Keeping Secrets!

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Keeping Secrets!
Keeping Secrets!
Year: 2023
Missy has cheated on her husband twice today, once with her neighbor’s son and then with her neighbor’s dog. Now she has some secrets she needs to keep. Big secrets at that.
Moe Lester
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Ultron the dog whimpered, and she smiled down at the dog where it still lay, watching her every move.  The German shepherd wagged its tail, and animalistically licked at its jaws and her soft, sweet-smelling hand when she bent downward, petting its great head.  Missy couldn’t help but wonder if, or what, Ultron was thinking as his big brown eyes seemed to rake over her, almost lustfully ogling her nude body.

It gave her an odd sensation of exhibitionism as she stood there for a long moment, almost tauntingly posing before the dog’s gleaming animal eyes.  Then, with a final smile and pat, she picked up her manicure set and moved to the bed, climbing onto its middle with intentions of making dainty her feet which Billy raved so much over.  The task required an almost lewd sitting position with legs widespread and bent at the knees, and the curvaceously exposed Missy couldn’t resist looking at her reflection in the vanity mirror.

As she did, Ultron’s sudden leap onto the bed took her completely by surprise, startling her and causing her to gasp and lose her balance, falling backward onto her elbows.  With that, the big animal immediately moved forward between her open legs, almost as if she had spread them for the dog in an obscene invitation, and Missy could do little more than gape at the dog in shocked wonderment.

Ultron’s unexpected advance between her naked spread-open legs hardly frightened Missy as she still lay propped on her elbows where she had fallen back in surprise.  Although it was a massive dog, it had never shown the slightest ferocity in all the time the neighbors had it.  She was awed by the dog’s abrupt move and unpredicted position between her openly spread thighs.

She stared at the dog, her sultry dark eyes reflecting the bewilderment inside her.  She watched as the German shepherd’s rounded brown ones continued to sweep over her exposed curves, almost as if it were feasting on them before taking its sexual fill.  Then, the dog moved closer over her, dropping its big head to lick out with a hot tongue against the smooth flesh of her naked white stomach.

Missy couldn’t help but gasp out at the astonishing contact, and she swallowed tightly as the full length of seething animal flesh began to lick moistly over her reflexive, muscle-tightened belly.  Again and again, the dog did it.  At the same time, she lay beneath the hotly spread length of the dog’s taunting, wet caresses, its feverish licking causing incredible lewd sensations to begin weirdly spiraling through her.

My God.  What is he trying to do to me?’ Missy wonders.

Her eyes widened as she gaspingly watched the dog’s long fleshy tongue lick heatedly upward over her navel’s smooth quivering lips.  Higher and higher, it inched until it was finally lapping the undersides of her exposed breasts.  Ever creeping upward over them toward their tiny, pebble-hardening nipples and, at last, there.

Missy couldn’t restrain the excited little moan escaping her lips when the dog’s burning, moist flesh reached them.  The dog’s tongue wetly grazed the pink, sensitively rising buds to send wildly arousing spasms through her now tremulous, unresisting body.

Ooh, what’s happening to me, anyway?’ Missy wonders.  ‘I must be losing my mind.  The damned wine has dulled my brain.  Good Lord, I must stop this bestial performance before it goes any further.’

But she didn’t want to move with the inconceivable rising heat the German shepherd’s eagerly licking tongue brushing wetly over the naked mounds of her breasts was creating inside her.  She heard the dog whimper deep in its throat, her widened stare fixed on Ultron’s almost loving performance.  Then, Ultron’s gleaming brown eyes raised to meet hers, their obvious, desire-fed glow level with her own.  Missy felt her breath quicken when the dog moved upward and startlingly began to run its warm, liquid tongue in swirling caresses over her face.

Oh God,’ she shockingly thought.  ‘The damn dog’s kissing me.’

A gentle warmth filled Ultron’s powerful body as he tenderly licked over Missy’s white flesh’s pleasing, soft beauty.  The pleasant taste of her breasts and now her beautifully appealing face intrigued the dog.  She was unlike the female humans next door who Ultron often serviced.  Missy’s warm eyes reflected emotions that made the dog happy inside and avidly excited its natural mating instincts.  It was this unique sensation spurring Ultron to continue.

Missy reactively turned her head to move her face away from the huge animal’s hot, licking strokes.  There wasn’t any question in her roused mind that the dog was kissing her, showing her affection.  She closed her eyes, and abruptly it stopped.  Then, she felt the weight of the dog jiggling the bed, and she opened them to see the dog backing down between her still openly spread legs.

