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Year: 2023
Belinda’s boyfriend has gone to another campus for a semester, and she promised she’d be faithful. A promise she regretted very quickly. Thankfully, a friend’s dog may provide the answer.
Moe Lester
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Andrea and Will had had a leisurely dinner at the dining hall, made as hungry as pigs by all the dope they had smoked.  After eating, they strolled around the campus until Will realized the effects of the dope were wearing off.

“Hey, let’s do some social calling,” he told Andrea.

The two of them began visiting their friends until they found someone smoking.  They shared a couple of joints of Colombian, then finally headed back to the dorm.  They walked quietly.  Each lost in their own little stoned-out inner worlds.  They were inside Andrea’s room, idly thinking about fucking when they began to hear strange sounds from Belinda’s room.

“What’s she doing in there?  Playing with the dog?” Will wondered aloud.

“If she is, it’s some strange kind of playing,” Andrea said.  “Sounds more like she’s getting it on with some guy.

“But I think I heard her talking to the dog,” Will replied.

Andrea and Will moved closer to the wail, dividing Andrea’s room from Belinda’s.  Openly curious, Andrea picked up a glass and quietly put the mouth of it against the wall, then held her ear against the bottom of the glass.  She could now clearly hear what was going on in the other room.  And mingled with the obvious grunts and moans of Belinda’s passion was another sound.  The sound of wet slurping and licking.  Andrea’s eyes narrowed as her dope-fogged mind tried to think.  Then her eyes opened in stunned disbelief.

“It can’t be,” she murmured.  “But it sure as fuck sounds like it.”

“What the hell’s going on?” Will demanded, trying to push Andrea aside and get his ear against the glass.

“Something incredible,” Andrea said.  She put the glass down, then paced back and forth across the room.  “Of course, I could be wrong,” she mused.

“Wrong about what?” Will demanded.

“I’ve just got to find out.  I’ve got to take a look,” Andrea decided.  “Come on.”

She silently raised the window and was halfway through it, out into the night, before Will realized what she was doing.  He stared after his girlfriend uncomprehendingly.  She disappeared into the dark, but her head reappeared in the open window a moment later.

“Come on,” she hissed.

Shrugging his shoulders, Will slipped out the window after her.  When he lowered his feet onto the soft, leaf-covered ground, Andrea was already over by Belinda’s window, staring in.

“What’s so important?” Will hissed.

But Andrea put her hand on his arm, her fingernails digging into his flesh painfully.  “Would you look the fuck at that,” she hissed back.  “Incredible.”

Will moved closer and stood beside Andrea, looking in the window.  At first, he thought he must have smoked too much and is now hallucinating.  His eyes bulged in disbelief.  Belinda was lying on her back, propped up by a pile of cushions, stark naked.  But that wasn’t what was making Will stare.  Wilson’s big hairy body was jammed in between the girl’s parted legs, his tongue lapping steadily over her pussy.

“So that’s why she wanted to keep the dog,” Andrea muttered.  “She must have been doing this all day.”

Will didn’t answer.  He was too busy watching.  The guy had seen a lot of online porn in his life so far.  But he’d never seen anything quite as wonderfully obscene as this girl getting her pussy licked by a big hairy dog.  He watched the dog’s tongue slither between Belinda’s pussy lips, pushing aside the fleshy pads and slicing deep into the wet pink gash underneath.  He’d never thought much about Belinda before.  Now his eyes raked over her big firm tits and lithe young body.  ‘Damn,’ he thought.  ‘Maybe I’ve been missing a bet.’

“Have you ever seen anything like it?” Andrea hissed into his ear.

Will shook his head silently, still staring into the window.

“It turns me on,” Andrea said.  “How about you?”

Will nodded again.  He could feel his cock getting hard inside his pants.  Andrea seemed to sense it.  She reached down and began to rub his cock through the material.  Will stifled a groan.  He reached over and began stroking Andrea’s tits through her blouse.  She did something to her blouse with her other hand, and a moment later, he felt bare tit against his fingers.  Andrea’s nipples rose quickly, pressing into his palm.

