Hungry Holly

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Hungry Holly
Hungry Holly
Year: 2020
Holly leads a double life as an escort who fucks a dog for her clients. Yet something is missing from her life. Maybe the unexpected arrival of her sexy younger teen cousin Lisa will change that.
Moe Lester
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Oh, fuck, yeah, it feels good.  Do it like that.”

Adam Jones could scarcely believe his eyes and ears.  When his friend Jason had told him this blonde-headed escort is really something, Adam got ready for an enjoyable time.  Not in his wildest dreams had he expected anything this good.  Hungry Holly is the answer to a trucker’s fondest prayers.

The blonde’s curvaceous ass is swaying lewdly in Adam’s face.  He has two fingers rammed inside her wet cunt and is fingerfucking her ruthlessly while she kneels doggie style in front of him on the couch.  With astounding force, she thrust her naked buttocks back against his hand.  Her vagina seems to swallow his fingers on every in stroke.  He watches with titillated glee each time his fingers pull out of her.  They shine with an obscene coating of her juices.

“Does that feel good, baby?” Adam growls.

His voice is shaking with excitement.  He’s intensely aware of Holly’s big German shepherd, sitting only a few steps away, watching every move.  The man’s hard cock sways ominously at the thought of what’s about to happen.  Adam’s friend Jason told him all about Holly’s specialty, and that’s what Adam wants to see.

Oh, fuck yeah.  My pussy’s so hot.  I’m gonna cum any minute.  I know it,” Holly moans.

The obvious arousal in the man’s voice fires the furnace in Holly’s belly.  She enjoys the double life she leads, a demure call center worker by day, and a wanton escort by night.  Her specialty is giving her customers the kind of thrill hard to find anywhere else.  As she continues to squirm her ass cheeks back against Adam’s hand, she glances over at her German shepherd, sitting patiently, expectantly, nearby.

“Don’t worry, baby.  Your turn will come,” she shouts.

The dog wriggles a little bit closer to the naked humans.  The woman’s pussy lips flower with moist excitement.  Her growing abandon drives Adam to more vigorous efforts.  His fingers fly in and out of her clutching cunt.  With his free hand, he alternately strokes his painfully throbbing cock and clutches at her round, dangling breasts.  With so much erotic input, Adam hardly knows what to do first.  The woman’s turning him on in a way he’s never known before.  The sheer intensity of her wanton striving is contagious.  Already Adam knows he’ll enjoy the orgasm of a lifetime this evening.

Oh, yeah, honey.  Move that sweet tight ass of yours.  Wow, this is great.  You’ve got a hot cunt, baby,’ Adam moans.

Holly knows the man’s talking, but she doesn’t hear what he’s saying.  Too much is going on inside her squirming, trembling body.

Ooh, yeah.  God, yeah.  Ahhhhh.  I’m cumming…” the blonde shouts.

Her whole being quakes.  Her ass slams fitfully back against Adam.  Her cuntal-muscles clutch his fingers convulsively.  The trucker has never seen a woman orgasm like this before except in porn.  His cock lurches excitedly as the dog creeps a little closer.

“Motherfucker…  You really know how to get it off,” Adam said wide-eyed.  “Look at the dog, you’ve got him excited.”

He can see a solid red erection dangling from the animal’s loins.  The thought of seeing that dog-dick rammed inside Holly’s greedy belly sends a ripple of enthusiasm through Adam’s jaded loins.

Ahhhhhhh,” Holly moans, still half-delirious with the avalanche effect of her climax.

She peers dimly through a disheveled mass of blonde hair at the nervous dog.  At once, the animal’s erection catches her eye.  No sooner is she done with one orgasm than her clit throbs at the prospect of more.

“Oh, Sammy, darling.  Your cock’s all hard, baby.  Do you wanna fuck me?” Holly asks the dog.

Her obscene proposition sends a new shudder up Adam’s spine.  He’s never heard anything as perverted as her lascivious words directed at a brute animal.  “Fucking hell,” he murmurs as the dog nuzzles her outstretched hand.

Adam pulls his wet fingers from her cunt and stands.  It’s time for Sammy to take over where he left off.

The power of her orgasm forced Holly flat onto her belly.  Now, once again, she wriggles onto hands and knees, doggie style, in preparation for the onslaught of the aroused dog.  For just a moment, she glances up at the man.  The big-eyed excitement on Adam’s face sends a lurid thrill through her loins.  For Holly, half the fun of being this nasty is the erotic responses her behavior draws from a client.  The blonde is an exhibitionist at heart.

She asks him, “Are you ready to watch me fuck a dog?”

