The Hobbler 9: The Final Race!

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The Hobbler 9: The Final Race!
The Hobbler 9: The Final Race!
Year: 2021
Sarah Chamber’s (now known as Kelly) hobbling operation has been working beautifully for 5 years now in Montana, but an old friend shows up throwing everything into an uproar.
Sheela B,
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Amy Hepburn likes to ride bareback.  She’s a nubile woman, and she loves to feel her crotch slide around on the horse’s back.  The blonde can get her rocks off this way, creaming her jeans and lathering the horse’s broad back.  Blaze seems to like it, too.  Blaze is a stallion.

Amy is riding down the lane that leads away from the farm where she lives.  Many of the neighborhood’s farmhouses are now modern conversions sold to city people looking for a green change or holiday house.  Still, Amy lives on a proper working farm with harvests and animals.  She has little respect for the newcomers, the city slickers.  But she has a lot of respect for the stallion, especially for its mighty cock.  Amy is fond of cocks.

Now she leans limberly sideways, one fist clutching the horse’s mane, and gazes under the animal.  Sure enough, its cock is starting to stiffen.  The girl smiles impishly.  She has been sure the stallion would get a hard-on while she squirmed around on its back.  Amy loves the idea of turning a stallion on.  The sight of its big cock starting to get hard really inspires the naughty twenty-year-old.  She squirms around more, her slim thighs tightening around the animal’s flanks as she works her crotch along its spine.

Amy’s only wearing denim shorts and a black t-shirt.  The fact she wore no bra under the t-shirt is clear because her stiff nipples are standing out in little peaks.  The shorts are short, tucking into her crotch.  A wisp of blonde pubic hair curls out from the leg hole and the crotch-piece is soaking wet with the flood of her pussy juices.  Creamy ribbons of the juice trickle down her smooth thigh and onto the stallion’s back, slathering it with the liquids of her lust.  Blaze tosses his head and snorts.

Amy runs her hand down its powerful, arched neck.  “I know what you want, boy,” she whispers.

The stallion pricks its ears.  Amy slides her foot under its belly and begins to rub her heel against its cock.  The horse stiffens at the touch.  But then she stops.  She’s afraid the stallion might ejaculate if she rubs the stallion too long with her heel, and the young woman has better use for the animal’s hot load.  Just then, a black SUV comes down the lane, billowing dust in its wake.

Amy draws the horse to the edge of the track to give the SUV room to pass.  It slows, and the driver gazes out at her, trying to read her face.  Amy smiles at the man.  The SUV is passing at a mere crawl, and then it stops.  The window comes down in the fluid motion electric windows do.

“Hey, nice horse,” the man said with a smile.

“Thanks, mister,” Amy said flatly.

She’s used to these city types hitting on her.

“Do you live around here?”

Amy sighs.  “Yeah.”

“Good, good…  I was hoping you can help me find someone.  Sarah’s an old friend, and I haven’t seen her in years.  I heard she owns a horse ranch in these parts.”

“If she’s your friend, why don’t you ask her?” Amy asks with a frown.

The man grimaces.  “We had a falling out.  But I really want to patch things up with her.”

“What’s her name?”

“Sarah Chambers,” the man said hopefully.  “She’s about your height with blonde hair.  She’d be about twenty-five by now.”

“Is she your daughter or something?” Amy asks.

She does know of a young woman who owns a horse ranch, but her name’s not Sarah Chambers.  It’s Kelly.  Kelly is the subject of all kinds of rumors, mainly because many women come and go from the ranch.  They buy horses, mostly ex-racehorses, and then later sell the animals to knackeries for slaughter.  The whole operation seems odd, but they don’t bother anyone, so the locals just grew to accept their presence.

“No, an ex-employee.  I really need to contact Sarah,” the man said.

Amy shrugs.  “Sorry, I’ve never heard of her,” she said.

“OK.  Thanks then, enjoy your ride.”

The black SUV drives off, leaving Amy to choke in its dust, so she decides to take Blaze to a nearby grove of trees that’s sheltered from the road and the dust.  The stallion is quivering under her.  She can feel the tension of the horse’s body in her crotch and between her slim thighs, causing her to tingle all over.  Her nipples shoot out like bullets and her clit sparks.  She’s smiling because she’s about to do a very naughty thing, and naughty things always make Amy smile.  But there’s nothing humorous about the look in her big blue eyes.  They glow with pure passion.

“C’mon, boy,” she said.

Amy neck-reins the horse, heading the stallion toward the nearby grove of trees.  The stallion snorts.  The horse seems to have a fairly good idea of what’s going to happen now.  It’s happened before.  They ride into the trees, a sun-dappled glade hidden from the lane by the trunks and the leafy boughs.  Blaze halts automatically.

The young woman slides gracefully down from the animal’s broad back.  Her plump breasts bounce merrily, and her tight little ass squirms around in the tight-fitting shorts.  Ribbons of pussy juice run slowly down the inside of her leg.  There’s a pool of creamy stuff in her shorts.

