Red, Black, Pink, & White

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Red, Black, Pink, & White
Red, Black, Pink, & White
Year: 2023
A lonely housewife is tormented by her lusts while her husband is away. The neighbors Doberman could be the answer.
Sheela B.
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Lisa Wright was feeling lonely and very, very horny.  As usual, her husband, Jason, was out of town on business.  That meant it was up to Lisa to find ways to relieve her boredom.  And her horniness.  She sprawled nakedly on her bed, running her hands up and down her body.  She could feel her pussy swelling with arousal, and her juices began to flow.  Her large tits rested high on her chest, and, despite their enormous size, they did not sag even a fraction of an inch.  Her nipples were large and long; at this moment, they were tingling and burning with desire.

She hated to admit it, even to herself, but the main reason the bored housewife was so horny at that moment was a dog.  She moaned softly, squirming slightly on the bed as she moved her hands up to her tits and began to stroke them while she thought about the big black Doberman who lived next door.  Lisa and her frequently absent husband had not lived in their big suburban house long.  But, it seemed to the woman that every time she saw the animal next door, it was sporting a gigantic hard-on.

At first, she had not paid much attention.  But, lately, she had noticed the dog’s cock more and more.  It was huge and hard and delicious-looking and always erect.  Lisa liked to think that the dog’s hard-ons were caused by her and her sexy body.  She tossed her head from side to side on her pillow, wondering what was happening to her.  Lisa would never have guessed in a million years that she, of all people, would be excited by looking at a dog’s cock.  Or that the sight of that gorgeous cock would make her so horny she had to finger-fuck herself.

She rubbed both of her tit-mounds, moving her hand faster and faster until she finally gripped both of her nipples in the grip of her thumbs and forefingers.  She pinched her nips lightly at first, then a little harder.

Ohhhhh,” she groaned, thinking about the dog next door.

Who would have thought it?’ she wondered, pinching her nips harder now.  ‘Who would think the proper and even prim Lisa Wright would be rubbing her tits while thinking about a dog’s cock?’  She grinned slightly, thinking how shocked her husband, Jason, would be if he knew his wife’s thoughts.  For not only did the man think of his wife as being very prim and proper, but he had often complained about that very fact, especially when they were having sex.

Lisa couldn’t help it.  As much as she loved fucking, and as much as she loved her husband, she always held back a bit in bed, just enough to make a difference and dampen their sexual enjoyment.  Lisa didn’t know why she felt slightly repressed sexually.  The woman suspected that someday she would have a powerful sexual experience with someone other than her husband, and that would unleash her pent-up sexuality.  When that day came, and she was truly liberated, she would also be able to give greater pleasure to her husband.

She sighed as she continued to pinch her nipples.  She even found herself wondering if the dog next door could be the answer to her sexual problem.  ‘No, no, that’s insane,’ she thought frantically, tossing her head back and forth.  ‘That’s disgusting.  Perverted.  Abnormal.  I shouldn’t be having such thoughts.’  But then she thought about the dog’s huge cock, and she moaned with excitement as she moved her hands down her belly toward her aching pussy.

Lisa fondled her moistening pussy mound for long moments before permitting herself to stick her fingers inside.  She arched her back and drove two fingers up into her snug little cunthole while she rubbed her hardening clit with her thumb.

Yesssss,” she screamed with excitement.

And, at that instant, the skies opened up, and rain began to fall.  Lisa could tell it would be a furious storm, but she didn’t want to think about that now.  All she wanted to concentrate on was the erotic pleasure spreading through her loins as she fucked her fingers in and out of her pussy.  She tightened her cuntal muscles around her fingers and squeezed them as she did with her husband’s cock.

I wonder if the dog next door would like that.  If it put its cock into my pussy and began to fuck me, and I squeezed its cock with my muscles—no, no, no—I must stop thinking this way about that dog, no matter how big its cock is,’ she told herself.

