Scenes: Canine Version

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Scenes: Canine Version
Scenes: Canine Version
Year: 2023
A collection of five hot hardcore sex scenes involving women doing nasty things with dogs.
Sheela B.
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This eBook is not a continuous story.  Each chapter is a fictional sex scene involving a woman and a dog.  The scenes in themselves tell a story, a snapshot into the lives of these women and what drives them to do something so taboo.  Don’t judge them too harshly, for the power of sex and orgasm is strong driver in all our lives.  Why, I bet you are thinking about sex right now.  Maybe even touching your intimate parts.  Why else are you here?  Yours, Sheela B.


In this scene, we join a Chinese-American undercover cop Li Jing caught by Triad gang members she was trying to infiltrate.  These horrid men want to degrade and punish Li Jing in the worst possible way.  She hopes they will exchange her for another gang member currently in custody with the police.  However, several gang members have already raped her, and she knows her torment isn’t over yet.  The leader Kyle has plans for her.


“I wanna fuck her now,” Chao shouts angrily.  “You guys had your turn.”

“There’ll be plenty of time after we get Zhang back,” Kyle said.  Li Jing gathers from this short conversation they didn’t mean to exchange her at all, and her heart starts beating rapidly.  “Let’s make a dummy with this bitches clothes on it,” Kyle said smugly.  “We’ll be so far away the cops shouldn’t be able to tell.”

“That’s good,” Macca said, slapping Freddy on the back.

“Fuck, yeah,” Kyle said with a smile.  “Now, let’s get on it and make this dummy.”

Macca glances at the spent black man they called Bubba.  “I don’t think he’s gonna be much help,” the chubby man said with a sarcastic laugh.

“Oh, yeah?” Kyle said, sneering at Bubba.  The Asian thug kicks out at the black man, saying, “Get your shit together, motherfucker, and get dressed.  No one wants to see your junk flopping about.”

Bubba chuckles as he gets to his feet.  “Ain’t my fault you Asians have small peckers,” he said with a grin.  “Besides, if you’re planning to degrade this pig bitch, then you’re gonna fail.”

Kyle’s head stiffens.  “Why?”

“Everything we’ve done so far, she’s loved it,” Bubba said.  “She came on my cock like a fifty-dollar whore.  No gangbang is gonna slow her down.”

Kyle frowns and stares at Li Jing for a moment.  “I know what’ll fuck her up,” he said, breaking into a smug smile.

“What?” Bubba asks.

“Well,” Kyle said evenly.  “I’m gonna make her fuck the dog.”

Li Jing’s ears perk up from the half-slumber.  ‘Fuck a dog,’ she thought, horrified.  ‘When will this ever end?  These men have no limits to their perverted imaginations.’

“Go get the watchdog,” Kyle said.

“We need the dog out there to warn us,” Macca said, shaking his head.  “You’re goin’ crazy, brah.  Let’s get Zhang and fuck off to Mexico, leave this bitch here.  No bitch is worth this much trouble.  Come on, man.”

“No,” Kyle said.

“This is bullshit,” Macca said.  “The more you mess with this bitch, the bigger our sentences will be if the cops catch us, brah.”

“We’re already in the shit, Macca, just for kidnapping this pig.  Are you a fucking coward now?  Do you wanna run home to mommy and hide under her skirt?  You fucking limp dick coward.”

Macca stares at Kyle, his face turning red.  “Fuck this,” he said harshly.  Bubba drags a complaining Doberman into the room.  “I better go keep watch,” Macca said, staring at the dog with a sneer.  “I don’t wanna be a part of this shit.”

As Macca goes to leave, Kyle grabs his arm firmly and says, “Don’t you cross me, Macca,” he says harshly.  “You’re as much part of this shit whether you like it or not.  Grow some fucking balls, brah.”

“Stay cool, brah,” Macca said, trying to force calmness into his voice and posture.  “I ain’t crossing nobody.  I just don’t wanna watch this.  Bestiality is not my thing.  Cool?”