She stands off to the side, looking at the horse’s cock and balls in profile.  She loves to look at the stallion’s cock, for starters.  Now its cock gets longer and fatter as if her gaze is caressing the stallion.  Its shaft stretches out under its belly, and the dark knob comes squeezing out from its leathery sheath.  A massive slab of cock is making the horny girl’s mouth water.  The very sight is making her dizzy with desire.  Amy likes all cocks, even human ones, but she prefers the stallion’s mighty phallus, by far.

“Yummy,” the woman moans.

She licks her lips in happy anticipation.  The stallion tosses its head, mane flowing and rippling, one wild black eye turns on the girl.

“You want me to do something about nice big hard-on, don’t you, boy?” Amy whispers.  “Something nice.”

The horse’s cock, almost fully erect by this time, heaves with a powerful surge of energy.  Blaze paws at the grassy earth and makes a moist nickering sound.  Amy giggles.  That wet sound seems to hint at just what the stallion wants her to do.  Amy pulls her t-shirt off.  She doesn’t want to get semen on it.  Then Amy unsnaps her shorts, and Amy tugs them down, her lithe hips squirming and her juicy ass wriggling.  She steps out of the shorts.  She’s wearing no panties, and her pussy is awash with juice.  Amy cups her hand over her crotch and squeezes it.  She shudders at the sensation.  But then Amy draws her hand away again.  She’s not ready to masturbate yet.

Amy steps up, then sinks to her knees beside the horse’s flank.  The horse stands still, its haunches quivering slightly in anticipation of the pleasure it is about to enjoy.  Amy is trembling plenty, herself, now.  The girl really loves to milk massive horse cock and drain the stallion’s gigantic balls.

She reaches under the stallion, palm upward, and begins to run her hand along the length of its cock, from its bloated balls to its flaring cockhead.  Its fat cock throbs in her hand.  She begins stroking the underside of its cock with her hands.  The horse’s cock is so stiff it’s vibrating like a tuning fork, and the throbbing runs up her arms and sets the woman’s body to trembling in the same tempo.

Amy blows her warm breath onto its cockhead.  The great cock flares out wildly.  Its piss-slit is gaping open, and now a drop of thick milky jism comes bubbling out.  It runs down the dark meat of its cockhead in a creamy trickle.  Amy whimpers when she sees that.  ‘It looks like a glob of evaporated milk,’ she thought, but she knows from experience it’s a lot more delicious than milk.  Her mouth is as hot as her pussy by this time.  It even feels like a vagina, her lips like pussy lips and her tongue tingling every bit as much as her clit.

She leans in, pushes her tongue out, and slowly draws in the tip of the horse’s cockhead, gathering up the hot jizz-drop.  She let it roll around on her taste buds for a moment, savoring the flavor of stallion pre-cum, adoring the taste and the texture of the slimy nugget.  Then she tosses her head back and let it run down her throat.

Mmmmm,” she moans.

Amy thought nothing is as delicious as a stallion’s jizz, lapped from its cock.  She loves the taste of the horse’s cockmeat, and she adores its jism.  That first drop has made the woman ravenous for more.  She rubs her hands up and down, milking another fat droplet from its piss-slit.  She tongues it up and swallows it.  The horse’s cock bucks in her hands.

Amy’s worried the dumb brute might suddenly blow its load while she’s still kneeling beside it instead of where she wants the delicious load.  She squirms under the animal.  Sitting on the ground with her knees drawn and excited face poised directly at the head of Blaze’s cock, Amy can look right down its parted piss-slit, inside its cock.  She sees more pre-cum bubbling inside its knob, and she whimpers with the sight.  Amy fits her hands around its shaft, just behind the throbbing cockhead.  She cannot quite span the breadth of its cock with her two hands.  She begins to slowly jack its cock up and down.

As her hands pull back, its cockhead flares.  Amy gives a little gasp and leans forward, sticking her tongue out.  She begins to lick at its dark cockhead, lightly at first, then licks all over the massive stab of cock with long, slurping tongue-strokes.  She pushes her tongue right inside its piss-slit.

Blaze humps, pushing its rubbery cockhead into the woman’s face and tilting her head back.  She continues to lap at its cock.  Then she kisses the tip of the horse’s cock and gets her mouth slowly open as wide as she can.  She cannot quite manage to fit its massive cockhead into her mouth, but she’s able to get most of it in, collaring the dark wedge with her lips.  She sucks, her cheeks hollowing in and her lips turning almost inside out as they pull at the horse’s cock.  Her tongue is still working merrily away, sliding around against the underside of its knob.  Her hands skim the cock, jacking the brute faster now, eager for the stallion to fill her hungry mouth with its load, yearning for a dose of hot, thick, creamy stallion jism.

Pre-cum is trickling onto her tongue.  Her taste buds tingle with the flavor.  A tiny jet of its precious jizz hit the back of her throat.  Another jet splashes into her cheek.  Her face contorts with lust now, a mask of pure desire.  She knows it’ll not be long before the animal orgasms, and she sucks for all she’s worth, fairly inhaling the horse’s cock.  She loves sucking on a mighty slab of dusky cockhead and wouldn’t have minded at all if the horse did not shoot for a long time.  But now she realized the stallion is nearing the peak, she becomes wild for its slimy semen.

