Reprogramming Jessica

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Reprogramming Jessica
Reprogramming Jessica
Year: 2021
Jessica is sick of Samantha’s constant wild sex in the room next to hers. The girl’s trying to prepare for finals. So, after another loud orgy next door she confronts her housemate once for all.
Sheela B.
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As Jessica walks through the park, her mind is reeling.  Letting Brad fuck her anally in the library is so out of character for Jessica.  It shocks the teen but also makes her horny.  It’s confusing.  She can feel Brad’s jizz dribbling from her sore asshole as she walks.  The park is busy with people as it’s a sunny day.  Halfway through the park, she’s feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.  She sees a seat in the shade of some tall oak trees and decides to sit for a bit.

In the quiet of a secluded part of the park, Jessica finds peace at last.  As she checks her phone to see if her appalling behavior in the library has gotten out, a golden Labrador comes sniffing around.  The dog is a bit dirty, and Jessica figures it must be a stray.  She puts her phone down as she has no messages and leans back.  Before Jessica knows it, she’s asleep.

Jessica has no idea how long she slept.  She decides it’s probably only a few minutes, for the daylight seems as bright as before.  For a moment, it doesn’t register on the girl what awakened her.  Then a tingle runs through her body again.

Mmmmmmmm.  That feels good.”

Jessica’s legs are wide open, her pussy in front of the Labrador’s face.  The stray dog detected the tantalizing aroma of her pussy while she was napping and decided to taste it.  The dog’s tongue licks in between her thighs.  The sensation makes the teenager’s body tremble.

“Ooh, fuck, what are you doing to me?” the redhead squeals

The dog smelled bitch in heat,’ Sam said in her head.

Jessica knows the enormous animal is turning her on.  That rough pink tongue is doing things she never dreamed possible.  Yet the redhead knows it’s wrong, and if someone catches her like this in public, they’ll probably call the police.

I agree, we can’t do this here,’ Sam said.  ‘Even I’m not that cruel.’

“We shouldn’t do this anywhere,” Jessica whispers, now trying to keep the dog’s head out of her horny loins.

Aw, look at the poor doggy.  He has a nice big boner for you.’

“Stop it.  I can’t do that,” Jessica said, staring at the sizeable canine erection.

I’ll fix that,’ Sam said and laughs.

Jessica feels a pain in her head and closes her eyes as a fog descends over her.  ‘You’re gonna leave me brain-damaged,’ she thought.

You don’t need your brain, Jessica,’ Sam said coldly.  ‘You just need your three holes and lots of cock and pussy to satisfy.  Even if they belong to animals like this dog.  There, I think I have it now.’

“Have what?”

Never mind slut.  I want you to bring this dog home with you.  The poor animal needs relief, and you’re gonna give it to him.’

The thought of pleasing this brutish animal suddenly fills Jessica with sexual heat.  Her clit is hard, and her pussy is growing wetter by the second.  She heads home, hoping she can make it before the Labrador makes her.  All the way home, the horny dog keeps trying to get its head under her dress again, and it manages to lick her pussy a few times, and it takes all her strength not to let the dog take her on the sidewalk as if she were a bitch in-heat.

When she arrives home with the dog, she’s so wet and horny her thighs are slipping against each other.  The dog happily follows the horny teen into the house, and Sam orders her to take the shiny gold dress off.

Get naked, slut!

As she’s taking the dress off, the redhead feels the dog’s snout and tongue against her bald pussy.  Once the dress is off, she pats the dog, with her hands slowly making their way to the dog’s cock.

Just imagine how slutty and fun it would be to let the dog fuck you,’ Sam said hotly.

The redhead stares at the red canine cock as it grows longer and longer.  The teen hugs the dog as it licks her face and neck.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” she said, feeling her body tremble.

The Labrador quickly starts sniffing her groin with interest.  At first, she feels its cold nose touch the warm skin on her inner thigh and shudders.  However, when the Labrador rakes its tongue over her flesh, she jumps wide-eyed.

Oh God,” she says and laughs.

A glance to the Labrador’s groin reveals its boner has grown from a mere tip to a healthy five inches, and it’s still going.  With the dog’s nose pressing into her groin and tongue trying to lick her, she decides to go with it.

‘Good.  Good.  Give that dog your pussy,’ Sam said in her head.

