The Enemy Within

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The Enemy Within
The Enemy Within
Year: 2021
A widowed mother and daughter struggle with life with both falling into wayward ways and dog sex. This leads to a very nasty man taking advantage of them.
Sheela B.
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The small Iowa valley lies quiet under the eerie light of a full moon.  There are a few clouds in the dark sky, but they’re so thin and wispy they seem to vanish like gossamer as they drift across the face of the moon.  The valley’s dotted with houses scattered haphazardly.  It’s hardly a town.  There’s a general store and a gas station, but no actual center.  Most homes stand on two to five acres of land—little homesteads with their own gardens and a few chickens, maybe a pig and a cow.

The night is warm; it is mid-summer.  One of the little farms seems smaller and older than the others, or maybe it’s just the moonlight’s unique nature.  It’s way out on the furthest edge of the valley by itself.  With all the magic of the night stripped from it, the house may have appeared ragged and untended in daylight.  But now, the warped boards of the tool shed and barn, the sagging verandah at the front of the main house, the uneven clumps of wild grass are all a perfect playground for the moon.

The whole place is a contrast of light and dark, from the white gleam of the ancient wood to the deep shadows trapped under the thick tangles of trees and bushes.  It was still up to now, almost as if every living creature fell into a hypnotized silence by the strange light illuminating the place.

Mary Olsen slows as she nears the old house.  The eighteen-year-old stops at the front steps and smooths her clothes.  Then she sits on the bottom step, pressing her legs tightly together, trying to stop the maddening tingle in her unfulfilled loins.  She imagines all her mother will have to do is take one look at her face to see the guilt written there.

But a bitter thought runs through her mind, ‘Would mom really care about what I was doing?’  She never seems to pay any attention to Mary anymore.  It’s just those awful men she takes up with and the drugs.  Mary feels a twinge of guilt shoot through her for harboring these unkind thoughts about her mother, but sometimes she can’t help it.

A tear trickles down her cheek as the memory of her dead father comes back.  It’s just two years ago he had died, shortly after they moved here from the city.  ‘Dad always hated the city.  It was his life-long dream to move out to where he could feel good about breathing the air and let the beautiful silence soak into him.  Even if it meant driving forty miles to work every day,’ Mary remembers.  A traffic accident on the way to work only two months after moving to the valley killed him.

Mary loved the valley, but she wishes they never come here.  ‘Maybe Dad would still be alive,’ she often thought.  The loss made all the worse by the way it affected her mother.  Instead of Mary and her mother drawing closer together, they’ve drifted apart.  Mary’s mom has spiraled into a world of drugs and booze that the young woman has been powerless to stop.  Her mom is now a crack addict.

Then the men started to come around once she began to smoking crack.  Now Mary’s mother keeps a steady flow of drunks, junkies, and trashy guys, the county’s lowest element, sneaking into her bed.  The young blonde girl suspects her mother unconsciously chooses these vile trashy men to fulfill her sexual needs.  So, none of them will replace her husband’s memory in her heart.  But that still doesn’t make the spectacle any less disgusting for Mary.  She hates to see her mother debasing herself in this manner.

Her German shepherd Felix interrupts her depressing thoughts and begins to nuzzle at her insistently.  The dog lies his head on her lap and gazes up at her lovingly with its soft brown eyes.  Mary peers down at the dog for a moment, the tears still dimming her eyes, and then rashly, she throws her arms around the faithful animal’s neck and hugs it close against her soft, full breasts.

Oh, thank God I have Felix,’ she thought gratefully.  The dog helped fill the vacuum left when her father died.  There’s a deep love shared between them that helps give her the strength and compassion to understand her mother’s mental health problems.  With a sigh, the troubled teenager gets to her feet.  ‘I may as well go into the house,’ she thought.  Mary’s just about to open the front door when she suddenly freezes into stillness.  There’s a groan from inside the house.

Her mind is blank for a moment, and then she’s struck by the sudden fear something is wrong with her mother.  But she freezes again as she hears a harsh male laugh.  Mary doesn’t know what to do.  Obviously, there’s a man in the house with her mother, no unusual thing, but it sounds as if he’s hurting her.

There’s another groan.  But it’s longer this time and has an unearthly pleading tone to it as if torture is taking place inside.  Mary drops her hand from the door handle and starts to back away.  Her mind is a riot of confused emotions.  ‘What should I do,’ she wonders?  ‘Should I call nine-one-one?  Perhaps some fiend has broken in and is assaulting mom.’  Then her minds made up for her as a pleading voice speaks again.

