Going Out with a Bang!

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Going Out with a Bang!
Going Out with a Bang!
Year: 2022
Rachel catches her wayward friend Kaylee doing unspeakable things to a horse and decides to join in to distract the blonde from a looming global disaster.
Sheela B.
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Kaylee’s breasts jiggle erotically beneath a loose top as she steps out onto the back porch.  Her morning masturbatory orgasm had not been enough—she needed more.  She glances around, trembling inside.  Kaylee’s employer Sue Hartigan is in town, and her daughter (whose Kaylee’s new workmate) is also away visiting friends for the weekend.  The blonde teen’s alone, and she’s determined to satisfy the passion still raging inside her belly like a storm.

She hates living on the farm.  Her mother sent her to work for Sue Hartigan as a punishment for getting pregnant to Tommy Tucker.  A quick abortion fixed that problem, but Kaylee’s mom wanted to get her out of circulation for a while.  Hoping the nineteen-year-old would mature with some social isolation and hard work.  There’s no one around at the farm, and it’s lonely, especially when Rachel Hartigan is visiting her friends.  Kaylee couldn’t wait until she could return to the city at the end of the summer.  She’s hoping to start college then.

Mmmmm,” she sighs.  “I miss home and Tommy’s big cock.”

She jumps off the porch, runs to the barn wondering how her employer and Rachel got along without sex out here in the middle of nowhere.  ‘They probably have vibrators,’ she thought.

Kaylee steps into the barn and goes over to Rio’s stall.  “How are you, fella?” she said, scratching the blaze of white on the horse’s forehead.  “You ready for some riding?” She giggles.  “I’m horny as hell stuck out here.  Not that you care, but I need to let off some steam.”

The pony whinnies as if it understands.  Lately, the stallion’s been getting lots of use.  It was Kaylee’s way of shedding her horny frustrations.  Kaylee leads her spotted pony out to the middle of the barn and saddles it.

“I’m gonna ride you this morning until your balls fall off,” she said and laughed, mounting the horse and slowly guiding it out of the barn.  Once outside, she kicks it in the sides.

“Giddy up, Rio.”

She lets out a screech, and the pony takes off.  Her blonde hair catches in the breeze, swirling out behind her.


An hour later, Rio, snorting, the pony’s coat glistening, paws the earth as Kaylee reins it in at the barn.  She jumps off, unhitches the saddle, and walks the horse until it cools off.  The ride hadn’t helped her.  All it did was make her hotter.  Bouncing on the saddle has her crotch wet with pussy juice.  In the barn, she brushes Rio’s coat, the itch between her legs driving her crazy.  ‘I need a cock so fucking bad,’ she thought frustratedly.  The young woman brushes the pony’s side.

Kaylee groans, “God, I wish you were Tommy.”  She tosses her brush across the barn and throws her arms around the pony’s thick-muscled neck.  “Ooooo, Rio.” She rubs her breasts into the horse.  “Ahhhhhhh.”

Shaking, she steps back.  Her mouth dries, and the juices in her pussy begin to flow freely, soaking the crotch of her cotton panties.  Hot frantic ideas swarm through her mind.  ‘If I can’t have Tommy,’ she thought, ‘I need a replacement.’  Her blue eyes glow.  She has Rio, and anything would be better than her fingers.

“It’s gonna be great, Rio,” Kaylee said dreamily.  “You’re gonna be my new boyfriend.”

The stallion tosses its head in the air and neighs.  Its big black eyes seem to widen as it snorts and paws the ground.  Kaylee sways on weak legs.  The idea of using Rio for sex makes her shake.  She peels off her blouse with eyes fixed on her pony.

Ooooo, Rio,” she moans, tossing her blouse over the pony’s empty stall.  “Look at me.”

She staggers over to the pony, her hands massaging the silky flesh of her plump breasts.  “Mmmm, Rio.” She squeezes her breasts.  The nipples feel as if they are going to pop.  “Ahhhhh.”

The stallion lifts its head and snorts, the pony’s rubbery lips coming in contact with Kaylee’s sensitive breasts.  The horse slobbers, soaking each creamy mound in its warm drool.

Ahhhhhh,” Kaylee cries out.  “Oooo, shit,” She begins to shake.  The inside of her cunt begins to pulsate and ooze pussy slime into her cotton panties.  “Lick me, Rio.  Lick my fucking titties.”

Rio obliges.  Rubbery lips, wet with pony-spit, slobbers each pulpy breast as the young woman offers them to its hungry mouth.  The stallion works its mouth over her nipples, making the pointed tips hard as tiny bullets.  Her whimpering sighs are arousing the horse, making its nuts ache.

Rio,” Kaylee cries.  “Oooooo, your mouth.” The young woman is hysterical.  She shoves her body at Rio, mashing her breasts against the horse’s gobbling mouth.  “Oooooh, suck me.  Chew them, Rio.  Chew my fuckin’ titties.”

