Harvey’s Revenge!

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Harvey's Revenge!
Harvey’s Revenge!
Year: 2020
When shy and frigid Kelly says some nasty things about Harvey and his tiny dick after a failed date, he gets even in a very nasty way by having a dog rape her.
Moe Lester
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The men laugh at her pleas.  Jon said, “Why not?  Our dog needs pussy, and you’re it.”

“Yeah,” Fitz said, smiling.  “You’re our bitch now.  Get used to it.”

Kelly’s entire cunt is wet and glistening with Barney’s spit.  The red, silky pussy hairs plastered into a tangled mat.  Kelly finds herself making little hunching movements and squirming her ass more and more under Barney’s licking.  The pleasure she’s experiencing she can’t hide anymore.  It registers on Kelly’s face.  She pulled her hands up from the dirt and moves them to her breasts, squeezing them tightly between her trembling, icy fingers.  Kelly can feel the hot stiff nipples poking between her fingers, tingling with excitement as she squeezes the spongy flesh rhythmically with her hands.  ‘What’s happening to me,’ she wonders?  ‘I’m becoming worse than the whores who walk the streets of Hollywood.  At least they stick to humans.  How can I ever look at myself again?

Barney’s tongue is licking and probing deep between Kelly’s parted pussy lips.  She rolls her ass slowly back and forth over the ground, pulling her knees painfully up and hugging the warm sides of the Doberman.  The dog’s her lover now, this big, black, panting, growling dog lapping her cunt raw with its tongue.  Her breasts seem to swell larger and larger as she pinches her half-inch-long red nipples.  Her vagina winks shut in response to that breast-teasing, moving like a little animal against Barney’s tongue.  The dog whines in delighted surprise, pulling back for a second, then diving back into the swampy mess of Kelly’s cunt.

She forces herself to pull her head off the dirt and stare at the animal in front of her.  The woman sees his powerful body shuddering as the dog ignores her subtle movement and keeps on licking.  Kelly feels a strange kind of power flood over her.  Yes, they’re forcing her to endure a Doberman licking her off, yet her pussy is making the big dog fill with passion.

Glancing over to her right, Kelly sees Fritz and Jon riveting their eyes on her pussy and Barney’s powerful head.  They’re prisoners of her pussy as much as she’s a prisoner of their power.  Then Kelly glances down and sees Barney’s long, pointed, knobby cock fully extended from its black hairy sheath.  The pointy red cock glistens wetly, jerking spastically as Barney licks more and more.

Ohhuuum,” Kelly groans as she feels the dog’s rubbery lips peel back, revealing its sharp teeth.

They cut gently into the swollen, slick folds of her pussy.  Instead of making her cry out in pain, those tiny incisions fire her cunt even more.  Kelly drops her head back to the ground and babbles meaningless obscenities as the dog’s teeth slice deeper and deeper down her juicy pussy.

Her knees snap together, trapping the big dog’s head between her legs as it dives further into her cunt.  Kelly doesn’t care if the animal rips her into thousands of bloody pieces.  Her pussy aches and throbs with a new kind of passion.  Her juices burn into the tiny cuts made by the Doberman’s razor-like teeth.  Yet the burning pain adds only to her new heightened sexual excitement.  She feels herself melting into the scenery, losing her identity as Kelly Johnson, and becoming nothing more than this dog’s bitch lover.

“Getting to you?” Fritz asks, taking out his phone and pointing it at her.

Kelly can’t answer him.  She starts rolling her head wildly again.  Strands of dirtied, matted redhead hair clung to her cheeks and forehead as she sobs and babble uncontrollably.  Her big breasts heave up and down on her chest as she continues to mash her nipples and squeeze the breast flesh between her trembling fingers.

Kelly is aware something is about to happen when the licking stops suddenly.  She feels Barney draw that canine head out of her cunt and start to move forward.  Gazing up, Kelly watches the Doberman drooling, peering at her and snapping its jaws together with lust.  For a second, the unspeakable delight gripping her pussy disappears.  It’s replaced by a heart-rending terror as she sees the Doberman’s throbbing pointy red cock edging closer to her wet pussy.

No, don’t do that,” Kelly said, digging her elbows into the soil and trying to crawl away.

It’s hopeless, though.  Barney moves forward faster than she can slide.  Pressing those powerful forepaws down on her shoulders, Barney peers down menacingly at her.  Fritz and Jon laugh at the redhead’s screams that turn into frantic, incoherent shrieks.  Her body thrashes and writhes while her big breasts jiggle from the violent movement, bouncing together as Barney manages to keep a position on Kelly’s belly.

