The Dirty Dog

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The Dirty Dog
The Dirty Dog
Year: 2022
Eva is lonely and hasn’t been with a man for years, so her dog Loki decides to change that.
Moe Lester
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Eva Mooney runs her slender fingers through her long blonde hair.  Unnerving.  That is what it is.  She thought of the word, closing her eyes and letting that awful burning itch fade somewhat between her legs.  It’s so hard trying to keep her mind off her pulsing pussy.

She leans against the rear of the wide sofa, licking her lips and staring at the yawning fireplace.  It had been three long years since a man ‘touched’ her.  The word makes her smile.  Fucked is what she wants to think.  Fucked with a nice big cock squeezing into her cunt and driving her up the wall as Kyle used to do.  But her husband is dead, and since then, Eva has tried to make a new life without men.  Now she realized just how foolish she had been.  In the past twelve months, the woman has become hornier.  Eva smiles again.  She finds herself constantly thinking about fucking, about men, about the touch of a man’s hands on her shoulders, breasts, and pussy.


That burning itch is like a strong electric current burning through her thighs, making her pussy lips swell open, then making her clit harden and pulsate like a festering wound.  Her knees are knocking together while the hot dew of pussy juice begins doffing her pubic hair.

Men.  She would have given anything to be fucking with men.  But there’s always the fear she has about gossip about the lonely widow going out on the town for some strange cock.  The neighbors will gossip if they see her coming home with a strange man.  They’ll have her branded as a whore in no time.  Reno is like that.

Her brother-in-law passed on, and her sister was in the hospital, so Eva’s niece Hannah was at her home.  It won’t be easy to meet men while supervising an eighteen-year-old girl.

But how could she ignore her pussy any longer?  ‘Should I take a vacation somewhere without Hannah and go hunting for men?’ Eva wonders.  Hunting.  It’s as if she has to drag them in by the hair to fuck her, and even at thirty-six, Eva knows that wasn’t true.  She’s still tall, blonde, and has long legs and high-riding breasts.  There isn’t a stretch mark on her slender body that’s still firm because of constant exercise and sensible eating.  No.  The men still turn their heads and fantasize, she guesses, about fucking her.  But Eva has never, never encouraged them.

Ohhh.  Ahhhhhh.”

She dares to touch her breasts through her blouse, feeling the sharp-nipple ends throbbing under the light pressure.  Oh, she’s so aroused today.  Just the rub of the silken material against her nipples makes the tiny flubs tingle.  She has to stop this.  Eva pushes sex from her mind for the moment, twisting her wrist about and glancing down at her watch.  Ten, soon Hannah will be home.  Eva has told her eleven-thirty at the latest, party or no party.

God,” Eva moans, feeling her pussy getting wet.

The woman can’t go on like this.  She’d have to go upstairs and masturbate.  Just thinking of it, thinking of the touch of her fingers brushing against the golden wisps of her pussy hairs makes Eva’s skin pucker into goose flesh.  She doesn’t particularly like touching herself like this, but what other recourse does she have?  Glancing down at her watch again and saw she had enough time. Eva turns and begins moving toward the stairs.  Just as she starts touching the handrail, a noise behind her makes her stop.

“Who’s there?”

Turning slowly, Eva peers with wide, frightened eyes only to find her German shepherd Loki standing in the darkened doorway of the kitchen.  The dog cocks its head, sniffing the air.  She nearly laughs, putting a hand to her lips and smiling against her will.

“Oh, Loki, you startled me.  Come here, boy,” she said, kneeling and stretching out her arms.

The dog pricked back its ears and trotted over to its mistress, its busy tail straight and wagging slightly from side to side.  Eva loves touching the animal, especially now for some reason.  She bends forward, resting her chin against the top of the dog’s furred head while rubbing her fingers through its long coat.  ‘How warm it is,’ Eva thought.  ‘Loki is so loving.’  She ruffles the dog’s fur playfully, smiling more broadly as it whimpers and pushes its head against her.

“Loki, such a good dog; You’re a good dog, aren’t you?” she coos, holding the animal’s powerful head in both her hands.  Eva laughs as the animal twists its head away and begins licking at her wrists.  She pulls away slowly, patting the dog lovingly on the head.  “I’m gonna go upstairs for a while.  I’ve got some things to take care of up there.  I’ll be down later.  All right, boy?”

