Descent to the Dark Side

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Descent to the Dark Side
Descent to the Dark Side
Year: 2022
After his divorce, Nate moves across the country to the west coast and buys a dog for companionship. A companion that soon turns into a lover.
Jack Morningwood
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Nate Yates moved to the small town of Fernandina Beach on the Florida border to Georgia.  After a botched marriage and a messy divorce, he left his wife the house in LA and moved across the country to escape.  He manages to buy a modest home on Oceanview Court, a tiny little oasis that gives him all the peace, quiet, and privacy he needs to do his work.  Nate works for a famous video game company debugging software.  The good thing about the job is that he can do it anywhere without going into the office.  Nate works at home via Zoom, phone, and email.

His wife Joanne and he separated after discovering her having an affair with her trainer.  He supposes he should’ve known, as Joanne’s sudden devotion to her fitness seemed very out of character.   Just imagine Nate’s horror when he learned that the instructor was a buff black man with a whopping big cock.  Disgraced and disgusted, Nate left without too much complaining.  She told him his dick was too small for her, which he couldn’t change anyway.  Joanne’s family came from old money, so she didn’t need his support, leaving him with most of his savings intact.  So, Joanne and Nate went their separate ways.

The house he bought used to belong to an older couple who died.  The realtor said Nate got it for a deal, as the family wanted to get rid of it and move on after their parents’ deaths.  It was a beautiful little one-floor ranch-style home, with three bedrooms, one of which he transformed into an office.  The view of the Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking.  Nate started jogging the roads every morning.  Being five foot nine, one-hundred and ten pounds, with a slim athletic physique and red hair, Nate keeps himself in good physical shape.

After a couple of weeks, the man starts noticing his neighbors as they wave to him when he runs past.  Nate finds most of the townspeople are friendly and helpful, some even going out of their way to explain locations and routes.  The town is small compared to neighboring cities like Jacksonville.  After a while, Nate starts to find all the extra quiet a trifle oppressive, so to break up some of the monotony around the house, he decides to get himself a companion.  Back in LA, Joanne and Nate owned a dog he missed.

He sees an ad in the local paper for a free dog, so after calling about it and deciding the dog sounds perfect, he drives to the owner’s house in town.  The dog’s a two-year-old black Labrador called Darkseid (named by a grandson after a comic book villain because of the dog’s black color) who seems friendly and well-behaved.

“Why are you giving him away,” Nate asks the owner with a cocked eyebrow.

The man shrugs.  “Darkseid ‘ere is a good dog.  He’s used to people and will cause no fuss.  I’m getting a bit too old to look after him these days.”

Nate nods but thinks the man doesn’t look that old.  “Oh, OK.  He’s not a barker or forever trying to break out of your yard?”

“Nah, he’s a sniffer and a licker.  That’s about all.  He might chew the odd shoe or sock, so don’t leave your good ones lying around.”

Nate decides to give Darkseid a try.  The first thing he does is take Darkseid to the Vet for a complete and thorough check-up.  The Vet is already familiar with the dog’s history.  With everything set, he immediately takes Darkseid to the local Home Depot for his new collar, food, supplies, and a brand new dog house.  Nate schedules an appointment with a carpenter to build the dog its new home.  Then he takes the dog home to get better acquainted with it and its new digs.

Darkseid seems to be comfortable at Oceanview Court rather quickly.  Nate lets the Labrador run around the fenced grounds before feeding it and gives the animal a good bath outside with the hose.  The man scrubs the dog well before it can jump on and lay around on Nate’s new furniture.  Once he gets the Labrador squared away, Nate works in his office while Darkseid lies around relaxing.

Occasionally the dog would get bored and wander into the office with him, lying its head on his lap for attention.  Nate works a few hours before getting too sleepy to concentrate anymore.  He rubs his sore eyes, then decides to let off some steam by watching some porn and jerking off.

Nate selects a favorite porn video on Pornhub, streams it to his large screen TV, then strips naked and settles into his favorite lounge chair.  He fast forwards to the hottest scenes while slowly stroking his six-inch hard-on to full erection.  In the video, a petite but big titty white girl takes on three hung black guys all at once.  One’s lying on his back with her pussy straddling his hips, the other’s standing behind fucking her in her fat asshole, and the last stands over her fucking her pretty face.  The girl’s exceptionally talented and has all three massive black cocks pulsating wildly fucking her delicious holes.

Nate’s busy stroking himself, trying to time his climax to coincide with the porn stars, when Darkseid wanders into the room to see what he’s doing.  The redheaded man keeps his eyes on the TV screen, watching intently as the white girl (barely eighteen) gets her body fucked in every direction.  Nate strokes his cock harder, his balls bouncing between his legs as his fist hammers his hard cock.

