The Boarding House

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The Boarding House
The Boarding House
Year: 2021
Staying at a boarding house on a ranch while doing an internship, Ava finds a love for a horse called Bowie.
Moe Lester
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Carrying her bag in her left hand and her sneakers in her right, Ava tip-toes barefoot through the dewy grass of the pasture.  The sun is no more than a reddish streak on the horizon, and a chill still hangs in the dawn air, but Ava doesn’t mind.  The blood throbs hot in her temples and between her legs.  She’s trembling, but not from the morning air.  She glances over her shoulder, relieved to see the barn is between her and the boarding house she lives at currently, where her landlord and the other guest still sleep.  If they were to wake up now and look out the window, the barn would hide her.  Feeling a surge of freedom and excitement, Ava drops her bag, shoes, and begins taking off her clothes.  Fifty yards away, the chestnut stallion put its head up high and sniffs the air.

The stallion’s enormous pink cock dangles out of its sheath, then begins to stiffen, throbbing to a hard-on just like the dick of any guy Ava knows.  No guy’s cock could ever match the size of a horse’s cock, though, that Ava knows for sure.  Ava’s clit throbs, leaking juice, and she peels off her jeans and panties as fast as she can.  The brunette won’t have time to run back to the house for a change of clothes before the bus to town arrives, so Ava can’t risk getting her panties and jeans wet.  As she drops the panties and feels the morning breeze slip between her legs and nibble at her burning crotch.  She watches the stallion’s nostrils flare, and it instantly starts trotting toward her.

Ava pulls off her t-shirt, then unsnaps her bra, letting it slide off and tumble to the ground.  She moves away from her clothes, so the horse won’t step on them, then put her hands out and catches its head as the horse stops in front of her.  The stallion straightaway presses its wet nostrils to her left nipple, and Ava shivers.  The stallion’s hot tongue licks at her breast and makes it jiggle.  Ava gasps, her cunt contracting.  She shoves the stallion’s head away.

“Oh, Bowie, take it easy,” she said as hot juice trickles down between her thighs.

The stallion nuzzles her other breast, then nips at it with its lips.  Ava’s eyes roll.  She shimmies her legs together, torn between the desire to bring herself off right away and the desire to prolong her pleasure and excitement.  She knows she could have multiple orgasms if she wants to.  Still, multiple orgasms never feel as intense and satisfying as one orgasm built slowly.  She pushes the horse away again, but not before some of its hot spittle runs down her belly.  The stallion thrusts its head down and sniffs at her pussy, rubbing its steaming nostrils in her teenage bush, nibbling at the hairs as if they’re succulent sprigs of new grass.

“Oh, Bowie,” she said and giggles.  “Stop that now.”

But she spread her legs, letting the stallion rub its snout between them.  Bowie’s big wet tongue comes out and begins to lick.  Ava’s eyes roll again.  The hot tongue deftly parts her pussy lips and licks between them.  Ava starts to pant, her heart thudding in her chest.  She places her hands firmly on the stallion’s forehead and pushes it away.

“Bowie, please.  Don’t be naughty now.”

She turns around toward her clothes.  Maybe she can find a tissue in her bag.  She feels slimy between the legs, dripping with pussy juice and horse spittle.  As she bends, the snorting stallion licks up the furrow of her ass crack.  She gazes behind herself and sees the enormous pinkish horse cock twitching.  The stallion steps forward, its tongue licking up her back, and she senses instantaneously that it’s going to try to mount her.

“Bowie, no.

She drops to her hands and knees and scrambles away in the wet grass.  Then Ava stands and faces the horse.  Bowie gazes her straight in the eye and snorts.

“You’re just like a guy,” Ava said.  “Know that, Bowie?  You’re just like a man always wanting to fuck.  But you can’t do it.  You can’t do it.  You’d kill me if you ever tried to.  You’d crush me to death, ya big brute.”