Having her breasts licked and nibbled is a new and exciting experience.  She feels dizzy.  The barn spins as she watches in total fascination while her pony turns her creamy white flesh to bright glistening pink.  The pony, becoming more aroused, tosses its head in the air and whinnies.  The stallion snorts, its big wet lips jiggling.  The horse paws the ground, its thick mane swishing back and forth across its wide neck.  The movement startles Kaylee.  She’s knocked back a few steps.

Ahhhh, Rio.” She staggers, her hands rubbing the pony’s spit into her ultra-sensitive nipples.  “Oooooo, you like it.”

Rio’s tail slaps back and forth.  The stallion does like it, and it steps forward, feasting on her creamy breasts again as Kaylee shudders in bliss.  Kaylee’s young, impressionable mind is racing along erotic paths.  ‘If Rio can lick my breasts, why not the rest of my body?’ she wonders.  The idea makes her wet.

I got more,” she said hotly.  “Lots more.”

Quick, nervous fingers pull at her jeans.  In a flash, she has them off.  She steps back, almost falling into a pile of hay.

Kaylee plays out her erotic fantasy, wearing only her pink cotton panties and her head in the clouds.  “I’m so horny,” she moans, strutting around the barn, her eyes devouring the sleek flanks of her pony.  “A hot horny slut.”

She stops, rubs her wet breasts into Rio’s side.  It blows her mind, and she almost collapses.  Rio’s nostrils flare.  The overheated scent of Kaylee’s oozing pussy fills the air, making the horse horny and anxious.  The stallion twists its head, drooling over Kaylee’s shoulder.

Oooo, shit.”  She mashes her breasts into Rio’s sleek coat, then steps back and sways.  Finally, she catches her balance.  “I’m so damn hot, Rio.  So damn fuckin’ hot.” She’s talking as if the pony understands.  Trembling, she moves across the barn and turns, leering hotly at the pony.  “I’m gonna show my pussy to you, Rio.”

She latches her fingers into the elastic of her panties and pushes them down over her slim hips.  Trimmed blonde pussy hair peeks out.  She jiggles her hips, and the panties fall to her ankles.

Mmmmm, Rio.  Look at me.”

The pony’s mane and tail swish, and the stallion paws the earth with building lust.  Its mouth is drooling warm pony-spit.  Its balls are swelling with jizz, and its cock, hidden inside its sheath, aches.  Kaylee has never felt more daring in her life.  Naked outside for the first time in her life has her reeling.  She swings her hips, shivering, and jiggles her ass.  She parades around the barn, flaunting her body to the anxious pony, pretending Rio is a man wanting to fuck her.

How would you like my cunt, Rio?” Her passion is out of control.  The inside of her cunt is on fire like never before.  “Oh, God, I gotta cum.  Mmmm.”

The thick, bloated head of Rio’s cock peeks out, dripping pre-cum.  The horse’s balls swell, and it kicks its hoofs into the ground, its eyes wide, glassy.

I’m gonna cum on you, Rio,” she squeals as the idea pops into her lust-crazed brain.  “I’m gonna ride you bareback and cum all over you.”  Stumbling to her quivering pony, she grabs its mane and pulls her lithe naked body up onto its back.  “Oh, shit,” she cries.

The first contact makes her dizzy.  With Kaylee on the horse’s back, Rio begins to shake.  The stallion flips its head, the whites of its eyes showing.  The pony whinnies loudly, its nervous neighs filling the barn.  Rio steps forward, tail swishing wildly.  But Kaylee’s slim legs cling tightly to its flanks.

Whoa, Rio,” Kaylee said.  A moment of fright gripped her, but it quickly disappeared.  The sensations of her bare pussy against Rio’s back overwhelm her.  “Ooooo, God, this is great.”  Warm pussy slime oozes from her vagina, soaking Rio’s back.  Breasts jiggling, she rocks back and forth.  “Ahhhhh.  Shit.  I’m in heaven.”

Rio remains still, head down, mane swishing over the horse’s face as it shakes its thick neck.  Its tail slaps at its rump, and the muscles under its coat ripple with excitement.  Kaylee’s in bliss.  She pulls on Rio’s mane, yanking the pony’s head up.  Throwing her arms tightly around its neck, she smashes her breasts into its coat.  Hot tangy slime churns inside her vagina, ready to flow over Rio’s back.  Rocking her hips, she grinds her pussy into Rio’s coat.  Wild, crazy sensations of joy ripple through her young body.  Her flesh becomes dotted with goosebumps.  Her nipples, swollen and sore, feel ready to split open.

