Sisterly Love

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Sisterly Love
Sisterly Love
Year: 2020
Jane is worried her younger stepsister Tasha coming to stay is going to seriously cramp her wild sex life which includes fucking the dog.
Moe Lester
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Jane hates housework.  The only thing that forces her to do it is the thought that, if she doesn’t, her husband might suggest she go out and get a job.  The blonde hates the idea of working at a job even more than at home.  The voluptuous blonde is lazy, and she isn’t shy about admitting it.  Her only interest in life is ‘pleasure.’  Almost anything else is a chore, a hurdle on the road to her next self-indulgence.

The only good part of being a housewife comes in the form of the little rewards Jane allows herself in the day.  Maybe a special treat for lunch, like some fresh shrimp from the fish store.  Or an afternoon cocktail, a Margarita made with fresh limes and a generous coating of salt around the cold rim of the glass.  The best treat of all is letting Buddy come in for her afternoon nap.

Buddy is Jane’s dog, an impressive-looking beast whose original owner had said is half wolf mixed in with German shepherd ancestry.  It isn’t hard to believe the animal had stemmed from a bright-eyed hunter, a rover of the wild.  Visitors are often afraid of Buddy.  For Jane, the dog’s a pussycat and a wolf, too.  Depending on her mood.

This afternoon, she’s ready for the wolf.  She worked in the garden all morning, and her constant activity had stimulated the delicate organs between her legs.  As Jane knelt to pull weeds, the woman felt her pussy lips rubbing together, seeping hot juices from her cunt.  It isn’t unusual for the blonde to be horny.  She’s often horny and always had a tempting plan to deal with her dilemma.

After her second after-lunch Margarita, Jane led Buddy into her bedroom.  The room is large and luxurious, decorated in a bold color scheme of red and black.  The king-sized bed’s covered in a bedspread of red velvet.  Carelessly, Jane kicks off the shorts and shirt she had worn for garden work.  As usual, she’s wearing no panties, so it’s only seconds before she reclines stark naked in the middle of the bed cover.  Jane loves the feel of the velvet against her skin.  With delicious abandon, she grinds her ass into the plush material.  Her arms and legs stretch out into a star pattern.

Jane’s a picture of primed sensuality.  Her blonde curls wind in crazy patterns over the red background.  Her large, well-formed breasts stand on her chest.  They’re accented by an unusually tiny waist flaring out into smooth shapely hips.  Jane’s incredibly proud of her thick growth of pubic hair that’s naturally blonde.  It pleases her that men admire her lush triangle.  Like the well-trained beast the dog is, Buddy waits patiently next to the bed while his mistress squirmed erotically on the velvet spread.  The dog’s bright eyes watch her every move as she twists her open cunt around until it’s directly facing the animal.

It thrills the excited woman to see the alert look on her pet’s face.  After the two years she spent breaking Buddy into her needs, Jane now regards the animal as her lover.  Like those of any lover, Buddy’s long searching looks turn her on.  They’re signals for familiar games that she and Buddy discovered by accident one afternoon when they were feeling very frolicsome.  Games that have become a ritual in their day-to-day relationship.

“Buddy, come on up here with me.  I want you to lick my pussy,” Jane said, stretching wantonly.

She feels the goosebumps on her flesh.  There’s enough alcohol running around in Jane’s system to raise her excitement level to fever proportions.  She’s ripe and ready for the kind of primitive loving she knows the dog is so good at.  As if Buddy shares her enthusiasm, the dog leaps onto the bed and positions itself between the blonde’s widespread thighs.  Immediately, its tongue darts out and attacks the gleaming red slit of her pussy.

Ahhhh … Ooooo…

A lewd grin wreathes the woman’s features as she shivers responsively under the dog’s direct hit.  Her clitoris throbs as Buddy’s tongue attacks it again and again.  Abandoning herself totally to the beast’s skill, Jane hunches her buttocks, so her entire pussy is available to the dog’s adventurous palate.  She continues to grind her slit into the dog’s face while she closes her eyes and rocks her head from side to side.  Her large breasts heave on her chest, smooth fleshy barometers to her passion.  Already Jane’s immersed in the obscene thrills coursing through her being.  She knows Buddy will take her where she wants to go from here.  All she has to do is lie back and enjoy the dog’s hungry caresses.