To his utter shock and surprise, the man feels Darkseid’s cold, wet nose sniffing between his legs.  Startled, Nate pushes the dog back out of the way and continues stroking.  Darkseid comes back, more interested in what Nate is doing.  The Labrador nudges its nose into Nate’s balls again, then licks him.  The man nearly jumps out of his skin.  Since his separation, he hadn’t been sexually active, relying mainly on porn to satisfy his sexual needs.

Nate’s somewhat frightened at first, allowing Darkseid to lick him down there.  He isn’t sure if the dog’s tamed enough not to bite him.  Reluctantly he allows the dog to continue, keeping his senses alert if the animal decides to nibble.  But Darkseid doesn’t.  On the screen, he sees one of the black men pull his thick cock from her mouth and start to jerk off all over her face and panting mouth.  She collects his jizz on her tongue, then lets it drool from the corners of her mouth while the other two men continue fucking her pussy and asshole.

He watches as the camera zoom onto the two big black cocks dueling through her ass and cunt.  The one in her ass shoves in and stops.  Nate can see his thick cock pulsate as he dumps his load into her asshole while the man on the bottom keeps on fucking.  When he removes his cock, his jizz starts to leak from her dilated anus.  The woman goes wild, bouncing her pussy on the length of the last man’s cock beneath her.  He grabs her milky white hips with his huge black hands and pulls her all the way down on his big cock.  Nate sees his balls contract as he shoots his massive load inside her well-fucked cunt.

At the exact precise moment, Darkseid starts licking his balls, the dog’s wet tongue licking from Nate’s hairy balls to his stroking fingers while the man jacks himself into a frenzy.  The semen shoots from his throbbing cock, coating his stomach with thick white jizz.  He sits back in the chair, exhausted and ready for a shower, with Darkseid still licking his loosening balls.  Nate stands, his stiff cock still upright, allowing the dog to lick the shaft.  After a few minutes, he decides to call it quits and heads for the bathroom.


After his shower, Nate lets Darkseid into the yard for the night so he can pee and protect the house.  Shortly after, the man goes to bed, settling in and falling to sleep quickly.  Sometime later that night, he heard Darkseid outside wailing, scratching at the back door as he tried to regain entry.  Nate tries ignoring the dog for a while, but after an hour or so, he knows the dog’s noise-making has to be disturbing his neighbors.  So, Nate gets out of bed and lets the dog inside.  The Labrador wags its tail, jumping on Nate as it greeted him happily.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Nate mumbles, cutting out the lights and heading back to bed.

Darkseid followed him, jumping on the bed with him.  Nate pushes the dog off, telling it to stay on the floor.  But Darkseid won’t listen and keeps jumping on the bed anyway.  He decides not to challenge the dog anymore and allows it to sleep with him for the night.  But Darkseid isn’t satisfied with just merely sleeping with Nate.  The dog climbs on top of him and starts to lick his face.

“Stop, Darkseid,” Nate yells, pushing the dog off.

However, Darkseid’s a big dog and won’t take no for an answer.  The man has to hide under the covers to escape, and even then, the dog’s pulling at the sheets with its teeth to expose him.  That’s when Nate notices the Labrador’s hard-on sticking out from under its stomach.  ‘So that’s what the problem is?’ Nate thought the dog wanted him to help it get off as it’d done to him.  The man certainly isn’t about to put a dog’s cock in his mouth or lick its furry balls like Darkseid done to him, but he’ll whack the dog off if that will help.

Darkseid’s doggy cock is bright red, veined, and about a good eight inches long.  ‘Even a Labrador’s cock is bigger than mine,’ he thought with a sigh.  Nate touches it tentatively.  He’s afraid he might hurt Darkseid.  The dog’s cock is wet and slick to the touch as he starts to fist it back and forth.  Darkseid stops fighting him and stands there enjoying Nate’s curious hand.  The man feels the thick doggy cock, cupped his furry balls, and strokes its strange cock back and forth.

The Labrador places its front paws on his shoulders while he strokes it and begins humping its hips.  The dog’s cock moves back and forth through Nate’s tightly enclosed fist as the dog humps.  He can’t believe he’s doing this.  ‘My former dog was neutered, so I never saw his cock.  Now I’m jacking off my new dog as he humps my hand as if fucking some stray bitch in heat.  Maybe I should get Darkseid neutered too,’ Nate thought.

Darkseid pants heavily, and that canine cock starts to swell in Nate’s hand.  The man sees a large knot growing near the end of the dog’s cock and thinks he might have done something wrong.  He let go of it, thinking he has broken it somehow, when Darkseid suddenly starts spewing watery jizz all over Nate, plus his bed and sheets.  Darkseid never stops humping thin air as the dog’s cock sways, spraying dog semen everywhere.

