Faith’s Birthday

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Faith's Birthday
Faith’s Birthday
Year: 2023
Faith turned 18 today and has a special day she’ll never forget at her neighbor’s house fucking the sexy neighbor and her dog.
Sheela B.
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The older woman eased the giant dog to its side.  Faith, her mouth-watering, gazed hungrily at Dusty’s raging hard-on.  “It’s so big!  God,” she swooned as the dog twitched and whimpered on its side.

“C’mere and touch his cock,” Carol urged.

She scratched Dusty’s stomach and waited for Faith to join her.  With her virgin pussy on fire again, Faith crawled over and ogled the dog’s thick meaty cock.

“It’s so much bigger than the puppies,” she moaned.  She licked her lips and stared at the pre-cum seeping from Dusty’s pointy pisser.  “God.”

“Taste his pre-cum,” Carol coaxed.  “You’ll love it.”

Trembling, Faith brought her finger to the seeping tip of Dusty’s cock.  She scooped up the drop of slimy pre-cum, then brought her finger to her quivering lips.  She licked, spasmed, then moaned as the salty slime glided over her tongue and trickled down her throat.

“It’s delicious,” she panted.  “God, so delicious.”

“That’s just the appetizer.  Wait until you taste Dusty’s actual semen,” Carol said.  She hefted Dusty’s hairy nuts and sighed.  “All you gotta do is suck it out.”

“I will,” Faith said as her head reeled.  She touched the dog’s glistening shaft and traced a path to its semen-crammed nuts.  “I can feel him throbbing,” she said.  “Oooo, it’s making me get wet again.”

“Play with him,” Carol urged as Dusty whimpered and twitched on his side.  “Play with his cock.”

Swooning, Faith wrapped her hand around Dusty’s thick throbbing shaft.  She squeezed as tremors swept up her arm and exploded at the base of her skull.  She moaned and stroked the dog’s cock, squeezing it again as she spotted another drop of pre-cum seeping from its pointed tip.

“Use your tongue,” Carol said softly.  “Lick the pre-cum off his pisser.”

Yesss,” Faith hissed as if she were in a trance.

She quaked as she squiggled down on the floor.  Lips trembling as the dog whined, Faith brought her mouth to the head of the dog’s tapered red cock.  Her tongue flicked out, and she scooped the pre-cum off the dog’s pisser.  Dusty yelped and jabbed at Faith’s face.  The dog’s balls rumbled, and cock throbbed.  The German shepherd yelped again, then lurched forward, banging the pointed tip of its cock against Faith’s chin.

With the pre-cum in her mouth, Faith savored it.  Spasms rippled through her virgin pussy as she returned her tongue to the German shepherd’s raging hard-on.  She licked, soaking the animal’s shaft with spit as the hairy dog squirmed on its side.

“Put his cock in your mouth, Faith,” Carol said.  “Suck it off.”

Faith wasn’t listening.  She was too absorbed in what she was doing.  She slobbered spit all over Dusty’s balls, then slithered her tongue up his cock until she reached his seeping tip.  She gasped as Dusty lurched forward and banged his cock against her mouth.  Dusty’s tail thrashed against the carpet.  The dog’s neck strained, whining as the teenager tormented its cock with her tongue.  The German shepherd yelped as foamy spit drooled from its jowls.

“Don’t tease him, Faith,” Carol said.  “Suck him.” She stroked the whining German shepherd.  “Easy, Dusty.  Faith will suck you.”

Dusty yelped, his rump jerking as he tried jamming his cock into the heated wetness of Faith’s mouth.  The dog’s flanks heaved, and it squirmed.  Nuts aching and rumbling. It continued to jab as its pointed tip banged against Faith’s lips.  Faith, her virgin pussy gushing slime, parted her lips and took the head of Dusty’s cock in her mouth.  She tightened her lips around the dog’s cock shaft and swished her tongue around its tip.  Pre-cum continued to seep out, and the sticky substance coated her tongue and trickled down her throat.