Her teasing made the flabby trucker blush hotly.  But Adam never takes his eyes off her ripe, upturned ass.  She slaps her buttock harshly, reveling in the excited gleam in the man’s dark eyes.

Holly turns her attention to the dog.  “Come on, Sammy.  Get up here, boy.  Get up here and make me your bitch.”

Her pussy, already sopping from her orgasm, flares anew as she feels the dog’s weight on the couch behind her.  A lusty grin on her face, Holly stares at the ceiling, waiting for the moment when the dog will take her.  She shudders as the dog’s furry paws gripped her hips.  At once, the German shepherd’s heavy cock slaps against her thighs as it lunges forward in search of her hot waiting vagina.

Mmmmmm, come on, Sammy, baby.  Do it to me, boy.”

As anxiously as she wriggles her ass back in the animal’s direction, its cock continues to miss the fleshy wet target of her vagina.  The woman grows increasingly frantic.  She gyrates her hips this way and that, trying to trap the dog’s cock in her greedy cunt.

Mmmmmm, Sammy.  Come on, boy.  Fuck me already.”

As the man’s excitement grows, Adam loses his self- consciousness about being a voyeur at such a shameless thing.  He falls to his knees next to the couch and watches the big tapered cock struggle to find purchase in the blonde’s shaved pussy.  From time to time, Adam steals a glance at the woman’s face.  It’s a mask of lust as she strains back over her shoulder, egging the dog on.  At last, her glazed eyes find Adam.

“Please, please help him.  Help him find my cunt…”

His hand trembles as he reaches for the rigid shaft of the dog’s cock, yet Adam doesn’t hesitate to help the woman.  He’s far too eager to see her fuck the dog not to cooperate in any way he can.  He grabs Sammy’s blood-engorged dick and guides it in along her slit.

Sensing the guiding hand is going to bring it closer to its goal, the dog’s rutting motions become more eager, more spasmodic.  When Adam positions the German shepherd’s pointy cock tip to the yielding softness of her damp opening, Sammy lunges forward with one mighty stroke impaling her deep.

AHHHHHHH.  Ooh, yes.  That’s it.  Ah, I always forget just how wonderful it feels,” Holly moans.

As quickly as the dog adjusts to a hard-driving rhythm into her cunt, Holly slams her ass back to meet its every hard thrust.  The thing she loves most about her German shepherd’s fucking is the relentless pace the dog keeps until its knot buries inside her cunt.  Then the thrusting turns into a battle of flesh as Sammy tries to drive his knot inside her clutching muscles.  Holly feels a force far greater than herself, rushing over her mind, body, and soul when this happens.

There’s no question of shrinking back or resisting.  The only thing to do is to move with the tide of the animal’s excitement.  Her helplessness makes her feel free and wanton.  Sammy’s savage fucking is bigger than both of them, and no matter what, Holly can count on multiple orgasms before the end.

Ahhh, you can’t know how good this feels.  Fuck, it’s hot…” Holly tells Adam.

Adam’s eyes bulge at the sheer fury of the woman’s response to the dog’s tireless fucking.  Her jaw hangs slackly open.  Her tongue darts nervously over her lips as she stares unseeing at the ceiling.  It’s as if the relentless pummeling of the dog’s talented dick is transforming the woman into an animal too.

The blood pounds through Adam’s engorged cock as he grows progressively more engrossed in the blonde’s shameless performance.  He’s never seen a woman who can abandon herself so totally to the lascivious call of the senses, no matter what the cost to her dignity and self-respect.  The trucker feels the evening is well worth every dollar it costs him.  He can’t have asked for a better show.

“Motherfucker.  Fucking hell,” he rasps.

Get down close,” Holly shouts.  “Watch his knot smash my cunt open, then ream it mercilessly.  Watch him make me his bitch.”

Adam’s soon down peering intensely at the cock thrusting into Holly’s cunt.  There the man can see the giant ball of flesh referred to as the knot near the base of Sammy’s cock.  His eyes bulge at the size of it, almost approaching a baseball.  The knot is slipping into her swollen, red pussy lips, making wet noises as the German shepherd fucks with force and speed.  Then as the trucker watches mesmerized, the knot slams inside Holly’s cunt making the blonde scream.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH…  God, I love it…

As the dog tries to fuck the knot inside her clutching cuntal walls, Adam can see Holly’s belly move, proving the presence of the ball of canine cock flesh.  However, the more abandoned Holly squirms now, the more insistently Adam’s cock demands attention.  It’s pure torture for the trucker to watch this young beauty churning under the dog’s stiff cock and knot while he has to throb in his hand.  When he hits upon a solution to his dilemma, it seems so simple, he wonders why he hadn’t thought of it sooner.