But it was not that easy.  Lisa continued to thrust her fingers in and out of her clasping cunt, rubbing her clit, her mind filled with lewd images of the dog next door with its cock sticking out between its legs.  Of Lisa sucking the Doberman off.  Of the animal mounting her and ramming her from the rear with its doggy cock.  Of the beautiful animal eating her out.  The sky flashed lightning, and the loud thunderclap followed it almost immediately.  And more rain began to fall.

“Oh, God,” Lisa yelled.  “The car windows.”

She sat up in bed and pulled her hand out of her pussy as she remembered that when she had returned from the town earlier, she had not rolled the car windows up.  It was warm, and all the windows were wide open.

She got out of bed and, in a hurry, reached for the only handy piece of clothing, her sheer nightgown.  She hated to stop finger-fucking herself.  She had been about to come, and she needed that orgasm.  But she knew that Jason valued their car almost as much as their marriage and that it would have a stroke if the heavy rain ruined the car’s interior.  Not even taking time to get her umbrella, Lisa flung the front door open.

She ran down the steps, sloshing through the puddles that had already formed in the last few minutes of the heavy downpour.  She moaned with discomfort as the heavy rain lashed at her, plastering her thin nightgown against her otherwise naked body.  Lisa hurried to the car, which was in front of the house in the circular driveway.  She rolled up all four windows as fast as possible, feeling exposed and vulnerable for the world to see.  Only her drenched scrap of a nightgown was between her and total nudity.

She turned to run back to the house and caught a movement out of the corner of her eye.  Suddenly, she knew that she was not alone.  She ran fearfully back toward the house with someone chasing her.  Halfway back to the house and to safety, a bolt of lightning flashed through the sky, illuminating everything below, and she turned to see who her pursuer was.

“Oh God,” she groaned.

It was the huge dog from next door.  Lisa turned to run again as thunder boomed around her, and she heard splashing sounds behind her.

“Leave me alone,” she screamed, trying desperately to get to the front steps before the animal could overtake her.

Lisa had never been afraid of dogs before.  But she had never seen this dog so close, and something was menacing about the Doberman.  The dog was a Doberman, and it was so huge.  But, even as Lisa tried to get to the safety of her house, somewhere deep down, she knew that what she was really afraid of, and what she was really running from, was not the dog but her desire for the animal’s cock.  She made it to the steps of the front porch.  And so did the dog.  Bounding beside her, the dog suddenly positioned himself between her and the door.  And then it sat down.

“Oh, God, what do you want?” she yelled, realizing how ridiculous she sounded.

There was more lightning and thunder, and, in the eerie light from the nighttime sky, she saw the animal’s powerful muscles and shivered again.  The dog cocked its head, and it whined, its haunches quivering.  The dog barked.

“Oh, shit,” Lisa groaned, wondering if the dog were dangerous.

Somehow, the lightning and thunder now crashing around her made the scene much more frightening.  She had heard about Dobermans who were killers, and she shuddered.

“Stay away, please,” she begged tearfully.

The dog’s ears pricked upward, and it barked again.  Then the Doberman rose and began to move toward Lisa.

Nooooo,” she screamed.

At the sound of her scream, the dog backed off and sat in front of the door again.  She was trapped.  She could not enter her house with the dog guarding the door.  She was too frightened to try to move past the Doberman.  Thunder crashed every other second now, and the strong wind whipped the rain onto the porch.  She was soaked to the bone.  Her tits jutted out firmly from her chest, her nipples clearly outlined beneath the gauzy material.  The cloth clung to her thighs, forming a perfect V.

The dog watched her intently.  Then, as she began to calm down, the Doberman stood and began to walk toward her again.  She could see by now that the dog had no intention of hurting her, and she felt foolish for her fears.  The dog came closer and closer to her.

Noooo, stay away,” she pleaded, again more afraid of her own feelings of desire for the animal than anything else.

She felt paralyzed, rooted to the spot as the dog approached her.  The wind blew her hair out behind her body and forced her gown open, sending deep chills.  She looked down and moaned as she saw that the dog’s snout was only inches away from her.

Please, get back,” she whispered so softly that she could hardly hear her words.  “Get away, oh, God—”

The dog moved closer.

Get away,” Lisa screamed, but the wind whipped her words away.  “Back—back.”