No, no, NO,” Kelly cries as she bucks her thighs in a desperate attempt to throw the growling animal off her.

Barney mistakes her revulsion for passion.  The dog growls deep in its throat as it lowers its head to her neck.  Kelly’s eyes bug and twists her head as far from the animal as she can.  The woman can smell the dog’s rancid breath filling her nostrils as she wails helplessly under it.  The big dog drops open its lower jaw and started lathering her breasts.  Dragging its thick, wet tongue across her fingers, still gripping her nipples.  Kelly shudders, groaning as she feels that hot, rough, wet tongue slide across her breasts and chest.  The streaks dry and increase the new hot, tight feeling beginning to stir again in Kelly’s musky cunt.

Oh, ooh,” Kelly moans, dropping her hands to her sides and giving herself entirely to the Doberman.

She rolls from side to side, grinding her thighs together and milking her stiffened clitoral shaft with her slick pussy lips.  The woman doesn’t dare admit what she wants to do with that big dog.

“You think she wants that doggie dick inside her?” Fritz taunts.

“Maybe,” Jon said with a wink.  “Unless it’s too small for her?”  Then to Kelly, he said, “Does looking at Barney’s cock make you feel like a pedophile?”  The question doesn’t really penetrate into Kelly’s consciousness.  “Look at her,” Jon then said to Fritz.  “Without that cock stuffed up her cunt she’d probably go nuts.”

Kelly groans loudly.  She needs something to relieve the aching itch tearing at her pussy.  The woman can’t stand existing at this level of sexual arousal for much longer.  Her heart is heating crazily while her head throbs like a bass drum.  Sweat pours out of her skin, slicking down her goose-fleshed skin while her throat and mouth are as dry as cotton.

Ahhhh,” Kelly cries as Barney drags his sharp toenails across her belly and thighs.

The dog leaves long, red marks where the long toenails slide, the slicing pain strangely increasing the pleasure she feels in her pussy.  Soon Barney grows tired of cunt-licking.  The Doberman’s thick cock jerks up regularly now, swaying back and forth heavy with blood.  Clear drops ooze out of the tiny piss-slit flowing back to the strange red cock’s fat base.  The big Doberman moves forward, inching its stiff, hot cock closer and closer toward her upturned ass.  Kelly holds her breath as she can feel the heat radiating from the dog’s cock, warming her puffy pussy lips.

Ohhhh,” Kelly groans when she feels the pointed cockhead slice in between her pussy lips.

Her vagina winks shut, keeping Barney’s cock out of her cunt for a second more.  Her skin crawls as she kicks out her leg in an attempt to push the Doberman away.  But it’s useless.  Kelly knows she’s going to have sex with this animal.  Barney growls, digging those claws harder into her and forcing the redhead into silent submission.  Kelly’s belly jerks and tightens as she feels the Doberman’s cock slice into her pussy again and starts sinking down her slick cunt.  It feels like a hot poker shoving into her vagina as more and more of that strange canine cock stabs into her cunt.

Ahhhh…” Kelly groans.

Her eyes rolls-up into her head as her lower jaw slackens.  Her breathing becomes rapid and shallow as the disgusting cock slices further into her pussy.  The woman’s mind whirls around in confusion.  At times, she’s so sick she could have vomited over herself when she thought of what’s inside her vagina.  At others, she feels weak with sexual delight.  The woman cries out again as she feels dribbling warm streams of pre-cum ooze out of Barney’s cock and wash against the sides of her pussy membranes.

Only the first inch of the dog’s cock is inside her cunt.  Kelly’s already howling as if Barney’s been fucking her for hours.  She feels the slippery knobs and bumps on the dog’s cock slip past her tight-fitting vaginal mouth, burying itself in her hot cunt.  The long, cunt-splitting fuck seems to drag on for hours.  Kelly lies flat on her back, helpless under the relentless attack of the large Doberman.

She digs her fingers into the ground, gathering clods of loose soil under her fingernails as her sobbing fills the silent air of the surrounding forest.  Tears well in her eyes and roll down her high, flushed cheeks as Barney’s claws continue to tear at her flesh.  Eventually, the Doberman hunches its hindquarters, burying its cock all the way to the knot at the base of its cock.  Barney then pulls back, dragging out that canine cock, only to slam forward again.  Kelly grunts as she feels that big cock slam into her cervix.  The dog’s trying to work that bulbous, slick knot into her as it starts fucking her with quick, short, hard thrusts.

No, God.  God, please h-help m-m-me,” Kelly wails as her body bucks and shudders under Barney’s mindless attack.