Oh, God.  Yes, yes, do it to me like that…

It’s her mother again with a drunkenly slurred voice that has a desperate pleading tone Mary’s never heard before.  The confused young girl pales in the darkness as a new and disturbing thought comes into her mind.  The man’s obviously hurting her mother, but it doesn’t sound as if it’s against her will, the way she’s almost crying for him to continue.

Perhaps he’s making her plead with him,’ Mary thought.  ‘Perhaps he’s a sadist like some of the men I’ve read about in my psychology course.  Men who enjoy hearing women beg.’  Mary stands breathlessly on the porch trying to make up her mind what to do.  She can’t call the police or anyone else unless she’s sure what’s going on.  She has to find out.

The confused young girl takes a deep breath and backs slowly down the front steps.  She begins to walk cautiously around the house toward her mother’s window.  As she picks her way through the untended clumps of high grass next to the house, she can see a beam of light streaming into the darkness from her mother’s window.  The curtains are open.  They always are.  Mary motions for Felix the dog to sit, and she then hesitates.  She takes a deep breath before summoning the courage to peer inside.  The blonde teenager can’t believe the sight that meets her eyes.

Her mother is lying nakedly spread-eagled in the center of her bed, not three feet away, so close that Mary could reach out and touch her.  The older woman’s head is rolling back and forth on the mattress, her face contorted in ecstasy.  A man is kneeling between her mother’s widespread legs, eating her pussy.  The man suddenly turns his head and sees the bug-eyed Mary in the window.  She runs for her life.


Mary heads instinctively for her favorite hiding place, a small open area padded with soft green grass and surrounded by a wild profusion of bushes.  She always feels secure here, not because the site is inaccessible, but because she’s able to hear people coming long before they can see her.  She flops onto the grass, her knees drawn up, and cradles her head in her hands, hoping the whirling confusion in her mind will somehow quiet down.

The confused teenager knows she should be shocked and horrified by the lewd and sinful scene she saw her mother doing.  Still, such rational thought is beyond her at the moment.  Instead, her virginal body is wild with arousal for the first time in her young life, and she needs release.  ‘Oh, God,’ she thought, ‘what’s wrong with me?’  The sadistic spectacle of her mother’s lewdness added another dimension to her need.

Mary feels suffocated somehow, even though the night is not unbearably hot.  She begins to pull off her clothes as she has done many times before in this secluded place.  The teen has never fully realized what she did it for, only that there’s something sensuously exciting about the feel of the wind’s caressing her young body.

In a few seconds, her clothes lie scattered in the clearing, and she collapses back on the grass with a half-stifled moan of unfulfilled passion.  Her unblemished skin shines like silver in the light of the moon, and her young nipples stand out like two berries topping a bowl of cream.  The delicate blonde hair that barely covers her virginal young pussy is only a suggestion of a shadow in the eerie light.

Mary begins to rub the palms of her hands slowly and sensuously over her naked body, from the flat plane of her taut little belly to the tiny tips of her proudly up-thrust breasts.  Her thighs grind together in a slow hypnotic rhythm, causing sharp new thrills to shoot lightning-like through her hungering cunt.

Felix sits on his haunches about three feet away, obviously nervous.  The German shepherd starts several little sharp motions forward but checks itself each time.  This night has been full of new and strange emotions for the dog too.

The dog sees its beloved mistress in a new light as she masturbates.  They’ve been together ever since Felix was a puppy, and she’s all the dog knows and loves.  They’ve romped and played together many times.  The dog has lain in her doorway as she slept, ready to protect her from whatever danger may present itself.  They’ve curled up together in sleep.  Felix often licked Mary’s face with happiness, and she has thrown her arms around the dog with the giggle the animal knows her for.

But tonight, the dog watches her change as she lies on the ground with a strange, passionate wildness emanating from her.  This arouses some dark longing in the animal’s heart as it smells the heavy pungent odor of her pussy.  It watches her now as she squirms on the grass before it, and a low half-whine, half-growl emanates from the dog’s throat.

At first, Mary doesn’t notice.  She let the obscene images of her mother and the man drift excitingly through her mind.  Mary knows she’s only putting it off.  She knows she’ll once again plunge her fingers deep up into her madly burning vagina and stroke until blessed relief comes in a few seconds.  But Mary senses somehow it’ll never be the same as having a real cock thrust into her.  To feel a domineering male body hovering over her, driving her to heights of passion not possible any other way.

Her fingertips are just sliding up her thighs, dancing teasingly over the soft curling hairs of her pubic mound, when she hears a strange sound come from deep in Felix’s throat.  She glances around wide-eyed.  The German shepherd has gotten to its feet and is approaching her.  The dog’s massive head drops toward her loins, then it gazes at her questioningly.