The dog’s ferocious pace had driven Holly right against the arm of the couch.  Her breasts squash carelessly against the blue plush fabric.  Adam positions himself at the end of the couch, his cock is at just the right height for her mouth.  Holly’s too absorbed in the sweet feelings ricocheting through her naked body to notice the availability of Adam’s turgid cock.  Adam chooses the quickest technique to draw her attention.  He grabs her by her blonde hair and forces her mouth against his bulbous cockhead.

Mmmmm.  Mmmmmm…

It takes Holly a moment to realize what’s happening.  But when she recognizes the solid filling presence in her mouth, she sucks greedily.  There’s no question she welcomes this new tantalizing violation.  Now Holly’s filled and sated at both ends, it’s a spit roast.

Right from the first instant her mouth contacts his cock, Adam feels like he has just fallen into an incredible sweet vat of pleasure.  Holly’s lips are soft and smooth as honey.  They caress his ramrod cudgel from cockhead to base, bathing the cock in flowing warm excitement.  Her tongue acts like a little electric prod, stabbing him urgently, unexpectedly, summoning a lurching response from deep in his balls.

Oh, God, woman.  You know how to give head,” Adam moans.

The sight of her shapely ass cheeks wriggling back against the dog’s furry loins adds fresh fuel to Adam’s flaring arousal.  It astounds Adam the way Holly’s able to service both cocks so enthusiastically, so greedily.  Neither the dog’s dick nor his own suffer neglect for one moment, she’s one hell of a woman, with an appetite for sensuality that appears to know no bounds.

Her lusty mewling as Holly licks and stabs and sucks Adam’s throbbing cock is music to the trucker’s ears.  Holly’s apparent erotic contentment is exhilarating.  It makes him feel at the same time intensely appreciated and inspired to bring her to a new level of pleasure.  Adam clasps her head firmly on either side and forces her mouth back and forth along his shaft.  His mastery of her slavish endeavors seems to turn her on.  She moans masochistically.

That’s it, honey.  Suck it.  Suck my dick, baby.  Oh, yeah.  How does that big dog-cock feel up in your hungry little pussy?

His raunchy comments spew unchecked from his lips.  He likes to talk dirty when he’s excited.  The beautiful thing about this woman is she seems to like hearing the dirty talk as much as he enjoys saying it.  Holly’s firm white ass gyrates appealingly under the dog’s tireless stroking.  The dog’s fucking is more jerky now.  The animal has its big knot stuck inside her cunt.  Holly moans around the hard filling presence in her mouth as the knot presses right on her g-spot, sending her into a continuous state of orgasm.

The dog’s effort seems to grow fiercer as it nears climax.  Sammy’s tongue lolls from his canine muzzle.  Splashes of saliva drop onto Holly’s squirming back.  The sight makes Adam’s cock jerk inside the woman’s working mouth.  He tugs on her hair and makes Holly work faster and harder over his swelling shaft.  Holly’s body is ablaze with arousal.

She’s gone into the business of escorting with her dog Sammy to make some extra cash.  Yet her customers watching her with Sammy appeals to her even more than the money.  The woman likes the intense excitement when she’s involved in some no-holds-barred sexual entanglement.  Holly likes to turn men on.  Taking cash for her daring escapades is like putting frosting on an already rich cake.  It makes it all that much better.

Adam is a good client.  Another steady client sent him to Holly for this particular thing: ‘woman and dog.’  That’s the way she gets work that involves Sammy, word of mouth.  A regular booking without the bestial part she gets through an online escort service.

The trucker’s totally absorbed in the lusty situation that’s developed on the blonde’s living room couch.  Holly enjoys the sound of his heavy breathing.  She likes his harsh, obscene comments, and most of all, the woman loves the hard, swelling cock sawing relentlessly in and out of her mouth.  The man’s excitement feeds her own, adds fresh coals to a fire already blazing high

Oh God.  God, I’m cumming,” Holly manages to wail between cock-mouthfuls.

Her body convulses in a shuddering delight of pleasure, but she doesn’t let herself go completely.  She still has two hungry males to satisfy.

Fuck, Holly.  You’re something else,” Adam moans.

She’s orgasming again, this time responding to the depraved excitement of taking two hard cocks at once.  The one reaming her cunt wide, and the other invading her mouth with filling strokes.  The blonde’s like a sex machine, a flesh-and-blood embodiment of lust.  Her breasts bounce as she strives to bring both males to climax.

The dog pants.

The man grunts.

The woman groans.