“Suck him,” Carol urged.  “Suck him.”

Faith felt Dusty’s cock throb against her lips.  She sucked, drawing in her cheeks as Dusty lunged and whined.  The dog’s cock brushed against the roof of her mouth and flattened her tongue as she inched her head forward and took more of its hard meaty cock into her mouth.  Moaning, Faith pushed her mouth toward the dog’s balls.  The pointed tip of Dusty’s cock inched toward her throat.  A gurgle came from her cock-stuffed mouth as the dog’s fat throbbing cock beat against her clinging lips, and pre-cum seeped from its tip.  She shuddered, frightened for a second as the dog’s cock reached for her throat.

C’mon,” Carol moaned.  “Suck it.  Take that cock to the balls.  Oh, fuck.” She rocked on her haunches as she watched her young sexy neighbor take her first cock.  “Take it to his balls.”

Dusty yelped as the heat from Faith’s mouth churned the jizz in its hairy balls.  The German shepherd jerked, its hind legs lifting as it rolled to its back.  Jabbing, the dog’s mouth foamed as it tried ripping its cock into Faith’s hot-sucking mouth.

Fuck her face,” Carol moaned as she rubbed her clit and fingered her cunt.

She stared as Dusty howled and lunged at her young neighbor’s mouth.  Faith gulped and pushed her head forward.  A gag lay trapped in her throat as Dusty’s rigid cock pierced her throat.  Eyes bulging, she kept her head steady, refusing to give up.  She felt the cock in her throat, then sucked as her hot buttery virgin pussy went into spasms.

Dusty’s hard powerful body lurched, and the muscles under his hairy coat rippled with strength.  The sizzling heat from Faith’s mouth had the beast crazy.  The German shepherd humped, its cock skewering her throat as her teeth clamped onto its cock-shaft.  Faith choked as the German shepherd’s cock stretched her throat.  She gulped and tried to relax as tiny spasms whipped through her pussy.  She whipped the dog’s cock with her tongue, then sucked deeply as she urged the hairy dog to plow her face.

Dusty jammed deep and howled as her teeth scraped against his cock.  The dog’s legs stiffened, and wet heat seared its cock shaft.  The dog’s rump jerked, and its tail slashed at the rug as whimpering yelps came from its drooling mouth.

Oh, Faith,” Carol moaned as she watched her teenage neighbor feast on Dusty’s cock.  “Take the rest of it.  You can do it.”

Faith moaned as her neighbor pushed her head forward and gulped at the beast’s jabbing cock.  The girl shuddered as Dusty slammed the rest of his hard cock into her mouth.  The dog’s hairy nuts hit her chin, and its cock filled her mouth and throat.  Spit drooled from her lips and soaked the dog’s balls as the throbbing cock buried in her throat made her pussy contract rhythmically.

You did it,” Carol squealed as the German shepherd plowed its cock to the root.  “You did it.”  Carol’s entire body quivered.  “God, suck the big dog cock.  Feel his knot grow in your mouth.  Make him howl, Faith.”

Faith heard her neighbor’s squeals and the dog’s howls.  She wanted to please them both.  The blonde-haired eighteen-year-old girl sucked hard, her cheeks drawing in tight as the teen began bobbing her head and fucking her throat with the dog’s stiff cock.  She gurgled with joy each time its cock pierced her throat, and its balls brushed against her wet chin.  Faith can feel the knot swelling as the dog humps her face.  She has to stretch her mouth wide to allow the massive ball of canine cock flesh to go in and out of her maw.

Dusty howled and pounded his cock and knot into Faith’s mouth.  The dog’s powerful body jerked as it thrashed on its side.  The German shepherd lunged, fucking her throat as it howled and bared its teeth.

Fuck her, Dusty,” Carol wailed as she became caught up in the lust that filled the room.  “Fuck her face,” she moaned, fingers ramming into her wet cunt.  “Suck that cock, Faith.  Suck out Dusty’s fucking nuts.”