For a moment, there’s a blank look of surprise on the girl’s face.  This slowly changes to an expression of shameless lust as she remembers the ecstatic look on her mother’s face as the man ate her quivering pussy.  Nervously, she wets her lips and raises on her elbows, her knees drawn up and wide apart.  Mary nods with her head toward her hotly throbbing vagina, then puts her finger down and points to it.

“Lick it, Felix,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

The German shepherd lowers its head to the now panting girl’s warmly perfumed pussy and begins sniffing.  The dog’s tail wags and trembles as if it has found a bitch in heat.  The naked girl moans as the cold nose suddenly contacts her tiny, puckered anus.  Then Felix’s long warm tongue snakes out and licks wetly the crevice around it, the tip burrowing slightly into the fleshy anal ring.

The erotic sensation is like nothing the lust-driven girl expected.  It’s as if a bolt of fire shot from her nakedly offered loins through her entire body.  For a second, she tries to squirm away, but Felix moves forward and begins greedily lapping the narrow pink slit up between her thighs.  The dog runs its tongue wetly the entire length of it, from the tightly closed pucker of her anus, over the fluted pink edges of her pussy, and up to the tiny sensation bud atop her pubic mound.  The dog’s great tongue spreads through the soft, hair-covered swelling like one licking an ice-cream cone.  It flicks relentlessly between the girl’s widespread legs stopping sporadically to curl its way deep into her most sensitive flesh.  The beautiful girl jerks spasmodically as she squirms under her loyal dog’s oral assault on her love-starved little pussy.

Mary gazes down in amazement at the thick slithering tongue licking so thrillingly into her.  She raises her hands, holding them in indecision for a moment above her squirming body, then drops them to grasp the dog’s ears.  Mary lifts her knees even higher with a deep animal sound until they’re pressing against her breasts.  The girl then pulls the dog’s nose forward into her quivering pussy lips.

The dog’s long slippery tongue runs up her moist passageway, and the sex-crazed teenager begins trembling in a forbidden rapture as incoherent moans stream from her lips.  She pleads with the big dog to lick faster and deeper.  She encourages the German shepherd with her wantonly writhing, upturned buttocks.  Felix works like a savage beast, some ancient rutting lust of the wild driving the German shepherd.

Mary doesn’t know how long the delicious licking of her wildly quivering pussy lasted.  Time seems to disappear as a universe of brightly colored shooting stars spin through her passion-numbed mind.  Then the maddening tongue is gone.  In a wave of disappointment, the shamelessly aroused teenage girl gazes up.  She rises to her elbows, slowly lowering her legs.

“What’s wrong, Felix?” she asks in a shaky voice.  “Do it some more.  Please do it.”

Mary parts the saliva-soaked lips of her dripping pussy with trembling hands, offering it again to the big animal’s tongue.  But instead, the dog backs away a step or two, moving swiftly.  It’s then she sees it.  The dog’s cock.  She stares open-mouthed as its hardness appears from its hairy sheath.  The cock is wet and thick, the dripping tapered end swaying in an ever-growing length of reddened hardness.  ‘God, that’s a huge cock,’ she thought.

What the handsome animal wants is plain.  The dog wants to fuck Mary.  The dog’s need obviously is as great as her own.  The naked girl’s eyes bulge at first by the very taboo spectacle before her.  But, simultaneously, she feels insanely lustful pride that her responding body fired Felix to this point.

Oh, Felix, Felix,” she moans in a mindless sexual delirium, her sensual body alive with a screaming need for love.  “Let’s do it.  Let’s do it.”

Utter lust saturates her brain as she quickly rolls over onto all fours, elevating her spread buttocks and bending before the animal in abject surrender.  Mary’s obscenely offered cunt is a well of molten fire.  The animal hesitates a moment as if it, too, doubted the rightness of what’s about to happen.  The helplessly impassioned girl is beyond all rational thought now as she gazes back beyond her buttocks toward her handsome animal lover and begs piteously.

Oh, God, Felix, crawl up on my back,” she moans.  “Do it.  Please, lover.  Fuck your Mary.” She strokes her pussy in a lewd goading gesture.  “Now, baby, now.  Fuck me.  Please fuck me before I lose my mind…

The big dog hesitates no longer.  Mary’s pleading gestures and the intoxicating smell of her wantonly offered pussy trigger an automatic response in its animal brain.  The dog quickly mounts the nakedly spread mounds of her buttocks, its paws on her back.  The glistening scarlet cock slips further from its sheath, dripping in readiness.  A moment later, the sharp point is slipping and dancing in her wetly heated pussy slit, causing tiny whimpers of lewd impatience to come from both of them.