Jessica spreads her legs for the dog, aroused and curious as to what may happen.  As its tongue rakes over her pussy freely for the first time, her body jerks when intense pleasure erupts from her clit as if wildfire.

Oh God,” she moans softly, watching the animal’s tongue lap furiously at her bald pussy lips, covering the outside with its saliva.

Then the Labrador pushes deep, and its tongue enters her cunt and licks her from the inside, with its cold nose and hot breath simultaneously pressing against her clit.  Her body rocks and legs spasm as micro orgasms explode throughout her, making her skin flush red.

I can’t believe how good this is,” she moans.

As her arousal peaks again, her juices flow, and the Labrador is tasting her delicious nectar.  It tongue-fucks her even harder, making Jessica throw her head back, with red hair flying everywhere, closing her eyes to enjoy every taboo moment of the dog’s cunnilingus skills.  Then, as her stomach tightens to a vice-like intensity, she lets out a loud groan as her orgasm explodes from deep in her belly and spreads through her body as if wildfire.   Legs shoot out and spasm, her skin goes bright red, and sweat forms to make it glisten in the light.  Her hips spasm and thrust into the dog’s muzzle, and the animal licks away every drop of pussy juice she produces.

Eventually, as the sensations overwhelm her, she pushes the Labrador away.  “Sam.  Oh, God.  That was insane,” she said.

She stands, reveling in her sweaty post-orgasmic body while leaning with her hand against her bedroom door.  Closing the door quietly, she turns to face the Labrador, patiently sitting and panting while still licking the taste of her cunt from its lips.  The dog’s cock is now at full mast, long and red with the pointy tip dripping pre-cum already.  Jessica stares at it wide-eyed, licks her cherry-red lips, and feels her cunt dribble juice expectantly.

Get on your hands and knees and let the dog fuck you,’ Sam orders.

There’s nothing rational about Jessica’s actions as she drops to her hands and knees.  This is lust, and Jessica has given in to it without a second thought.  The Labrador rounds her and sniffs her pussy again, giving her a few cursory licks that cause her body to jolt.  This brief interlude lasts mere seconds until the dog mounts her, wrapping solid legs around her waist tightly.  The Labrador is thrusting its big cock at her blindly, hitting her leg and thigh, and in various places other than the one she needs the dog to find.

God, you dumb slut, help guide the dog’s cock into your dirty cunt,’ Sam shouts in her head.

The redhead reaches back, her head is blank again, and grabs the canine cock, shivering at the rubbery wetness of it, and the heat it radiates.  As the dog thrusts again, she guides it straight into her cunt, making her gasp as the organ cleaves her wet pussy, stretching it more than even her dildo did.  Her gasp soon turns into a groan as the size of this beast stretches her cunt lengthwise and sideways.

Oh fuck, yeah, that’s incredible,” she moans

The Labrador feels her velvety folds squeezing around its cock, and the beast goes wild as its primal urges take over, and it’s fucking her hard and fast.  The dog’s hips are a blur as it jams its cock into her wet cunt, and the room soon fills with the lewd noises of copulation and the skanky smell of sex.  The stray pants loudly, its big tongue hanging out of the side of its mouth so pink and wet.  The dog’s legs grip her tightly as it rides her cunt for all it’s worth, making Jessica moan and squirm under the dog with abandon.

What a slut,’ Sam shouts in the redhead’s foggy brain.  ‘You’re the biggest slut in townSay it.  Tell me what you are, bitch.’

Ahhhh, God,” Jessica moans.  “His cock is so big.”


I’m a slut.  I’m a slut.  I’m a slut.  I’m a slut….”

After ten minutes, Jessica feels the knot banging against her pussy lips, trying to force its way inside her to tie her and make her its bitch.  She’s lost in the sensations and explosions of pleasure the fucking is giving her to care about it until the Labrador happens to push it inside her cunt.  The redhead’s body jolts as a surge of pain from her cunt made her squeal.


Sam is laughing.

The knot is raking the redhead’s insides now, pressing her g-spot, and despite the pain Jessica climaxes hard.

OH.  OOOOOOOOOO.  GOD.  FUCK,” Jessica moans.  “I’M CUMMING….

Her body is again going into a seismic eruption as a massive orgasm ripped through every part of her.  Her head hangs low, her red hair a mess, and she drools on the floor as if an animal herself.