The woman started to cry.  Low whimpers rose from deep in her throat, making breathing difficult, sending hard, wracking shudders through her shivering body.  The Doberman’s snout sniffed at her wet crotch, pressing against the wet material firmly plastered against the mound of her pussy lips.  Surges of lust raced through her.

Noooo,” she cried, jumping back.

She was moving away not so much from the horny dog but from the bestial passion she had still not accepted in herself.  She felt the porch railing against her back and instantly knew she was trapped.  There was nowhere else to run.  ‘And do I really want to run?’ she wondered dazedly as she felt her pussy drooling.  The dog pressed harder into her crotch with the soft warmth of its nose.  The dog seemed to know exactly what it was doing and what it was searching for beneath that flimsy material.  The dog seemed to be eagerly hunting for a way under that fabric.

Ohhh, God,” Lisa moaned.

Her arms hung limply at her sides.  She told herself she should push the animal away from her pussy, but she could not move a muscle.  The woman was totally passive now, able only to receive whatever pleasure this beautiful dog wanted to give her.  The dog’s tongue lapped out, and it licked along the surface of her pussy.

Ahhhh,” Lisa sighed, wondering if it could taste her pussy juices.

The animal’s nose pressed into her, its tongue licking at her.  Her little pussy was wetter than ever.  The dog whined as it found its way under the wet material, and its tongue made direct contact with Lisa’s vagina.

Oh, yes,” she cried, throwing her head up and back as she felt the dog’s tongue licking her naked pussy.

The dog whimpered with pleasure as it lapped up all the juice that continued to flow onto its lapping tongue.  Lisa moaned again and again as she stared down at the dog.  The dog’s wet snout still moved back and forth over the surface of her pussy, making her clit tremble each time its nose passed over it.  More and more pussy juices gathered inside her slit, and the animal stabbed its tongue between her labia to lap it all up.  Lisa groaned with bestial horniness as her body shook with excitement.  The horny woman was no longer conscious of what she was doing.  Lisa was dizzy and slightly disoriented and had lost control over her actions.  She had given that control to the dog.

She could only stand there, gazing down at her crotch and the dog’s nose and tongue moving about it.  She wondered how she could be doing what she was doing so eagerly.  Lightning flared again, and Lisa groaned as she realized she had just seen someone standing there off the side of the house.  It was a black man who was obviously watching her while she let the dog lick her pussy.

She knew she should move away from the dog.  She had always known it.  But now, with a man watching the lewd scene, she knew it even more.  But still, she could not move.  This time it was not the dog who trapped her there on the porch, shivering in the cold, but her bestial lust.  Lisa groaned, knowing that even with a black man watching her, she could not move away from the animal until it had made her orgasm.

Unaware of the spectator standing nearby or not caring about him, the dog continued to lap at the woman’s pussy.  The dog whined with pleasure and whimpered now and then as its tongue licked up every bit of juice rapidly spilling out.

Ohhhh, yessss, good dog, good dog,” Lisa groaned.

She clutched her tits and began to squeeze them, realizing with a jolt of excitement that being watched by a man just aroused her even more.  The Doberman now shoved its tongue between her labia and on up into her cunt.

Aieeeee,” Lisa groaned as she felt the hard, wet tip of the animal’s tongue contact her cervix.  She trembled all over as the beast pulled its tongue almost all the way out of her and then back in again, expertly tongue-fucking her.  “Ohhh, shit, you’re fucking my cunt so good with your big tongue,” she squealed loudly.

And she had to admit that she hoped the unseen man could hear her.  She pictured the Doberman getting a raging hard-on as it watched the lewd spectacle of her being eaten out by the big black dog, and she trembled, more juice pouring out of her pussy.  Now, the dog pulled its tongue out of her cunt and began to lick her clit hard.  It only took a few such hard licks to push Lisa over the edge.

I’m cumming,” she shrieked as a powerful orgasm crashed through her loins.

Just then, another bolt of lightning lit up the yard, and, to her shock and excitement, she saw the man walking rapidly toward her.

“Here, Ranger.  Here, boy.  Come on now.  Where are you?”

