Dog Balling Donna

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Dog Balling Donna
Dog Balling Donna
Year: 2024
Donna’s pussy is getting juicy, wetting the crotch of her panties beneath her frilly white dress. She couldn’t help it. Pastor Watkins keeps mentioning fornicators and sodomites and talking about people lying down with beasts.
Moe Lester
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Donna’s pussy is getting juicy, wetting the crotch of her panties beneath her frilly white dress. At the same time, she sits primly beside her mother in church. The preacher’s sermon is making the cute little blonde hot. She couldn’t help it. Pastor Watkins keeps mentioning fornicators and sodomites and talking about people lying down with beasts. ‘Fucking with animals?’ she thought. Donna Simpson had never even thought of such a thing before. But—now that Pastor Watkins had put the idea into her head—it was all just too exciting for the depraved youngster, and her imagination was running wild.

While the minister droned on about the sins of the flesh, his monotone voice lulling most of the congregation into a mellow stupor, Donna kept her big blue eyes focused on him, paying close attention. She is hoping he will mention lying down with beasts again. But now he is talking about adultery, and Donna doesn’t find that nearly as interestingly naughty as bestiality. Rubbing her thighs together beneath her pretty dress, her toes curling inside her black patent leather shoes, the horny young woman feels her little pussy getting all runny again.

She is thinking about Baron, the big black Doberman pinscher at home. Donna’s father had ‘gone away’ when she was just a baby, and she and her mother lived alone. So, Baron is more than just a pet for them. He is their friend and protector. But now—thanks to Pastor Watkins’s remarks a few minutes before, Donna finds herself thinking about the dog in a new way. The preacher droned on, returning to his favorite topic, fornication. He talked about that a lot.

Donna absentmindedly twists on one of her pigtails, wishing Pastor Watkins would talk about fucking with animals some more. Despite her sweet and innocent appearances, Donna already knows all about fornicators—half the boys in the neighborhood fucked her regularly. She knows a lot about adultery, too- several of the neighborhood husbands fucked her whenever their wives weren’t around. The angelic-looking little slut had lost her cherry when young and didn’t even know what a hymen was, much less have one. She is certainly no stranger to sexual decadence.

But the minister’s casual mention of sex with animals had excited the tired young woman. That is something she had never experienced. Now, she is thinking about Baron, wondering if she can teach the big Doberman to fuck her. The very idea of such a thing seems deliciously wicked, and she is grateful to the preacher for suggesting the possibility. Donna jiggled her thighs together more rapidly, feeling her hot pussy drenching her panties as her wet cunt-lips rubbed together. Naughty visions of slimy red dog-cocks danced in her head.

Heather Simpson frowned and nudged her daughter gently. “Donna,” the blonde woman whispers irritably, “do stop that squirming!”

“Yes, Mother,” the woman murmurs sweetly.

Trying to rivet her attention on Pastor Watkins again, Donna forces herself to be still, even though her pussy is tingling with preorgasmic sensations. But, as she stroked one of her pigtails absently, she suddenly found herself imagining that shaft of firmly braided hair was a dog’s cock. Donna curls her fingers tightly around the pigtail. She begins stroking up and down it, imagining that she is jacking on their Doberman’s big cock. As her hand slides up and down the rope of hair, the youngster begins rubbing her thighs together again, stimulating her bubbling little pussy with her movements.

The dog-cock fantasy, combined with the very real sensations caused by her slippery cuntlips rubbing together, brought the horny woman to orgasm quickly. The suddenness of her orgasm takes her by surprise. As the fluttery sensations surged through her cunt, she shuddered all over, squeezing her pigtail and gasping audibly.

“Donna!” her mother scolded, the woman’s voice rising above the whisper she had intended. “Be still, child.”

A few people in nearby pews turned, glaring at the dignified-looking woman. But the minister rambled on with his sermon, seeming not to have noticed the minor disturbance. Donna sighed and straightened up in the pew, folding her hands primly on her lap and hoping her mother hadn’t noticed how flushed her face was. She could feel pussy-cream running into the crack of her ass, dampening the seat of her panties, and she prayed it didn’t soak through the several layers of her frilly dress. If it did, she would have to tell her mom that she had wet her panties during the long church service.

