Girls Weekend

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Girls Weekend
Girls Weekend
Year: 2022
Kay invites her long-time friend Yvonne for a weekend away to seduce her into her perverted bestiality ways.
Moe Lester
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“Well, here we are,” Tim Wert announces as he pulls the station wagon up beside the rustic summer camp.

His passengers, Kay, and her guest, Yvonne, are squeezed into the front seat with him, and the weekend supplies are in the back and the two robust black and tan dogs.  The dogs become excited as they drive up the country lane and realize they’re bound for the camp where they can run free and maybe catch a juicy bunny.  Hunting dogs at heart, they hate the restriction of city life where they cannot roam free.  However, there are certain compensations for being the pet dog of a horny young woman.

Tim gets out and strolls around to the back of the wagon.  He let the tailgate down, and the two dogs come bounding out, yelping and darting happily to explore the area.  Their big cocks, not erect at the moment, sway under them as they bounce here and there.  Kay is looking at those cocks and smiling.

Yvonne is looking at the cabin with approval.  It’s a neat redwood building surrounded by pine trees and erected on a shallow ledge at the lake’s edge.  There’s a small barn to one side and an oblong facility with a half-moon in the door at the back.  Yvonne has never used an outhouse, and the thought amuses her.  She’s pleased by the camp and the setting and thinks what a fine place it is to spend a relaxing weekend.  It hadn’t dawned on her that a weekend in the country did not necessarily have to be relaxing to be enjoyable.

Kay knows better, and so did Tim, gazing at the two girls staying at his family’s cabin this weekend.  ‘They make a nice contrast,’ he thought.  Yvonne is a blonde with long hair, and Kay has dark curly hair that she wore short and tousled.  Both girls are nubile, their nineteen-year-old bodies stuffed into tight denim shorts and cotton t-shirts.  Tim feels his cock hardening as he speculates what they look like without clothes.

Especially Yvonne with her plump breasts thrust out.  The twin peaks of the tips press little stiff points in her cotton t-shirt and her shorts mold to her ass.  Yvonne’s heart-shaped ass indents the denim shorts.  The shorts crotch draws into a V as if dragged in by a suctioning cunt.  Tim’s hoping that he might get to fuck the women this weekend, but he knows it’s not why they’re here.

The girls leave Wilbur and Watson’s dogs to romp outside and carry the supplies into the cabin.  The cabin has one large room downstairs with a kitchen alcove at the back and a woodshed to the side.  The upstairs has two bedrooms, one with bunks.  There’s a potbelly stove and a rack of hunting rifles and shotguns and a mounted deer head on the wall.  Kay shows Yvonne around while Tim unpacks the supplies.

“We gotta share a room,” Kay said as she showed the blonde girl the upstairs sleeping quarters.  “They’re renovating the other bedroom.  That’s why we got the weekend so cheap.  You don’t mind, do you?”

“No.  Why should I?” Yvonne asks with a shrug.

Kay gives her a mischievous grin.  “I just thought you might get embarrassed if you felt horny and wanted to masturbate or something,” she said.

Yvonne blushes a pretty pink.

“Shit, don’t you frig off?” Kay asks.

“Sometimes.  But it isn’t the sort of thing a girl talks about, huh?” Yvonne said bashfully.

Kay shrugs and grins.

When they went back downstairs, Tim had unloaded the boxes and placed the bottles and cans on wooden shelves.  He watched the two teenagers come down the open staircase, smooth legs flashing, and his cock began to show signs of arousal.

“I have to go back to the farm and get you a good riding horse for the weekend,” he said.  “If you need anything, just call.”

“We’ll be OK.  Maybe we’ll go for a swim,” Kay said.

“OK, make sure the dogs stay with you.  My old man will kill me if they get out and cause mischief,” Tim said, and when he leaves, there’s a most definite bulge throbbing merrily away in the front of his trousers and a grin on his face.

“I’ll unpack my bikini,” Yvonne said, starting toward the stairs.  She had taken her small suitcase up to the sleeping quarters.

“Why bother?” Kay said.  “It’s private here, Yvonne.  You won’t need a bathing suit.  There’s nobody to see us.”

“Well,” Yvonne said, hesitating.  The idea of swimming nude is a little exciting, and it certainly doesn’t matter if Kay sees her body.  They’re both girls, and Yvonne is proud of her firm body.  Despite being shy, she liked having her friend see her naked.  “OK,” she agrees.