“I think she’s going to cum soon,” Andrea whispered.

Will silently agreed.  The way Belinda was writhing around on the floor as the dog licked at her brown-furred pussy, something had to give soon.  He wondered if she looked as turned on when she was fucking.  He silently vowed to do his best to find out.

“Hey.  What’s happening?” Andrea hissed.

Both she and Will saw the dog back away from between Belinda’s legs, abandoning her cunt.  They saw Belinda plead with the animal to lick her twat some more.  And, just about the same time, Belinda saw it, both of them saw Wilson’s erect cock.

“Shit.  Look at that,” Will yelled so loudly that Belinda would have certainly heard them if she hadn’t been so stunned by the sight of the dog’s huge cock.

“God, what’s she gonna do?” Andrea mumbled as they watched Belinda move on her knees closer to the dog.

“I dunno what she’s gonna do, but my cock’s breaking in two,” Will hissed.  “It’s trying to rip a hole in my pants.”

Andrea’s fingers began to fumble at his fly.  He felt a wash of cool air as she unzipped him.  A moment later, his swollen naked cock was in her hand.  Just about that time, Belinda started stroking Wilson’s cock.

“Do the same thing to me,” Will hissed.

His breathing grew hoarse and fast as Andrea started jacking him off.

“You think she’s gonna make him shoot off in her hand?” Andrea asked.

Uh, ummmm, don’t know,” Will panted as Andrea’s fingers moved busily over the pulsing length of his aching rod.  “But if you keep jacking me off that hard, I’m gonna cum all over Belinda’s window.”

Andrea’s fingers slowed down.  But then, to the amazement of the two watchers, Belinda suddenly got down on all fours, her ass facing the dog.  As obvious as the act was, it still took Andrea and Will a few seconds to understand what the girl was trying to do.  It was unbelievable.

“She’s trying to get him to fuck her,” Will hissed.

“Shhhhhh.  Oh, God, what a turn-on,” Andrea replied.  “Can you get your finger up my cunt?”

“I don’t know.  I’ll try.”

It proved hard because Will didn’t want Andrea to let go of his pulsing cock.  But after the two squirmed around for a while, he worked his fingers deep enough into her panties to shove one of them into her hot wet vagina.  Watching what was happening in Belinda’s room had turned Andrea on as much as she’d ever been turned on.

The young couple stood outside the window, awkwardly fondling each other’s genitals while events piled up in the bedroom.  They saw Belinda reach back underneath her body and open her pussy lips for the dog.  They were both still holding their breaths, wondering if it would happen, when Wilson suddenly mounted Belinda’s upthrust buttocks.

“Oh, God, this I gotta see.  I gotta see it,” Andrea mumbled.

Her hand was pulling hard on Will’s cock again.  Her cunt thrust down rhythmically against his impaling finger.

“I’ don’t think he knows where the hole is,” Will whispered.

He remembered his first experience with fucking, where it had taken him five minutes to locate the vagina of the scared, reluctant young girl he was fucking.  Not that Belinda was being reluctant with Wilson.  ‘She does look a little scared, though,’ Will decided.  He watched her face as Belinda reached back and started trying to shove Wilson’s mammoth cock up inside her vagina.  ‘Yeah, she’s getting a little nervous, all right.’

Andrea put it neatly into words.  “I don’t see how a cock as big as Wilson’s can fit into that tight little cunt of Belinda’s,” she said shakily.

She was so turned on from watching that warm gushes of her pussy juice run down into Will’s steadily pumping hand.  Will and Andrea jumped when Wilson’s cock suddenly disappeared into Belinda’s cunt.  They could hear the girl’s voice through the window glass as she cried out in shock and pain.

God, it’s in—It’s in,” Will exclaimed.

His cock swelled another inch longer as he watched the dog start fucking the girl.  Andrea didn’t trust herself to say anything.  She tried to imagine what that huge dog cock must feel so far inside Belinda’s cunt.  Her cunt throbbed hungrily.  Suddenly, Will’s finger up inside its shuddering depths felt very inadequate.  She watched the big red dog cock chugging steadily in and out of Belinda’s cunt.  The scarlet shaft was obscenely bright against the softer pink of Belinda’s cunt meat.  But it looked like it hurt.  Andrea saw Belinda try to squirm away.  Andrea tried to feel sorry for the other girl but couldn’t.  It was all too incredibly sexy and perverted to feel anything but turned on.