Eva laughs, straightening herself and starting to climb the stairs.  More than once, the woman has to stop, the rubbing of her swollen pussy lips against her clit taking her breath away.  The itching becomes worse halfway to the top.  Eva stops twice, catching her breath then continuing to the top.  When she reaches the second landing, Eva peers down.  There’s Loki, still resting on haunches, the dog’s long pink tongue hanging from one corner of its big mouth.

She stares at the handsome dog, and that strange thought comes over her again.  She shakes her head, pressing one hand against her burning forehead.  ‘What on earth is coming over me to make me think that Loki—No, stop thinking like that,’ Eva thought.  Again Eva pushes that awful thought from her mind, rushing down the corridor to her room.

Oh my God.”

Keeping the door open slightly to be sure she can hear her niece coming in, Eva turns on the small nightlight to the right of her queen-sized bed.  Alone.  Even now, as she thinks about fingers relieving that terrible pulsing itch throbbing in her pussy, Eva realizes just how alone she is, staring at the empty bed.

“No, I won’t.  I won’t think about it.”

Wiping away a tear, Eva grabs the coverlet and throws it back, reaching around and unbuttoning her white cotton blouse.  She will think of the good times she and Kyle had here in bed.  About how Kyle used to touch her, kiss her, and eat out her pussy before fucking her.


Eva pronounces the word.  The sound in the lonely big bedroom made her shiver with delight.  How she loves the sound of it now as she slips the blouse from her shoulders, then reaches around and unhooks her bra.  She feels the straps loosen around her shoulders, feels her breasts slithering from their restraining cups, then finally fall free on her chest.  Eva closes her eyes again.


Oh, how she wished he were here again, touching her, sucking on her nipples.  Eva braces her knees against the side of the bed, her cunt burning more than ever.


But there is no Kyle any longer.  Just Eva and the dog.  ‘Loki?’ again that thought.  Eva shakes her head, finishing taking off her clothes.  There’s no mistaking the sensations she feels in the damp, hot softness between her legs.  Turning, Eva catches sight of herself in the full-length closet mirror.  Even in the semi-darkness, Eva can see she is indeed a desirable woman.

But then again, thoughts of her responsibility for her niece fill her mind, thoughts of just how impossible it was for Eva to find a man.  Turning down the sheets, Eva slips into bed, kicking away the coverlet and letting her head sink into the large white pillow behind her.  Her right-hand flutters nervously over her pussy.  She barely touches the soft blonde pussy hairs and moans, her belly tightening while her legs kick out.

She’s hot.  ‘Oh, this will be a Powerful cum,’ Eva thought.  She knows she’ll blow her brains out with the force of her climax tonight.  Eva begins touching her pussy lips, feeling their hot, slick flesh under her fingertips.  As she spread her pussy lips apart and heard the unsticking sound, Eva let out a long, breathless sigh.  Undulating her legs against the sheets, Eva thinks of her late husband, of his cock, of the way he used to fuck his tongue into her vagina.  Then suddenly, she recalls Loki and how the dog’s soft coat might feel between her shivering legs.

Eva shakes her head, jerking her hand away from her pussy as if she burned it.  Just at that moment, Eva sees the door open slightly.  ‘Hannah.  Hannah is there, watching me masturbating,’ she thought in a panic.  Eva flushes red, sitting up and staring at the corridor.  But there’s no one there.  Eva is about to rise and find out what happened when she sees the dog standing at the foot of her bed.

“Loki?”  Eva’s heart pounds wildly, a fine sheen of perspiration coating her flesh.  “Get out.”

But there’s no conviction in her voice.  Even Eva, in her high state of arousal, can hear that.  ‘What can I do?’ the woman wonders.  ‘Why do I think about this sin?’  Again the woman shakes her head, biting her lower lip.

“No, no, it’s not right.”

But lying on her bed with her legs spread, her pussy burning and dripping with fuck slime, and standing there’s Loki, that wonderful German shepherd just waiting to fuck her.

“No, no, fuck it.”