As he approached the porch, the black man called out, and Lisa realized he did not know she had seen him.

“Well, hello there,” he said, smiling up at her as if he had been unaware of her presence until that moment.

The dog barked as he whirled around to face its master.  Lisa stood stock still, realizing she could do nothing to make herself appear more decent.  The wet material of her nightgown clung to the curves of her beautiful body as if it had been sprayed on.

“Hello,” she responded with a flush, feeling a twinge of desire in her pussy as she watched the man’s eyes rake over her.

“You bad dog,” he said to Ranger, who whined and cowered at his owner’s feet.

“Ranger?  That’s his name, Ranger?” Lisa asked, trying to suppress a grin.

“Yeah, that’s his name,” the man said with a laugh.

Lisa studied him as more lightning flashed across the sky.  He was a little older than she was, but certainly not old.  He was tall and good-looking, and Lisa immediately felt attracted to him, almost as attracted to him as she was to his gorgeous dog.

“Sorry my dog bothered you,” he said, and Lisa heard the lust in his voice as his eyes raked over her again.

“Oh, he—he didn’t bother me.  I enjoyed his company,” Lisa said with a flush.

“Good.  My name’s Kelvin.  I live right next door—with Ranger,” he said cordially, as if his neighbor had not been standing close to him in only her drenched gown, the sky pouring buckets all around them.

“Hello.  I’m Lisa.  My husband, Jason, and I moved in here recently, and I guess we haven’t really met the neighbors yet,” she said, glancing down at the man’s crotch.

She saw a cruel bulge tenting out from the front of his pants, to her delight.  She knew that he must have really turned on while watching her get her pussy licked by his dog.

“You’re sure soaking wet,” Kelvin said thickly.

“I-I guess I should go in and dry off,” she said, her pussy burning with desire.  “Could I interest you in some coffee?”

“Sure,” Kelvin said with a grin, and Lisa realized he had been waiting for her to ask.

“And Ranger can come in, too,” she added, turning to her front door.  “Now that he and I have met, he’ll always be welcome in my home.”

“Well, that’s sure neighborly of you,” Kelvin said.

Lisa could not help but hear the slightly mocking tone underlying his words.  She flushed again, realizing he knew too well why his dog would be welcome in her home.


The three of them went inside the house and into the kitchen.  Ranger immediately settled down by the stove as if he lived there.  And, still clad in only her clinging nightgown, Lisa began to make the coffee.  She glanced at Kelvin and liked what she saw.  The man’s eyes were instantly studying her body, and Lisa felt his gaze covering the curves of her tits, the points of her nipples, and her juicy crotch.  His probing eyes were like a caress, and she trembled.

“You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” he said, startling her.

“I-I should go change,” she murmured.

But Kelvin reached out and caught her by the arm.  “No—don’t go,” he said.

“But I’m soaking wet,” she said with a nervous little laugh.

“Don’t worry about that.  I can warm you up,” Kelvin said, grinning at her.

“All right,” she murmured.

She smiled up at him as they wrapped their arms around each other.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ranger watching them, and she had the strange sensation that he was turning on to what he was seeing.  She hoped she was right.  The man pulled the tie of her gown and looped the material.  He peeled it away from her shoulders, sliding it down to her waist.  Her firm tits jutted straight out from her body, her nips pressing against his manly chest.  Kelvin peeled her wet gown off of Lisa until it fell in a soggy heap at her feet.  He dropped to his knees before her.  He threaded his fingers through her pussy hairs, and she shuddered violently.

“Are you still cold?” he asked, grinning at her.

“No, just horny.  You’re driving me out of my mind,” Lisa cried.

He grinned again.  He stood up and took Lisa by the hand.  And, without a word, he led her into the living room, pushing her down gently onto the couch so she sat there with her legs spread wide for him.  Again, he knelt before her.

“Wait,” she said huskily.  “Please—take your clothes off.  I have to see your cock.”

“Lisa, you’re wearing me out,” the man said with a short laugh as, again, he rose from her knees and quickly stripped off.

