Must Be Good with Animals

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Must Be Good with Animals
Must Be Good with Animals
Year: 2023
Carl is a down-on-his-luck ex-con and prison bitch struggling to build a new life when he finds a job ad for a farmhand that appeals to him.
Jack Morningwood
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“Mmm, you’re gonna work out well.  You gotta good pussy,” the hick said, wiping his soft cock with a rag.

“Oh God, is this gonna be one of my duties here?” Carl asked.

“This is the job, prison bitch,” Lenny said.

“Is your Papa gonna fuck me too?”

“Yes, he can still get that old pecker up, don’t worry.  Your pussy can take it.  He ain’t very big.  Not like me.”

Carl went to get up, and Lenny pushed him back down.  “Where do you think you’re going?”

“To get dressed,” Carl said over his shoulder.

“Nah, it’s time Frankie got some of that fine prison pussy too.”

Carl gasped.  “Frankie?  Your dog?  I ain’t fucking no mongrel dog,” he shouted.

About then, this big black mongrel had started sniffing his asshole.  Looking at the dog in disbelief, Carl said, “Get away from there,” and started to get up again.

Lenny pushed him back down.  “Shit, man, you’re a prison bitch.  You’ve had more cocks up that pussy than any waterfront whore, amirite?”  When Carl grimaced, Lenny said, “I thought so.  So what’s the difference between fucking a man or fucking an animal.  It ain’t like you gonna get a bun in the oven.”

He’s got me there,’ Carl thought.  ‘I’ve been fucked by some real losers inside and outside prison.  A dog couldn’t be any worse.’

Carl got off the cot and sat on all fours on the floor.  Frankie found his asshole and licked Carl there.  The black mongrel dog licked increasingly, and despite everything, it felt wonderful.  Carl soon started stroking his cock and was close to climaxing.  Between the cock and ass licking, Carl was so horny he was becoming desperate.  Carl opened his knees, giving the dog full access so the dog licked longer and deeper.  The ex-con stroked his cock more, getting closer and closer to climaxing.  He stroked harder.

“See, ain’t so bad,” Lenny grinned.

Suddenly, the dog stopped, and it was a huge letdown.  But Carl’s about to climax, so he keeps stroking harder and harder.  He feels Frankie hop on his back and grab his waist tightly with those sharp paws.

Carl won’t lose an orgasm to stop Frankie, so he ignores the dog’s playing and pulling.  Suddenly he feels something hot and wet rub his ass crack.  It’s hot and feels so good, like the dog’s tongue, but much better.  Carl’s so close to ejaculating, and just as the first wave of orgasm hits and he stiffens, spurting hard, something hard goes inside his asshole.

The dog thrust forward very quickly.  Carl’s body locked into position from his orgasm.  This strange deep sliding heat makes Carl orgasm even harder.  Passion took complete control of Carl as he stroked more.  He could feel the hot canine cock going deeper and deeper.  Somewhere some part of his brain understood Frankie was now fucking him.

Carl’s brain was undecided about what to do, but his body wasn’t.  With no thought, plan, or conscious effort, he pushed back against this beautiful feeling as he orgasmed.  The man feels something hot swelling and pulsating just inside his asshole.  This feeling was bizarre, but it was also restarting his orgasm.  The ex-con had never climaxed for so long or hard, and it happened again before his first one finished.  Carl stroked hard, lost in complete bliss.

Eventually, the man emerges from these blissful mind-blowing orgasms.  He could still feel the dog’s cock swelling inside him as it rammed it in deeper and deeper with all its strength.  He realized he was still shoving himself back and trying to meet the black mongrel dog’s thrusts.

The black mongrel dog pulls Carl’s hips hard and slams its belly against his ass in quick hard strokes, the dog’s cock going ever deeper and swelling more and more.  It feels too good.  Regardless of what his mind wanted, his body focused on this beautiful feeling, getting more intense and wonderful with each passing second.  Some logical part of Carl knew the dog was rubbing his prostate, but all he knew was that despite the orgasm he just had, the ex-con was about to blow again.

Fuck, YES,” Carl half moans, then yells as the dog fucks the orgasm from him.

About then, the old man entered the barn and watched the dog humping Carl.  He grinned and said, “Well, boy, looks like you got us a real first-class city bitch for the animals to fuck.”

Lenny began laughing and said, “We sure do have us a proper bitch, Papa.  Look at him shootin’.  He loves it.”

As the ex-con started spurting again, he pushed back against Frankie and orgasmed with all he had.  He climaxed long and hard, more intensely than he believed possible.  Carl’s sure the knot rubbing his prostate kept him going because he climaxed far beyond the usual.  Eventually, he felt himself finish, and the jizz dribbling from his cockhead slowed.  Completely used and exhausted, the man collapsed.  Carl’s hips balance on his knees with the dog’s powerful paws holding his waist up, and its throbbing cock deep inside the man was belly.  The ex-con’s upper body, though, collapsed onto the floor.