They stroll down the descending lane to the lake.  The beach is rocky, but there’s a small crescent of sand where one can sunbathe, and the tall pines on all sides shield the private beach.  Wilbur and Watson came galloping happily after the girls, their long red tongues lolling out.  The dogs liked being in the open countryside, but they didn’t want to go far away from their young mistress Kay.  The dogs know from pleasant experience that certain things are a lot juicier and tastier than a rabbit.

Standing at the water’s edge, Kay begins to undress right away, pulling her t-shirt off.  She wore no bra.  Neither of them did, being modern girls, and her fat breasts nicely bobbled as she stripped the shirt off.

Yvonne gazes at them, wondering if they’re bigger than hers.  She wonders, vaguely, why it’s sort of exciting to look at another girl’s breasts.  It’s strange.  ‘It must be how lesbians feel,’ she thought and blushed at the connection.  But Yvonne believes that lesbians are all rough-looking women with short hair and muscular, tattooed arms.  It never dawned on her that regular girls could enjoy each other’s feminine bodies as much as any dyke, and in the same exciting fashion.

Kay unsnaps her denim shorts and slowly tugs them down, squirming her hips and wriggling her ass.  “Bitch, you aren’t wearing any panties,” Yvonne teases.

Kay has a bushy cunt, the dark curly hair spreading over her lower belly in a wide vee.  Yvonne can just see the start of her pink slit, like a creamy river bisecting her dark hairy jungle.  Yvonne wonders why Kay’s pussy is so wet.  Then, to her amazement, Yvonne realizes that, for some unknown reason, her pussy is getting wet, too.

“Well, come on,” Kay urges.  “Get your clothes off, bitch.”

Yvonne pulls her t-shirt off.  She sees that Kay is looking at her breasts, but she figures that only curiosity and comparison inspire that look.  After all, she looked at Kay’s, too.

“You got nice boobs,” Kay said.

“Err, thank you.  So have you,” Yvonne said.

“I’ll bet your boyfriend likes to feel them, huh?”

Yvonne blushes again.  She’s surprised by how her friend speaks so openly about private matters.

“It’s fun feeling titties,” Kay said with a grin.

Yvonne begins to wonder what the hell is going on.  She even debates whether she should forgo this naked swim.  But it would’ve been more embarrassing to back out now than to go ahead with it, and she guesses it’s only naughty talk.  What else can it be?  She slides her shorts down, then her panties.  Yvonne’s loins are a golden matt of trimmed hairs in contrast to the dark jungle of Kay’s juicy pussy.  As she steps out of her panties, she lifts one leg, knee bends, and Kay gazes at her crotch and giggles.

“You, too, huh?” Kay said.


“You got a hot pussy, too, right?” Kay said.  “We better jump in the water fast and get cooled down.”

Yvonne’s too embarrassed to reply, but Kay turns away, laughing, and starts moving into the lake.  Yvonne follows, eager to submerge her nakedness after such naughty talk.  The two girls wade out belly deep, then begin to paddle.  The water is cool and refreshing, but it doesn’t seem to be cooling Yvonne’s pussy.

Kay splashes about in the water.  She ducks under, her legs and crotch rising above the surface as she does a handstand.  Then Kay turns onto her back, floating.  Her eyes are closed, and she spreads her legs shamelessly.  Yvonne cannot help but stare at her friend in that shameless position.  Kay’s plump breasts thrust from the water like tiny islands, capped by the pinnacles of her stiff nipples.

The blue water sloshes over her trim tummy and dampens her dark pubic bush.  Her cunt hole parted, the lips peeled back like some tropical pink water blossom, and the open slot flooded with fuck juice.  A creamy ribbon of the stuff drifts from her pussy, floating on the lake’s surface.  Kay cups a hand over her crotch, rubbing herself gently, tracing up the parted pussy lips and over her stiff clit.

Doesn’t Kay know I can see what she’s doing?’ Yvonne wonders.  Then, seized by a sudden and overwhelming urgency, Yvonne cups her pussy in her hand.  Even in the cool water, her pussy is smoking hot, heating the water around like a thermal current.  Yvonne wonders if she dares to rub one out right here in the water.  Kay’s eyes are still closed, and she probably won’t notice.

