The Cum Demon

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The Cum Demon
The Cum Demon
Year: 2021
Andy finds a strange necklace while running away from bullies and it possesses a cum demon that controls him until it’s got what it wants—cum from man & beast.
Jack Morningwood
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When he hears Jimmy’s bedroom door close, Andy gets up and puts on some boxer shorts and creeps to the kitchen pantry where they keep Buster’s food.  He grabs a bowl and puts it on the table, then pours some kibble into it.  Then he takes an already open can of dog food from the fridge and, with a spoon, scoops the rest of the meat into the bowl.

“That should keep the beast happy for another night,” Andy said softly.

Buster is a big dog, a tan-colored Bull Mastiff, and so the animal eats a lot of food.  Generally, it’s a friendly dog except for strangers, and the family loves the cute animal.  He opens the back door and notices it has been raining.  There are puddles, large one’s at that, leading to Buster’s kennel at the rear of the yard.  Dressed in only boxer shorts, he feels the cold wetness of the rain as he starts walking toward the dog’s kennel.

“Dinner time, Buster,” Andy calls, but the yard seems strangely quiet.

Andy moves closer to the kennel, there’s noise coming from the structure, so he assumes the Bull Mastiff must be asleep.  Andy leans his butt against the kennel and bends to put the food bowl down.  From within the kennel comes a short, high-pitched whine.  Andy freezes, listening and holding the bowl out in front of him like a shield.  The teen hears a heavy panting noise, and in the next instant, he sees the black and tan head of a colossal dog peering out of the kennel and staring at him.

Whoa,” Andy shrieks, falling back into a massive puddle of water on the lawn.

Andy lands on his butt with a splash.  The dog’s startled by his presence drops to a menacing crouch and growls deeply.  The Bull Mastiff’s black eyes fixed on Andy as if gun barrels.  Andy can’t move, his mind is frozen, until the boy remembers this is the family pet, not a monster in the dark.

Shit, you frightened me, Buster,” Andy whispers and giggles.

The dog woofs quick and menacing, letting the sound fade into a growl, and its eyes never leave Andy.  A menace radiates from those eyes and the boy trembles with fear.  ‘What is he gonna do,’ he wonders?

“It’s me, boy,” Andy said, trying to placate the dog.  “Calm down, it’s me, Andy.”

In answer, the colossal animal leaves the kennel and moves around him, keeping its head low and eyes turning back to fix him in place.  Andy holds still, watching the dog position itself between him and the back deck of the house.  The dog’s feet pad lightly through the small puddle of water Andy is sitting in, with his shorts now soaked through.

Then it happens.  The last thing Andy thought would happen.  The Demon stirs again.

Feed me cum.  Feed me cum.  I want cum,’ it sings in Andy’s head.

The teen gasps loudly.  The idea this Demon will make Buster unload his balls inside him makes him want to scream.  Yet he doesn’t.  Screaming would bring Jimmy out there, and that would mean the dog and his older brother would rape him together.  Slowly, Andy rolls over until he’s on his hands and knees, with his knees in the water.  Andy finds his head is now on Buster’s level, though the dog’s eyes are higher.  The teen’s movement startles the dog, and it drops into a crouch.

Andy freezes, and they stare at each other.  Buster continues a menacing growl, and Andy fears his movement has gone too far.  From what the boy knows about dogs, Andy figures unless he wants to get mauled, his best action is to wait things out.  Maybe Buster will simply tire of this and allow him to leave.  However, Andy is now the prisoner of the family pet, and it doesn’t do much for his self-esteem.  The teen knows the dog is reacting to the Demon, and he fears the sharp teeth the dog’s showing is because it senses the unholy presence.

Two things Andy knows.  First, he has to show the dog no signs of fear, and second, he needs to make the dog not fear him.  If Andy can somehow ease the tension in the backyard, he believes he’ll be able to simply walk back to the house unscathed.  Putting up a show of open familiarity and confidence just might get the Bull Mastiff to back off.

“Come on, Buster,” Andy said warmly.  “Stop being a meanie.  It’s me, Andy.”

Breathing deeply and slowly, the boy rises to his knees in the water, keeping his eyes on the ground to show submissiveness.  While his right-hand clutches his boxer shorts close about him as his fall made them slip down to his knees.  Andy is now nearly naked in front of the Bull Mastiff.

Feed me cum.  Feed me cum.  I want doggie cum,’ the Demon shouts as waves of power pulsate out of Andy’s body into the dog.

The boy slowly brings his hand up, fingers loosely closed, palm up.  “Hey, fella, good boy.  Good boy,” Andy said quietly, keeping his voice even.

Buster drops into a desperate crouch and appears on the edge of leaping at Andy’s throat.  The blond-haired teen holds still and takes his eyes from the dog again, his mind whirling.  ‘This Demon is gonna make Buster kill me,’ the boy thought shaking.  He’ll have no chance of getting on the dog’s friendly side while this Demon owns him.  Yet the teen knows of no way to show Buster he’s still just the same old Andy.  He holds still and stares at the ground right in front of him.