The stallion whinnies, pounding the ground with its right hoof.  The horse’s cock flexes like a gigantic arm, and Ava shivers an uneasy chill needling through her spine.  ‘One of these days, he’s gonna get out of control,’ she thought.  ‘One of these days, he’s gonna get up on me and try to rape me.’  The thought both terrifies and thrills her.  Perhaps she’s already gone too far with Bowie.  She wishes there were some way she could safely let the horse mount her.  The thought of fucking that big, gorgeous horse cock just about drives her crazy.  She almost orgasms every time she imagines herself impaled on the massive phallus.

Bowie moves toward her, nostrils flared, an evil expression on his face.  The horse appears no different than a lust-maddened guy who has the scent cunt.  Ava feels herself melting under that gaze.  She can hardly stand anymore.  As the guys term it, Ava’s an easy lay, but what can the woman do about it?  When a guy gazes at her that way-when a stallion stares at her that way, she feels absolutely powerless.  The brunette dives for the ground and scrambles between the stallion’s legs.  Sitting underneath its heaving chestnut flanks, she grabs its stiff horse cock and begins to slide her hands up and down it.

“There, Bowie, “ she whispers, her heart pounding.  “There, there.  I’ll take care of you.  Just take it easy.  Ava will take care of you.  Ava will make love to your beautiful cock.”

As she rubs the rigid cylinder of horse cock from one end to the other, she feels her strength returning.  The trick to keeping control of herself is taking the initiative, becoming active, and allowing her lust to assert itself.

“Oh, beautiful,” she cooed, masturbating the horse cock.

A drop of hot pre-cum drops from the tip of the cockhead and falls on her left breast.  She rubs the rich cock juice into her creamy skin.  Then, as some more pre-cum leaks out, she rubs it on her nipple.  Bowie snorts, shifting, but the horse lingers in position, allowing her to jerk it off.  She feels more at ease now, although she still can’t trust the horse completely.  She’s been jerking the horse off for several months now, and generally, it behaves itself.  But lately, it has been getting restless.  She can tell that the stallion wants more now, just as the guys who had at one time settled for handjobs now demand more of her.  Well, letting a guy fuck her is one thing, but letting a horse is something else.

“Mmm, you’re such a big guy, aren’t you?”

She hugs the big cock, rubs her cheek against it, and begins to lick it all over.

Horse cock tastes different from a human one.  It has more of a gamy flavor, a more pungent taste.  Whereas most guys have sweet-tasting cocks, she’s never tasted a horse cock that was sweet.  Instead, horse cocks are salty and sharp.  She’s tasted a few uncut guys whose cocks taste vaguely like horse ones, and those guys she could’ve sucked forever.  She wishes more guys were uncut.

The big stallion is snorting and panting, and little shivers run through its muscular flanks.  Ava slides up his cock, her breasts wrapping around it.  She kisses it all over, licks it until the cock is shiny with her spit, nibbles at it with her lips and teeth.  It’s so big, so beautiful, so hot and hard.  The pee-hole is wide open from the stallion’s excitement.  Slimy pre-cum leaks out each time the big cock flexes.  Ava fastens her mouth over the end of the flaring cockhead and sucks out the pre-cum, wriggling her tongue into the piss hole, and tongue-fucks it.  Bowie whinnies, thrusting at her mouth and nearly knocking her over.

“Easy guy,” she said.  “Take it easy.”

She giggles to herself, thrilling at the stallion’s response.  Nothing excites her more than getting a horse, or a guy all worked up.  She loves to see them thrust, loves to hear them pant and grunt.  She opens her mouth and forces it back over the horse’s cock, taking in the whole meaty head.  Her jaws feel as if they’ll dislocate, but she rather enjoys the sensation.  Bowie’s jizz is worth big bucks, and Ava wonders how many thousands of dollars’ worth of the precious cream she’s milked out onto her skin or swallowed.  The thought excites her, and she squirms, clamping her legs together rhythmically, sucking harder on the bulbous cockhead.