Her big breasts roll, bounce, and jerk together as saliva rolls out of the Doberman’s mouth and leaks down onto her belly and chest.  Barney’s fucking becomes faster and harder.  The dog drives that big knot at the base of its cock against her pussy lips until she thought it was going to actually work its way into her cunt.  ‘That thing would rip my pussy to pieces, I’m sure of that,’ she thought helplessly.

No, don’t, don’t, DON’T” Kelly screams, trying to scoot away again as Barney growls, snaps, and whimpers while thrusting that cock into her cunt.

Groaning and sobbing, Kelly collapses to the ground again.  She can feel Barney’s fat, furry balls slapping against her upturned ass.  The dog’s violent forward thrusts make her raised legs bounce against its sides.  Kelly feels her belly burning while her head spins around crazily.  ‘I’m gonna throw up.  I’m gonna die.  I’m gonna go crazy with this fucking.’  Barney’s sudden high-pitched whining snaps Kelly to her senses.  She can feel the dog’s cock vibrating and swelling suddenly, pushing her cuntal walls further apart.  ‘Oh my God, the knot is inside me,’ Kelly thought, horrified.  ‘He’s gonna cum.  I’m gonna have my pussy filled with animal semen.’

The idea makes her wretch with dry heaves.  Kelly cries, shrieks, and begs as the big doggy cock springs back for the first spurt.  “NOOOOOOOOO” the redhead cries wildly, her eyes bulging out and her nostrils flaring as her face flushes red.

But it’s too late.  In a moment, the Doberman’s balls contract, screwing tightly to the fat root of Barney’s cock and pumps out the dog’s load.  Wad after wad of doggie jizz dumps down into her cunt, filling it with the hot sticky stuff.  Kelly breaks out into hoarse, choked cries, banging her head against the soft dirt.  Barney’s powerful ass shakes and thrusts forward, driving that shooting cock deeper into the shrieking redhead.


Kelly lies like a piece of dead meat on the ground as the big Doberman finishes dumping its jizz into her belly.  She feels more violated and degraded than she ever has in her life.  ‘Fucked by a dog,’ she thought repeatedly.  The woman can feel the cock vibrating inside her, throbbing as it shoots endless wads of semen into her.  That idea burns itself into her mind as she lies quietly under Barney.  The dog’s claws still dig painfully into her chest and belly.

She doesn’t care anymore.  As the cold sea wind whips around her scratched, dirt-streaked body, all Kelly can think of is how they’re going to dispose of her now.  In one way, she doesn’t care what happens to her anymore.  This isn’t Kelly’s first rape but having to acquiesce to a Doberman’s cock is just her life’s worst experience.  She feels dragged to the bottom of civilization.  ‘What is there left for me except death,’ she wonders?  ‘How can I go on living with memories of this burning in my mind?

Kelly whimpers, turning her head away and letting the tears roll freely from her eyes as Barney pulls back and yanks the softening cock out of her pussy.  The dog moves slowly around the blond man’s legs, slinking back to the porch as Fritz and Jon chuckled softly.  The redhead continues to lie quietly on the ground, thinking over what happened.  She can feel warm rivulets of cooling, dog sperm trickling out of her vagina and oozing through her spit-slicked pussy hairs.  Her belly hurts from the pounding it received from Barney’s big paws.  There are tiny cuts in her cunt, and on her abdomen and chest.

“Get up, woman.  We’ve had enough with you for a while,” Fritz said, bending and pulling her up roughly by her arms.

Kelly gasps, her legs barely able to keep her up as Fritz drags her toward the cabin.  Chills creep up her spine as she realizes the danger she’s in.  ‘Perhaps they’re gonna kill me now when I go inside the cabin,’ she thought.

“This cabin here belongs to Jon’s girlfriend,” Fritz said as he follows Kelly into the small home.

“His girlfriend?” the redhead cries out in surprise.

It never occurred to Kelly someone like these two could actually have friends, let alone girlfriends who might even like them.

“Sure.  That’s her dog, too.  Sandy’s a wild one,” Fritz said, chuckling as he wipes his thick lips with the back of his hand.

Jon follows them inside.

“She keeps this place going and paid for lawyers’ fees when we were in the slammer for a while,” Fritz continues.  “We’ve gotta get some money together to get the hell out of the country.  Maybe Mexico.”  Fritz pushes Kelly toward the bathroom.  “Clean yourself up in there.”

“But why did you kidnap me and rape me?” Kelly cries, holding onto the doorframe and looking at the two men.

Fritz raises his eyebrows and shrugs his shoulders almost playfully.  “Jon’s girlfriend has a brother you pissed off really badly.  We’re getting some payback for him.”


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