“Oh, God, your cock is so beautiful,” she groaned as she got her first glimpse of her neighbor’s big black cock.  “Glad you approve,” Kelvin said.

But his attention was back on her pussy as he knelt between her legs.  His hands reached out and stroked her pouting pussy lips before his fingers moved between them into her cunt.

Ooh,” she groaned, shivering again.

She was so horny that the black man could have fucked her right then and there, and Lisa would not have offered one word of protest.  But, instead, he thrust his fingers into her cunt and began to fuck her with long, teasingly slow plunges.

“Pull your pussy lips open with both hands.  I want to look deep inside you,” Kelvin said, his voice thick with lust.

His lewd request thrilled Lisa to the core, and she eagerly reached down with both hands, spreading her labia wide for his gaze.  She groaned as she felt the meat of her cunt stretching and tightening.  Her clit rose out of its protective sheath and twitched slightly.  Kelvin touched her clit lightly.

Yessss,” she hissed between clenched teeth.

He cocked his thick black index finger behind his thumb and then let it fly, ripping the edge of his fingernail directly across the exposed head of her clit.

Wheeeee,” she shrieked, jumping.

A movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she turned her head to see Ranger.  The dog had walked out of the kitchen into the living room, and now it sat near the couch.  The Doberman’s intense gaze seemed riveted to Lisa’s clit, and its long, red tongue lolled out of its mouth, dripping saliva.  Lisa’s breath caught in her throat when she saw the huge hard-on the dog had.  She flushed with excitement, and as Kelvin continued to play with her clit while finger-fucking her cunt, Lisa stared at the gorgeous dog and at its beautiful red cock.

She held her labia open widely, almost painfully, while her neighbor ran his fingers in and out of her snug cunt.  She clenched his fingers with her strong vaginal muscles, wanting to keep them inside her as long as possible.  Now and then, Kelvin paused and gave his attention to the woman’s clit, which was visibly throbbing now.  He flicked it over and over again.  Then, he finally caught it in his tight grip and pinched it as hard as he could.

I’m cumming,” she shrieked, clawing at her pussy as she climaxed.

Buckets of juice poured out of her vagina and began to run down her quivering legs.  Ranger caught the scent of orgasming pussy, and he whined, quickly trotting over to Lisa.  Kelvin grinned and backed out of the way as the animal sat between her legs and began to lick up all the spilling juice.

Oh, God, Ranger, yes, eat it all up.  Ohhh, God, it feels sooo good,” Lisa cried, and she heard Kelvin chuckling with delight as his black cock grew harder.

First, the black Doberman licked up all the juice from Lisa’s thighs.  Then, the dog concentrated on her pussy, its long dog tongue making deep strokes inside her pussy to catch every drop of the tasty sauce.

Cumming again.  Oh, God, Ranger, you’re making me cum again,” Lisa shrieked at the top of her lungs.

As her orgasm began to ebb and she opened her eyes.  The first thing she saw was the animal’s huge, throbbing cock.  Then she saw a little gleaming drop of pre-cum at its pointy tip.

Oh, God, Kelvin, Ranger needs me,” she squealed, sliding off the couch onto the floor.  She scooted beneath the dog who was standing now.  “He needs to cum, Kelvin,” she added just before she opened her mouth and let her tongue dart out toward the big dog’s cock.

“Way to go, baby.  Do it.  Lick Ranger’s cock.  I think we’ve got ourselves a real winner here, Ranger,” Kelvin said delightedly, shaking his head in awe as he fingered his hard cock and watched.

Driven by some animalistic urge beyond her control, Lisa moved her head forward.  She stuck her tongue out, reaching for the trembling dog’s cock.  She touched her lips to the tip.

Ohhhh,” she moaned.

It was her first taste of dog cock, and already her aroused taste buds were letting her know that this was the beginning, the very beginning, of what she had been sexually missing all these years.

“Move around a little bit so Ranger can reach your pussy,” Kelvin instructed, leaning back against the front of her couch as he continued to fondle his big black hard-on.

Lisa moaned again, thrilled by the idea of the dog licking her pussy for her again while she licked his cock.  She obediently and quickly shifted her position so that she and Ranger were now in the classic sixty- nine position.