As long as I don’t make too much noise when I cum,’ Yvonne thought, aware of how much she pants and moans when her vagina creams.  ‘I guess I can get away with it.’  She begins to rub her clit and massage her pussy.  Suddenly there’s a loud splash, closely followed by another, startling Yvonne.  She has a terrible vision of piranhas and alligators devouring her tender flesh.  But it’s only the dogs.  Wilbur and Watson jumped into the lake and swam toward the young woman.

Their broad heads are thrust from the water, and their dog paddles are energetic.  Their red tongues hang out, and their bushy tails float like rudders in their wake.  Wilbur and Watson have scented hot pussy.  They haven’t gotten a whiff of Yvonne’s pussy, since it’s submerged, but the delicious fragrance of Kay’s, as she floats on her back, had drifted over the lake’s surface and reached the dogs on the shore.

They have sniffed, nostrils flaring, heads cocked to the side, and long ears tilted.  The dogs are well acquainted with the succulent aroma of Kay’s hot pussy and know what that signifies.  The animals glanced at each other, somewhat confused since they had never encountered that compelling fragrance from a lake before.  The hounds are bewildered by such novel circumstances being only dumb animals.  But their bestial instincts tell them definitely that there’s hot pussy available.  Wilbur, the brighter of the dogs, jumps in first, and Watson follows immediately, the brutes paddling toward Kay.

Meanwhile, Yvonne stops rubbing her pussy when the splashes startle her, although she still holds her smoldering pussy in her hand.  She watches the dogs paddle to Kay.  There’s an air of determination about the dogs.  It’s as if someone has thrown a stick into the lake, and they’re swimming to fetch it back.  Wilbur paddles right up to Kay and begins to lick the inside of her thigh, the dog’s head bobbing in the water.  Kay giggles and gives a backstroke, drifting toward the dog’s snout.  The dog slaps its tongue right up her crotch.

“Kay.  What are you doing?”

Yvonne watched that long tongue slurps her friend’s juicy pussy and flip over her trembling clit.

“I’m not doing anything,” Kay said.  “Wilbur is the one doing.”

“But, bitch, the dog is licking your pussy,” the innocent blonde said, astounded by it.

Mmmm, it feels lovely, too,” purrs naughty Kay.

Watson swims up to his mistress now, but he’s too late.  Finding her pussy already occupied by Wilbur’s snout, the dog yelps frantically and paddles this way, frustrated.  Kay grabs the dog by the collar, pulling him toward her.  She guides his muzzle to her breasts, and Watson begins to lap away, slobbering heavily.  The dog’s broad head rests on her belly, and its tongue slurps over her breasts, running up her cleavage and sweeping over her stiff nipples.

Releasing his collar, Kay moves her hand under the water.  Yvonne gasps with new shock.  She can’t see what Kay’s doing under the water exactly, but she can see the girl’s arm and shoulder jerk, and the dog’s haunches begin to heave.  Kay has to be frigging the dog’s cock under the water.

Yvonne almost faints.  The teen has never even dreamed of such depravity.  Yet there it is.  Kay, whom she has known for years, is jerking a dog’s cock while she lets another lap her pussy.  Yvonne tells herself she should swim back to shore and put her clothing on, divorcing herself from this shocking situation.  Yet she’s fascinated.  Even as the blonde tells herself to move away, Yvonne slowly walks, nipple deep in the water, toward Kay and the hounds.

Kay grins at Yvonne.

“How could you, Kay?” Yvonne asks.

Despite her words, Yvonne’s fascination is evident on her face.

“It’s fun,” Kay whispers.  “Watson’s cock is throbbing away like anything in my fist, Yvonne.  I think he’s gonna shoot pretty soon.  And Wilbur’s tongue is making me cream.”

“If you’re so desperate for it, slut, why not let Tim do you.  He was gagging for it back at the cabin.  It’s unnatural.  It’s also illegal.”

“I don’t want Tim,” Kay hisses.  “This is a no-guy weekend, remember?”

“Yeah, but this is hardly a good loophole to that rule,” Yvonne said and grimaced.

“Shut up.  You’re spoiling my buzz, bitch,” Kay snarled.

Kay’s hips shoot in and out and her belly pumps, pushing her ass lower in the water, then rising.  The two dogs bob, paddling away furiously as they keep their heads above the surface and work on Kay’s pussy and breasts with their tongues.  Yvonne gazes under Watson.  Dimly, the image contorts by the refraction of the water, so the dog’s cock appears crooked.  She sees Kay’s fist slowly skin Watson’s long submarine of a cock, on that red torpedo with its swollen warhead, on that depth charge ready to explode.