All three lost in lurid pleasure, in a world that captivates their senses and dulls their minds.  For long minutes, the room fills with the primitive sounds of their rutting ecstasy.

Adam glances from the woman to the dog and back again.  He’s still scarcely able to believe he’s discovered such an incredibly depraved woman.  That he’s getting his cock sucked by a woman who is simultaneously fucking a dog.  His brain reels.  His balls throb with excitement.  The man catches the strained look on the animal’s face just at the moment when Sammy is climaxing.  The realization gives Adam a new jolt of perverted excitement.

Motherfucker.  He’s cumming in you, Holly.  He’s filling your pussy full of dog spunk.  Fuck me…”  He can feel his own load boiling to the surface, coaxed skillfully by the slavishly sucking woman.  “Ahhhhh.  You’re doing it to me.  Look out, baby.  Here comes a mouthful.”

Adam holds her head to his cock, forcing her to drink his welling semen.  It pleases him the way she bends hungrily to her task, the way Holly licks her lips with satisfaction when he finally let her free.

Though she’s brought both males over the hump, Holly can feel one last explosion still lurking inside her belly.  While Adam watches in amazement, she rubs her clit roughly as she still kneels in her doggie position knotted to Sammy.  She closes her eyes and grits her teeth.  Adam can see there’s a great struggle going on inside her tense, naked body.  Then, totally unexpectedly, the burden seems to lift from her face.  She’s liberated.

Ahhhh.  God, I’m cumming.  Oh, fuck, that’s good,” Holly moans as her body shakes and sweats under the intense ripples of muscle contractions.

Sammy suddenly jumps off her back, the twisting cock and knot in her cunt sets off another orgasm that makes Holly drool.  The woman collapses onto the couch, forcing the German shepherd to sit opposite her, still connected by cock and knot.  Holly’s reveling in the lulling stupor produced by the final orgasm of the session.  She pays no attention to the dog, which lies patiently, still ejaculating sperm into her womb.  Nor the man, who’s struggled to the nearest chair where he sits, numbly staring at woman and dog still tied.  Watching Holly masturbate herself to orgasm was the last blow in a pleasure onslaught for Adam.

This is not her first fuck with Sammy by a long way, and while the dog’s knot is still quite large, she manages to pull her pussy free of it.  This is a well-used pussy, so it’s stretchy now.  The woman winces a little as the knot pulls free.  Sammy, when feeling his cock and knot slip out of that hot velvety embrace, jumps off the couch and finds a spot near the coffee table to lie and lick his dick.

When Holly recovers from her euphoria, she loses little time reminding her visitor that it is getting late.  “After all, I’m a working girl,” she tells Adam cheerily.  “A moonlighting working girl.”

Adam slowly gets himself back into his clothes.  He pulls out the agreed-upon fee, a thousand dollars in cash.  “It was worth every cent, Holly.  You’re sensational.  Next time I’m in town, I’ll look you up.  Next time, I wanna fuck you myself.”

“Sure, Adam.”

She’s always amazed at how men sometimes resemble little boys.  Particularly when they think they’re going to get their hands in the cookie jar.  Holly feels relieved when she’s finally got her client out the door.  The woman enjoys her sessions with men, but she values her privacy, too.  As an escort, she doesn’t have a lot of it.


Holly had just settled back on the couch with a hot chocolate when there came a knock at the door.  Assuming it was Adam with a last comment or request, Holly struggles to resume her public expression before opening the door.  She forces a smile but finds herself face to face with a busty young redhead with a mane of long kinky hair and a suitcase.

“Hi, Holly.  Remember me?  I’m Lisa.”

“Lisa?” Her visitor is so far from what Holly was expecting that it takes the blonde a few minutes to collect her wits about her.  “Lisa, who?”

“Lisa Kent.  You’re Uncle Jack’s girl.  You remember me.  I used to bug you all the time to buy me candy.”

“Oh, Lisa…” The light’s beginning to break, but Holly isn’t sure she likes what she sees.  She hadn’t been back home in almost ten years.  Her parents, siblings, and she exchanged polite cards at Christmas.  That’s all.  Now all of a sudden, the blonde’s visited with a cheerful, big-breasted teenage cousin with definite plans for her spare room.  Whether she likes it or not, it appears Holly has a house guest.  The young redhead is growing impatient.

“Well?” Lisa demands cheerfully.  “Do I get to come in, or do you want me to go?”

Holly has never been one for family ties.  Still, the girl’s appealing smile tugs at a cord of nostalgia buried somewhere deep inside.  “Of course, I don’t want you to go.  Come on in, Lisa.  I’m glad to see you.”

To Holly’s surprise, she really is glad.


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