The Farmhand

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The Farmhand
The Farmhand
Year: 2021
Ava is an eager 18yo who has just got a job on a sheep farm for the summer. However, the owner Olivia tells her that jerking off the dogs regularly is part of her duties.
Moe Lester
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“Well, you can have the job if you want it, Ava,” Olivia Newton said smiling.  Then the woman blushes slightly.  “But there’s one duty you might find unpleasant or even disgusting.”

“Why, what can that be?” Ava Adams asks wide-eyed.

What can be disgusting about working on a farm, for fuck’s sake,’ she wonders?  ‘It’s wholesome, healthy work.’

“You’ll have to jerk off the sheepdogs,” Olivia said and grimaces.

Ava gasps and her eyes bulge as she stares at the older redhead woman.

“I realize it’s not the sort of thing a girl expects to have to do, but it’s necessary,” Olivia said.  “The dogs are virile brutes, and they have to get their balls emptied frequently.  If someone doesn’t jerk them off, they don’t do their work.  They run around looking for a bitch in heat, and the sheep are unattended.”

Ava swallows hard.  “Um, I see,” she said softly.

“Well?  Do you want the job?”

“I’ll have to think about it,” Ava said.

She’s shocked and startled by the idea.  Ava is eighteen and has just graduated high school.  She thought it would be fun to take the job advertised, working in the open air during the summer months, before looking for a more permanent position in town.  She didn’t mind mucking out stables, milking cows, or baling hay, but the idea of jacking off dogs is a different matter.  They’re sitting in the kitchen of the farmhouse.  Olivia gazes at the girl across the big wooden table thoughtfully.  Ava blushes and lowers her eyes demurely.

“It’s not hard to do it,” Olivia said.  “I’ve done it, myself.  It’s much the same as milking a cow.”

Ava wants the job, and now she thinks if Olivia so freely admits she’s given the dogs handjobs, it can’t be so terrible.  It’s just a thing that a farmhand has to do in her line of duties.

“I-I’d be embarrassed,” the girl said.  “But I suppose I can do it if no one is watching.”

“That’s the spirit,” Olivia said and smiles.  “There are only three of them, and you’ll only have to milk them when they start to get excited.”

Ava nods solemnly.

“I imagine you’ve jerked guys off, right?  I mean, that’s none of my business, but I just wonder if you know the technique?”

Ava lowers her eyes.  Her face is red.  But she can understand why the woman asks the question since it’s the sort of experience that involves her job, and she nods slightly.  “A couple,” Ava admits.

“Good,” Olivia said.  “If you like, I’ll jerk one of the dogs off while you watch, so you can learn what to do.  Then you won’t be so embarrassed when it’s your turn, knowing it’s just a regular part of the job.”

For some reason, Ava finds herself excited at the thought of watching the woman jack a dog off.  Now she’s gotten over her initial shock.  The girl thinks it might be kind of fun to do it, herself.  ‘It isn’t as if it’s a sexual act,’ she thought.  ‘It’s just a necessary duty.’

“OK,” she said.

Olivia gets up from the table, and she moves to the kitchen door.  She’s a tall woman with big breasts and a heart-shaped ass, and she moves gracefully across the room, her hips swinging.  Her walk is provocative, but Ava knows it must be unconscious—Olivia’s natural gait.  ‘There’s no reason to be provocative in front of another woman, is there,’ she wonders?

Opening the door, Olivia shouts, “Hendrix.  Here, boy.”

A moment later, a shaggy sheepdog comes trotting into the kitchen, its tongue lolling out.  Ava glances at its cock and sees it isn’t hard.  The dog doesn’t need jerking off at the moment.  But, of course, Olivia is only trying to teach Ava, nothing else.  The dog stands in the middle of the room, looking from woman to girl with a curious gaze.  Olivia is unbuttoning her blouse.  Ava frowns, and Olivia smiles.