The sun rises above the treeless horizon at that moment and bathes Ava in luxurious warmth.  ‘I feel so good,’ she thought.  ‘Oh, I just want to stay here like this forever.’  Her hand slips up the long horse cock, her fingers playing over it as if over the strings of a harp.  The big cock is as hard as the tusk of an elephant, with ridges and veins that thrill her hands.  She wishes to God she could experience the feeling of the big cock slipping in and out of her cunt.

She licks around and around it as if it’s a gigantic lollipop.  Bowie snorts, shifting restlessly, the stallion’s cock flexing and leaking pre-cum.  Ava catches some of the pre-cum and rubs it between her legs, working the cock juice of the horse between her tingling pussy lips.

Oh, Bowie, I want you to fuck me.  I wanna feel your cock in me so bad.  I do, I do.  Oh, Bowie, I want you.”

Jerking her hands frantically over the horse’s cock, she licks wetly at the head.  All the while clamping her thighs together and shimmying them with a rhythm.  This causes the heat and fuck tension to grow in her loins.  She feels contractions in her asshole, and the pussy juice bubble out of her vagina like hot oil.  Her nipples tingle, standing out like ruby spikes.

Oh Bowie, oh Bowie, oh Bowie.  Cum, my darling.  Squirt your stuff all over me.  Let me see it shoot.  Let me see your cum.”

The stallion rears slightly, thrusting its hard cock between her hands—it’s a gorgeous sight.  The big cock quivering as it slides between her hands, the head flaring like an inflated balloon, the piss hole open and steaming.  Ava feels so good between her legs she wants to die.  It’s as if millions of little tongues are licking out the walls of her cunt and asshole.  Needles of itch and fire bursts through the super-sensitive meat of her contracting vagina.

Oh, Bowie, spurt it now.  Now, darling.  Oh, God.”

She rubs her bare ass against her heels madly, feeling the contractions of orgasm beginning in the pit of her cunt.  Bowie grunts, snorts, rears, and whinnies.  The stallion’s cock nearly jerks out of Ava’s grip, but she clings to it frantically.  The stallion’s flanks quiver and it begins to thrust as if out of control.  Finally, the stallion’s piss hole opens so wide that Ava can have shoved her little finger inside it.  The colossal cock shivers and flexes, and a torrent of white semen spurts out all over Ava’s face and breasts.  She catches some of the slimy fluid in her mouth and tastes its rich alkaline flavor as her own loins detonate with pleasure.

Ohhhh Bowie, shoot it.  Uh, oh, Ahhhhhhh….

As she thrashes, tossing her head deliriously, she bathes herself in the stallion’s profuse spurts of jism.  The stuff is wonderfully hot, and the scent of it fills the air.  Then, finally, she gets her mouth over the stallion’s cockhead and receives a powerful spurt.  She gags for a moment, then swallows frantically.  The spasms rip through her loins with such intensity she thinks she’s going to scream.

Shoot it, my darling,” she mutters, smacking her lips and licking the stallion’s jizz dripping cockhead.  “Feed it to me.  Oh God, I’m gonna die.”

Releasing the stallion’s cock, she thrust both her hands between her legs and crushed the last of her orgasm out of her swollen pussy lips.  Bowie’s cock flexes, shooting the last spurt into her face.  By the time Ava has recovered from her delirium, Bowie’s cock has softened.  It now hangs limp and fat from its brown sheath, a few drops of jizz dribbling from its piss hole.  Ava crawls out from under the horse and stands, the climbing sun washing over her, the breeze ruffling her long brunette hair.  She shakes her head at the grazing stallion, who is tearing mouthfuls of green grass and chewing them calmly as if nothing happened.

She cleans as much of the stallion’s slimy jizz off her breasts and belly and face as she can, eating it as fast as she wipes it off with her hands the rubs the rest of the rich cream into her skin.  She’s convinced there’s nothing better for a girl’s skin than cream fresh from a big hard cock.

