Exclusive Kennels

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Exclusive Kennels
Exclusive Kennels
Year: 2020
Nari is a refugee trying to start a new life in the USA. She gets a job at a renowned dog breeders’ kennel. There’s more to this job than she was ever told, and her life turns to hell when she’s drugged and raped by a dog.
Sheela B.
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The hand-wrought iron sign which hangs over the massive carved wooden doors of the main gate read: EXCLUSIVE KENNELS.  But to those who recognize quality, it said ‘expensive.’

Nari Kim, a North Korean refugee, presses the call button and listens expectantly for a bell’s harsh ring somewhere within the grounds.  There’s no sound.  Perhaps the bell is out of order, or maybe the buildings soundproof.  For a large kennel, it’s surprisingly silent behind those high walls.  No dogs barked at her approach.  There seems to be no sound at all beyond the high-walled grounds.  ‘That’s odd,’ she thought.

Then the faint static of an intercom calls her attention to the intricate iron grillwork just above the call button.  “Exclusive Kennels.  How can I help you?”

The voice is definitely male, but veloured by good breeding and years of servitude, like a butler.

“Yes,” Nari said in the general direction of the soft static sounds.  “I’d like to see Mr. Thwaites, please.”

“Mr. Thwaites sees no one after working hours without an appointment.  I’m sorry.  Would you care to telephone for an appointment tomorrow?” the elusive voice said.  “You’ll find a rack of business cards by the bell.  The telephone number is in the lower right-hand corner of the card.  Please call us at your own convenience.”

Nari raises an eyebrow.  ‘My, aren’t we up ourselves,’ she thought.  “Um, I have an appointment with Mr. Thwaites,” she said politely.  “A seven pm appointment, and it’s just seven now.”

“One moment, please,” the phantom voice purrs.

Nari sighs gently.  It is such a relief to find a job after such a long time.  She’s tired.  It’s been a long walk in high heels from the nearest bus stop, especially carrying a suitcase full of clothes, but she walked rather than spending her last cash on a taxi fare.  The woman leans against the high wall with its cornice of black iron spearheads.  ‘Attractive,’ she thought, ‘sort of old world and elegant.  But rather dangerous if one of the dogs were to try to go over the wall.’

Nari stares hopefully at the intercom and wishes they’d hurry.  Her feet hurt, and she wants nothing more at this moment to get the formalities over and go to the room that’s to be hers while she’s employed by Exclusive Kennels.  ‘Shouldn’t be impatient,’ she scolded herself, ‘just be darned grateful you got the job.’  It sounded like a marvelous opportunity for her when she first read the job online.

WANTED: Attractive kennel girl must be single and unattached, 20 to 25 yrs.  Experience unnecessary will receive specialized training.  Room and board, plus $3000 a month.  Email application with photo to…

Mr. Thwaites was sympathetic when he learned she lost her family several years ago and that she’s alone and friendless.  New York can be a very lonely place without friends, Mr. Thwaites agreed.  No boyfriends?  No neighbors to be concerned if she were to suddenly pick up and move?  Yes, Mr. Thwaites understood how hard it was for a newcomer to break into the cold aloofness of a busy city’s social life.  He sympathized, and Nari was sure his kindly sympathy got her the job.  ‘That’s what it must’ve been,’ Nari thought.  ‘For he turned down experienced trainers to accept a shy young girl from North Korea with no training, no money, no friends, and nowhere to go.’

Nari wishes he explained more about her duties and his expectations of her.  She asked about that, twice as a matter of fact, but he was so concerned about her unfortunate lack of friends that she’s sure Mr. Thwaites will be patient and helpful while she learns her new job.  Just then, the intercom crackles to life.

“Mr. Thwaites will see you now,” the voice purred once more.  “Press the gate handle as the buzzer sounds.”

Nari smiles thankfully at the anonymous voice behind its iron grill.  She wiggles her tired ankles and waits for the buzz that’ll open the gates and bring her closer to her new job.  There’s a soft whir, and Nari presses on the heavy black latch, and the great gate swings silently inward.  She closes the gate behind her, hearing its lock click softly in place.