Her mind is going fast.  She can feel the hot seep of her juices more and more.  The cock-hunger inside her makes her want to fuck the dog.  The German shepherd jumps on the bed.  Eva draws back her legs, crawfishing until her spine touches the headboard.

“Loki, off.  Get off the bed.”

Eva tries to act firm, pointing in the direction of the doorway.  But the dog just isn’t listening.  Frantic, Eva begins swinging her legs over the side of the bed.  That’s when Loki makes a move, and the dog jumps, drool from its tongue dripping onto her belly.  Eva feels the sharp claws of the dog’s forepaws digging into her soft flesh.  She screams, falling back onto the bed, one leg draped over the side of the mattress.

“Loki, no, no, don’t touch me.  Oh, God in heaven, don’t touch me.”

She fights to keep her voice down.  The windows are open, and her neighbors are always nosy, especially at night.  ‘If they hear me screaming,’ the thought makes her head spin.

“No,” she moans.  “Bad dog.”

Loki licks up her belly, touching the rounded bottoms of her breasts.  The German shepherd is heavy on top of her, its weight pressing her onto the bed.  In a flash, Eva remembers the dog sniffing the air when she was downstairs.  ‘He was smelling my pussy,’ Eva thought, horrified.  ‘He was smelling me the way he’d be smelling a bitch dog in the street.’  Eva shivers, raising her hands and pressing them against the animal’s furry head.  Loki growls threateningly, twisting that canine head around and baring those killer fangs.  Eva drops her hands immediately, feeling a shock of icy terror grip her heart.

“Oh, Loki, Loki, don’t—don’t hurt me.  Please, don’t hurt me,” she whimpers.

The animal senses her terror and licks it away, drawing its tongue to her breasts and finally over her nipples.  Oh, those nipples are so thick and tumid and how they long for touch.  Now Loki is doing it, touching her all over, drawing that long, pink sloppy tongue over the nipples.  She groans, arching her spine, wallowing her shoulders against the pillow.  She tenses her ass cheeks, rubbing and bouncing them against the bed.

Now the dog is licking her chin, drawing its tongue over the side of her face, then back down.  The dog’s tongue is so hot, so very hot and wet.  But there’s a gentleness about it as well.  Eva loves that gentleness, that tingling touch.

Raising her arms again, the woman caressed the dog’s head, rubbing her fingertips between its ears while guiding the dog up and down.  The German shepherd’s touching her all over, and how Eva hungers for that kind of touch.  Oh, how quickly she’s overcome the early reluctance she felt.

Loki.  Oh Loki, that’s wonderful.”

She hooks a leg over the dog’s back, rubbing her toes up against its furred haunches—that touch.  The tingly touch of that fur touching all those sensitive spots between her toes makes the woman gasp again.  Arching her spin, Eva pressed her head more firmly into the pillow.  How wonderful, how incredibly marvelous having the animal licking her body.

Ah, Loki.  Loki.”

She closes her eyes, curling her fingers now and letting the nails bite into her palms.  Loki is moving down at this point, allowing that long pink sloppy tongue to wet her belly.  Eva knows what it’s going to do, and that thought nearly makes her faint with excitement.  Licking.  The German shepherd is going to lick her pussy.  She stretches her legs apart, so widely her heels drop off the edges of the bed.  The blonde feels spread open, peeled apart for the pussy-hungry dog’s mouth.

Ahhhhhh.  Oh, Loki.  Loki, do it to me.  Do it to me.”

The German shepherd is nuzzling its black nose between her pussy lips, lapping at her.  The dog is toying with Eva, touching the area around her pussy but not licking into her cunt yet.  She jerks, staring heavy-lidded at the big dog.  She digs her heels against the side of the bed, feeling the dog’s tongue lick from her asscrack to her mound.  ‘It can’t be happening,’ she thought.  But yes, she’s doing it, actually letting the beast lick her heated pussy.  Only Kyle had ever done that, just before fucking her.

Eva jerks her knees up several inches, then lets them fall back to the bed.  She spreads her arms wide, digging the nails into the sheets.  The dog is going wild, lapping that tongue all over her body, then slowly drawing it over her pussy hairs.  Eva loves that sensation.  She likes feeling her pussy hairs slicked down with spit and the touch of the animal’s tongue over her goose-fleshed mound.  Squirming against the mattress, Eva knows the dog’s happy as well.  The German shepherd is making muffled little grunts, sniffing around her pussy, then nuzzling its black snout between her labia tenderly.