After dressing, she picks up her bag and trots out over the pasture and over the hill, descending on the other side until she gets to the county road.  Then she walks up the road to the driveway entrance to wait for her bus.  She’s relieved to see a fellow border at the farm.  Jared isn’t already there waiting.  Otherwise, she’d have to explain to him why she’s taken such a roundabout way to get here.

Well, I’ve gotten away with it again,’ she thought, pulling a mirror and hairbrush out of her bag.  It’s easy to sneak out early this way when everyone is still sleeping.  The landlord always sleeps late because he didn’t work the farm.  A large company does.  Instead, the landlord just runs the old farmhouse as a boarding home for those who work in town.  She brushes her hair, wondering whether her old landlord’s cock might be big and uncut too.


Ray Blicavs sprawls naked on his bed, his back propped by two thick pillows, his right hand slowly fisting his uncut cock, his left hand pressing the buttons on the TV remote.  As he presses each button, a new live picture appears on the large screen TV covering most of the wall in front of him.  There now is an overview of Ava’s bedroom.  ‘Empty, damn it,’ he thought.  He touches another button and checks the home gym.  Nobody there either.  He snoops on Jared’s bedroom last, just to see if the guy has gotten home from work yet.  The room is unoccupied.  Frustrated, he taps the off button.

Great.  Closed-circuit TV and nothing to watch but empty rooms,’ Ray thought disappointedly.  He’s tempted to jam a DVD into his bedside player and to get his rocks off by watching some young slut blowing a hound or writhing under the sweaty flanks of a snorting stallion.  Only one thing excites him as much as watching a young bitch making it with an animal, and that’s the idea of stuffing his own throbbing cock up a cunt or asshole.

“Come home, you little bitch,” he mutters, squeezing his cock so hard the warm pre-cum bubbles out of his gaping piss slit and trickles over his knuckles.  “Come home and spread those great legs of yours for old Ray Blicavs.  Oh, baby, I want you so bad.”

He feels a contraction underneath his balls and instantly lets go of his cock as if it’s a cylinder of red-hot metal.  He doesn’t want to climax yet, doesn’t want to waste his load like this, staring at an empty TV and wishing he could get his hands on his border.

He gets up from the bed and opens the locked door of his bedroom.  His cock wags in the air like an enormous tail as he tip-toes down the carpeted hallway to the DVD library in the living room.  He feels a touch uneasy.  It’ll be just his luck that either Ava or Jared or the both of them will arrive home from work at this moment and catch him like this in the living room.  Quickly, he pulls open the cabinet door where he keeps his private collection of porn and runs his index finger along the shelf of bestiality DVDs.  His heart quickens when he discovers that two of the DVDs are out of place.

“Well, it’s about time,” he said, grinning.  “Oh, let it be Ava.  Let it be her and one of her ass-wiggling girlfriends.”

He pulls the two out-of-place DVDs off the shelf, swings shut the cabinet doors without locking them and jogs back to his bedroom.  ‘It’s working,’ he thought, closing the bedroom door behind him.  ‘My plan is working.’  He intentionally left the doors of the porn cabinet open, hoping that Ava would get into the cabinet and find the taboo porn.  Both she and Jared have their own DVD machines in their bedrooms, so she’d have no trouble viewing the porn in privacy.  Then Ray would have no difficulty viewing her while she watches the DVDs.  In addition, he’s hidden no less than six CCTV cameras in the walls and ceiling of her bedroom so he can watch her from all angles.

His hands tremble so he can hardly get the first DVD into the machine.  He has to know what she’s been watching, has to know what kind of ideas are now fermenting in her mind.  He, at last, gets the tape into his machine and touches the play button.

“Mmm, let me suck it, poochie,” coos the voice of a young woman as she appears on the screen in living size and color.