“Oh, fuck, Darkseid,” Nate groans.  “You’re getting it everywhere.”

Nate’s drenched in dog semen as he tries to push the dog back off him.  Darkseid growls as Nate pushes the Labrador onto the floor and wipes its jizz off his body with the sheets.

“Bad dog,” Nate scolds as the dog tucks its tail and mopes out of the room.

The man gets out of bed, pulls the soaked sheets off the bed, and throws them into the laundry basket.  Then he showers again, washing Darkseid’s sticky jizz off him.  After Nate remade the bed and settles to sleep again, Darkseid comes running in from hiding in the living room and lies quietly at the foot of the bed.

“You just keep your distance,” Nate said harshly.  “Any more shenanigans tonight, and I’ll chain you up outside.”

The dog stares at Nate, then lies its head on its front paws as if it fully understands what he just said.  The tired man soon goes to sleep.


The following day, Nate takes Darkseid jogging.  They run his usual route, around the winding roads of the sprawling neighborhoods until the two go about five miles.  Then it’s back to the house.  He feeds Darkseid breakfast and then makes himself some cereal and coffee.  After a hot shower, Nate goes to work in his home office.  It’s a busy day as his employer has a new video game to release, but there’s some bug in the code no one can fix.  It’s where Nate comes into his own, and he works hard trying to trace it.  He takes quick breaks to give Darkseid time out in the yard to do his business.

As evening comes, Nate takes the Labrador for a walk, then settles in on the couch to watch some Netflix with his dinner.  The dog lies there with its head in its lap while Nate watches Squid Games and eats stir fry.  Afterward, Nate’s starting to feel horny again, so he again starts streaming porn from PornHub.  Darkseid jumps up when Nate hears the moans as if the dog knows what’s happening.  As is his habit, Nate removes his clothes as the dog wags its tail, anxious to repeat what they did yesterday.  The man gets into his favorite lounge chair, and spreads his legs, and starts stroking his cock.

Darkseid jumps off the sofa and sits before him, watching the man beat his cock.  The dog stares at him as if it isn’t sure if he’d let it lick him there again, so Nate encourages Darkseid to come on.  The dog eases between his legs and sniffs his balls.  Nate’s cock throbs at the anticipation of the Labrador’s warm tongue.  Sure enough, Darkseid starts licking him again.  The man can help to groan as the long wet tongue licks his scrotum and part of his ass crack.  On-screen, Nate sees two white women sucking a black man’s massive cock.  They’re taking turns to suck him, each one doing her best to deep throat the phallus but failing.

Darkseid’s going to town on Nate’s balls, licking him until the man’s nuts are dripping with canine saliva.  Nate lifts his legs, exposing his ass crack.  Darkseid’s tongue runs the hairy crevice, tickling his tight, untouched rosebud.  The man moans softly, his body tingling all over from the forbidden animal sex he’s experiencing.  Nate’s never had his asshole licked before, so it’s foreign territory for him and exciting.

Nate’s asshole throbs and puckers with every lick, making his cock pulsate.  Before he’s even ready, Nate can feel his balls ready to shoot their load.  He lowers his legs and points his cock down, so Darkseid’s tongue licks the sensitive head.  Nate’s toes curl as the jizz starts to shoot from the tip, coating Darkseid’s nose and lapping tongue in a thick, rich man sauce.  The dog licks it all away, licking its entire face clean.


Tired, Nate goes to the bathroom for a hot shower before bed.  Darkseid suddenly jumps on him, all excited as the dog’s thick cock hangs under its furry belly.

“Not now, boy.  Stop that,” the redhead man said, pushing the dog off.

But Darkseid is determined to get off.  The dog jumps and pushes Nate in the back with its front legs, knocking him to his knees.

“Darkseid,” he moans, surprised by the attack.

The dog nudges its nose back between the man’s ass cheeks, licking him and down his crack.  He falls forward onto his elbows, giving the dog free reign of his ass with its great tongue.

Oh, fuck,” Nate moans, loving the feel of the dog’s tongue licking across his asshole.

Nate’s cock grows hard as hell.  He starts stroking, balancing himself on a hand.  The man spreads his legs and bends over further, allowing his tongue to work its magic.

He’s just starting to get into it when Darkseid suddenly jumps on his back and starts humping.  “No, Darkseid.  Stop.  Stop that.  Down, boy.  Heel,” Nate shouts, trying to push the Labrador off.