“Will,” she exclaimed.  “I want you to fuck me.”

“Right now?” Will said.  “But I’d kind of like to stay here and watch.”

“Well, then fuck me right here.”


“Yeah.  Right here while we watch Wilson fucking Belinda,” Andrea said.

She was already fumbling with her clothes.  Her skirt fell to the ground.  Her panties and blouse followed.  Andrea leaned forward, catching hold of the edge of the windowsill.

“Fuck me from behind,” she begged Will.  “The way Wilson is fucking Belinda.”

Will stared down at Andrea’s bare ass, jutting back toward him.  Even in the dark, he could make out her blonde pussy hair sticking out in tufts between her thighs.  Will stared in the window, at Belinda’s equally bare ass, as much of it as wasn’t covered by the wildly fucking dog.  He moved quickly behind his girlfriend, stroking his bare cock with one hand while he steadied her ass with the other.  The tip of his cock brushed against her silky pussy hairs as he moved it between her thighs, high up, just underneath the crack of her ass.

His cock tip pressed against the soft sponginess of Andrea’s hot wet pussy lips.  He felt them open before his probing cockhead.  He was a little too low.  He worked his cock higher in Andrea’s hot slippery slit.  A moment later, he felt his cock slipping up into the hot tight confines of her cunt.

Oooohhhh,” Andrea moaned as she was slowly filled with Will’s cock meat.

She felt his big cock slide deep into her, inch by inch until the tip started stretching the far end of her cunt.  Then she felt something else, a sharp pricking sensation inside her pussy slit.  A moment later, as Will started fucking his cock enthusiastically in and out of her throbbing vagina, the pricking sensations changed to sharp pain.

“Wait a minute,” she hissed, trying to writhe away from the man fucking her from behind, just as Belinda was trying to writhe away from Wilson.  “The tip of your zipper is wrecking my clit.”

Will didn’t try to take his cock out of Andrea’s cunt.  He knew he couldn’t bear to be parted from its slick, hot tightness.  The man quickly unbuckled his belt and slid his pants low on his hips so the offending zipper tab was out of the way.  Then, holding Andrea’s firm ass cheeks tightly in his cupped hands, he began fucking steadily in and out of her cunt with his cock, in long deep strokes.  It felt like a strange toothless mouth was sucking powerfully on his cock.  Andrea had one of the snuggest strongest cunts he’d ever found.  And from the looks of it, Belinda’s was just as tight and sweet.  ‘That lucky fucking dog,’ he thought.

Andrea dug her fingers into the windowsill, trying to keep from moaning and panting as Will fucked her from behind.  It was tremendously exciting to her to be fucked this way while she watched the dog pound his big pud into Belinda’s cunt just a few feet away.  Andrea was glad Will was holding so tightly to her ass.  She was so turned on.  His cock felt so good inside her snatch that her legs were weak and shaky.

It looked to her like Belinda was getting more into fucking the dog.  The girl was rolling her hips around, trying to get more dog cock into her cunt.  Andrea thought it must be doing interesting things inside her friend’s hot little pussy.  ‘Who would have ever figured Belinda would do a kinky thing like this?’ Andrea wondered.  ‘But is it really any kinkier than what I’m doing getting Will to fuck me from behind while I spy on my friend, humped down on all fours on the floor, getting her cunt plowed by a Goddamned dog?

Will never took his eyes off Belinda and the dog while he fucked into Andrea’s sweet snatch.  He could feel his girlfriend’s cunt wrapped tightly around his pumping cock.  He could feel her solid ass cheeks pressing against his loins whenever he fucked forward.  He wondered if this was how Belinda’s body felt to Wilson or if the dog was even aware of anything but the delight in his big red cock.  ‘God, he’s a horny mutt,’ Wilson thought.