While the beast’s tongue works down to discover the yielding pleasure zones of her ass and her cunt, its cold nose bobs from time to time into direct contact with the tip of her clit.  While her greedy vagina tries to swallow the dog’s tongue, her dick-like clit engorges with blood, priming her body for the wanton thrills ahead.

Ohhhh, Buddy, darling…  Nobody licks my pussy like you do.  Nobody has a tongue like yours.”

It’s true, no human tongue can mold itself to every fold and curve of her cunt the way Buddy’s does.  No human tongue has that same taunting spongy roughness that makes her nerve-endings flare, her pussy throb for more hot licks, cold nose prods, and wet dog kisses.

The tipsy blonde loses track of the afternoon as she lies squirming beneath the tireless ardor of her dog’s tongue.  It feels so wonderfully good to have the dog’s tongue prodding at her asshole.  She loves the way its tongue seems to penetrate the first little way into her vagina, driving her wild with desire.  Then slipping onward, up to smother her clitoris in a lewd sheen of saliva.  The momentary frustration only adds to her pleasure.  Jane knows Buddy will be back for more, always, just as long as she lets him.  The animal is the most ardent lover she’s ever known.  Much as the blonde loves her big strong husband, even Nick cannot always supply the tireless devotion she gets from Buddy.

Oh, do it to me.  Oh, I love it.”

With greedy fingertips, she clutches anything she can get her hands on.  Jane caresses the rough smoothness of the velvet spread.  She pulls the dog’s face closer to her wet pussy.  With lewd little wriggling motions, Jane grinds her pussy against Buddy’s muzzle.  Her squeals of delight testify to the new angles she finds, new points of contact that bring surging ecstasy to her sensitized cunt.

Mmmmm, I can do this forever, Buddy, baby.”

Her pussy, though, has other ideas, and it’s spasming in mounting frustration.  It wants something hard and filling inside.  It wants sex.  This is the way Jane likes it.  She likes to put off the final reward until the last possible moment.  She likes to pretend she’s just experimenting with Buddy, just letting him lick her pussy for a while, to help her feel better.  Then on cue, there springs to her mind a lewd thought that Buddy has more than a tongue to serve her.  The big dog has a cock, too.  If she wants to, Jane can take this depravity to another level.  She can let the dog fuck her quivering cunt.

Often as she has done this before, each time the sheer prospect of the act fills Jane with raging lust.  She peers beneath Buddy’s loins in search of the ramrod shaft of his cock.  There it hangs, stiff and swollen, protruding an obscene scarlet from the dog’s cock-sheath.  The sight makes Jane catch her breath.  Buddy’s stiff cock is so beautiful to look at.  It promises her frustrated pussy such wanton forbidden joy that’s hers for the taking if only she dares once again to be so depraved.

Trembling with excitement, the woman pulls her pussy away from the reluctant dog.  Jane turns over onto her hands and knees and waves her ass right in Buddy’s face.  Her abandon brings chills coursing down her spine.  Jane loves to feel so aroused, to revel in the depths of her depravity.  It’s at moments like this Jane feels most vital, most tuned in to life.

Ohhh fuck me, Buddy, darling.  I need it so bad.”

Confused for a moment by the woman’s behavior, the dog betrays its new confidence through the gleam in its eye as the beast surveys her wriggling round buttocks.  Buddy knows what’s expected of him.  Roughly, the dog licks the twin globes of her ass cheeks before mounting the woman and thrusting forward.  Its tapered cockhead lunges in search of the hidden hole of the blonde’s pussy.


Her excitement grows almost unbearable as her body shakes time and again with the powerful shockwaves of the dog’s wild lunges.  Just as she thinks the dog’s cock-tip finds her vagina and is about to fill her full of thick meat, its organ falls uselessly away.  Buddy never seems discouraged, though.  Again, and again, the dog thrust its cock forward.  It’s Jane who responds first to the sheer frustration of Buddy’s fruitless efforts.  She reaches under her torso, between the dangling globes of her breasts, and grabs the dog’s cock.

With trembling fingers, Jane guides the dog’s cock to her waiting vagina.  She moans throatily as she pushes the cock-tip the first little way into her tight cunt.  Her moan turns to a savage grunt as the dog takes over from there.  With all the force he can muster, Buddy drives his cock deep into the wet waiting cavity of Jane’s cunt.