At first, he thought it was funny and even laughed aloud when he felt the dog’s thick cock poking into his inner thighs.  But when the canine cock tip hits his asshole head-on, Nate stops laughing and becomes concerned.  He’s only five foot nine and 110 pounds soaking wet, so the man has a time trying to get the horny dog off his back.  Another jab and Darkseid’s cock tip pierced his tight saliva-soaked anal sphincter.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Nate screams as the dog’s cock smashes through his resisting sphincter muscles straight into his aching rectum.  “No, boy.  Don’t.”

The man gasps, feeling a searing pain shoot through him as he tries to crawl away.  Darkseid keeps on humping into Nate hard and fast, following him on hind legs as the Labrador jams its big cock into him repeatedly.

Darkseid, stop it.  No.  Stop it, boy,” Nate yells, pushing back on the dog’s thrusting hips.

Darkseid stops humping and growls at Nate, scaring the life out of him as he freezes with fear.  When the man stops resisting, the dog immediately goes back to fucking him, driving its hard cock through him wildly.  As the dog’s cock moves in and out of him, the man’s asshole burns with pain.  Nate’s too scared to stop Darkseid and too paralyzed to move away, so he kneels there and takes it as his dog fucks him right there on the living room floor.

He feels Darkseid’s claws scratching into his bare skin and back as the Labrador fucks him, its doggy drool dripping off his floppy tongue as the beast humps away wildly.  The dog’s cock feels like a phone pole up his asshole.  Nate beats the floor with his fists as he grits his teeth and takes it.  The man relaxes his asshole as best he can around Darkseid’s cock, allowing the dog to plow him as hard and deeply as it needs.  He knows there isn’t much he can do about it anyway.

After a while, Nate notices the intense pain in his asshole is lessening.  Darkseid’s cock still feels enormous, but the searing pain is now starting to turn into dull pleasurable friction.  He’s surprised his human cock is starting to fatten between his legs again.  But when Nate thinks he’ll be able to survive this incredible experience and come out of it in one piece, he feels Darkseid’s knot swelling inside his asshole.

OH, FUCK,” Nate yells.

The man feels the intense pressure building as the knot swells to grapefruit-sized proportions in his rectum, feeling like a softball moving through his colon.  The dog’s thrusting never stops as its knot bangs against the inside of his anal ring.  It’s turning his asshole inside out with each backward stroke before the dog’s hind legs send a powerful thrust deep into Nate’s colon like a fist.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” he screams, feeling turned inside out.

Nate’s body begins to tremble as Darkseid fucks him steadily without pace or let up.  The dog fucks him with one fast, frantic insane speed, pounding his ass as if he is its bitch in the wild.  The man feels like used meat as the animal hammers away at his sore asshole, using him as a surrogate for its horniness.  Nate feels overwhelmed by this animal, thinking he’s bitten off more than he can chew.  He can’t stop thinking Darkseid could damage his insides severely.  The dog cock impaled man imagines blood pouring from his colon in buckets.  How could he explain to the hospital that a dog attacked him, and butt fucked him as if he was a bitch?

Darkseid’s thrust is all animal, no tangible form or fashion.  The dog fucks from instinct, not recreation like a man would.  The dog knows nothing of foreplay and prolonging of slowing down the fast pace to ease on his partner.  All it understands is lust, to merely shove its cock in and work it hard until it climaxes.  Nate feels as if he’ll pass out from the enormous pressure.  Just then, the man feels Darkseid’s cock pulsate wildly inside of him as it starts to fill him quickly with the dog’s potent watery semen, officially breeding Nate as its bitch.

The semen burns inside him, probably soaking into his bloodstream through the evident abrasions ruptured inside.  Nate fears the worse as some liquid oozes from his overstuffed asshole as Darkseid continues humping him.  The sensation is overwhelming, and the man finds himself sexually aroused despite his reservations.

Nate’s asshole flexes and spasms around Darkseid’s dog cock, unconsciously milking the beast dry as it whimpers atop him in ecstasy.  The terrible pain in Nate’s rectum begins to subside after Darkseid’s climax.  It’s as if the dog’s jizz has somehow cooled his burning innards after it stops thrusting.  He rests his head on the floor, finally enabling himself to breathe.  That’s when Darkseid starts to pull back and withdraw.  Again, the man screams as the Labrador pulls back, trying to dislodge its cock and knot.


Nate faints after Darkseid turns his butt to him and pulls away.  Nate’s anus automatically clamps on the dog’s shaft, holding onto it for dear life as the animal pulls itself away harder.  Darkseid is utterly unaware of Nate’s agony as the dog tries to escape the man.  Nate’s asshole turns inside out from the force of the dog’s knot as darkness starts to take him over.  He feels his asshole explode outward as the knot eventually pops free.  The man falls unconscious on the floor as his sore asshole is gushing doggy jizz all over his soft cock and balls and the carpeted floor beneath him.


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