It’s almost like having Kyle back again,’ she thought.  Eva shudders at that thought, half expecting the ceiling to come crashing down onto her for being so sinful.  But nothing happened.  All that’s happening is Loki touching her so lovingly, so gently with that maw, and she’s letting the dog do it too.

Loki.  Ooh, Loki.”

Each lap brings more hot, sticky slime from her vagina, slicking her thighs.  Eva cries out, her forehead wrinkling while a pulse leaps at her throat.

Ahhhh.  Oh, Loki.  Loki, please, oh God, touch me all over.  Oh yes, yes, do it.  Do it to me, doggie, lick me.”

Eva squirms madly in the bed, her fists pounding the pillow behind her as a consuming fever singes her clit.  Loki finds that tiny bud and concentrates on it.  Eva feels the dog’s paws digging into her inner thighs while it dips its head up and down, lapping into her pussy, drawing up more and more of those juices until she’s going wild.

Ahhhh.  Oh, Loki.  Loki.  Loki.”

It’s insane,’ Eva thought wildly.  ‘How can I be acting like this?  I’m opening myself to a dog.  Letting him lick my most private place.  It’s crazy.’  Eva shakes the guilty thoughts from her mind, feeling the dog’s hot breath tickling her pubic curls as it repeatedly drenches her pussy.  Eva jerks, snapping up, then relaxing as the dog fucks its tongue into the swollen labia and swirls it around.

Ahhh, good doggie.  Oh wow, wow.  Touch me there.”

Eva can’t believe she’s telling the dog just how to eat her pussy.  But suddenly, all the feelings, all the sensations she had when Kyle licked her come back in a mighty rush.

She’s twisting against the German shepherd’s muzzle, feeding the dog her pussy.

Ahhh.  Oh-ah-oooooooo, doggie.  Ohhhh.”

Eva reaches her belly, feeling Loki’s tongue stretching to meet her fingers.  The German shepherd is licking at her hand, wetting her palms.  The hunger in her body forces out all thoughts except those of her and the dog.  The German shepherd licks her arm then moves back to her tasty pussy.

Ahh.  Ahhhh.”

Eva snaps her head from left to right, Strands of her blonde hair clinging to the corners of her mouth.  How deliciously good is it to have something there eating her out, licking a tongue into her pussy slit while her clit throbs and beats wildly in time with her heart.  At times the woman let out long, low sighs of delight while arching her back and pressing her thighs against the dog’s furry sides.

She repeatedly calls out Loki’s name in whispers, still dreading the thought of her neighbors hearing any of her cries.  How that pink tongue drives up and down her pussy crack.  It’s shameless.  Shameless.  The woman inches her knees back, panting harder than ever.  Loki backs away, watching her, staring at her as she opens herself into a fucking position.  ‘Could I do it?’ Eva wonders.  ‘Could I let Loki fuck me?

Drool oozes from the corners of her mouth, running down her cheeks.  She moans and babbles to the dog, touching it at times, then touching herself while jerking her taut ass around.  More than once, she brings her feet together at the dog’s head, rubbing her toes over its fur, then dropping her legs again.

Oh, Loki.”

Covering her mouth, Eva nearly laughs at the sound of her voice.  Eva jerks her ass up, twisting it to the side so she can feel the touch of the beast’s fangs against her pussy lips.  It’s devastating.  She arches her back to give the dog her clit once more.

Fuck it, fuck it.  Oh God, God in heaven, fuck it out.”

Eva can hardly speak.  It’s the best, most lovely sensation she has ever had in her whole life.  She kicks out her leg, hooking it around the animal while rubbing the other one against its side.  Doggie-spit is running into her asscrack.  She knows she’s reaching the point of no return.  Eva knows she’ll have to decide whether to let Loki fuck her or not.  Besides, Loki’s tongue seems to be all over her.  She can feel her cuntal walls spasming now.  Eva can sense the pussy muscles convulsing, trying to grab onto the tongue that’s teasing her.


