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Year: 2021
When a business woman refuses to pay the mob protection money they abduct and rape her with a dog to change her mind.
Moe Lester
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Kim stiffens, then lurches forward as she feels that animal cock slicing into her vagina.  Her skin crawls with revulsion as the thinks of that ugly, knobby thing entering her body flooded her mind.  She can feel it snaking its way in, forcing into her cunt.  The uneven bumps on Pedro’s cock plop past her tight lips, driving into the dry hole mercilessly as the men laugh and point at the blonde’s horrible dilemma.  ‘Fucked by a dog,’ she thought,

The idea almost drives Kim mad on the spot.  She’s filled with dog meat, inches-and-inches of it.  Already the animal’s cock is dribbling warm streams of pre-cum.  Pedro’s cock is spearing deeper and deeper into her pussy.  She feels her belly sour and turns over, threatening to empty as the growling dog’s cock forces her cunt wider and wider with each thrust.  She feels horrified, her jaw-dropping lower and lower as dry heaves tear at her belly.  Her breathing becomes rapid and shallow as she feels that slick, disgusting cock ramming her hard.

More and more canine cock feeds into her until she finally feels the animal’s short fur tickling her pussy lips.  ‘A dog is all the way inside me,’ she thought.   ‘A dog, all the way inside.’   Kim breaks down, crying and sobbing as the men laugh at her.  Only the fat knot at the base of the German shepherd’s cock stays free of her cunt.  Pedro tries desperately to work it in, though, twisting the dog’s strong body and shoving forward.  But Kim senses that will tear her pussy to pieces.  Quenching her cuntal muscles hard as she can, the blonde successfully keeps the knot from entering.

But her clamping adds to the giant dog’s excitement.  Rocking back and forth, Kim is unintentionally working the German shepherd to climax.  The dog whimpers, thrusting harder and snapping its powerful jaws in the air.  Kim’s cries become louder as she realizes what’s happening.  She can feel that cock ballooning inside her, pushing out the tender walls of her cunt as it gets ready to spatter out its first load of jizz.

Oh, God, no, noooo…” the pretty blonde wails as her breasts roll, bounce, and bump together.

More spittle hangs in strings from the corners of the animal’s mouth.  Pedro’s hunching becomes faster and harder.  The dog drives the big knot against her pussy lips until Kim wonders if it might succeed in driving it actually inside her.

“Cum, baby, cum,” Juan said, laughing loudly as he put his big hands on his hips and sneers.  “That’s what you Anglo sluts are good for, dogs.”

He raises his boot and presses the toe against the side of her face, and Kim turns her head away, groaning.  She feels her stomach turning over faster and faster while her mind whirls.  Kim’s going to wretch.  She knows it.  The woman thinks she’s going to die in front of these awful men—the blonde thought all these things as the German shepherd hunches and claws at her helpless body.

Kim snaps to her senses when she feels the German shepherd’s body suddenly stiffen and quiver mightily against hers.  She knows that feeling.  It always means the male is teetering on the brink of climax.  The blonde grinds her teeth together, bracing herself for the horror that is about to happen.  Her fingernails dig into the soft asphalt, bending back from the pressure as a long, high-pitched wail from the German shepherd fills the room.  There’s another wail, and then it happens.  Kim feels a steady gush of something warm and hot pouring into her cunt, flooding it like the squirts from a barium enema.

Pedro is climaxing, blasting her pussy with doggie jizz.  Kim breaks into a series of hoarse, choked cries.  More and more steady spurts shot out of the dog’s cunt-embedded cock as the German shepherd howls and growled with sexual release.  Kim feels thoroughly shamed now, and she can’t look at anyone.  The blonde wants to crawl into a corner and hide like the lowest insect from the men.  ‘They all saw what happened,’ Kim thought bitterly..  ‘They laughed and made filthy comments in Spanish about it.’

When Pedro finished dumping animal sperm into her, the big dog crawls off Kim’s back and trots back to Ricardo.  Kim stays in the grotesque ass-up position for several seconds, afraid to move one way or the other.  The full impact of what had just happened to her is descending on her mind only now.  ‘How can I look at myself in the mirror again,’ she wonders?  ‘All I’d be able to see is a woman who’s been fed to the dogs.’

Eventually, the blonde pulls herself up and turns around.  Brenda’s pinned to the ground.  Her pussy fucked by one gang member while another is straddling her shoulders and driving his cock down her throat.  They hold the brunette’s arms tightly to the floor as her shoulders shudder.  Kim raises her hands and covers her ears.  She can’t stand listening to the choking gurgling sounds Brenda’s making.  ‘They’re going to kill her with their jizz,’ Kim thought.  ‘Brenda can’t breathe under all that pressure.’

Then the men jerk and swear in Spanish, dumping their filthy loads of contaminated jizz into the choking woman.  When they finish, they crawl off Brenda’s body, tucking their cocks in as the brunette rolls over on her side and tucks her knees to her breasts and moans like a wounded animal.  Tears stream from her eyes.

“OK, you’ve got a sample of what’s gonna happen to you each time you don’t pay up,” Juan said, glancing at his watch and raising his black eyebrows as he notices the time.

“But what are we supposed to do?” Kim asks, crawling across the dirty floor to Brenda.

The young woman is still in her fetal position, jamming her knuckles in her mouth and sobbing quietly.  Kim reaches over and touches Brenda lightly on her scratched, dirtied thigh.

“Leave me alone,” the young brunette cries out, scooting back on the floor as if a hot iron touched her.

The men laugh and make remarks as Juan and Ricardo bend and pick up the women’s ripped and wrinkled clothing.

“Get into these and get the fuck out,” he said, throwing the clothing that is now little better than rags into Kim’s face.

The blonde catches them in her hands, looking hatefully at the tall, grinning Latino.  He stands there triumphantly smiling at her.  The horrible German shepherd that fucked Kim after licking her pussy and bringing her to climax with its tongue lies next to him.  Kim sits quietly for several seconds, replaying the terrifying scenes of this evening.  She shakes her head slowly back and forth.  ‘No, this can’t have all happened in one evening,’ she thought.  A moan from Brenda makes Kim realize that it had.

“Here, Brenda, we’ve got to get dressed,” Kim said, bending forward again and touching the brunette again.

This time Brenda raises her head and realizes it is Kim next to her.  Her eyes fill with tears and spill over as she gazes at her thighs.  There are claw marks all over her creamy flesh.  She sees clumps of her brown pussy hairs ripped out by the raping men.

“We can take you back to town,” Ricardo said as Kim crawls to her feet and slips on the remnants of her blouse and skirt.  Brenda moves painfully, grunting and groaning with each arm and leg movement she makes.  Jizz leaks out of the pussies of both women as they finish covering their bodies with their clothing.

“Oh, Kim,” Brenda said, looking at her friend.

The blonde’s hair hangs in dirtied tangles over her face and ears.  Scratches and bruises cover her cheeks and forehead, while claw marks are visible on her throat and left shoulder.  Her legs scraped almost raw by the violent fucking from both man and dog she’s received.

“Remember, you pay us,” Juan said, grabbing Kim tightly by the right arm and hauling her through the side door toward the old VW bus still parked next to the deserted warehouse.

Ricardo drags Brenda behind.

“But we can’t pay you the amount you want.  I keep the books.  I know the business can’t take it.  I’m surprised your other customers haven’t complained,” Kim said, stumbling over the uneven ground as she tries to keep up with the wide-striding Juan.


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