The dog gives no quarter.  It pauses not an instant before setting up a quick rough rhythm in and out of the blonde’s spasming hot cunt.  Far from protesting against the beast’s brutal treatment, Jane revels in the wanton thrill of Buddy treating her no better than a dog bitch in-heat.  She can feel her cuntal-muscles clinging appreciatively to Buddy’s filling, lunging canine cock.  This is rough sex, it’s crude, and that’s its primitive satisfaction.  Then add the throbbing pleasure shooting from her stretched vagina to every extremity of her naked body, it’s mind-blowing.

As if an animal herself, the blonde lunges her buttocks fiercely back.  She forces her cunt to swallow the dog’s hard erection with savage glee.  Rather than waiting for each new impalement, Jane drives her ass back to meet it.  Like Buddy himself, she’s responding to the compelling call of raw, relentless instinct.

Fuck me.  Fuck me, darling doggie…

As she quivers with raunchy blow after blow of rigid excitement, Jane clutches fitfully at the velvet bedspread.  She grabs handholds in the material, using her grasp to thrust herself back harder against the animal’s loins.  Tossing her hair away from her face, the woman notices an answering movement in the dresser mirror.  Jane gazes bright-eyed at the lewd spectacle she makes, kneeling naked and voluptuous before the rutting passion of the furry animal.  A new tremor of arousal shoots through her.  The woman feels just a twinge of embarrassment, coming face to face with her depravity.  But at the same time, the excitement is there, hotter, and more insistent than ever.

Ohhhh yeah, so good…

So fiercely is she concentrating on her coupling with the dog, Jane does not notice at first when there appears a third reflection in the mirror.  A man stands in the bedroom doorway, loosening his tie.  His eyes grow bright as he watches the abandon of the woman, throwing her ripe young body back on the mercy of the dog’s hard cock.  As he starts to strip off his shirt, Jane catches sight of him.  She grins sultrily at her tall, handsome husband.

“I’m glad you’re home, darling.  Why don’t you fish out that big cock of yours and join the party?” Jane said.

“I’ll do better than that, beautiful.  I’ll do a striptease for you,” Nick said.

It’s nothing new for the big man to come home to discover his blonde wife hot amid some perverted dalliance.  A wife might have upset some husbands being so devoted to her own pleasure.  To Nick, this side of Jane turns him on.  It excites him that he can never predict Jane’s next move.  Her wanton versatility is one of the things that keeps him hot for her.  He can’t imagine being married to anyone else.

As he watches her now, grinning her lewd challenge at him while the dog fucks her cunt, Nick can feel his cock swelling to incredible proportions.  He tugs at his clothing, throwing his expensive suit in all directions while his eyes stay glued to the waving globes of Jane’s butt.

It’s indescribably lewd to see the firm white flesh of his wife’s buttocks squirming against the dog’s dark furry loins.  It’s a sight he has seen before, but one that excites him every time.  Nick had not warmed up overnight to sharing his wife with a dog.  Still, now he considers Buddy one of the family, an indispensable partner in keeping his horny wife satisfied.

Absorbed as she is in the animal’s hard fucking, Jane is all attention for her husband’s strip.  She waits with bated breath for the moment when he uncovers his cock.  Then suddenly, there it is, thick, long, and fleshy, swollen with desire for her.

Oh God, Nick, your cock is so beautiful.  Come over here and let me suck it.  Ahhhhh, Buddy’s making my cunt feel so good.”

Nick said with a smirk, “Greedy little slut, aren’t you?”

His words explode with lust.  Jane’s depraved invitation makes his cock throb to new hardness.  The man can’t wait another minute to take her up on it.  Scrambling onto the bed, he positions himself directly in front of her.  Nick guides his cockhead to her mouth and runs the glans over her saliva-shimmering lips.  They part passionately, waiting for his cock to invade the inner sanctum of her throat.  Suddenly he grabs her head above the ears and lunges forward.  He feels his cock-tip graze her throat as he buries his cock to the hilt in her warm saliva.

Shit, it feels good in there.  Come on, slut, suck my cock.”

He grins at Buddy, who’s staring at him as it thrust its cock again and again deep into her wet cunt.  Buddy’s wolf-like face wears a glassy stare.  The man realizes the dog couldn’t have cared less about his presence.  Buddy has other things on his mind like a warm clinging cunt.

Suck it.  Suck it, baby.”

Nick pulls rudely on Jane’s head until she’s established the sucking rhythm he’s after.  Several times, he grunts with unrestrained excitement.  Her mouth is so hot.  Jane’s tongue knows so well where to tickle his cock, how to wind itself round and round his sensitized cockhead.  Her lips flutter with just the right pressure over his cockhead.