The warm, bubbly slime in her vagina foams, ready to gush, and the muscles pulsate as she rapidly climbs toward an explosive climax.  Faster and faster, Kaylee jerks her hips back and forth.  Holding tightly with her arms and legs, she grinds her pussy into the docile pony’s back.  Quick jerks forward cause the coarse hair of Rio’s coat to scratch against Kaylee’s exposed stiff clit.  She’s ready to orgasm.

I’m gonna cum.  Gonna cum,” she shouts her voice echoing in the small barn.  “I’m gonna cum, Rio.  Ahhhhhhh.”

The young woman’s screams agitate the pony.  The stallion whinnies and shakes its head, almost knocking Kaylee off its back.  The horse steps forward and paws the ground.  Its cock pokes out from its thick sheath, growing larger.  Rio’s young mistress screams and jerks on the pony’s back.  Kaylee is out of her mind.  It’s fabulous, and everything seems to be spinning.  Her pussy is on fire, ready to explode.  She holds tight, her hips grinding, twisting, mashing her pussy into the coarse hair of Rio’s back.

I’m cumming,” she screams.  “I’m cumming.” Her cunt erupts.  Hot, mushy pussy slime gushes from her vagina and drenches Rio’s back, soaking the pony’s glossy coat.  “I’m cumming.  Ahhhh.”

Rio neighs.  Its ears flicker.  The stallion snorts and kicks at the ground.  The young woman’s screams and the smell of her exploding cunt has the horse’s cock exposed.  It sticks out hard, glistening wet with pre-cum—balls swelling to the bursting point.

I can’t stop,” she squeals.

Kaylee bucks her hips and twists, smashing her breasts and pussy into the docile pony.  Her breasts jiggle with each jerky twist of her body.  Wave after wave of exquisite orgasms rips through her pussy, and juice flows from her vagina like a river.  She straightens her back and gazes blankly from dilated eyes, seeing nothing.

I’m cumming.  I’m cumming.”

The sound of her voice excites her, adding to her explosive climax.  Rio steps forward, making Kaylee sway.  She rides the pony recklessly through another series of fabulous orgasms.  The hot pussy slime soaking its back and the sweet stench of her juices has Rio crazy hot and nervous.  The stallion jerks and twists its head, neighing, its shrill sounds competing with Kaylee’s loud screaming voice.

Kaylee’s eyes bulge.  She can’t hold on.  “I’m falling.”

Her orgasm has her insane.  She jerks then tumbles off her pony’s back.  Kaylee screams for help.  She falls into a pile of hay.  Twitching in the hay, Kaylee lifts her head to moan.  She has fallen off at the wrong time.  Orgasms, bottled inside her trembling body, still need release.  She squirms, panting and gasping.

I need more,” she moans.  “So much more.”

Rio senses its young mistress’s problem.  The stallion needs taking care of too.  Its cock is throbbing, twitching in agony as it swings heavily from between its hind legs.  The horse turns, dropping its head, and begins to chew hungrily on Kaylee’s juice-stained thighs and the cheeks of her ass.  Kaylee sighs.  She squirms in the hay, reveling in Rio’s wet, greedy mouth and slurping tongue.  The pleasure is fantastic.  She’s floating on a cloud, and she never wants it to end.

Rio lazily licks the juice from the back of Kaylee’s thighs.  Its tongue and rubbery lips clean her pussy slime-stained ass.  Her flesh becomes pink, hot, wet, and jiggly as Rio’s tongue methodically works its erotic magic.

Mmmm,” Kaylee moans, biting her lip.  “Inside, Rio.  Go inside my asshole.”  Saying it makes her jerk in the hay.  She moves her hands around to the cheeks of her ass, exposing her wrinkled hole.  “Tongue fuck me.”

Snorting, its nostrils flaring, Rio obliges its young horny mistress.  Its lingua slaps between her legs, between the cheeks of her ass, and over the wrinkled brown crack.  The stallion hits its tongue over her ass, making her squeal with joy.  The pony repeats it, liking the taste of her pussy juice and asshole.

Ahhhhh,” Kaylee cries out, jerking back.  She keeps her legs spread and the cheeks of her ass parted.  “Inside.  Tongue fuck me.”  Her clit fully exposed, she squirms.  Wild sensations bombard the nineteen-year-old.  The hay pricks her like tiny little needles.  “Ooooo, Rio.  Tongue fuck me.”

She’s sexually insane.  Hot rapid orgasms ripple through her cunt, exploding in her as pussy slime continues to ooze.  Rio dines avidly on the young woman’s body.  The horse’s tongue soaked the ring of her asshole with warm spit.  Snorting, the pony shakes its head, plunging its tongue into her body.  Her wrinkled asshole parts, accepting the equine tongue.  Her screams only make the horse more excited, and the tongue plunges ever deeper.