“Dogs cum a lot,” she explains.  “The stuff shoots all over the place, and I don’t want to get any on my clothing.”

“Oh,” Ava said.

She will have to remember when it’s her turn.  She wouldn’t want doggy jizz on her clothing.  When Ava jerks a boy off, she usually catches his semen in a tissue, and she considers suggesting to Olivia but then thinks better of it.  She doesn’t want to seem too experienced.

The older woman unfastens her skirt and steps out of it.  ‘Her body is magnificent,’ Ava thought.  Olivia’s breasts are big, rolling together in deep cleavage and capped by large, stiff nipples.  It seems funny those nipples should be rigid, almost as if the situation is sexually arousing the woman.  Still, it doesn’t seem important to Ava.  Then Olivia is tugging her panties down, her hips squirming as she slides them off.  Her pubic mound is a mass of red hair.  ‘Her pussy seems to be juicy, too,’ Ava thought, wondering why it should be.  Ava’s pussy feels kind of juicy, too.  But she doesn’t know why on earth it should be.  Olivia holds the panties up.  The crotch band is damp.

“Usually, the dog is already excited and ready to climax, so you won’t have to bother with this part of it,” Olivia explains.  “But since this is just a demonstration, it’s necessary to get the dog excited, you see.  Of course, I can simply play with its cock and balls until it gets a hard-on, but this way is easier.”

“I, ah, I see,” Ava mumbles.

Olivia tosses the soaked panties down in front of the sheepdog.  The dumb brute sniffs at them then begin to lap them with its long, wet tongue.  Ava can hear the slurping sounds the sheepdog is making as it licks away with abandon.  ‘It’s strangely exciting,’ she thought.  Olivia, waiting for the dog to get horny, sits on the edge of the kitchen table beside Ava.  Her ass perches on the edge, and she brings a thigh up.  Ava cannot help but glance at the woman’s bushy pussy.

That, too, is strangely exciting.  Ava cannot understand the vague urges that are thrilling her.  The relatively innocent girl doesn’t have much sexual experience, and none of what she had done was mutual masturbation.  For some reason, the thought of jerking off dogs and the sight of Olivia’s nakedness is turning her on.  She’s never dreamed she’d someday play with a dog’s cock and has never given any thought to doing it with another girl.  ‘Is there something about myself I didn’t know,’ Ava wonders?  The girl feels guilty, disturbed, and excited.

The dog’s cock is swelling and growing longer.  Ava glances back and forth between a growing hunk of red dogmeat and Olivia’s juicy pussy.  She sees the red slab of the sheepdog’s cockhead come sliding out from its furry sheath.  The dog’s balls are inflating like balloons.  It’s working the panties, nipping at the damp, pussy-tasting material.

Ava has a naughty thought.  ‘If a dog enjoys lapping a woman’s panties, wouldn’t it enjoy lapping her pussy even more?’  She blushes deeply, embarrassed by her speculations.  She has never had her pussy eaten by a man, but the idea is wildly attractive.  ‘Oh, I mustn’t even think about such sick things,’ she thought as she watches the dog’s lengthy tongue slurp away.  Despite herself and ashamed of the fact, Ava can feel her pussy start to simmer and flood too.

“I think he’s about ready,” Olivia said.

She slides from the edge of the table, her hips turning toward Ava so that, for a moment, her bushy, juicy pussy is right in front of the girl’s flushed face.  Olivia seems to linger there for a few seconds as if she has lost her balance.  Ava cannot help but stare at her groin.  Then the woman moves over to the dog.  The dog raises its head, its jaws dripping saliva.  Olivia kneels beside the dog.

“Watch closely now,” she said.  “I want you to learn just how to do this.”

But Ava is already watching as closely as she can, totally intrigued by the prospect.  Olivia reaches under the sheepdog, palm upward, and takes its long cock in her hand.  Her other hand slides down, and she cups its balls, gently squeezing as if to see how full they are.  She begins to skim her fist up and down on the sheepdog’s cock, gripping the dog lightly at first, then tightening her grip, so she’s dragging its furry sheath back away from its pointy cockhead.