Eva shudders, kicking her feet high in the air, curling her toes until they cramp.  She feels the big muscles in her thighs and ass tensing.  The German shepherd’s licking her along the tense, rubbery edge of her pussy now.  She’s going to orgasm, and there’s nothing inside her cunt.  Yes, that is important.  She has to have something inside her cunt.

Fuck, fuck, fuck me, doggie.  Fuck me, Loki.  Fuck meeeeee.”

Eva chants the command like a prayer, her mind spinning around and around.  She pitches on the bed, bucking her pussy against the dog’s tongue as it stiffens and fucks deep into her vagina.  The woman can climax this way.  Oh yes, she has climaxed like this many times with Kyle.  But this is different.  Too many years have passed without her having had a cock inside her.  What is more, now there’s Loki, a wonderful pussy licking dog who can accommodate her.


But the German shepherd seems confused the moment Eva spreads her legs.  She smiles weakly, knowing the dog isn’t used to fucking in the missionary position.  Straightening her legs and turning around, Eva soon finds herself on her hands and knees.  Her breasts brush against the bed while she feels the juices running down her thighs.

Yes, yes, I’m doing it,’ she thought.  ‘I’m letting a dog climb on top of me to mount me like I’m a bitch in heat.  Yes, that is the right word for this, mounting.  Loki will mount me and fuck me as he does the dirty dog bitches in the streets and back alleys around Reno.’

The big German shepherd gives a few more tentative licks before placing its right forepaw tentatively on her hips.  Eva shivers, feeling the dog’s claws drawing down her rounded asscheeks.  The German shepherd is testing its position, leaning onto her, lapping at her ass cheeks again.  Her spine curves downward, her nipples barely brushing the bed while Eva spreads her legs.  Hair curtains her face, the woman wags her ass, breathing so heavily through her nose her nostrils burn.  Vaginal slime is seeping from her opening and oozing down the backs of her thighs.  Eva can hardly breathe.  Her chest is tight, and her heart is pounding.

Eva prances her ass in tight little circles, encouraging the dog, and the German shepherd will do it.  Eva jerks her head, shaking the hair from her eyes and staring at the headboard.  Dropping her head again, she feels Loki slowly crawling onto her back.  The dog’s paws scrape along her back, then slowly begin wrapping around her sides as its furry underbelly slips over the tops of her ass cheeks.  The German shepherd is careful.  She can tell.

Ahhhhh, oh doggie, do it, do it, fuck me, fuck me good.”

Eva can’t believe she’s begging the animal to fuck her.  She flushes red then blanches when she feels the dog’s cock brushing against her cunt.

There, Loki, oh yes, doggie, there, do it, do it there.”

Her voice is barely a whisper now, broken by the excitement she feels scorching through her veins.  The thought that it is degrading acted as a kind of spice to what’s happening.  Eva jerks her head around, feeling the sweep of her long hair over her whitened knuckles.  Loki’s short fur is like a blanket on this summer day.  The dog’s weight is pressing her down now.  Eva straightens her elbows, pushing back up, grunting with effort.

She begins perspiring more heavily than before, sweat trickling down her breasts and leaving long wet streaks.  The German shepherd is on top of her now, its hindquarters prancing nervously behind her.  Eva moans again, pushing back, feeling the dog moving slowly, steadily, onto her back.  In a moment, she can feel the dog’s forelegs against her breasts.

Eva shudders.  Fucking, that’s the only thing that matters.  When she feels its pointy boner rubbing against her pussy, Eva can only think of one thing—of having Loki’s cock fucking into her vagina.

Oh, Loki, do it, do it, doggie, fuck me all the way, Loki.”

She speaks to the dog the way she did her late husband—brokenly—begging for a fuck, feeling she’ll die if the animal doesn’t stick its cock into her cunt.

There are four tentative cock-jabs.  Each time, Eva braces herself, unsure of what she’ll feel when Loki fucks her.  Then she feels its forelegs tightening around her chest, nearly squeezing all the air from her lungs.  The German shepherd is stabbing the pointed end of its cock against her pussy lips.  Eva tenses her thighs and ass, pushing herself up and tilting her ass to one side.  Loki holds still, tightening while Eva does all the movement.