It’s a pleasant waiting area, a small inner patio of pebble-faced concrete squares, neat redwood benches, and flat wok bowls with exotic plants in them.  Across the small deck is a second door with the same black latch as the outside gate.  Nari hears the familiar whir of the electric lock release and hastens to open the door while she can.  It, too, clicks shut and locks behind her.  ‘Mr. Thwaites dogs must be costly to justify such caution and such lovely décor,’ Nari thought.  She peers about the waiting room with its myriad of Great Dane photos and locks glass displays of trophies, ribbons, and cups.

“Exclusive’s own ‘King,’” a magnificent animal, the black mask markings cleanly defined against his light fawn coat.  “Exclusive’s Dancing Dame,” a lovely harlequin female with perfect conformation.  “Exclusive’s Titan,” a massive animal with an enormous breadth of chest and good jaw.  Nari is impressed.  She knows nothing of Great Danes and their intricate conformation, but anyone can recognize the magnificence of such fine animals.  She hopes she’ll be working directly with these lovely show dogs.

A door opens quietly behind her, and she turns to meet the smiling face of Harris Thwaites.  “Welcome, my dear,” his deep clipped tones boom across the small room.  “Welcome to Exclusive Kennels.”

“Thank you, Mr. Thwaites,” she smiles at the older man.  “And thank you for giving me the job.”

He smiles at the petite Korean girl who stands anxiously before him, a small purse clutched in one hand, a suitcase in the other.  ‘Yes, she’ll do nicely,’ Thwaites thought.  ‘A small narrow body, attractive to look at, long legs, well-defined breasts which showed their nipple points erect and proud beneath the blue cotton of her dress.  She will do.’  He smiles.

“You must be tired.  Here, let me take that.” He reaches for her suitcase.  “Come, I’ll show you to your room, and then we’ll have a quick cup of tea or something stronger if you prefer, and then you may retire.  We want you to be fresh and full of energy here at Exclusive.”

Nari smiles gratefully and follows Harris Thwaites through the door and down the wide hallway to her room.  He unlocks the door at the end of the hall and nods for her to enter.  It’s a large airy room spotted with thick padded chairs and an end table with various magazines neatly laid out in order.  Nari moves past the table and gazes out the window.  Here are the dogs she had wondered about.  There are twelve or fifteen runs with chain link fencing between, each with a door leading inside the main house and a second door opening into the center’s concrete area.  It’s like looking down into a tiny gladiator’s arena, with its muscled canine contenders pacing back and forth in their cells.  Realizing her employer is standing at her side watching, she feels she should say something about the many dogs below.

“Is that where the dogs are exercised?” she asks, “In the concrete area below?”

“No, my dogs are exercised in another area of the building.” He smiles at her as if he knows a secret no one else knows.  Yet.  “But that’s for tomorrow.  I shall tell you all about Exclusive Kennels then.”  He lifts her suitcase and lays it conveniently on the bed for her.  “Have you eaten, my dear?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Fine.  That’s fine.  I shall leave you to your unpacking, and perhaps you’d like a refreshing shower.” He looked at his wristwatch.  “It’s a little after 7:00.  Suppose I bring you something warm and soothing to drink at about eight.  It will help you sleep soundly.  What will you prefer?  Tea, hot chocolate, or something alcoholic, perhaps?”

“That’s kind of you, Mr. Thwaites.  I’d like that, a cup of hot chocolate if it isn’t too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all, my dear.”

He nods courteously and leaves her alone, closing the door behind him.


A little over an hour later, Harris is back with the hot chocolate and is enjoying showing of his prize dogs in a photo album.  “And this is my Vader,” he laid one last photograph on top of the pile on the little end table.  “Exclusive’s Vader, my first dog.  Not my best, but I owe him much.  His devotion to my deceased wife caused me to begin the breeding business ten years ago.  That led to these kennels and a rather sizable income.”

Nari smiles and tries to concentrate on the photo of the big black Great Dane.  It’s so warm in her room, and it’s making her sleepy, terribly sleepy.  She yawns and is instantly embarrassed.  “Oh, forgive me, Mr. Thwaites,” she said with a slight flush, “I love to look at your dogs, really I do, I can’t understand why I’m so sleepy all of a sudden.”