It was the first time Donna had ever climaxed without even touching her pussy. And she decides right then and there that if the mere fantasy of fucking with animals is that good, then the reality can only be better. And, she reasoned, fucking with dogs would undoubtedly be an interesting diversion to break the monotony of getting fucked by all those horny neighborhood boys and misbehaving husbands.

An abrupt nudge from her mother brought Donna back to the reality of the moment. She picked up her hymnal and joined the others as they rose to sing the closing hymn. Cunt-cream ran down her thighs beneath her dress as she sang the latest pop-style church song along with the rest of the congregation, her cherubic young face giving no clue to the utter depravity that lurked beneath the surface.


After church, Donna helped her mother prepare lunch. Clad in jeans and a light summer blouse —her mother wouldn’t let her wear shorts— the youngster said grace over the meal and then gobbled it down as fast as she could. She is eager to get away from her pious and boring mother and find out if the Doberman can be persuaded to fuck her. Pushing her chair back, Donna excused herself quickly and headed for the back door.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Heather asks.

“Out in the backyard…to play with Baron,” Donna said innocently as she slid the glass patio door open.

“You stay in the shade of the arbor, sweetheart,” the woman said. “You know how easily you sunburn in the summer, and it’s really hot out there today.”

“Sure, Mother. We’ll play in the arbor, don’t worry.”

As soon as Donna is outside, the huge Doberman runs to her and begins bounding around her, demanding attention. And she is ready to give the dog plenty of attention today.

“Hi, Baron!” she chirped, patting the dog on the head as it went along with her toward the arbor. “Wanna play with me?”

The beast trotted along obediently, saliva drooling from its panting mouth, as it and the woman entered the shady seclusion of the arbor. A thick growth of grape vines and tall bushes provided a cool oasis. They could not be seen from the house inside the arbor.

“Let me see your cock,” Donna whispers as she drops to her knees. “Be still now, Baron!”

She peers beneath the animal’s belly, staring at its furry cock-sheath while she holds the dog still with both hands. Then she slides one hand down its flank and grasps its cock-sheath, squeezing it gently. The Doberman flinched, unaccustomed to being touched that way by humans. The Doberman twists its powerful neck, looking around at the kneeling woman in obvious confusion. But the dog stands still, apparently enjoying the strange sensation of having its cock fondled by its pretty young mistress.

“C’mon, boy!” Donna urges, massaging the dog’s cock-sheath eagerly. “Lemme see you get it up!”

She jacked clumsily on its hairy cock-sheath, her knuckles bumping against its heavy black balls. At the same time, she steadied the nervous animal with her other hand. Baron caught the pungent scent of the woman’s hot pussy, which was already juicing in her jeans as she anticipated being fucked -by the huge beast.

The Doberman whimpered in confusion, seemingly unsure whether it should give in to the arousal it was feeling or flee in terror. A human female had never seduced the poor dog, and with nothing in its experience to guide the dog, it seemed bewildered. But living alone in the backyard had severely limited Baron’s access to bitches in heat, and the dog is always horny. So nature takes its course. The dog’s cock begins to emerge from its hairy cock-sheath, swelling and stiffening under the soft touch of the woman’s stroking fingers.

Donna continues to jack the dog’s cock, bending lower so she can see its slimy red hard-on slithering from its cock-sheath. She let her fingers slide down onto the slippery shaft of its cock, her nose wrinkling at the nastiness of what she is doing.

“Your cock sure is different from boys cocks,” she said, jacking cautiously on the beast’s naked cock.

When the dog’s cock is vibrantly stiff beneath the woman’s stroking fingers, she bends lower, peering closely at it. Baron becomes jittery again when his mistress moves in so close to his cock, and she has to steady the dog with soothing words. But, all the while, she keeps her fingers curled around its hard-on, pumping gently. Up close, Donna can see that the dog’s cock is coated with a gloss of slime, and the crimson cock-shaft is veined and a bit bumpy. The head of Baron’s cock looked very different from that of a boy’s cock, coming to a sharper point. But, far from disgusting the horny youngster, the close-up view of the Doberman’s cock only excites her more.