After a few minutes, the boy chances a glance at Buster and finds the dog’s lowered itself into a tight, ready crouch.  When their eyes meet, the dog lifts its head and growls, so the boy looks back to the ground again.  It seems an age passes before Andy can take no more, and slowly tries to stand.  He only makes it onto all fours before the colossal animal gives a deep, sharp bark and jumps back to its feet.  Andy freezes again, distressed by the fact his boxer shorts have fallen down to his feet now.

He sighs, preparing to wait there in the humiliating position for another hour.  Yet, after only a moment, the dog takes a hesitant step toward him.  He keeps from looking at Buster, because the dog’s approach doesn’t seem hostile, and the last thing the boy wants is to aggravate him more.  ‘Maybe if he comes and smells me a little more closely, he’ll finally recognize who I am,’ the boy thought hopefully.

Andy guesses that’s what happened, approximately, because, in the next moment, the boy sees the Bull Mastiff’s huge, warm body moving closer.  It’s standing right next to him, sniffing his head and shoulders, and moving lower.  When the dog sniffs his ribs, the boy has to keep still, not to upset it.  Then Buster goes lower, and the teen really has to fight his instinct to stand and run.  Buster’s cold nose brushes against Andy’s exposed buttocks, moving to his thighs, and back again.  He can tell something caught the dog’s attention there, although the boy doesn’t know what it is.  Andy’s hind end is all wet from sitting naked in the puddle of water, and maybe that’s what the dog goes after initially.

Doggie cum.  Doggie cum.  I want doggie cum,’ the Demon sings happily.

Buster starts sniffing and licking the water from Andy’s buttocks and thighs, and quickly his tongue is getting places the boy doesn’t want.  The instant Andy tries to adjust his hips to present less to the dog, Buster goes rigid and growls again.  He has no choice but to continue to hold as still as possible.  After a moment passes in which the dog determines the boy isn’t going anywhere, it resumes its sniffing and licking.

Andy’s never understood a dog’s sense of smell, why certain scents attract them, and others do not.  At first, the boy isn’t sure what it is Buster smells between his legs that’s so enticing, yet the dog keeps going, and the feeling of its tongue on his pubic mound sickens the teen.  Andy keeps thinking about all the germs on the animal’s tongue, and how much he’ll need to shower to feel clean again when this is over.  Then, when the Bull Mastiff’s slimy tongue slicks over his soft cock a few times, other feelings start surfacing.

At this point, Andy has had all he can stand, it’s a dog.  While the boy believes it innocent and ignorant, he isn’t about to let Buster violate him anymore.  The feelings of arousal forced upon him by the dog’s tongue are getting unbearable.  Just as the boy decides to rise off his hands and restrict the animal’s access, Buster stops licking and gives a heavy, panting snort.  The blast of air catches him right on the balls, and Andy squeals.

Oh, God, help me,” he whimpers and flinches.

Doggie cum.  Doggie cum.  I want doggie cum,’ the Demon is chanting now.

With no warning, the dog moves closer to his behind.  The next thing the boy knows, he feels its man-sized paws alight on his middle back and press hard.  The dog’s muscular rear legs push against Andy’s thighs, and the boy feels something warm and wet, prodding his buttocks, something other than a tongue.  Though instinct tells him to jump and run, the teen can hear the dog’s panting right above and behind his head.  So, he waits just a moment longer to decide whether the Bull Mastiff’s breathing sounds as relaxed as it seems.  Those seconds are costly, Buster’s huge paws slip to either side of Andy’s ribs, pinching him tightly about the middle, and bringing its jaws right next to his face.

What the fuck are you doing?” Andy wails.  “Bad dog.  Get off me.”

Trying to roll away, the dog snaps and growls as the boy drops beneath it, and on the second bite, the dog snares a large patch of his hair in its mouth.  He’s able to shift his hind end out from beneath Buster, though his legs seem shackled together by his fallen boxer shorts.  Still, the dog holds his hair in its powerful jaws, and the boy can’t get free.  Andy keeps his head low to ease the pain, and the next thing the boy knows is Buster climbing off him, tugging him by the hair across the backyard.

“Let me go, damn dog,” Andy squeals, trying to fight against the brute animal.

However, Buster either doesn’t understand or just ignores him.  Andy keeps fighting, yet the boy has no leverage on the slippery ground, and his body’s no match for the Bull Mastiff’s muscular legs, back, neck, and jaws.  When the pain in his neck and knees become too much to bear, Andy sobs and quits resisting, allowing Buster to tug and pull him to the entrance to his doggy den.  The dog enters it backward, angling its body to draw the now naked teen inside after it.

The floor of the kennel is three inches higher than the ground outside and covered by a slick, yielding mat, kind of like the ones you find in a wrestling gym.  Andy doesn’t have time to consider how spoiled the big brute is before the dog orients him lengthways in the kennel and repositions its body over his.  At least the floor is soft on his knees and hands, and the boy breathes a little more easily.  Then the dog rises on its hind legs and presses its shoulders beneath the teen’s upper body again, never releasing his hair from its mouth.  Andy holds still, not wanting to upset Buster again.  Then it dawns on Andy the dog’s going to fuck him, and the boy realizes the warm, slimy thing prodding his buttocks is Buster’s cock.