“Quite understandable, my dear,” Harris Thwaites said and stands, a secretive smile touching the corners of his mouth.  “You must forgive me for not allowing you to rest on your first night with us.  And do sleep in tomorrow morning, it’s Sunday, you know, and the kennels will be closed to all.”

He gathers the stack of photographs, wishes her excellent sleep, and quietly closes the door as he left.  Nari leans back in her chair and yawns.  She’s so sleepy, so tired.  She’ll rest here just a moment or two, then crawl into the big inviting bed.  So tired.  The Asian girl closes her eyes.  So tired, it feels like her body is spinning, spinning.  Suddenly her head falls limply back against the chair, the near-empty mug of hot chocolate slipping from her lax fingers.  It makes a soft rattle as it rolls under the edge of her chair, leaving a narrow dark streak of chocolate across the blue carpet.


From a room across the patio, Harris Thwaites watches Nari succumb to the effects of the tasteless drug which he had stirred into the hot chocolate.  Now, if she turns out to be a good subject for hypnosis as well, the Exclusive dogs will have a new mistress.  Harris has already waited too long.  The dogs are restless.  But it’s challenging to find a pretty girl with no family or friends, no one to wonder what happened when she dropped out of sight.  Of course, there had been a few.  Coarse, plain women that no one wants, no one will miss, but Harris prefers to mix business with pleasure.

Perhaps the dogs don’t mind a plain/ugly mistress.  Still, Harris finds the training sessions more stimulating when the bitches are attractive.  He studied the still figure of the unconscious girl in the lighted window across the patio.  ‘Yes, she’s lovely.’  He smiles in anticipation.  This is going to be a pleasant season, he’s sure of that.

“I’ll get the girl ready,” Harris said quietly to his assistant.  “You bring your camera equipment, and hurry.  We don’t want the effects of the drug to wear off before we have arranged our insurance.”

Without waiting for a reply, Harris hurries from the room.  Trent stays by the window a moment longer, staring at the limp figure of the Korean girl.  His face is passive.  His hands sometimes stray to his crotch to rub the head of the sleeping beast that lies there.


Trent bumps the door open with his knees.  His hands are full of light standards, cameras, and a case with lenses.  Harris jerks around at the sound of the door, banging against the wall and frowns.

“For God’s sake, try to be a little quieter, Trent,” Harris growls.

“Hell, boss, she’s out like a light,” Trent said with a shrug.

“That may be, my friend, but let’s not take unnecessary chances, eh?”

There are times when Harris Thwaites would like to have taken the plaited dog whip that hangs in the exercise room and can raise bloody welts each time it lays across the skin, to Trent Cotchin, but he needs him.  He needs someone to help, and Trent’s perverted sexuality makes him perfect for the job.  It takes patience sometimes, like today, when Trent’s anticipation overrides his good sense.

Harris smiles to hide his feelings.  “In an hour or so, we’ll be finished and then…”

Thwaites leaves the sentence hanging, deliciously dangling before Trent’s growing desire like a carrot before a hungry donkey.  Trent’s eyes glitter, and the bulge in his tight pants grows larger and more noticeable.  He begins scurrying quietly around the room, setting up the light poles around the center island bed.  Harris smiles faintly.  The young man has the insatiability of a sailor and the mind of a child.  You can lead Trent around by the cock.

Harris shakes his head tolerantly, then begins his own preparations.  From the cedar chest at the foot of the bed, he takes a rich blue velvet spread and carefully arranged it on the bed.  Harris glances at the motionless girl, at her flawless pale-yellow skin.  ‘Yes, the color will be perfect,’ he thought.  The man goes to the camera, a Canon 1D DSLR, on its sturdy tripod and sights through the viewer.  He pursed his lips, peering over the camera, then through the viewfinder once more.


“Yeah?” Trent asks distractedly, as he’s having trouble with the height adjustment on one of the lights.

“Move the first two lights on the other side of the bed.  I can see them in the viewer.”

“OK, but you won’t get good lighting on her butt without any floods behind her,” Trent growls.

“You’re probably right,” Harris agreed reluctantly, “but we don’t want the bloody light pole showing in the pictures either.”

“How about moving that screen behind the bed,” Trent suggests, “then I can put the light poles behind it, and we’d still get the effect?”