“You want your cock sucked, Baron?” Donna asks, gently rubbing the dog’s flank with one hand while she holds its cock and examines it. “Most boys like for a woman to suck their cocks before they fuck her.”

Baron whimpered, gazing back at the kneeling woman.

“Yeah,” she said, patting its back. “I thought so.”

She raised to glance around and make sure nobody is watching, clinging to the nervous animal’s throbbing cock while she surveyed the immediate area. Her mother is still in the house, and none of the neighbors are in their backyards. The dense growth of vines on the arbor provided considerable privacy. So the woman quickly decides it is safe and ducked down beneath the dog’s belly, her jean-clad ass jutting up in the air. Without any hesitation, the young woman opens her mouth and clamps her pretty lips around the head of the dog’s cock.

When the dog feels the woman’s hot, sucking mouth on the end of its cock, it is so startled that it lurches out of her grasp. Donna grabs its big leather collar and pulls the dog back toward her, trying to soothe the dog with softly spoken words. It takes her a minute to settle the unnerved beast. But the dog’s cock remains stiff, jutting obscenely from its hairy sheath.

Cautiously, Donna bends low again and grasps Baron’s hard-on, then she begins licking the glossy red head of its cock with the soft, warm tip of her tongue. There is a sharp, spicy flavor to the slime that coated the dog-cock, but the naughty youngster finds it strangely appealing. This time, the Doberman remains still, twisting its neck to watch its little mistress licking its cock. As she stimulated the sensitive underside of its cock-head with her tongue, its muscles rippled, and it shuddered, its black nostrils flaring.

Encouraged by Baron’s docility now, Donna again slips her lips around the knob of the dog’s cock. She begins to suck gently while she keeps one hand on its furry flank to steady the dog. Her free hand went quickly to the beast’s hairy black balls, and Donna fondled them gently, assuming it would like the same things that boys liked. But when she touches its balls, the dog jumps and skitters sideways defensively, apparently fearing she is going to hurt the dog. As the dog lurched, its cock again slipped from Donna’s lips.

“Stay, Baron!” she snaps in a commanding voice out of patience with the animal.

Obediently, the Doberman stands still and lets its mistress crawl under the dog again. When Donna took the dog’s cock back into her mouth, it surprised her by hunching forward, fucking about half of its long red cock between her lips. Quickly, she starts bobbing her head, slipping her warm lips up and down its cockshaft. The Doberman responds favorably this time, humping so hard it almost knocks her to the ground with its fuck-thrusts. Excited by her pet’s response, the young woman clings to its hips and twists her body, lying on her back and letting the dog fuck her pretty face.

Baron is confused by what is happening, and he keeps looking around, seemingly bewildered. But the dog had its cock in a hot fuckhole, and the lusty sensations activated its instinctual urges. The dog knows it isn’t fucking a bitch, but the beast isn’t sure exactly what it is fucking. Nothing in its limited experience had ever suggested that human females are to be fucked in the face. Yet, that is what the dog is doing. All the dog really knows is that it feels good, and that is reason enough to do it.

In its excitement, the big Doberman kept stomping all over Donna’s breasts with its hind legs while it fucked her mouth, leaving dirty paw prints on her blouse. The dog’s sharp nails are hurting her breasts, but she is so thrilled by the long cock sliding in and out of her mouth that she doesn’t care. Clinging to the dog’s furry body with both hands, she let the dog fuck its cock clear into her throat with each lunge.

The woman had originally intended to get the beast hot by sucking its cock, and then trying to get the dog to fuck her. But, now that it is happening, she is so thrilled by the bestial cock-sucking that she decides she wants to taste dog-cum. She loves the alkaline flavor of boy-cum, and she figured that if dog-jizz is half that delicious, she wants some of it in her mouth. So she stays on her back on the ground, her head raised for the dog’s cock as it fucked in and out of her sucking mouth.

Baron’s humping becomes more rapid, its hairy balls thumping against Donna’s chin as it fucked her mouth. The Doberman keeps stomping on the pert little mounds of her breasts, getting her blouse filthy. And she continues to hang onto the dog’s hips, willingly taking the rapid-fire thrusts of its obscene fucker into her sweet mouth. Suddenly, the Doberman begins to snarl—but it keeps fucking the little blonde’s mouth.