She lies naked on her back, her legs spread, her crotch dripping, her mouth going for the shiny red cock of the greyhound straddling her face.  As her lips wrap around the dog’s quivering cock, she thrusts two fingers up her cunt and begins to jerk off wildly.  She makes slurping, cooing sounds, bobbing her blonde head.  The dog pants, humping at her face.  Ray grabs his cock and tries to crush the itch and ache out of it.

“Ava,” he whispers.  “Ava, baby, suck that hot dog cock.  Oh, suck it off, baby, suck it off, suck it off.”

The girl on the screen is undoubtedly not Ava, but it’s extra-exciting to pretend she is.  He hoped to God Ava has watched this disc.  ‘What wild ideas a bestiality porno would put into her mind,’ he thought.  The greyhound is whimpering, its skinny flanks quivering.  The blonde grabs the base of the dog’s twitching cock and manipulates it in her fingers as the dog pumps its slimy grayish jizz all over her face and into her gaping mouth.  The woman giggles as she swallows its jizz, then sucks the dog’s cock into her mouth again and drains it completely.  All the while, her fingers continue to plunge in and out of her juicy cunt.

She arches up suddenly, her toes clutching.  “Ooh.  Oh.  I’m cumming.  Oh, God…

The blonde humps at her jerking, clutching hand, her eyes rolling, gasps of pleasure coming from her gaping mouth.  The dog jizz trickles down her cheeks.  When her orgasm subsides, she slumps back.  The greyhound moves down between her legs and nuzzles her wet crotch.  She offers the dog her dripping fingers, and it licks them clean.  She spreads her legs wider, squirming and moaning as the dog licks at her wide-open crotch.

“Motherfucker, what a bitch,” Ray said with a sneer.

Ray switches off the player, unable to watch another second of the disc.  His loins throb, and his cock feels as if it’s going to split down the middle.  He knows without a doubt if Ava walked into the room at this moment, he’d pin her down and drive his raging cock up her cunt until he blows her head off with an explosive load.

Suddenly, a voice said, “Lock the door.”

“Hurry up.  Put it on,” another male replied.

“Lock the door, you.  dork.”

Ray catches his breath, taken by surprise by the voices coming suddenly over the speakers.  He straightaway touches a button on his remote control to turn down the volume.

“Hurry up.  I wanna see some hot breasts.”

“Are you sure the door’s locked?”

“Oh man, quit being such a pussy.”

“Shut up, or you ain’t gonna see nothing.”

“Oh fuck, put on the disc, man.”

Ray touches another button on the remote control and watches Jared’s bedroom appear on the projection screen.  Jared and some other man stand in front of Jared’s DVD player.  Their work stuff scattered across Jared’s bed.  Jared’s friend unzips his jeans and pulls out a stiff, young cock.

“What’s this one about?  More chicks with dogs and horses?” he asks.

“Don’t know,” Jared said.

He pushes the DVD into the player and presses the play button.

“All right,” the other guy said, beating fiercely on his cock as the picture appears on Jared’s TV screen.  “Shit, he’s fucking her right on the diving board.  Look at it spring up and down.”

“I hope they fall in the water,” Jared said, hauling out his own cock.  He strokes it backhanded.  “Wow.”

“Fuck,” said the other guy.  “Look at that.”

Ray jabs at the remote control and blows out his breath as the TV went blank.  “Shit…

So, it was Jared who’d gotten into the porn cabinet and not Ava,’ Ray thought.  ‘Crap.  How am I going to get that dizzy bitch to snoop?’ The cabinet door is always open for his guests.  Ray sits on the bed and gently removes the disc from his DVD player.  It doesn’t pay to watch any more of the disc, nor does he want to see what’s on the other since it was Jared who viewed them and not Ava.  His cock hangs over the side of the bed, a drop of pre-cum still clinging to its tip.  His loins feel tight and throb dully, but he’s no longer excited.  Watching two young men jerk off together had ruined his buzz.


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