The excited animal trembles and jerks, trying to bury its long thick cock in her body.  Sobbing, the desperate girl glances back, shifting her rounded little buttocks to capture the lengthening shaft.  Like a bitch in heat, she strives to sheath the long scarlet cock in her wetly hungering cunt.  The sharp tip misses and slides up to find the momentarily relaxed anus and tries to enter there with a little cry of automatic fear.  Mary tenses, evading the bending up-slipping prod.  The dog thrusts again blindly.  The thin point slides vainly beneath into her soft hair-lined slit when it scrapes against her sensitively erect clitoris.

In desperation, the frustrated girl reaches between her thighs and searches for the German shepherd’s slippery animal hardness.  Feeling the dog’s wet heat beneath her fingers, Mary parts her already matted pussy with the end of it.  The blonde presses the cock tip into the eagerly pulsating entrance to her vagina.

Oooo, Felix … It’s so hot and hard…” Mary moans in a weird combination of fear and excitement.  She wonders for a moment if she can take it inside her.  “Ohhhhh …  I’ve gotta … Gotta … I need it so bad…” she groans.  “Now, now … The tip’s just up inside…” she yellsDo it, baby.  Stick it into me and fuck your bitch.”

The instant the dog feels the moistly clasping vaginal flesh surrounding the tip of its animal hardness, it instinctively rams forward.  The mighty German shepherd sinks its long pulsating animal cock into the obscenely offered channel of its blonde mistress’s cunt.  The dog keeps ramming forward, paying no attention to her little scream of pain and her frantic effort to crowd forward away from the long invading shaft.  The dog’s hardened canine cock slithers onward with a wet rush until it sinks to the hilt inside her tight virginal cunt.  The beast’s furry balls swinging below her wet pubic hair.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” Mary squeals as the unbelievable first penetration of the dog’s massively hardened cock tears painfully through the delicate tissues of her forever lost hymen.

Her face contorts with unexpected pain.  But before she has even a chance to acclimate herself to the strange presence that seems to be splitting her loins in half, the dog begins to fuck rapid-fire into her pain-wracked cunt.  The helplessly kneeling virgin squirms and twists before the powerful lunges of the dog cock fucking deep into the unused depths of her passion-filled belly.  The canine cock is stretching her tight tiny vagina wider and wider with each powerful thrust.

Gradually the pain begins to change to pleasure.  A moan of relief comes from the naked teenager as she begins to move rhythmically back to meet each thrust of the panting dog’s long slippery cock.  As the forelegs trap her waist, Mary starts to undulate her body and move her buttocks in lewd circles.  The girl’s altogether abandoning herself to the beautiful animal fucking she’s receiving from behind.

Her face contorts with rapture as exquisite sensations flood through her.  Her full taut breasts dance tightly beneath her writhing torso, moving in time to the skewering cock of the dog as it slides deep into her from behind.  A relentless hot poker of glistening male-dog flesh burying itself into her body.


Frank Rohan can’t believe what his blood-shot eyes are actually seeing.  He’s come outside for a smoke after fucking the crack addict Kirsty Olsen.  While eating her delicious pussy, he saw a movement at the window.  Frank thought it was Kirsty’s sexy little daughter, Mary.  He pulled on his clothes and went outside, leaving Kirsty to smoke her crack pipe.

The man moves warily when outside, keeping an eye out for the dog always trailing around after the girl.  He knows the dog hates him, and if it wasn’t for the two women holding it back, it’d be on him in a minute.  ‘I’ll fix that fucking mutt someday,’ he thought.  ‘Just give me half a chance, and I’ll put a bullet in the son of a bitch’s head.’  Frank moves noiselessly through the yard.  Everything appears silent and customary in the bright moonlight.  Frank wonders if he’d only imagined he’d seen Kirsty’s daughter’s face staring in the window as he ate her mother’s greedy pussy.

Yeah,’ he thought, ‘maybe I imagined it.’  He’s had the little eighteen-year-old Mary on his mind a lot lately.  ‘Christ is she built,’ he thought.  ‘I’d give my left nut to get into that tight little pussy.’  He bets it’s tight, too, like the rest of Mary’s smooth sweet body.  ‘Yeah, I’d like to show that proud little bitch what it’s all about.  She acts like she thinks she’s too good to be in the same room with me.  As if I’m the dirt under her feet.  She’ll sing a different tune with my cock sunk all the way into her little white belly.  They’re all the same then, these proud bitch’s.  Once they get a real cock in them, they always come back for more.’

Frank stops suddenly as he hears a strange sound coming from the other side of the yard.  It’s a half moan, half gasp followed by a sound almost like someone struggling.  Frank moves stealthily forward through the high grass until he comes to a thick clump of bushes.  He peers through a gap in the heavy foliage, and that’s when he sees it.

Christ, that bitch is fucking a dog,’ his mind screams.


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