Feeling her cunt spasming on its cock, the Labrador slows, and with a whine, it starts to pump its semen into her belly.  Within minutes, it fills her with its thin jizz, and still, the Labrador has more to give.  More and more jizz jets into her body, and she moans as she feels the pressure build.  Jessica tries to wriggle her butt and rise on her tiptoes, yet nothing will move the knot even a fraction of an inch.  The spurting dog cock pumps more slime into her sealed pussy.

She groans loudly, and her eyes flutter open to look at what used to be her flat stomach.  Now it’s bulging from the sticky semen inside her belly, and she becomes aware of another sensation challenging to describe.  Although the Labrador’s cock is still spraying inside her, the pressure isn’t increasing anymore, yet there’s a funny feeling deep inside.  Jessica didn’t know it yet, but the pressure is now enough to force its way past her cervix, and the dog jizz is flooding her womb.

Jessica feels as if she has a bowling ball stuck in her pussy, with squishy wetness too low-down to be her stomach, making her feel as if she’d drunk a gallon of milk.  She has no idea how her body can contain all the hot jizz pumping into her from the Labrador’s balls, yet not a single drop leaks from her pussy.

God, this dog is drowning your insides with cum,’ Sam said and laughs.

“It feels great,” Jessica said hotly.  “I’ve never felt so full down there before.  I love it.”

Jessica waits, feeling drained with an uncomfortable bloated sensation in her stomach.  She can’t understand why the Labrador’s cock won’t come out of her cunt, and it’s beginning to worry her.  She tries to jerk and twist to see if that’ll help, yet all that produces is pain, and she quickly stops.

It’s the knot, you dumb slut,’ Sam said as if talking to an idiot.  ‘You have to wait until it shrinks before the cock can pull free.’

“How long will it take?” Jessica asks.

It takes as long as it takes.’

Jessica sighs.

On the other hand, the Labrador seems happy to remain still, and its hot breath pants in her ear.  She can feel the dog’s drool drip onto her back and run down her skin.  Her stomach is bulging, and she presses gently on it, it squishes and moves under her touch, and she can feel it’s the slime inside her causing the swelling.

“Shit,” she whispers.  “This dog must’ve cum gallons inside me.”

At the sound of her voice, the dog’s ears prick, and it tries to pull back, making her shriek as pain lances through her groin.

Stay,” Jessica says, wincing.  “Stay still.”

The Labrador doesn’t understand what she’s saying, and in her present situation, she cannot make the dog obey her.  Her voice just makes the dog jerk back again.  However, this time the power of its hindquarters is behind the pull.  Jessica squeals, the shaft moves slightly, and juices start leaking from her pussy and running down her inner thighs.  The Labrador decides it’ll wait longer before trying again to dismount its new bitch, and Jessica pants through the pain from her battered pussy.

“Human vaginas can’t handle cocks like this,” Jessica whined.

Oh, shut up, bitch,’ Sam shouts.  ‘Your vagina will fuck anything I want it to, whether you can handle it or not.’

Deep inside her, the Labrador’s cock starts to shrink.  That triggers the dog’s brain into action, and it moves again as if testing the bond that locks them together.  Jessica groans because instead of a sudden jerk, the dog is gradually pulling back.  As the animal’s shaft begins to move, Jessica feels like her pussy is turning inside out as the knot starts to emerge.  Searing pain shoots through her abused flesh until the knot slowly pulls free and stretches her pussy lips.  Their combined juices spray out, soaking her thighs and splattering onto the floor between her feet.  She cries with relief the cock is finally out of her and the bloated sensation fades.

Clean his cock with your mouth,’ Sam orders.

Without hesitation, Jessica pushes the dog onto its back and lowers her head into the dog’s loins.  The cock is still hard and dribbling some jizz.  It astounds the redhead that the dog is still ejaculating.  The Labrador’s balls hang low, so she leans in and takes them in her mouth while stroking the dog.  While she sucks the stray dog’s dirty balls, she keeps stroking its cock.  The Labrador cock grows big in her hand, making her squirm in excitement.

Jessica slides her hand over the ever-expanding cock, watching amazed as it gets bigger and bigger.   Her mouth waters at the sight, and suddenly she leans beneath the dog and licks its cock, tasting it and reveling in the nastiness.  She can still taste traces of her pussy on the Labrador’s cock, a taste she knows well.