Ranger’s tongue licked over her slit, rubbing against her clit, which was once more protruding over the edge of her outer labia.  There was just the right amount of friction in the dog’s tongue, and the animal seemed to know just how hard to lick her for her maximum pleasure.  As she licked the dog’s cock harder and harder, savoring the delicious flavor of its doggy pre-cum, she rammed her hips against its mouth.  Ranger responded by whining and licking her clit even harder.  Suddenly and skillfully, the animal’s hips dropped.  The final distance was closed, and the head of the dog’s cock slid into Lisa’s mouth.

Ummmffff,” Lisa groaned, her mind reeling.

“All riiiight.  Not many women want to take ole Ranger’s cock into their mouths like that.  You’re one hot slut, Lisa,” Kelvin cried with a grin.

Her neighbor’s words thrilled her, and Lisa gently closed her lips around the shuddering canine cockshaft.  She began to suck on it hard.  More pussyjuice flowed into her pussy and was quickly lapped up by the horny dog as it whimpered, the sound echoing off the walls of her cunt.  The Doberman’s hips began to work up and down furiously now, pounding its cock into Lisa’s mouth with a speed that amazed but excited her.  She worked her cuntal muscles around Ranger’s tongue, now sliding in and out of her vagina.  The animal barked in response, its muzzle still buried inside her cunt.

Oooommm,” she moaned around the thickness of the dog’s cock shaft.

She could feel its big doggy cock vibrating against her inner cheeks as it throbbed with lust.  She sucked on it harder and harder, knowing that this was what she had needed all these years.  To suck on a dog’s cock.  To feel the dog eating her pussy.  To let the animal fuck her.  She needed it all, and she needed it tonight.

Lisa didn’t know why she needed this powerful sexual experience with a dog.  But it didn’t matter.  All she knew was that she did need it.  And she would have it if she had anything to say about it.  Ranger and Kelvin were more than willing to accommodate her sexual needs.  And she would fuck with Kelvin, too, if he wanted that.  Lisa would enjoy that.  But she knew that she could not enjoy it as much as she would love getting fucked by this big muscular Doberman.

Don’t question it,’ she told herself when she found her dazed mind wondering why she needed to make it with a dog.  ‘Don’t even think about it.  You need it.  So do it.  It’s as simple as that.  Just don’t fight it.  Go with it.’  And she did.

Ranger continued to shove his tongue in and out of Lisa’s tight vagina while he pounded his cock into her sucking mouth.  The Doberman’s pre-cum and her saliva mingled and flowed from the corners of her mouth, wetting her chin.

“I’ll be goddamned,” Kelvin cursed with a grin, shaking his head again.

His cock was growing harder in his grip, and he knew he would have to fuck Lisa soon or shoot his wad all over her living room carpet.  The ramming face-fucking movements of Ranger’s cock were so fast now that, to Lisa, they felt more like one relentlessly long stroke rather than a series of short strokes.  In and out, in and out, the animal thrust its cock, sending it into the far reaches of Lisa’s throat.  She sucked on it as hard as she could.  In and out, in and out, the dog plunged its tongue, shooting it to the back of the woman’s vagina with each thrust while she tightened her cuntal muscles around it.  Suddenly, Ranger threw his head back and howled loudly as he shot his wad into his new friend’s mouth.

Mmmmmmffff,” Lisa moaned happily, eagerly receiving the tasty dog-jizz.

“Swallow all of it,” Kelvin huskily instructed her.

She moaned again.  She loved this dog’s semen.  It was hot.  It was salty.  It was slimy and coppery.  And it was by far the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.  There was so much dog-jizz that it began to ooze out the sides of her mouth.

“Swallow all of it,” Kelvin repeated.

Her mouth was full now, but she swallowed hard and fast, not wanting to miss one single drop, taking it down her throat and into her belly.

I’m cumming,” she cried suddenly, her orgasm catching her off guard, for the dog was no longer licking her pussy.

Kelvin laughed, and Ranger barked with delight as Lisa orgasmed again.


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