Kyle lets his arm go and takes a deep breath.  “OK, but you don’t know what you’re missing.”

Macca nods and glances back briefly at Li Jing, his eyes filled with regret, and leaves the building to keep watch.  Li Jing stares at the animal wide-eyed, her body is trembling now, and it gets worse the more she thinks about what’s going to happen.

“Ain’t he a beautiful animal, lady?” Kyle said with a sneer.  “Look how he’s hung, almost like a horse.”

Li Jing is appalled, and she can see the slick-looking pecker in its furry sheath begin to extend, half from fear and half from seeing her naked body huddling in the corner.  She glances into the dog’s eyes and is surprised to see something resembling human compassion, something not in Kyle’s evil eyes.  However, instead of soothing her fright, this only heightens it, the dog feeling like a human.  She wonders if the sex today has driven her to insanity, for she gazes again at the dog and sees nothing but a dumb animal.

“Pull him over here,” Kyle shouts, “Over by the bitch’s side.”

Li Jing cowers deeper into her corner as the huge dog ambles toward her shivering body.  ‘The dog must weigh a hundred pounds,’ she thought as it approached her.

“Sit, boy,” Bubba commands and pulls on the leash.

Li Jing watches as the panting animal sits on its haunches before her, its chest and stomach exposed to her frightened view.  The dog’s cock begins extending out of its furry covering, looking sticky, reddish-pink with purple veins and a nasty-looking pointed tip.   ‘They don’t expect me to be fucked by that animal?’ she wonders.  ‘They can’t mean it, surely.’  However, they do mean for her to have sex with the dog.

“Reach out and touch his cock,” Kyle said, leaning down with an awful smirk.

NO,” Li Jing shouts, putting her hands behind her back.

“Oh, yes,” Kyle said, reaching behind her and pulling her hands out.  “Stroke him, or I’ll break your arm.”  Then in a gentler voice, “He won’t hurt you; in fact, I bet he’ll like it.”

He laughs, and Bubba does too.  Li Jing reaches for the awesome-looking member.  Instead of biting her as she might’ve supposed, the dog moans in a deep whine, letting everyone hear it liked its genitals touched.

“Now stroke it,” Kyle commands.

Li Jing feels the stickiness of the distending tool coat her fingers as she pushes down on the member.  The dog’s cock expands in her hand, filling it.  The dog continues to whine and lick its lips as Li Jing watches two knobs of hard flesh form above its balls at the base of its cock.  She wonders what they are until she remembers her father tossing hot water on the dog she had when a child.  ‘The knot,’ she thought.  ‘That locks the dogs together when they mate.  Oh, God, that’s what’ll happen to me.’

She releases the dog’s cock and tries to back away, but the dog moves toward her on its haunches, humping its rump across the floor.  When the animal got to her, it wrapped its front legs around an exposed thigh and began humping her foot.

“Nasty thing,” she sputtered, slapping it on the nose.

The big dog bares its teeth at her, and she pulls her hand away quickly.  It appears like some beast out of a cheaply made horror film.  Li Jing reaches out again to appease the beast, stroking the back of its head as lovingly as she can.  This exposes her right breast, and the dog leans forward and laps across the brown nipple with its rough, sandpapery tongue.

Oooooooo,” Li Jing moans.

The feeling is intense pleasure, but she hates herself for showing it.

“You’re gonna have trouble, brah,” Bubba said.  “She likes cock.”

“Wait until he sticks that pecker into her and starts driving,” Kyle said.  “A dog ain’t like a man; he doesn’t know when to stop.” Kyle holds his stomach and laughs at the thought, unable to control himself.  “Just wait and see,” he said again.

Bubba pulls the dog back with the end of the leash, and even as strong as the big black man is, he has a hard time with it.

“Lead her over to the bed,” Kyle said to Bubba.  “We’ll let the two animals fuck there.”

Li Jing hates Kyle, hates him more than ever, but she can’t do anything about it.  She’s just hoping he’ll be caught someday and have his goose cooked.  Bubba forces her to lie on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling off obscenely.  Her cunt is exposed for everyone to see, especially the dog.  The huge animal ambles over to her and immediately puts its cold nose in the fishy, soft folds of her pussy lips.