Her mouth encloses the tip she begins to bob her head over it.  The Labrador starts thrusting its hips, pushing its thick cock down her throat, coating her mouth in its salty pre-cum.  She wants to gurgle the pre-cum it tastes so good.  The highly excited Labrador loses control and suddenly starts squirting its hot, watery jizz into her mouth.  Jessica tastes a metallic zing on her tongue, followed by a highly salty aftertaste.  The semen is hot but watery, so she drinks it as if it were a fountain, swallowing every drop as a dutiful bitch would.

Wow, you got him to cum twice,’ Sam said, amazed.  ‘I can taste his cum through you.  This is wild.  You really are a fucking whore now.’

Finally, the dog finishes pumping its load into her mouth, and Jessica’s delighted with how much she swallowed.   She takes her time licking all over the dog’s shrinking cock and sucking its balls for good measure.  Eventually, the cock retreats into the furry sheath as the animal loses its sexual energy.  However, the animal lays back and lets the redhead suck its fuzzy balls for a good hour.  Sam makes her keep going and going until the Labrador gets up and moves away.

“I’ve been a good slut today,” Jessica said with some pride.

Let’s celebrate,’ Sam said as the girl gets to her feet.

“What do you have in mind?”

I want you to post naked photos of yourself all over social media.’  Jessica grabs her cell phone.  Sam laughs.  ‘Oh, this will be good,’ she said.  ‘Destroy your reputation forever.  I love it.’

Jessica stands in front of her full-length mirror and starts taking photos of herself naked.  There’s dog jizz still dribbling down her thighs, and her hair and makeup are messy.  She gets a few good closeups of her gaping vagina and asshole.  Both have taken big cocks today.  The girl feels proud she has pleased Sam in this way.

Then she goes on her Instagram pages and uploads all her naked pics.  On each post, she writes: ‘Look at me, I’m a slut.’ She does the same on her TikTok and Twitter accounts.

Jessica then clicks onto her laptop’s webcam and angles it, so her face and body are in the shot.  The girl’s body bends over the desk in the view.  Her breasts looked good like this.  She clicks the broadcast button before she begins grinding her hips against the desk corner.  Her clit, her desperate little clit crying out for attention, rubs against the wood, and she lets out a moan that surprised even her.

God, you’re becoming insatiable,’ Sam teases.

The college girl begins to build a steady rhythm.  Finding people watching her makes the experience even more erotic.  Before she knows it, there are a thousand voyeurs in her cam chat room.  The strangers watching the way her body rolls, so her hips grind just right, allowing the camera just a flash of the way her cleft split, so the desk corner runs between her pussy lips.  Jessica’s breasts swing and bounce as she humps.  The girl’s juicy asshole flexes and shakes with each thrust out of view of the camera.

She can’t help herself, letting out a steady stream of little moans and grunts and whimpers as she moves faster, the pressure on her clit increasing as she cups and squeezes and tugs at her breasts.  Her climax is getting ever closer, and the thought of all these strangers watching her orgasm like this is so exciting it sends a shockwave of thrilling energy through her body, giving her a pre-orgasmic jolt.

Knowing she’s nearly done, Jessica leans forward to brace herself against the table, her face still just in the shot while the camera gets a full view of her swinging titties as she fucks herself silly on the desk corner.  All she needs now is another big thick cock pounding into her dripping pussy or greedy asshole.

The thought of it sends Jessica over the edge as she hammers her clit against the table, her knees buckling so she can’t hold herself up anymore, which brings it to rest right where she wants it.  Her body twitches and convulses as she moans loud, head thrown back, and grinding out the very last bit of her orgasm against the table.  Finally, she relaxes, spent, and fortunately had the presence of mind to turn the camera off.

Jessica slumps, sweating and sticky, into her chair, her legs shuddering and her pussy pulsating in a way she can feel through her whole body.  She finds herself giggling breathily at what she has just done.  It feels silly and exhilarating all at once, and she reads the lurid comments of the people in her chat room, all wanting her to come back and play some more.

I think you’ve had enough action for one day,’ Sam said bossily.  ‘Order a pizza.  You can have a shower while you wait for it to come.’

“Thank you, Sam.  I’ve had a great day,” Jessica said dreamily.


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