The Blackout!

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The Blackout!
The Blackout!
Year: 2021
During the infamous 2004 blackout in California, something bad happened at a rehabilitation house aimed at juvenile offenders who just turned 18. This is that story untold until now.
Sheela B.
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The big dog makes sharp, jerky upward movements, pushing its nose along the smooth skin of her inner thighs and making Sandra raise her ass to keep her pussy away from the dog’s snout.

“He likes you.  He wants to play with you,” Duncan taunts as he watches with the other prisoners.

She groans and turns her head around, refusing to watch this gross defilement.  She can feel his cold nose rub her flesh, then pull back as the big German shepherd sizes up the situation.  Sandra waits, teetering on the brink of wanting to shriek, as she hears the dog’s shallow breathing behind her.  Then there’s a move followed by a warm, wet sensation on her pussy lips.  Sandra lets out a long, low, throaty moan.  The dog’s lapping at her crotch.

OHHHH…” Sandra cries, jerking her ass back and forth as she tries to get away from the animal’s hot, rough, thick tongue.

She scrapes her knees and arms against the rough floor as she crawls several inches toward the door.  But Duncan moves around, kicking her roughly on the shoulder and forcing her back to the animal.  The blonde cries out in pain and shame as she resigns herself to this ultimate humiliation.

Huhhhrrrr,” Sandra moans as the lapping grows more intense.

She closes her eyes and bites her lower lip until it bleeds as she tries to keep from crying out again.  Sandra’s ass stays steady despite the increasingly comforting licking she’s getting.  Something deep inside the humiliated blonde gives way to the animal’s constant attention as it licks her outer labia with its tongue.  Deeper and deeper the dog drives its tongue, slicing into her wet cleft while it mats her blonde pussy hairs with saliva.  Sandra feels a strange hot-wet feeling covering her breasts, belly, and pussy.

Involuntarily she begins to respond to the German shepherd’s oral attention.  Grinding her thighs together, rocking her hips back and forth to slide her slippery pussy lips over her stiffening clit.  When she feels several of his razor-sharp teeth cut into the fleshy membrane of her pussy lips, the blonde sucks in a wet, ragged breath and cries out with strained delight.

MMMMM,” Sandra hums, bobbing her ass from left to right as if it’s a pendulum.

She’s undulating her thighs now.  The big dog pushes its pointed snout higher, its short stubbly fur around its jaws plastered by its own spittle and by the blonde’s bubbling pussy juice.  Sandra’s responding more violently to the lapping animal.  To her surprise, she’s feeling that red sexual fog descends over her mind, turning her into a sex machine instead of a responsible woman.  Sandra feels some primal desire take over her mind and body.  All she can think of is that beautiful, wet, caressing tongue sloshing noisily and out of her narrow crack, filling her pussy with soothing liquid.  ‘Oh, if only he’d lick my clit,’ Sandra thought.  ‘If only there was some way I could tell the dumb animal to move an inch higher.’  Sandra bobs her ass down, tilting her pussy as much as she can to push her blood-filled clit down to the dog’s tongue.

Then it happens.  The German shepherd seems to know what to do, tilting its powerful, handsome head back and raising its snout until its tongue slides over that little shaft.  Sandra’s eyelids flutter open while her jaw slackens.  She feels a strange wet heat blow over her pussy as she falls forward, striking her forehead on the floor.  Her clit contracts from the contact.  Sandra twists helplessly in her bonds as her cunt explodes with unnatural sexual fire.

The big shepherd grows more excited by her violent reaction.  The dog whines and growls deep in its throat, turning its head to the right and driving its cold snout like a pole into her pussy.  Sandra cries out again, this time her cries drying into choked, throaty sobs.  She can feel the dog’s scratchy snout peel back her outer labia. It’s forcing them apart as the dog pushes relentlessly into the velvety, musky depths of her vagina.

The blonde can feel the sharp ends of the dog’s teeth cutting into her silky, wet cuntal walls while the bristly fur matted down with spittle and pussy juice brushes against the reddened, rounded tip of her clit.  Sandra presses her elbows against her sides and cries out for mercy.  ‘If only they’d take me away from this horrible room,’ she thought despairingly.  ‘What are they doing to me?  Why am I responding like this to this perverted group of juvenile delinquents?  How can I react sexually to the savage advances of an animal?

The big dog growls again, the low rumbling of the dog’s voice making her thin vaginal walls reverberate.  Without thinking, Sandra backs up, forcing her vagina further onto the big dog’s snout.  At the same time, she feels her stiffened nipples drag across the cold, dirty concrete floor.  ‘What kind of torture could they possibly devise for me after this,’ she wonders?

Then the animal changed the dog’s tactics, pulling out its snout and going back to her outer labia.  The German shepherd moves to the right, licking down her right ass cheek until it drips with the dog’s hot spittle.  Then it moves to the left, doing the same to the other buttock until her entire ass is dripping with doggie spittle.  It feels warm, comforting, relaxing as it continues to lather her body with the dog’s saliva.

Then it opens the dog’s powerful jaws, moving back to her pussy lips that have by now grown puffy, greasy, and angry red.  Gently the dog closes its teeth around the left outer labia, shaking its head angrily back and forth.  The mild pain and savage pulling drove Sandra to higher planes of sexual pleasure.  She grunts, banging her head savagely against the floor while her toes fan out and dig into the concrete beneath.  Her skin crawls with unashamed pleasure, and she writhes mindlessly while the big dog teases her with its snout and teeth.

Quickly tiring of this game, the German shepherd finally let go and backs away.  Aware of this abrupt abandonment, the blonde pulls her head around and peers over her right arm once more.  She can see the dog’s eyes glazed over with sexual excitement.  Its blood-heavy, knobby red cock hangs between the dog’s hindquarters, glistening with pre-cum.  It appears like a tree root painted red as it throbs and sways lazily from side to side.  The German shepherd’s lower jaw hangs, spittle oozing down in crystal strings from the corners of the dog’s black, rubbery lips to the floor.  Its pointed, white-marked ears are pointing toward her while the dog’s powerful body trembles with excitement.  She knows what it’s going to do, and what amazes her is her willingness to surrender to this ultimate perversion.


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