FUCK,” she yells, trying to pull herself away.

However, Bubba tied her hands to the bedposts again.  She couldn’t even turn over.  Lapping repeatedly with its prickly tongue, the dog makes Li Jing’s poor pussy raw and supersensitive.  She hates to admit it, but the cop knows the dog is forcing her toward orgasm.  Trying as hard as she can to suppress her excitement, Li Jing only succeeds in building up the pressure of the impending climax.  The Asian beauty feels dizzy and frayed, heat swelling in her belly as the dog continues to lick.

Stop him.  Stop him,” Li Jing cried, on the edge of despair and orgasm.

The dog continues to lick, not heeding even the tone of her plea for salvation from the plight of bestiality.  Li Jing’s sunk now, and she knows it.  The cop will never be able to live down the awesome fact an animal has forced her to cum.  The springs inside her break, and thick fluid drops out of her sopping, inflamed cunt.  She squirms and twists, only making her orgasm fiercer, pouring the precious liquid into the dog’s lapping, hungry tongue.

Li Jing glances through her haze at the animal at her crotch.  She’s sure the dog will leave her alone once she has climaxed.  But the animal doesn’t know any restraint and only keeps licking the spent pussy lips with renewed vigor due to the intense taste of her juices.  The animal puts its paws on her thigh and starts to pull its face toward her to lick and slurp her soft belly as it goes.  She’s so weak from the orgasm that she doesn’t even have the strength to protest verbally.

The dog hesitates at her breasts, licking the luscious mounds of flesh.  Li Jing’s nipples stiffen, even in her tired state, and the dog runs its long pink tongue the full length across them.  The woman tries to move her breasts out of the way, but the dog thinks she’s playing a game, and it swipes at her bobbing nipples as they pass its huge face.  Li Jing is tired beyond words, but the dog has just begun.  She tries to cross her knees to discourage the animal.

Suddenly, she feels a great heat at her crotch, knowing the dog has forced her legs open and placed its cock at her pussy.  The Doberman begins humping wildly, still not in her cunt, its slick dick sliding along her thigh.  Li Jing tries to see the evil thing happening to her, but the dog puts its front paws on either side of her neck, forcing her down.  The hot, tapered tip of the dog’s cock is at her pussy lips, pushing its way over her slit and the inflamed nubbin of her clit.  The hood slips back from the naked knot of nerves, and Li Jing feels the dick touch her point of pleasure.

Oooooo.  FUCK.  Shit,” she screams, more in excitement than disgust.

“I think she likes it,” Kyle said, watching closely.

“I told you, dude,” Bubba said in his deep voice, “This pig is a cock whore.”

“You may be right.”

What am I being reduced to?’ Li Jing wonders.  ‘They’re making me nothing but an animal, and I can’t do a thing about it.’  She tosses and turns, but it only helps slide the cock to her cunt mouth.  The dog hovers for a moment and then starts fucking its hips rapidly, pushing the head of the huge, sticky dick further into the mouth of Li Jing’s cunt.  She bucks some more, trying to force the dog’s cock out, but with one final thrust, the dog is buried deep, to the knot of hard flesh in her spasming cunt.  Li Jing tosses and turns more violently.  However, she can feel the hard, iron-like balls of flesh at the base of his cock pushing hard at her for entry too.  Still jackhammering his haunches at her, the dog is wedging its entire cock into her succulent pussy.

Li Jing tried to close her legs, putting her heels on the animal’s flanks and squeezing, but the Doberman’s embedded between her thighs securely.  The hairiness against her body tickles every inch of her fighting form, making it more difficult to resist the dog’s advances.  She feels the bulbs of hardened flesh push into her cunt, and she starts yelling at the top of her lungs.


Li Jing imagines she’ll have hot water thrown on the dog to get the animal off.

Bubba reaches over the bed with his hand and covers her face, muffling her moans.