My God,” Yvonne whispers.

She sees Wilbur’s tongue slurp up Kay’s gaping pussy, stab inside, and flip-up.  Kay’s inner pussy lips are exposed, streaked with pussy nectar, and the dog is lapping right up inside her vagina.  Foaming slobber flecked her pussy hair.  Streams of the stuff float away on the water.  Kay’s girl slime is pouring out, soaking the dog’s tongue and muzzle and drifting down her legs.

Yvonne knows her pussy is flooding, too.  She’s been so shocked by what she’s witnessing that the teen forgot all about her pussy, but her hand still cups over her loins, and now she feels it ripple, and girl slime pours into her palm.  Hardly knowing what she’s doing, dazed by lust, Yvonne begins to finger her cunt.

Wilbur’s tongue slurps, spraying creamy pussy slime onto Kay’s slippery belly.  Frothy pussy nectar coats the dog’s tongue.  Kay spreads her pussy lips open even wider so the dog can lap deeper into her cunt.  Suddenly Watson begins to heave wildly about like a shark in a feeding frenzy.

“He’s gonna blow,” Kay shouts.

Watson howls, and his haunches hump frantically.

“Ooooooo, here it fucking comes,” Kay moans.

“Fucking hell,” Yvonne croaks.

Watson raises his head like a wolf baying at the moon, and his loins slam out, fucking his red cock through Kay’s skimming fist.  The dog’s swollen balls burst.  Yvonne gasps as she sees a river of milky jizz come twisting slowly up from the depths and breaking like a creamy tide onto the surface.  Kay’s hand keeps pumping, milking the dog’s cock and balls.  The dog’s jizz spreads out all around them like an oil spill.

Yvonne has never seen anything like it before.  She gazes at the stuff in fascination.  The woman skims her fingers over the surface, and to see what it feels like, she gathers a few drops of the dog’s sticky jizz.  Her loins have started to melt, and pussy slime drifts out of her vagina, running into the layer of dog jizz like an oil slick.

Watson’s drained.  Kay releases the dog’s cock, and the hound paddles away toward the shore, trailing sperm in its wake.  Meanwhile, Wilbur is doggedly lapping away at Kay’s pussy and clit, making moist, slurping sounds with his tongue.  Now Watson’s cock has been emptied.  Kay begins to concentrate on getting her rocks off.  Her pelvis dances on the surface as she floats belly up, legs spread.  She closes her thighs around the dog’s sturdy shoulders, hooking her knees over it and drawing its head even tighter into her soaking crotch.

“Yvonne, hold my ass up,” Kay shouts.

Yvonne hesitates, knowing she shouldn’t get involved in this depravity.

Please.  Lift me higher, Yvonne,” Kay pleaded.

Yvonne reaches under the water and places her open hand on Kay’s churning ass.  She raises her friend’s ass slightly higher.  All of Kay’s pussy comes above the surface, and Wilbur licks away at it with renewed vigor, savoring the delicious taste and driven wild by the fragrant aroma.  The dog’s tongue makes lightning strokes as it slaps into her vagina voraciously.  Kay cries out as the thrill rushes through her.

Holding Kay with her left hand, Yvonne works away on her pussy with her right, fingering her vagina and rubbing her thumb against her turbulent and explosive clit.  Yvonne moans as she climaxes, her whole body trembling and her cunt releasing the ballast of her pussy slime like a surfacing submarine.  Her orgasm dazes her so much that she thinks she’s drowning for a moment.  Pussy juice bubbles up around her breasts.

I’m cumming,” she moans, despite herself.

Yeah—Yeah, me too,” Kay squeals.

A flood of pussy slime rushes onto the dog’s flattened tongue.  The dumb brute wolfs it down greedily.  Her cream mats the dog’s muzzle, and its slippery red tongue streams with a deluge of her juice.  A great spasm shakes Kay.  Her glowing loins heat the water as she reaches the fiery crest, hovers there, then moans as the last great wave crashes in her groin.

A happy smile brightens Kay’s face as she floats there, satisfied by her orgasm, bobbing gently in the water.  Wilbur continues to lap hungrily away, slurping every last drop of her cream.  But Wilbur hasn’t orgasmed yet, and they should do something about that soon.


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