Fuck, you’re good, baby.  You’re good, bitch.”

Her husband’s harsh language only feeds the fires of Jane’s heat.  She works fiercely to coat his cock with just the right quota of pleasure, so he’s feeling a little feeble in the knees and head but is not ready to climax.  Jane likes to take him to the peaks, then hold onto him.  She likes the ecstasy to last and last.  The way Buddy’s cock is lasting in her cunt.

Jane moans, “Mmmmmmmph…

The blonde feels totally fulfilled.  Jane’s in the arena she knows and loves best, the place where she’s at home and at ease.  Since she lost her virginity at the age of sixteen, Jane has learned she’s made for sex.  Nothing else seems quite so absorbing or inspires her to give her all for the cause.  The ensuing ten years of her life devoted to broadening and honing her sexual talents.  Jane is confident of her status as a woman.  She thought there’s no man she wouldn’t be able to please as it’s only a matter of finding the little weakness, the tug that rouses the libido and stiffens the cock.  In all the experimenting Jane has done before and since her marriage, the woman has never found a man she can’t enjoy or who can’t respond to her with passionate zeal.

Every centimeter of her skin surface tingles with arousal as the blonde labors to satisfy the two cocks, one invading each end of her body.  Her husband’s filling cock tastes like manna from heaven.  She attacks it hungrily, mewling incoherently around the fleshy shaft as she sucks and licks and laves it.  With her natural rhythm, it’s easy for Jane to find the motions that can match the squirms of her cunt, tugging on Buddy’s big red cock to the contortions of her head and mouth.  She feels so satisfied, brimming with fullness.  Jane knows there’s no better feeling on Earth.

Though he and Jane have been married almost six years, Nick still finds himself amazed by his wife’s boundless energy for sex.  He watches open-mouthed as her pink lips coat his cock with shimmering juices and as her shapely ass-cleft merges with the dog’s loins.  Jane never flags, never loses her tempo for an instant.  It can’t be easy what she’s doing.  The dog’s relentless thrusts are hammering her like a battering ram.  Yet Jane loves it.  She moans for it.  Squirmed for it.  Whinnies for it.

Shit, baby, there’s no one like you.  You’re the sexiest little slut in the whole damn universe.  Ahhhh, yeah, suck that cock, baby,” Nick moans.

He feels a weakening in his loins, but he fights against it.  It isn’t time yet to relax, to give up his load to the coaxing talent of Jane’s lips.  Hell, Buddy was hard at it when Nick arrived and is still going strong.  There’s no way the man is going to give in without giving his wife a tangible reminder of what his own talents are.

Watching her ass cheeks wiggle more and more wildly gives Nick a new rush of staying power.  He wants to ram her greedy little mouth till it’s too tired to pucker.  The man wants her to have his fat cock to suck on when the dog finally knots her and blows its load deep into her belly.  The dog’s pounding rhythm is already getting jerky and uneven, a sign it now has its knot inside her cunt.  Jane is such an experienced dog fucker, it’s entrance barely made her groan.  Yet she’s getting off on the ball of flesh rubbing her g-spot.

“I think Buddy’s getting ready to cum in you, bitch,” Nick blurts.

It amuses him to watch the cross-eyed concentration on Buddy’s fierce face.  The big beast is obviously struggling with a rush of strong feelings.  As Jane’s tongue swirls around his cock, Nick watches the dog’s loins jerk forward in fitful strokes.  Its big forepaws dig deeper into Jane’s white flanks.  There’s no doubt about what’s happening.

Jane suddenly throws her head back, ecstatically, to proclaim her victory.  “Oh shit, yeah.  He’s cumming in me,” she wails.

Nick is merciless.  He forces her mouth back onto his throbbing cock.  The big man doesn’t give a damn what the dog is doing.  He isn’t about to give up one sweet nibble of her talented lips.

Fuck.  Keep sucking, baby,” Nick shouts.  “Look at that fucking dog, he must be giving your cunt a whole quart full.”

It thrills Jane that her husband doesn’t let her get away with anything.  She likes the way his hands forced her head back down onto his cock.  Jane wants to serve him.  It makes her all the hotter for that squishing pussy load Buddy’s squirting into her cunt.  She can feel the hot juices overflowing her vagina.  As Buddy pulls his cock out of her with a loud plop, they dribble down her thighs.  The sensation is lewd and rousing.  She squirms her buttocks back in search of the cock that’s no longer there.  It’s been years since Buddy actually tied with her as her cunt is too stretchy for that these days.