Shit,” the boy said, trying to shuffle-crawl from beneath the animal.

Doggie cum.  Doggie cum.  Give it to me,’ the Demon screams.

Andy doesn’t want Buster’s gross red cock on his body, let alone near his asshole.  His attempt to avoid the cock is a stupid move, though, because it only pushes his head and shoulders further into the corner of the kennel where they’re trapped with little room to move.

“Get off me, stupid mutt,” Andy shouts.

The dog’s forelegs slip around his ribs again, clinching him beneath it.  Andy can’t move his upper body, the dog’s throbbing, slimy cock is back prodding at his buttocks.

Help.  Help me.  Someone, HELP,” Andy screams.

The dog’s rutting cock isn’t close to anything vital at this point, so the boy tries to undo his blunder and gain some freedom in his upper body.  The teen finds he can move down, dropping as if doing a pushup until his chest presses against the floor.  Andy thought about spinning sideways to curl into a ball, yet he finds his head won’t drop with the rest of his body as the dog still has his hair.  Before Andy can figure something out, Buster lifts his forepaws off the mat at his sides and places them on Andy’s shoulder blades.  Now the boy’s really trapped.  The dog’s weight pushes him so heavily into the matt, the teen can’t rise beneath it, the Bull Mastiff’s pulling his head back by the hair, and this denies any movement.  He can only swear and breathe haggardly.

Fuck.  Stop it.  Get off me.”

Then the nightmare really begins.  With the boy’s upper body lowered, and pelvis tipped, so his loins tilt upward at a much more inviting angle to the probing dog cock.  Andy feels it thump forcefully against his buttocks and slip to the side.  Andy squirms under Buster, and the dog, having sensed it’s close to its goal, starts humping more earnestly.  Yet now all its strokes are just bouncing off his butt cheeks.

After a few minutes of frustrated humping, Buster seems to realize he isn’t getting any closer to his goal and adjusts his attack.  Out of frustration and determination, the dog pulls back harder on Andy’s hair, jerking his head and neck further back than he thought possible.  Suddenly, the teen can’t breathe—the pain’s horrible.  However, the worst part is it forces his lower back out of its arched position.  The slimy tapered tip of the Bull Mastiff’s cock is at once hammering against his asshole, parting the anal sphincter and is almost inside.


Andy squirms uncontrollably, yet the dog’s humping is faster than he can keep up with.  Andy shifts right, then left, and tries to spread his knees.  Buster’s staying with him, and he tries to twist his hips to the side, yet it isn’t enough.  Andy can’t shake the horny dog.  Buster pushes his long red cock between his outer butt cheeks, and Andy gasps as he feels it pushing them wide.  The boy can’t let the dog penetrate him.  He has to do something.  Yet the dog has him, and they know it.

Fuck him, make little Andy your bitch.  Give me your doggie jizz,’ the Demon screams.

The Bull Mastiff humps Andy so forcefully it feels as if a dull hammer is pounding into his asshole, driving a wedge in further with each blow.  He has to keep the dog out, so he fights it as hard as possible, yet in doing so, Andy pushes back onto Buster’s cock, and the dog drives it home.  That hot, slimy cock parts the teen’s butt cheeks, and pushes inside deep, and then really starts pounding into Andy.  The boy bears down with his anal sphincter, trying to squeeze the dog to hurt it.

No, stop, BAD DOG,” Andy shouts, bucking beneath Buster.

Good dog.  Clever dog,’ the Demon squeals.

He has to get Buster off him, so he jerks his head forward, trying to free his hair.  However, the dog keeps its grip as if it’s a leash around Andy’s neck.  Flailing his arms back at the dog, he even pounds the ribs above him.  Yet nothing distracts Buster from his task.  The Bull Mastiff continues slamming Andy’s buttocks in a rapid-fire staccato rhythm, pushing the big cock balls deep into the boy’s bowels.  He can feel the hot cock getting larger as it rams in and out of his asshole with a wet slapping sound.

Andy vaguely recalls having seen a coupling between dogs when he was younger and remembers the male being unable to withdraw from the female when the mating finished.  A part of the dog’s cock had swollen within the bitch and locked it in place.  Andy has no doubt Buster’s cock can get large enough to lock inside his asshole if he let it, and he has to do something to stop that.  The kid tries to reach behind between his legs, but in the confined space, he cannot reach far enough to put up any resistance to the cock fucking him hard.

Please, God, no,” Andy said and sobs, clenching his rear end closed for all he’s worth.

He knows it won’t do any good, and Buster senses it too.  His body is the dog’s now, and it’s the master, the alpha dog.  Buster can do with Andy whatever he wants, and the teen can’t resist him.  Andy knows he’ll have to block the rest of the nightmare out of his mind, or it’ll drive him insane.  The dog’s cock is still swelling, and his resisting ass burns with pain.

OohOoh.  Ooh,” Andy groans sobbing.


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