“Fuck her, doggie, fuck the pig bitch,” Kyle shouts.

However, the animal doesn’t need any encouragement.  Its haunches were already moving, jamming the knot into Li Jing’s cunt as fast as possible, making the Asian woman scream and squirm.  Li Jing feels the knot pass inside her cunt, spreading her like never before, even by Bubba.  Panting and drooling on Li Jing, the dog stops fucking for a second and gazes around bewildered, almost surprised it’s got its entire cock and knot inside this tight bitch.

Stop it, you beast, stop it,” Li Jing groans in hoarse tones.  She isn’t talking to the dog but to Kyle.  “You’re the sickest man I’ve ever met,” she said, spitting out her words with a harsh tone and a sneer.

“I ain’t ever fucked a dog, copper, so people in glass houses,” Kyle is laughing harder than ever and can’t finish his words.

Li Jing can feel the dog start to move again.  A fire begins surging inside, spreading from her bloated, tight cunt to her belly, from there to her bobbing, jelly-like breasts.  The hard bone in the animal’s chest rests on her breastbone, almost hurting.  It’d hurt if the dog weren’t supporting its weight on its front paws as it drove the turgid, seeping cock and knot into her cunt.  Li Jing wants to cry.  She grimaces as the stroking cock gives her pleasure.

I hate myself.  I hate myself,’ Li Jing’s thoughts keep repeating, but the excitement and pleasure are mounting.  She feels another nasty, dirty orgasm building in her body, begging for escape.  The frenzy of the Doberman above tells her it’s going to orgasm, also.  The rasp of fur on her skin becomes more exciting until she forgets her distaste for the scene and abandons herself for the pleasure of the dog’s amazing cock.  Li Jing begins humping in time with the dog’s short strokes, pushing her hips as the dog comes down.  The squelching, slapping sounds of flesh hitting flesh fills the room.  The woman feels the juices in her cunt flowing to aid the orgasm approaching at runaway speed.

The cock is still swelling inside her, pulsing with the rapid heartbeat of the animal.  It’s difficult to match the demonic, frantic pace, but soon Li Jing forgets about her disgust and catches up with the Doberman, the reddened lips of her cunt surging around the base and knot of the pounding cock.  It’s a strange feeling, the bristling fur scraping her soft cuntal mouth, but she thinks of the dog as friendly, just an animal getting pleasure, and she abandons herself to the taboo sex.

A strange hotness wells within Li Jing, something she has never felt before.  She can’t imagine it being the dog’s orgasm because its pace hasn’t been affected at all.  The dog jizz begins flowing out of her tight cunt, seeping down her dangling legs.  All of the animal muscles are tight as its orgasm spends itself rapidly.  The dog then tries to pull out, the knot and its cock still swollen inside an unsatisfied Li Jing.  She screams again, the dog’s attempted withdrawal nearly tearing her poor cunt open.   The Asian woman eventually orgasms as the dog struggles to get free.


The pain mingles with her orgasm, becoming indistinguishable from it and flowing from her cunt through her whole body.

“Hold the dog still,” Kyle yells.  “It’ll kill her.”

Bubba bounds over the bed and grabs the dog with his strong hands, holding its hind legs.  Li Jing is relieved as she feels the brutal dick stop pulling from inside her belly.  However, the cop can still feel the sizzling shaft of cock throb and spew semen into her ever-expanding belly.  The knot is pushing right against her g-spot, and with a little rocking; Li Jing manages to make herself orgasm again.  The Doberman whines as it feels her cuntal walls spasm and orgasm on its hard cock and knot.

“That’s it, bitch, work that cock while you got it,” Bubba says as he stares wide-eyed at her convulsing pussy clutching at the Doberman’s cock.

Li Jing keeps rocking, fucking herself on the trapped cock and knot, enjoying the sensation of fullness, the hotness of the dog’s semen, and the hardness of the flesh.

“She’s a fast learner,” Kyle said.