Oh God, there, there, there,’ she thought.

The German shepherd is fucking her, sliding its cock past her tight inner pussy lips and into her vagina.  The pussy muscles spasm hard.  It’s all Eva can do to keep kneeling, keep her ass up as the animal takes over and fucks its cock all the way inside her most private place.

Shivers race up and down her spine as Loki fucks in.  Good hard fucking.  That’s what she has been thinking of all day.  Now she’s getting it.  Crouched with the animal wrapped around her like a vine around a tree while it fucks her.  Eva laughs at the image, her laughter quickly turning into a groan as Loki’s fucking hard and fast.  The German shepherd’s jerking its body, stabbing her repeatedly with its cock while its small fuzzy balls slap against her groin.

Eva sobs, her head is snapping from side to side while her hair whips across her face.  She blinks away more sweat, letting the big animal fuck her with abandon.  Wild fucking.  It’s how she loves it.  Soon she’s going to orgasm.  Eva can feel the whirling of sexual hunger growing and growing until she thinks it’ll swallow her whole.

Ahhhh, oh, Loki.  Oh, cum with me, boy.”

Eva lowers her head, her body shaking and shuddering with each fuck-thrust.  The dog nestles its head between her jutting shoulder blades, its tongue hanging out and licking against her neck.  There’s a new sensation now as something that’s part of the dog’s cock is trying to force its way inside her cunt.  It batters her inflamed pussy lips as the ball of growing cock flesh tries to gain entry.

What the fuck is that, Loki?”  Eva wails, trying to reach back to feel this strange thing.

Then it hits her—it’s the knot.  That ball of canine cock meat that enables a dog to tie with the bitch.

The new aspect of the situation leaves Eva in a sexual quandary.  The woman knows the knot can grow quite large on some breeds and wonders if her cunt could accommodate it.  Her indecision about the knot makes her decision for her.  The cock rams inside her cunt, and the knot punches her labia with each stroke.  Then Loki forces the knot inside her with a vigorous lunge.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  Oh God, Loki.  That knot is fucking huge,” Eva yells as unexpected pain explodes from inside her cunt.

Her body shakes as the cock and knot exit and enters her battered cunt.  The pain eases, and intense pleasure starts to build again in its place.  However, as she gets used to this new situation, Loki’s knot becomes too large to pull free from her spasming cuntal walls.  The ball of canine cock meat traps inside her body, and the dog’s rhythmic fucking slows and becomes jerky and short.  The knot feels so massive inside her cunt, like someone stuffed a grapefruit up there.  However, that’s not all.  There’s still probably eight inches of cock on the end of the knot, too—all inside her vagina.  The thought boggles her mind.

The knot is moving as the dog tries to fuck her with it.  The ball of flesh pushes on g-spot, and she feels pee trickling out of her too.  The woman has never felt so full in her life.

Full of cock, and the pre-cum it’s squirting.

Eva can’t hold it back any longer.  The dog growls, shoving that canine body forward, so its balls rest against her groin, and begins nipping the back of her neck.  Her eyes are rounding and glazing over quickly as the power of her orgasm sweeps her away.

Eva can feel the steady hot squirting of its jizz into her belly in a moment.

Her orgasm explodes with the violence of a nuclear bomb.  “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

There are brilliant flashes in front of her.

Eva thinks she’ll surely lose her mind in the power of her orgasm.  Jumping, nearly tossing the dog off her back, the woman let the dog finish its fuck.  ‘Oh, how good that aching, itchy release is,’ Eva thought.

However, it isn’t over for Loki by a long way.  The throbbing and buzzing of the hard cock inside Eva gives her multiple mini orgasms as she waits for Loki to finish.  The dog grips her firmly as cock and knot pump what seems like endless amounts of jizz into her womb.  The woman is patient, though.  She knows she’ll have to wait until the knot shrinks before the German shepherd can pull it free.

I hope Hannah doesn’t come and find me like this,’ she thought, glancing at her watch.  ‘It’s not like I could deny what I was doing.’

Then it’s over, and Loki jumps off Eva, and the dog’s cock and knot slide out of her well-fucked cunt with a loud wet noise.


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