“Good, good.” Harris sighted through the camera, nodding his head as Trent makes the suggested changes.  “There…  There, that’s it.  That’s fine.”  He rises from the camera and grins at his assistant.  “And now the girl…”

Nari hasn’t moved since the drug took effect.  She lies limply relaxed in the big overstuffed easy chair facing the courtyard window.  Harris goes quietly over to her and sits on the ottoman at her feet.

He begins talking to her softly.  “You are very tired.  Very, very tired.  You’re asleep, Nari Kim, sound asleep.  You haven’t been able to sleep for days, and now you’re sound asleep.” His voice drones on, toneless, and void of all inflection.  “As you’re becoming deeper and deeper asleep, your breathing will become deeper too.  Deep, deep from the bottom of your lungs.  Breathe deep, Nari, deep, deep.”

The sound of her breath is audible in the room now, her chest expanding and contracting with each breath.  Harris can hear the air rushing between her lips as she inhales.  He glances up at Trent and winks.  Trent nods solemnly.

“You must sleep deeply, Nari, and then you’ll feel wonderful.  You’ll feel just wonderful.  Deep, Nari, a deep, deep sleep.” Harris picked up one limp hand and begins stroking it lightly with his fingers.  “Imagine you’re in a cave, a deep, dark, quiet cave, Nari.  There are steps in this cave, nice, wide, safe, steps carved out of stone, and they go down.  Down, down, down into the cool dark cave.  It’s quiet down there, Nari, peaceful, and quiet.  If you can only walk down those steps and into the quiet depths of the cave, Nari, everything will be wonderful again.”

Harris glances at the wide-eyed Trent and jerks his head toward the box on the table.  Trent nods.  Harris continues to stroke her hand softly, regularly.

“We’re going down those steps together, Nari, into the quiet, peaceful darkness.  You can hear our footsteps as we go deep, deep down into the darkness.” He nods to Trent, who stands waiting with a flat piece of marble in one hand and a small rubber headed mallet in the other.  At his nod, Trent begins tapping on the marble, holding it lightly by one end so as not to dull the resonant sound of the mallet.  “Down, down, down into the cool darkness, Nari, deep, deep, deep into the cave of your mind.  Hear the footsteps as we walk down, Nari, deep, deep, deep.”

The hand he strokes suddenly becomes even limper.  It’s like a boneless mass of flesh that wants to melt and slip from his grasp.  Harris smiles.  He studies the pulse at the base of her throat.  It’s pulsating with heavy, even throbs.  He lifts Nari’s hand and drops it onto her lap.  There’s no reaction.  He stares at her from beneath his heavy half-closed lids and smiles.  ‘This one is a fine subject,’ Harris thought.  ‘She’ll perform well for the cameras, and once her performance is recorded, I will give her to my dogs, my fine canine progeny, my boys.

“Shall I get King, boss?” Trent asks impatiently.  “Or do ya wanna start with me?”

Harris cocks his head and stares appraisingly at the pretty face of the Korean girl slumped in the chair.  He likes to use King first, but sometimes its shock brings a subject out from under before they really have enough insurance to prevent future trouble.  If there’s any chance of that, Harris uses Trent first.  This time, however, he holds her chin in his fingers, then lets it drop abruptly.  This time there’ll be no trouble.  She’s an excellent hypnotic study.  All he has to do is ensure he uses the proper phrasings.

A person under hypnosis will not do anything violently against their principles.  If they have difficulties in dealing with, you never said, ‘shoot your husband.’  You said, ‘You’re frightened of snakes, there’s a snake who will bite you, kill it…’  Killing snakes is not against their moral fiber: Bang, the husband’s dead.  Harris smiles.  He’s an experienced hand at hypnosis.  Consciously this shy Korean refugee girl will rebel at what he has planned for her.  Tactfully worded, though, she’ll purr like a pussycat in heat.

“Bring King,” he said softly to Trent.  “There’ll be plenty left over for you, my boy, there’s plenty for both of you here.”

Harris crosses his legs, leans his chin on his hand, and stares at the girl.  ‘It’s a dirty business,’ he thought, ‘but such a stimulating one.’  Already he’s feeling the first birth pains of a gigantic erection tingling in his loins.  He lingers amid the feeling of a painful need for a moment, then puts it out of his mind as the sound of heavy footpads enters the door of Nari’s room.  He turns to face King.