Faith swooned.  Sucking cock was fabulous, and she couldn’t wait until she tasted the semen that would soon shoot from the animal’s hairy nuts.  The girl grabbed the dog’s balls, tingling with joy as they contracted in her hand.  Soon, the jizz rumbling inside would be blasting her mouth.  It made her head spin and her pussy go into spasms.  Her blonde head bobbing, she sucked demonically as Dusty yelped and humped frantically on his side.  She gulped, her body quaking as Dusty’s cock and knot filled her mouth and drilled her throat.  Each jab made her pussy gush and squirt juices.  Each throb of the dog’s cock made her vaginal muscles pulsate for the cock ravaging her throat.

With the dog’s balls churning, Dusty picked up speed.  The German shepherd yelped, its legs jerking as it tried digging its back paws into the carpet.  The dog’s front legs twitched, and it rolled to its back.  The dog’s rump jerked frantically as it rolled back to its side and plowed Faith’s wet, sucking mouth with quick punching jabs.

God,” Carol gulped.  She sensed by the frenzied action that Dusty was getting ready to blast its balls.  She stroked the beast and caressed its wet drooping tongue.  “Cum, Dusty.  Cum in her mouth.”

Faith sensed that the dog was getting ready to climax too.  She felt the dog’s knot swell in her mouth even larger, and its balls contract rapidly in her hand.  Her body was on fire, and she urged the beast with her sucking mouth.

Cum,” Carol wailed.  “Make Dusty cum, Faith.  Make him cum.”

Faith wanted the German shepherd to explode.  She sucked hard, then chewed.  The girl slashed its cock and knot with her tongue and gnawed on its driving shaft.  She massaged the dog’s nuts as its growls pierced her ears.  She slammed her head forward, allowing the dog to rip into her throat as it raced toward its orgasm.

Dusty, his neck stretched and his body taut, howled.  The dog’s eyes bulged, and it foamed at the mouth.  The German shepherd yelped, baring its fangs as its rump jerked more frantically and its nuts swelled to the bursting point.

He’s gonna cum,” Carol screeched.  “Oooo, Faith.  Dusty’s gonna jizz in your mouth.”

Faith shuddered and used her mouth to bring the howling animal into its orgasm.  Dusty’s powerful body went into convulsions as his nuts burst.  Hot canine jizz shot through its cock and sprayed from its tip.  The German shepherd barked, its tail curling between its legs as doggie-jizz blasted from its cock and splashed over Faith’s slashing tongue.

He’s cumming.  Dusty’s cumming,” Carol screamed hysterically as she watched her pet pound her sweet young neighbor’s face.  “Dusty’s cumming.”

Faith knew it.  Her sucking mouth was filled with the dog’s huge knot.  She gulped as doggie-semen spurted down her throat.  She moaned, gulping greedily from Dusty’s spewing cock.  Yelping, Dusty plundered Faith’s sucking mouth with his blasting cock.  The German shepherd held its knot in Faith’s mouth as its cock spewed jizz down her throat.  The dog’s nuts churned out more clumps of doggie-jizz for the girl to swallow.  The animal’s jowls were drawn back, and fangs bared.  The dog lashed at Faith’s face as the hungry girl’s deep sucks drew the semen up from its rumbling balls.

Faith lost her mind as a backflow of dog sperm filled her mouth while the cock squirted into her throat.  The knot filled her cheeks, so semen oozed from her nose.  She choked, afraid momentarily that she would drown on Dusty’s squirting cock.  She released the dog’s nuts, gurgling as it ripped into her throat.  The dog’s balls whacked against her chin and became soaked with jizz and spit.  She moaned, savoring the hot sticky semen as the knot continued to ravage her mouth while the cock squirted jizz down her throat.

Drink it,” Carol screamed as she watched the jizz ooze from Faith’s clinging lips and nostrils.  “Don’t waste it.” She trembled, her head spinning.  “Drink it all.  Drain Dusty’s balls.”


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