Donna wonders why Baron is growling, but she is so enjoying the sensation of its cock pounding in and out of her mouth that she just goes on sucking. The Doberman seemed very excited now, and she reasoned that perhaps dogs growled and snarled when they were about to cum. Baron’s snarling becomes more vicious, but the dog’s ass continues to pump rapidly as it fucked the woman’s face. The dog’s stomping hind legs pull her blouse open, and one of her bare little breasts is exposed. There are red marks on her creamy tit flesh where the animal’s claws had scraped the skin.

Suddenly, the dog’s angry snarling turned to pitiful-sounding whines and whimpers, and its haunches pumped faster than ever. The dog’s stiff cock is fucking deep into the woman’s throat, and its cum-laden balls bumped rapidly against her chin. The violence of Baron’s fuck-lunges knocks Donna down, and the back of her head strikes the dirt. About to blow its load, the fierce beast hunkered down, pinning the woman to the ground as it fucked her face so fast that its pumping ass became a blur. Before she can react, she feels the dog’s cock throbbing against her lips as it slides in and out. And an instant later, her cheeks puffed out as hot bursts of dog-cum filled her mouth.

Taken by surprise, Donna gags on the abrupt flood of cock-cream, and she begins trying to push the huge dog off her face with both hands. But it was too heavy, and the helpless woman sputtered and choked around its fucking cock as the cum kept gushing forth in rapid bursts, filling her mouth faster than she could swallow. Dog-cum streams from her flared nostrils as tears welled up in her reddened eyes. Then another powerful burst of sperm explodes in her mouth, gushing out from the corners of her cock-stuffed lips and running down the sides of her face. The dog’s pumping cock acted as a plunger in the kid’s mouth, causing creamy cum to bubble out over her lips and coat her chin.

Cum overflowing from Donna’s mouth gets onto the dog’s balls and, as it keeps humping and its balls slap against her chin, milky cum splattered to either side. Some of the splashing dog-jizz gets onto her pigtails, where they lay on the ground beside her head, but most of it drooled down the sides of her face and onto her neck. Lewd slurping sounds emanated from her mouth as the dog’s cum-spouting cock fucked in and out. Drowning in dog-cum, the youngster becomes panicky. She starts kicking her legs frantically and pushing up on the sex-crazed beast’s belly with both hands. She is strangling and gagging, but the dumb brute just keeps fucking her face, and her feeble efforts are no match for its massive size and strength.

She couldn’t stop the dog, and she couldn’t scream for help. Fear grips the young woman as she realizes she is in real danger. She begins pounding on the dog’s ribs with clenched fists, kicking and squirming beneath the dog as her air-starved lungs burn. Horrid visions of being found dead in the arbor with dog-cum still drooling from her mouth flashed through her mind.

“Baron!” a male voice shouts. “Knock it off!”

Donna gasped for air as the dog’s cock withdrew from her mouth. Looking up through tear-glazed eyes, she sees Todd Roberts, the boy next door, tugging at Baron’s collar, pulling the confused beast away. Baron is snapping at Todd, snarling viciously as the youth holds the dog at bay. Donna sits up, coughing dog-cum up from her clogged throat. The hot slimy cum runs down her chin, dripping to her breasts, which are both exposed now. Her blouse had been ripped wide open in front by the dog’s hind legs, and a couple of buttons were gone.

“Settle down, you dumb mutt!” the dark-haired boy said in a masterful tone, slapping the dog’s snarling jowls. “Sit, Baron. Sit!”

The angry beast had shot the last of its cum-load onto the ground, and now the dog responded to the boy’s tone of authority and sat obediently. The Doberman’s big tongue dangled out over its black lips as it panted in the aftermath of its climax, looking perplexedly at its disheveled mistress. Donna is licking dog-cum from her lips, and tears streak down her cheeks and run through the slime of sperm that coated her chin. She tried to close her blouse over her naked, red-streaked breasts while the boy glowered down at her.


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