The big dog is a magnificent beast, a full three and a half feet at the shoulders, with a bull’s chest and the proud head of a champion.  The dog pulls at the choke chain in Trent’s hand, leading the slim man at will, pulling him over to where his master sits on the ottoman.  Harris clouts the Great Dane playfully across the muscled rump and pulls at its jowls.

“Hello there, King,” Harris said with pride in his voice, “How ya doing, boy?”

The dog rubs against his leg and licks at his hand.  Harris wools him once more, then rises and takes the choke chain lead from Trent.

“Here, boy,” he said with the tone of command and walks the dog to the side of the bed nearest the camera tripod.  “Now, sit.  SIT.  STAY.”

King squats obediently on his great fawn haunches and watches.  Harris removes the chain from the dog’s thick neck and tosses it to one side.  The dog watches it slide on the floor.

“STAY,” he commands once more.  “STAY.”

“You want me to operate the camera this time, boss?” Trent asks.

“Hmmm, yes, I think so, Trent.” Harris studies first, the girl, then the bed.  “Yes, you do that.  I’ll tell you when to start and when to stop.  Is everything ready?”

“Yeah, it’s ready except for the girl.  She’s not undressed yet.” Trent gazes hopefully toward his employer.  “You want me to undress her?”

“Not this time,” Harris said and smiles thoughtfully, “she’s too good a subject to overlook.  Let’s play this one by ear, shall we?”

Trent grins obscenely.  This is gonna be a great night, he can tell.  The boss is rarely this wound up over any of the new bitches.  ‘When he is, however, sooner or later, the girl will wish she’d sewed her pussy shut, and she could pee out her ear,’ Trent thought.  He watches Harris cross over to the girl and begin stroking her forehead gently.

“Deep…  Deep…  Deep.  Nari, do you hear me, Nari?”

The girl stirs and mumbles something.

“You can speak, Nari, but you won’t wake.  Do you hear me, Nari?”

Her throat works once, twice, then a small distant voice said, “I hear you.”

“Good, very good.” Harris’s voice stays absolutely toneless and unemotional.  “Something nice is going to happen to you, Nari, something very nice.”

Harris observes the girl’s face.  There’s no expression, no change of manner, or mean.  Her breathing is regular and deep.  The pulse point in her throat is strong.

“Nari, you have finally found the man you love, a thoughtful, considerate, attractive man who has asked you to marry him.  You are Deep…  Deep…  Deeply in love with this man.  You’re so happy you cannot help but smile.”

Harris watches closely.  The girl’s face breaks open with a happy smile, her even straight teeth lying like carved ivory upon the soft full red lips.  ‘Yes, she’ll look convincing on video,’ he thought.

“And now, Nari, it’s your wedding night.  Your new husband sits beside the bed.  You’re incredibly happy.  Deep…  Deep…  Deeply happy.  He asks you to undress for him.  He wants to see your beautiful body unclothed for him alone.  Will you do this for him, Nari?”

The girl in the chair nods slowly, the happy smile still fresh upon her face as if she can’t stop smiling if she wants to because she’s so pleased.

“Then get up, Nari.  Go to bed and start undressing.” Harris nods approvingly to Trent as the girl slowly rises from her chair and goes to the end of the bed.  “Action, Trent,” Harris said softly, “Action.”

“Your new husband thinks you are unbelievably beautiful, Nari.  Why don’t you look at him and smile to let him know you love him too?”

The girl pauses and gazes toward the side of the bed with a shy smile.

“No, Nari, your husband is on the other side of the bed.  That’s right, a little lower.  He’s sitting down, waiting for you to finish.  Smile at him, Nari.  You love him, smile as if you love him.”

Nari turns slowly and stares toward the camera, fixing her eyes in the Great Dane’s direction.  Her face filled with happiness, eyes bright, her mouth parted and damp.

“Now undress, Nari, keep your eyes on your new husband and undress,” Harris coaches tonelessly, careful not to break the spell of the moment.