When Carl suddenly understood the swelling inside his asshole was Frankie’s knot, he shouts, “Oh fuck, no.  How did I let this happen?

Carl knew the anatomy and the process of canine mating.  He also knew he needed to get the dog’s knot out quickly, or it’ll get stuck inside him.  The dog had already slowed its fucking rhythm, and Carl felt the softball-sized ball of flesh inside his asshole. It was far too late to do anything about it now.  But in his panic, he still tries.

“Just take it, bitch,” the old man said.  “Get used to it cos it won’t be the last knot you feel in there.”

Of course, the massive knot wasn’t going anywhere now.  Carl knew the black mongrel dog had tied him, and he’ll be here until it was done.  The man was disgusted with himself.  ‘What kind of sick pervert shit have I got myself into here?’ Carl wonders.  ‘But Jesus, I’ve never cum that hard before.’

The black mongrel dog swelled more inside Carl, filling him so entirely that he had no words for it.  Frankie’s cock also seemed to get longer and longer until he could feel it shooting loads of hot liquid deep into his bowels.  Suddenly, a wave of fear entered Carl, and the dog turned and hopped off him.  Immediately, the ex-con glanced around and eventually grabbed Frankie by the collar to hold the dog above him.

As the dog stopped humping and rested on Carl’s back, he could feel the canine shaft grow longer and longer, spurting semen.  It grew with each dog’s heartbeat until finally, after another fifteen seconds, it was grown to its full proportions, forcing itself into the deepest recesses of his bowels.  They just held their position there briefly, with Frankie pulsating and spurting, and Carl was feeling quite stupid and almost uncomfortably full.  But then the ex-con felt the dog’s spurts grow longer and more intense as the dog pulled a bit harder, and he knew the beast was at the peak of its orgasm and ejaculation.

Papa pats the dog’s panting head.  Then he said, “We might as well bring the other dogs in.  We might as well break the new bitch in, right.”

“Good idea, Papa,” Lenny said with a grin.

Looking up wide-eyed, Carl begged, “Please, no more.”

“Ain’t no difference fucking one or five dogs, bitch.  You gotta train that pussy to be able to take it cos this will happen every day you’re here,” Papa said and left the area.

Suddenly this pack of hunting dogs burst in and were all around Carl sniffing and howling, knowing they had a bitch to fuck.  However, Frankie was still knotted in Carl’s asshole.

Frankie’s jizz felt so good as it fills Carl’s bowels.  It’s hot, comes in hard spurts, and tenses his whole body.  The man didn’t want to feel good; he didn’t want to enjoy this defilement.  Carl was stupid enough to get in this position, but damn, he couldn’t help that it felt good.  Each spurt was like a warm tingle that started in his sensitive and stretched bowels, spread across his whole body, then finally settled in his cock and balls, making them hard and horny.

He tried to relax, but it felt like he might climax again.  The ex-con knew he could easily but didn’t want to orgasm.  Eventually, he had no choice.  Carl had no idea why this felt better than anything he knew, but it did.  When Carl knew he was about to ejaculate again, he gave in to the feelings growing in his loins instead of fighting them.  To try to stop it now would cause great pain and possible internal injuries.  ‘Why not enjoy it as much as I can,’ he thought.  The feeling kept growing, and his hard cock was dripping pre-cum again.

However, Carl knew the knot would eventually deflate enough for Frankie to remove the tie.  The ex-con gently rocked his hips and felt the knot move in his asshole.  It felt wonderful.  Carl stopped moving and relaxed, knowing he’d climax too soon if he kept rubbing the knot over his prostate.  The man held steady as the dog pumped more and more doggy jizz into him.  He could feel the hot pool of it deep in his belly, gathering just beyond the spurting tip.

The two keep this position for a while.  The black mongrel dog pumped into Carl as it pulled firmly while the man held himself still and tried to hold back his orgasm.  It becomes harder and harder as the size of the jizz pool and the heat increase inside Carl.

The black mongrel dog stayed locked inside Carl, still shooting jizz.  The ex-con remained still, basking in the afterglow of his orgasm and fading partially in and out of sleep.  He felt Frankie start to shrink and dance a little.  He held Frankie until the dog’s knot shrunk, then the ex-con felt the dog pull its cock out of his asshole.  He didn’t move at all, just enjoying the good fuck he had.  The man was so relaxed, feeling his asshole go back to normal, feeling the hot pool of jizz inside his belly.


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