By now, Belinda was panting, writhing mass of lusting flesh.  She twisted and bucked in front of the faithfully fucking dog, jamming her cunt back against his plunging cock.  Belinda’s face was twisted toward the watching Will and Andrea so they could see the wild, depraved expressions flickering over the girl’s lust-distorted features.  Will thought he had never seen a girl look so wildly turned on.  Andrea thought she would probably look and feel just the same depraved uninhibited excitement Belinda was so obviously feeling if she were the one getting fucked by the dog.

Oh God,” Andrea and Will heard Belinda suddenly cry out.  “Fuck me hard, Wilson.  Shove your wonderful dog cock up to my throat.  I-I’m gonna cum.  Ohhhhhhh, don’t stop.  Don’t stop.  I-I’m—AHHHHHHHHH.”

Belinda’s body bucked and jerked as she started to cum.  If the dog hadn’t been so strong, he undoubtedly would have been unable to hold her down.  Her cunt spasmed powerfully around the dog’s cock, squeezing it frantically.  The dog began to yip and howl, unable to hold back his orgasm under the strong sucking of Belinda’s cunt around its rock-hard length.

Outside the window, Andrea and Will watched thick gushes of dog cum, mixed with Belinda’s thick cunt juices, pour down the backs of the girl’s quivering thighs.

Too much, too much,” Will panted.

He felt his cock swelling, bursting.  A moment later, his jizz jetted up into Andrea’s cunt.  He grabbed her ass tightly, jerking her cunt back against his loins as his cock continued spurting its hot load.

Andrea felt her lover’s cock gushing love juice into her vagina.  She tried to imagine the dog’s jizz filling her cunt, just the way it was filling Belinda’s.  She suddenly started to cum, too, her body twitching and jerking.  Her head arched back.  She bit her lip to keep from crying out and alerting Belinda.  Her nipples scraped against the windowsill, intensifying the wild sensations rocketing out of control throughout her spasming body.

The four of them, Belinda and the dog, and Will and Andrea, panted away their respective orgasms, thick ropes of semen dripping down from the girls’ cunts, the dog’s pooling on the carpet, Will’s making the leaves slippery.

Andrea was still cumming when Belinda flopped tiredly onto her face.  Her shaking arms were no longer able to hold her up.  Wilson hopped down from her back, his red cock slipping wetly free from her stretched cunt.  It was already shrinking back into his hairy belly as he turned away and went to the corner to lie down.

Will gave one last hard shove with his cock, feeling Andrea’s cunt all hot and slippery inside with his cum.  Andrea was leaning tiredly on the windowsill, trying to regain her breath.  Suddenly, Belinda seemed to hear something.  She raised her head and glanced toward the window.  Andrea and Will ducked just in time.  They hurried back to Andrea’s window and squeezed inside, Andrea holding onto the clothes she’d quickly scooped up from the ground.

“Wow, wasn’t that something,” Will exclaimed when they were safely on the narrow bed.  “That Belinda is one weird chick.”

Weird?’ Andrea wondered.  ‘Then maybe I’m weird too because watching Belinda get fucked by the dog had been one of the sexiest, most exciting things I’ve ever seen.’


Back in her room, Belinda shut the window again after peering into the night.

“I guess I’m paranoid,” she muttered.

She’d thought she heard something and remembered how she had spied on Will and Andrea fucking the night before.  ‘God, if anybody had seen me with Wilson, I’m dead,’ she thought grimly.  She looked at the dog, now sleeping peacefully in a corner.  ‘What a cock.’  Her cunt throbbed as she remembered how it had felt inside her twitching body.  She’d finally done it.  She’d got fucked.

The hell with guilt, the hell with remorse,’ Belinda thought.  ‘It was weird, but I’m glad I did it.  Another week without sex, I’d have been a candidate for the loony bin.  And the nicest thing was,’ she thought, smiling, ‘that it was perfectly safe.  Wilson won’t tell on me, and even if he could, what would it matter?  Tim couldn’t possibly be jealous of a dog, could he?  Tim, beautiful Tim,’ Belinda thought.  ‘I wonder what he’s doing now?


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