Through passion-dimmed eyes, Nick watches the dog stagger off the bed and find a warm corner to curl up in.  His wife has done her pet in.  Buddy needs a nap to recoup his resources.  Alone at last with Jane’s agile tongue and lips, the big man finds himself growing more stimulated than ever.  He thinks of her cunt all soggy with her juices and the dog’s semen.  The image makes him force his cock harder between her lips.

“Fuck, your cunt must be sopping wet by now, bitch.  Feel good?”

Her reply is to keep on sucking, to bob her head with new fury over her husband’s stiff cock shaft.  She wants to please him, to lay him low with pleasure, the way she had the dog.  The longer Nick thinks about her neglected vagina, the hotter he grows for the idea of following the dog in his exploration of her clinging damp cunt.  He makes up his mind.

Roughly Nick pulls back on her blonde curls, taking her mouth from his cock.  She groans in frustration, but he only smiles at her pleading blue eyes.  She starts to relax onto the bedspread, but his hands grab her and pull her back up.  He shuffles on his knees around to the shapely white target of her ass.  Grasping her smooth trembling cheeks, Nick guides his cock into the cleft of her ass.  His cockhead finds the slick goal of her cunt.  It slips easily inside and deep until it’s buried to the pubes in hot, caressing cuntal flesh.

Ahhhh fuck, yeah.  Fuck me, Nick.  Fuck me…

Jane is intensely excited by her husband’s obscene gesture sticking his cock into her cunt after the dog’s done with her.  Nick’s going sloppy seconds to a dog.  It’s wild.  He’s treating her like the neighborhood bitch that attracts all the horny males on the block.  When she’s done with one, another impales her on his hard cock-shaft.  Like the bitch, Jane’s ready, willing, and able to take this new lusty onslaught.  Despite the energy she’s already spent on the rutting dog, Jane discovers further reserves with which to grind her buttocks back to meet her husband’s long impalements.

Ohhh…  Nick, honey, your cock’s the best.”

“I bet you tell that to all the guys,” he teases her.

But he likes to hear her say it.  Her pussy sure is the best, as far as he’s concerned.  There’s no feeling in the world more satisfying than the snug grip of her wet cunt as it tugs his cock deep inside.

Shit, it’s hot and wet in there, baby.  Makes me want to blow in you right now.”

Frantically she squirms her ass cheeks this way and that.  “Oooo, not yet, Nick.  Fuck me some more.  I feel sooo good.”

Buddy’s cock and knot had been hard and filling in her hungry cunt, but there’s something extra special about the fleshy girth of her husband’s dick.  She loves the extra strain it put on her pussy lips, forcing them apart to take his thick intrusion.  Greedily her cuntal-walls flutter around it, welcoming his turgid cock to the slick honey of her womb.

Ahh, fuck what a sweet pussy.  Still hungry for more, even after that big dog cock and knot,” Nick moans.

Careless of his wife’s comfort, Nick sinks his hands into her hip flesh and fucks her cunt in harsh regular strokes.  Each time his pelvis slaps her ass, both of them vibrate with the jarring shock of contact.  The feeling sends him higher.  It’s as if he wants to send his cockhead all the way to her throat from the insides.  He wants all of her.  The man wants his cock to leave its mark on every nook and cranny of her sensual body.

You’re the best, Jane.  The best.”

Oooooo…  You too, Nick.  Your cock feels so wonderful in me.”

Both lose track of how long they fucked.  Time after time, his cock surges into her vagina, jamming its tip against her cervix.  Her cunt swallows him whole, holds onto him, smothering him with moist enveloping love.  Each thrust of Nick’s cock sends her a little higher until she thinks she can feel him everywhere.  Nick has become the center of her universe.

Oooooo, God.  I’m cumming.  I’m cumming,” Jane squeals.

The spasms of her cuntal-muscles are too much for the man’s cock to fight against.  Now he knows Jane has what she wants, he feels free to slip into his own ecstasy.  Like a spurting hose, Nick’s cock spews its white-hot load deep into her cunt where the dog’s semen had gone before.

Holy shit, baby.  It’s good,” Nick moans.

He molds his body against the curve of his wife’s back, clinging to her until they have both ridden out their orgasms.  Together, they collapse onto the bed, writhing ecstatically against the velvet cover.  They hold hands like schoolkids, enjoying one another’s nearness.


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