The dog’s cock throbs in her hand, and its big balls expand in her other hand.  Olivia turns to see if Ava is paying attention.  When she sees how interested the young girl is, she smiles.  Then she turns back to the dog, gazing at its cock as she jacks it.  The dog’s pointy cockhead is pulsating, expanding like a lung, turning a darker shade of red.  The dog yelps and whines, and its furry haunches hump, fucking its long cock through the redhead’s skimming fist.

An exciting look, radiant, almost ecstatic, comes over the woman’s face.  Olivia seems fascinated by what she’s doing.  It doesn’t appear, to Ava, this doggy jerking is quite what Olivia made it out to be.  ‘There’s more to it than mere duty,’ she thought.  The girl can understand why, too.  She’s no longer doubtful about it.  Ava’s looking forward to jerking the dogs off.

Her pussy is simmering, and so is Olivia’s, she notices.  The woman is resting on one hip and has one knee drawn up so Ava can see her pussy, and the sight leaves no doubt of Olivia’s arousal.  A trickle of pussy juice runs down her crotch and seeps into the crack of her ass, and her clit is standing stiff and vibrant.  The older woman’s breasts bob, right in front of the end of the dog’s thundering cock.  The dog whimpers, humping faster.  The dog’s cock shaft flies through Olivia’s fist, the red surface glistening.  Pre-cum squirts from the dog’s piss slit and runs down its red cock like quicksilver.

Ahhh,” Olivia moans softly.

Ava sees the older woman’s tongue glide across her lower lip.  Her head shifts as if she’s about to put her mouth on the dog’s dripping cockhead, but then she draws back again, glancing at Ava.

“The dog’s gonna shoot any second,” Olivia rasps, her voice husky.  “Watch when it cums.”

“Yeah,” Ava whispers, eager to see the hot jizz spurt out of the dumb brute’s cock.

Olivia’s fist flies up and down, and the dog fucks furiously through her pumping hand.  The dog is shaking all through its body and rumbling in its throat.  The dog’s cock and knot get bigger and bigger.  Suddenly the sheepdog throws its head back and howls.  A load of thin, slimy, greyish semen blasts from the dog’s pointy cock and splashes on Olivia’s fat breasts, lathering her with steamy jizz.

Mmmm,” Olivia purrs.

Ava is purring herself as she watches this bizarre scene.  Olivia keeps jacking the dog’s cock, and it keeps squirting jizz onto her breasts.  Jet after jet doses her.  The slime runs down her cleavage and drips from her taut nipples—a slippery load of sperm fires into the hollow of her throat.  Semen lathers Olivia as if milky and slippery soapsuds.

At last, the dog’s cock stops spurting, and its balls collapse.  Olivia gives the dog’s cock a few last pulls to milk every last drop.  Then she moves away.  The dog stands with its head down and its tongue out, panting.  The dog’s cock starts to soften, its hard phallus sinks into a meaty loop under its belly.  Olivia turns to Ava, smiling.  Her hand is running with dog jizz, and her breasts are awash in the stuff.  She glances down and laughs.

“See why I take my clothes off?” Olivia said with a sly smile.

Ava, speechless, only nods in response.

“Think you’ll be able to manage the job?” Olivia asks.

“I think so,” Ava said.

“Good.  Then you’ve got the job, honey.  I.” Olivia starts to say something else, then pauses.  She gazes at Ava with a raised eyebrow and decides not to say what she had intended.  Instead, she said, “I’ve got to wash this nasty stuff off now, Ava.  Why don’t you take your suitcase out to your room and get unpacked?”

“OK,” the girl said.

Ava’s eager to get unpacked.  What she just witnessed has turned the girl on terribly, and in her suitcase, she has a vibrator.


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