Mesmerized, she watched the dog poise its massive head between her lewdly parted thighs, then slowly lower it, its heated animal breath taunting the fringe of soft, brown pubic curls.  The German shepherd’s cool, wet nose brushed against the sensitive, warm flesh of her inner thighs and, finally, the puffy, flushed lips of her undeniably excited pussy.  She heard the dog’s almost mewling whimper as it sniffed her rising female heat, taunting her susceptibly naked loins as though it were making an actual seduction.

The urge to stop this shameful act before it went any further raced through Missy’s lust-glazed brain.  But as she felt Ultron’s cold, damp nose suddenly probing wetly into the smooth vale between her partially spread butt and finally down against the tiny puckered ring of her anus, she forgot.

Oh.  Oh, you devil,” Missy groaned, lurching uncontrollably beneath the erotic contact.  “Y-You better stop and right this minute.  Oooooooo.”

The German shepherd’s exploring tongue had snaked out to lick wormingly up and down the smooth crevice surrounding her tightly clenched little anal mouth, the tip burrowing teasingly up into puckered lips.

Missy wasn’t sure whether shame or the tantalization made her try to squirm her naked loins away, but when the no-longer docile brute raised its head and warningly growled, she quickly stopped.  Fear of the dog, she knew then for the first time, and she froze as Ultron lowered his great head once more.  The wet, seething tongue began to lick at the narrow pink crevice between her helplessly spread thighs.  Missy began to tremble and groan uncontrollably as it wetly drew it upward over the full length of her openly spread pussy.

Oooooo, God,” she moaned.

The lewd sensations were stabbing wildly inward to reach deep into the nerve centers of her shamefully fluttering belly.

Again the dog did it, this time, the animal’s raging, fiery tongue spreading through the yielding, hair-fringed lips of her pussy like a fluid blade.  It didn’t stop but continued to relentlessly splay the sensitive pink flesh wide, pausing, at last, to lunge in a penetrating curl far up her moistened, dilating vaginal passage.

Oh God,” she squealed.

Missy spasmed, dropping her head back on the bed and writhing to the dog’s oral rape.  The dog never stopped, and she wasn’t sure that she wanted it to now.  Missy drew her legs back to give the dog greater access to her responding vagina.  At that moment, the nakedly enchanted Missy was unsure of anything but the sudden thrill of erotic passion its mercilessly ravaging tongue was generating through her lasciviously vulnerable body.

Her moans increased while her mind slipped deeper and deeper into spell-binding sensuality, and she could not and did not want to fight it.  Again and again, Ultron’s pleasure bringing animal tongue grazingly bathed her exposed loins.  From the snug, eagerly reacting lips of her flexing little anus upward through the glistening crevice of her pussy.

At its peak, the dog maddeningly hesitated.  ‘Almost as if trained,’ Missy wildly thought.  Then, the dog penetrated to flick at the trembling bud of her tiny clit, irresistibly magnifying her building passion a thousand times.  Missy lost all track of time.  She could not judge how long it lasted, only that it seemed forever.  The heavenly seating tongue was licking relentlessly through and over her moistly inflamed pussy until she gasped and writhed her naked body insanely on the mattress beneath it.

Ooooooo.  Ahhhhh,” she groaned as Ultron flicked the tormenting length in a hot, just-keening curl into the clutching little mouth of her sizzling vagina.  “Ahhhh.  Yes.  Yes, lover.  Please do it for me.  Make me cum, Ultron.  Please lick me more.  More.  Oohhh, lick me.  Lick me, you beautiful brute.”

Missy hardly knew what she was saying.  Her overwhelming desire had built to that intensity, but abruptly, she realized the loss of the dog’s delightful tongue and lifted her head to gape in confused disappointment.

Oh, please.  Please don’t stop,” Missy pathetically hissed at the dog.  Suddenly grasping hold of the German shepherd’s head with gentle hands, she begged, “More, Ultron.  Lick it more.  Please.”

The German shepherd let her guide it back down between her quivering, anxiously spread thighs.  With a whimper and an animalistic groan, the lust-intoxicated woman drew her knees back to her breasts, pulling the dog’s nose tight into her wetly throbbing pussy.  The German shepherd’s loving tongue flicked up the fire-filled vaginal passage like an attacking lizard, its whines blending with hers as the dog fiercely lashed and penetrated again and again into the glistening pink flesh between her spread thighs and butt.

Oh.  Ahhh.  Yes.  Lick it, Ultron.  Fill my cunt with your tongue,” she lustfully begged, undulating her opened, obscenely positioned loins and rounded white butt against Ultron’s hotly flicking tongue.


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