Kaylee wails, her face buried in the hay.  The pleasure has her head swimming as her clit pulsates as the hay jabs into her like small erotic knives.  The blonde bucks, jamming her ass back at Rio’s tongue.  Eyes bulging, she delighted in the sheer joy of having her asshole rimmed.  It’s a thousand times better than when she fingered her asshole.  ‘Never again,’ Kaylee vowed, “will I use my hands as long as I have Rio.’

Rio rims the young woman’s asshole, enjoying her screams and jerking body.  The pony’s cock is throbbing, swollen with blood.  Heavy with jizz, its balls ache.  The stallion rims deeper, its tongue almost going into the teenager’s belly.  Kaylee jams back and feels Rio’s tongue go deeper than ever.  Kaylee is out of her mind with lust.  The pleasure of her pony’s tongue and the hay makes her feel as if she’s in heaven.  The teen bucks and humps in the hay, the prickly strands against her clit adding to her passion.  Still, she needs more.

Kaylee scrambles away, hating to give up the pony’s tongue buried in her ass, but she needs it in her overheated pussy.  The blonde throws herself onto her back and spreads her legs, her gaping vagina vulnerable to attack.

Eat me, Rio.  Eat my pussy like you did my ass.”  Kaylee’s deliriously rocking her hips, clawing her flesh, exposing her swollen pussy to the horny pony.  “Eat me, Rio.  Make me cum.”

The horse sloshes its tongue between Kaylee’s sticky juice-coated thighs.  Its long thick tongue lashes through her pussy slit, and warm, creamy cunt slime clings to its tongue.  The stallion neighs, attacking again.

Inside,” Kaylee screams hysterically.  “Tongue-fuck me.  Please.  Please.”

She humps, mashing her pussy against her pony’s gobbling lips.  She does it again, the pleasure almost too fantastic.  The woman almost faints.  Rio snorts in anger as the stallion’s lust has its cock jutting like a steel beam.  The horse attacks, feasting noisily on the whimpering young woman’s overheated cunt.  It chomps, juice running over its lips and tongue.  The stallion sloshes its tongue through her gash.  Kaylee arches her back.  Her fingers balled into tiny fists.  She lifts her legs, crushing her thighs tight against her pony’s head.

Ram your tongue inside me.  Inside me.”

Rio tries, but Kaylee’s contracting cunt blocks its path.  She’s just too tight.  Instead, the horny pony settles for the teenager’s bloated clit.  The stallion whacks its thick tongue over it, making Kaylee howl.  It chomps her clit with its lips, then whips the hard nub again with its tongue.  She grinds her pussy into Rio’s mouth.  The horse’s hard teeth and squiggling tongue devastate her clit and pussy.  Cunt slime flows as she soars to the peak and the best orgasm of her life.

I’m cumming.  Cumming, Rio.  Ahhhhhhhhh.”

Kaylee’s insides explode.  The cuntal walls pulsate against an empty channel, anxious for a cock to milk, anxious to gulp at cock and jizz.  Caught up in its screaming mistress’s orgasm, the pony shakes its head, its tongue like a serpent, lashing back and forth over Kaylee’s pussy and exposed clit.  Pussy slime drenches its mouth and catches in its nose.  The stallion snorts for air, raising its nose the pony whinnies, taking Kaylee with it.  Rio’s head jerks frenziedly.

Kaylee won’t let go.  Her thighs clamp tight as she fuses her climaxing cunt to Rio’s mouth.  With her neck straining and eyes bulging, another orgasm burst deep inside her belly.  Her eyes roll into her skull, and she almost faints.

I’m cumming.  I’m cumming.  Ooooo.  Ahhhhhhh.”  She tries to gaze at the hayloft, but it’s whirling.  Orgasms whip through her body like bolts of exquisite lightning.  “I’m still cumming.  Ohhh, shit, I’m gonna faint.”

She bucks and strains, her pussy flooding her pony’s mouth.  Kaylee jerks, her clit smashing into Rio’s teeth.  It’s all she can stand.  Her shrieking voice grows louder.  Rio jerks and moves backward, dragging the screaming young woman along.  The stallion tosses its head, lifting Kaylee almost entirely off the hay.  Shaking its thick neck, Rio drags her along the ground.  She screams, but Kaylee has no intention of letting go as the pleasure is the best in her life.  Her thighs ache as she clings desperately to her pony.

I can’t stop.  Ahhhhhhhh,” Kaylee wails uncontrollably.

The horse shakes its head violently.  Weakened by her tremendous orgasm, Kaylee’s legs slipped off Rio’s head.  Free at last, the pony tosses its head in the air.  Pussy slime and pony drool drip from Rio’s slobbering mouth.  Her vision blurred, Kaylee fell to the ground, a whimpering mass of quivering flesh.  She starts to shake, her body coming down from the incredible high of Rio’s tonguing.  She blinks, then catches sight of Rio’s giant hard-on.

Oh, God, your cock.”

She opens her mouth to scream but faints instead.


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