Zoe yells as she squirms on her back.  She closes her legs and begins to tremble.  “Ooooo, stop.”

She becomes frightened, her eyes wide, her mouth open.  Noir is persistent.  The horse nudges again and snorts, its nose wetting her thighs as she holds them clamped together.  Zoe gasps, her curiosity more intense than her fear.  She moves her legs apart, allowing Noir to get his head between her legs.  The horse’s nose hits her hot, blood-filled clit, and she shudders with deep pleasure.


The redhead teen moans again, her hips jerking on their own.  The horse’s nose sends hot sizzling flashes of pleasure through her pussy as she squirms against the animal.  Fear grips her again as Noir becomes more persistent.  Quickly, she rolls over to get away, but all it does is bare her heart-shaped butt to Noir’s wet lips and thick, rubbery tongue.

The big black stallion whinnies again and lashes its tongue over the warm cheeks of her lovely teen butt.  The horse shakes its head, burrowing its nose between her thighs, anxious to get at the delectable pussy there.  Zoe begins to shake.  The more the horse licks and nuzzles, the more she wants to give the animal her pussy.

Mmmmmm, Noir, you’re getting me so fucking hot.”

Goosebumps trickle up her spine and then cover her hot flesh.  Giving in to her lust, Zoe throws herself on her back, her legs spread wide for the horse’s eager mouth.

“Come on, Noir.  You want my pussy.  You can have it.”  She lifts her hips for the beast.  “Come on, boy.”

Noir takes advantage of the offer.  The stallion drops its huge head between her silky thighs and snorts.  Its equine tongue whips out, lashing through her pussy slit as slime oozes over its rubbery lips.  Zoe is quivering, her heart beating wildly.  Fear and lust run rampant through her hot young body.  She lifts her head and watches as the stallion feasts on her pussy.

Ooooo, it feels so good, Noir,” she cried.

Her wide, innocent eyes stare vacantly, and she trembles, wishing the horse would chew her pussy and make her orgasm.  Noir gets a beak full of pussy slime.  The stallion flips its head high and neighs, its black eyes glowing as the horse’s mane swishes across its powerful neck.  The horse paws the earth with its hooves, then whinnies as it drops its equine head back between the teenager’s outstretched legs.

This time, Noir soaks her thighs.  First, the horse’s tongue methodically covers all the warm, slick flesh.  The horse moves slowly, its tongue inching closer to the sizzling wetness of Zoe’s pussy.  The horse whinnies and then lashes its tongue over her warm pussy.

Ooooo,” Zoe moans as Noir’s thick rubbery tongue slaps through her pussy.  “Ooooo,” Noir.”

She shakes, the stallion’s tongue driving her wild.  Panting, she brings her hands to her pussy.  She spreads the puffy folds of her labia, hoping Noir’s tongue will go into her vagina.  She moans hotly, her glassy eyes spotting the fat, bloated head of Noir’s cock sticking out from his thick-skinned sheath.  She pulls back the skin on her clit, exposing it to Noir’s fabulous tongue.  She humps against the horse’s mouth, wanting to climax.  The redhead teen becomes a whimpering little animal, squirming and twisting in the hay.

Make me cum,” she rasps, lifting her pussy and banging it into Noir’s snout.  “Mmmmm.  Ahhhh….”

Noir flashes his tongue through her pussy and over her clit and fingers.  Pussy slime coats the horse’s drooling lips and slapping tongue, and the head of the stallion’s cock pokes out further, much to the delight of the young horny teenager.

Ooooo, Noir,” she moans, half out of her mind with lust.  “I can’t stand it.”  She pinches her clit hard, and spasms rack the inside of her belly.  “Ahhhhhhhhh.”

The horse’s tongue is great as the animal slops it over her pinching fingers and the tip of her clit.  She is losing her mind and loving every second of it.  Her eyes find that huge cock again.  She cries out, and twists her head, glaring hotly at the horse’s cock while the beast slurps on her pussy.

Make me cum, Noir,” she whispers.  She licks her lips frantically, her hips jerking, her breasts flopping.  “Ahhhhhhh, make me cum.”

Noir sloshes through her pussy, snorting as pussy slime oozes into his flared nostrils.  The horse jerks its head, banging its nose against her clit.  The teen’s screams of pleasure make the pony toss its head high in the air and neigh.  Zoe, wanting as much pleasure as possible before she climaxes, rolls over onto her stomach, the hay scratching against her sensitive breasts.

Lick my ass, Noir.  Oooo, lick it.”

She perches her ass high and grabs her clit between her fingers.  With the stallion’s thick tail swishing, Noir brings his greedy mouth back to Zoe’s trembling body.  The horse whips its tongue over her ass cheeks, soaking the creamy white flesh with its spit.  Snorting, the horse buries its nose between the cheeks of her ass.  Its equine tongue snaked out, coating the nose tight, wrinkled pink anus with drool.

Zoe is in heaven.  She wiggles back, reveling in the forbidden pleasure of having her asshole rimmed by a horse.  Noir’s tongue drives her crazy, and Zoe falls forward, writhing onto her back again.  Her pussy needs that tongue, and she needs to orgasm.

Lick my pussy, Noir,” she moans, anxious now to climax.  She humps against the stallion’s mouth and wriggles her hips.  “Ooooo, lick me off.”

She grabs her jiggling breasts, begins mauling them in her hands, squeezes, and then pinches the swollen nipples.  The combination of the licking and her frantic pawing is absolute bliss.  She rocks her hips back and forth, enjoying the steady slap of Noir’s fantastic tongue.  The teen redhead bucks as Noir’s wide rubbery tongue whips across her exposed clit.

Again.  Again,” Zoe cries.  “Ooooo, more.”

Noir shakes his head, his thick tongue gliding easily into the entrance of her vagina.  The tip of its tongue slithers over her inner folds, and the horse snorts, jerking its head.  The animal whinnies, its rubbery lips rolling as pussy slime dribbles from them.

Lick me,” she cries out.  “Ooooo, I’m getting ready to cum.”

Her pussy drools as Noir brings his hungry mouth back to the delicious-tasting flesh of Zoe’s loins.

Snorting, the horse lashes her pussy with its tongue, the tip slapping over her clit.  Her screams of pleasure agitated the horse, and its cock began to grow thicker as more hard inches stuck out from its thick-skinned cock sheath.  Zoe sucked in her breath, hissing it out as she twisted and churned against Noir’s nibbling lips and whipping tongue.

Ooooo.  So close.  Gonna cum, Noir,’ she wails.  “Gonna cum all the fuck over you.”

With its head between her legs, the horse whinnies with excitement, its tongue attacking her pussy.  The horse begins to nibble on the swollen folds of her pussy, then uses its teeth to scrape along her clit.  The action drives Zoe into a feverish frenzy.  Dizzy with lust, she stares at the stallion’s cock, her body contorting to see it.  She shakes, knowing she wants the horse’s cock inside her cunt.

The thought almost makes her faint as she humps her pussy maniacally into Noir’s teeth and slapping tongue.  She moans as she races toward an orgasm.  She humps, pretending it is Noir’s cock giving her pleasure and not his tongue.  Wildly bucking and jerking, Zoe smashes her pussy into the horse’s face.

I’m gonna cum, Noir.  Ooooo, I’m gonna cum.”


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