“I told you fucking this bitch ain’t gonna mess with her,” Bubba said, glancing back at his Asian homie.  “She may not be able to admit it to herself, but she’s a cumslut, a whore.  This is the kind of bitch you set working the streets for you, cos she loves it.  The nastier, the dirtier, the better.”

I AM NOT,” Li Jing screams, making Kyle laugh coldly.  “You’ll all go to jail for a long time for this.  I’ll make sure.  Oooooooo, God.”  Her threat was cut short by another intense orgasm, shaking her body again.  “Ahhhhhh.  Faaaaark.”

“That’s called a vaginal orgasm, pig,” Bubba said, “caused by your g-spot.  Good, eh?  You’re lucky.  Few bitches can have a vaginal orgasm alone.  Most of them need their clit stimulated to make the orgasm happen.”

Kyle laughs.  “Look at you—Masters and fucking Johnson,” he said sarcastically.

“I take pride in fucking a bitch right,” Bubba said coldly.  “Ain’t anything wrong with dat.”

She sighs deeply, and the dog slips its meat out of her cunt.  “Have you had enough?” she asks Kyle bitterly.

“No,” Kyle said.

“What do you mean?” she asks indignantly, pulling as hard as she can at the ropes.

“I mean, you have to blow the dog first.”

Macca returns to the room, a cold sweat on his brow and anxiety pulsating through his body.   “Look, brah,” Macca said.  “It’s already past dark.  I’m not waiting here another minute.  How about we leave this pig here and fuck off to Mexico before we get in the shit.  Fuck the ransom and exchange.  This is fucked up shit you’re doing.”

“Fuck him up, Bubba,” Kyle said, casually pointing at Macca.  “Make him remember who’s in charge around here.  Maybe that’ll stop him acting like a whiny bitch.”

Macca knew Kyle held all the cards.  Bubba would do anything for him, even kill, if he asked.  “OK, brah, you win,” Macca said, holding his hands up in the air.

“You’re motherfucking right I do.  Nobody fucks with me, you hear?” Kyle snarls.

“Yeah, I hear.”

“Well, you still need to learn a lesson, bitch.  Bubba, teach Macca a lesson.”

Bubba moves toward Macca, snarling and clenching his fists.

“I have been good to you, brah.  Why do this to me?” Macca asks, almost pleading.

“Because I’m sick of your motherfucking whining,” Kyle hissed, arching his eyebrows, making his face look darker than it already was.

Bubba pushes Macca out the door while the white thug begs the black man for mercy.  A scream followed by a thump erupts as the big black man punches the smaller white man in the face, and he falls to the floor.

Kyle turns back to Li Jing and unties her wrists.  He moves her to the middle of the bed and then whistles for the dog.  It moves slower than before, still recovering from a giant orgasm.

“Now blow him,” Kyle demands.

“Go fuck yourself,” Li Jing said, shaking her head.

“It might be your life if you don’t do it!” he said, sneering and looking evil.

“I’d rather you kill me than do that,” Li Jing said bitterly.  “I’ve gone through enough today.  If you want any more, it’ll have to be as a necrophiliac.”

“What’s that?” Kyle asks, angry that he doesn’t know.

Bubba enters the room, rubbing his hands.  She can see Macca lying on the floor in the other room, his face bloody.  The man is unconscious.

She turned to Kyle and said sarcastically, “A necrophiliac is someone who fucks dead people.  Maybe you go fuck your friend out there.  Try it out.  I’m sure you’d like it.”

“Macca ain’t dead, but you might soon be,” he said facetiously.  “However, we need you for the exchange, so that game’s off for today.”

“Then fuck off because I’m not doing anymore.”

“Tie her hands again and then put the dog’s cock on her face,” Kyle said to Bubba.

Bubba was following his orders when the door burst open, and a dozen policemen rushed into the room with guns drawn and shouting.  Li Jing swoons and faints, the last thing she sees is several cops helping Macca to his feet, and she realizes he was another undercover cop the whole time.  Macca called it in when he went out to ‘keep watch,’ and thankfully, they arrived quickly.

But for Li Jing, they didn’t arrive soon enough.


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