The Korean woman begins unbuttoning the front of her blue shirtwaist dress, looking toward the Dane with half-closed eyes.  A look of anticipation masks her lovely face.  The dress drops to the floor, and she let it lie there.  Nari reaches slowly behind her back and undoes the clasp of her bra, letting her hands slide forward to cup her breasts and hold them up for his approval.

“Trent,” Harris speaks quietly, “pan in on King.  He’s watching her.  He knows what’s coming, and he’s getting a hard-on.”

The camera swivels smoothly on its tripod and aims toward the waiting dog.  The animal’s eyes are on Nari’s every movement, following the motion of her hands, her body.  The dog’s tongue hangs out and drips saliva.

“Lower, Trent, smoothly now.”

The camera swings lower, following the dog’s body’s muscular lines, then pausing on the long hairy sheath that houses the massive canine penis.  Trent zooms a slow close-up, so close Harris knows the sheath, and its partially exposed organ will fill the frame of the picture.  King pants in anticipation, each heaving breath causing the pole-hard red cock to poke in and out of its covering.

“Hold it there, Trent,” Harris speaks in a whisper, “I’m going to try something.”

Behind the camera viewer, Trent’s eyes are bright.  His crotch heavy with anticipation.  Staring at a stud dog’s cock doesn’t usually do much for the small man.  Still, now as he focuses the camera on it at close range, knowing it’ll be in the girl’s hot wet cunt in a few minutes, the expectation is almost too much.  He tries to put the thought from his mind.  It isn’t easy.

“Stay, King,” Harris speaks gently to the dog, “Stay.  King, do you want to lick the girl, boy?  Lick the girl, King?  STAY.  Stay.”

The dog’s near frantic with the promised goal.  Its tongue laps hungrily over its beastly jowls, and its cock juts out at full staff length and bobs gently with its own weight.

“Jesus,” Trent said softly from behind the camera.

“Now, Trent, bring the camera slowly back to the girl and keep it on her until she’s on the bed and ready.”

The camera swings on a straight line from the dog’s stiff pointed organ to the now nude body of Nari Kim and pauses dutifully on the black hairs of her slit.  ‘The camera angle is perfect,’ Trent thought.  ‘GOD, what a video this one will be.  The girl is gonna shit her pants when she sees this.’

“Nari,” Harris’s voice is toneless, coaching once more.  “Nari, your new husband can’t wait to make love to you.  Is this the first time you’ve made love to a man?”

“No,” the vague answer came.

“Too bad,” Harris mutters softly to his associate.  “It would have been damned effective to video the losing of her cherry with the blood and all on King’s big cock.  Oh, well.”

“Jesus wept, I guess,” Trent said, his eye still on the girl squared in the viewer.  “Say, boss, I’d better change the storage card before we start the main event.”

“All right.  Do we have enough space left to get Nari on the bed with the dog sniffing her pussy?”

“Hmmm, I think so,” Trent said, “give it a try.”

“Nari, your handsome new husband is so much in love with you.  He asks you to lies down on the bed and wait for him.” Harris watches critically.  She sits on the end of the blue velvet-covered bed and gazes toward the imaginary bridegroom.  “That’s fine, Nari, now just lie back on the bed and relax.  Deep…  Deep…  Deeply relax.  You’re so comfortable, so happy, so incredibly happy that you can’t help but smile at your husband when he kneels before you.  Look down at him and be happy.”

The girl on the bed raises her head and gazes down the length of her naked body, her eyes fascinated by something her mind said she sees there.

“Nari, you are deep…  DEEP…  Deeply in love with your husband, and he’s starting to make love to you.  You’re a passionate woman.  Deep…  Deep…  A deeply passionate woman and your body is beginning to fill with desire for him.  You’re so anxious to feel his touch.  Your body won’t lie.  You can’t keep it still.”

Harris can hear Trent’s heavy breathing from the side of the bed.  He stares at the girl on the blue spread, writhing and contorting her body, spreading her soft yellow legs until the red crevice slit opens like a sexy smile.  Harris gazes longingly at her pussy and wishes he can heave his cock into its depths.  But that’s for later.  After they have this insurance, they know the girl won’t reveal the perverted acts he then forces her to do.  There will be time, much time, to ease his throbbing loins.  He glances toward the panting animal.

“Now, King,” he said softly.  “Now, boy, lick her clean.  Get her, boy.”


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