As she sucks and tongues, she continues to pull its cock back and forth with her hands, jacking the stallion into her mouth.  The stallion’s massive cock expands mightily between her stroking hands, and its cockhead swells in her mouth, spreading her lips out wide around the slab.

Oooooo,” the semen-hungry woman moans, knowing it’s coming, the horse is just about to ejaculate.

Suddenly her mouth is full of semen.  The slimy cream floods into her, tilting her head back as Blaze hoses her throat with jism.  She gags and gasps.  Her hands pump as fast as Amy can, milking the horse’s cock into her greedy mouth in a frenzy of sperm-drinking lust.  She sucks and swallows, swallows, and sucks.  She keeps jacking and sucking, and the stallion keeps pouring the sperm into her mouth.  There’s too much of the thick stuff for Amy to drink, even as jizz-hungry as the woman is.  The foaming jism overflows her stretched lips and runs down her chin.  Thick drops splash onto her thrusting breasts, and a trickle curled down her cleavage then runs into her belly button.

Another spurt hit her throat, whitewashing her tonsils.  Amy gurgles with the joy of it.  She just can’t get enough of the juicy stuff.  She wants to swallow jizz until her belly is full.  But Blaze stops spurting it into her then.  The last few drops come out in a trickle.

At last, its mighty balls seem empty.  Amy keeps right on sucking, though, to make sure she has nursed out every last precious drop and works off every spasm of its orgasm.  She swallows the last mouthful greedily.

Her slender throat works as she gulps it down.  Then she draws her lips off of the stallion’s dark cock.  She kisses its cock tip fondly and affectionately, as if out of gratitude for the lovely load of jizz it has spurted into her voracious mouth.  A glob of sperm oozes from the cleft of its massive cockhead.  It surprises Amy.  ‘Where in the hell did come from,’ she wonders.

It disturbs her a little; when Amy milks a cock, she likes to get every available drop.  But she guesses the horse’s cock is so long it must take a few seconds for the final drops to run from its balls to its knob.  Amy will have to remember in the future to keep sucking for at least a full minute after the horse has shot its load.  She tongues the last glob up.  Then Amy uses her hot, nimble tongue to lave all over its meaty knob and down its leathery shaft.  She’s gathering whatever sperm escaped her lips and trickled down there.

Amy leans back, a dreamy smile on her jizz-soaked lips, sperm glistening on her chin, on her thrusting breasts, and her belly.  ‘What a delicious load,’ she thought.  Amy guesses she would drink semen more than just about anything else if she could.  She likes to orgasm, herself, of course, but that’s no problem.  Now she’s all worked up from blowing the stallion.  She will climax at a touch.  The woman can simply rub her clit, or she can finger-fuck her cunt, or she can mount stallion naked and squirm around on its back until her pussy melts.

She gazes at its cock again.  Someday, Amy wants to have the stallion fuck her.  But she’s a little afraid to try it because its cock is so damned big.  Its cock might not fit up her vagina.  It might stretch her out of shape.  Maybe after a horse has fucked her, her vagina will be too cavernous for a man’s cock.  A guy might not make contact at all when it slides its human cock up a stallion-stretched cunt.

Amy thought it’d be a good idea to get some other woman to fuck a stallion first.   That way, Amy can check her pussy out afterward and see if it has kept its new dimensions or sinks pliably back to its usual size.  But she doesn’t know any other girls will be willing to fuck a horse, at least not as far as she knows, because it isn’t exactly the sort of thing a woman talks about.  Bestiality is not as common as regular fucking and sucking.  Still, it’s not as uncommon as Amy thought, as she’s going to discover.

Now she’s looking at the horse’s cock and wondering how to get her rocks off most satisfyingly.  Following its massive ejaculation, the stallion’s big cock has softened slightly and is drooping down in a long curve.  The dark knob points at the ground.  But its cockhead is still pushing out from its leathery sheath and foreskin, still semi-hard.

Amy decides she will cream on the horse’s cock.  She isn’t going to actually try to fuck the brute, but she knows it will feel wonderful to rub its black knob around in her pussy lips.  Semi-hard as it is, the stallion’s cock tip aims at her belly.  Amy grins impishly.  She sits back on her tight little ass and raises her knees, opening her slim thighs.

Her cunt is foaming heavily, and ribbons of pussy-juice are seeping down into the crack of her ass and fertilizing the grassy earth beneath her groin.  She glances down at her pussy, seeing it framed between her plump breasts.  She thinks her pussy looks delicious.  She wishes she were limber enough to go down on herself and to eat her own pussy out.  She has tried it once, but her tongue couldn’t quite reach it.

Now she spreads her pussy lips open with her fingers.  She lets a few drops of saliva drip from her lips and fall right into her pussy.  Then she runs her fingers up her pussy and brings them to her mouth, licking the pussy juice from them and then slipping them into her mouth, bunched up together into a cock-shaped mass.  She sucks on them happily, thinking how nice it’d be to suck a cock that has just come out of a cunt.

The horny little horsefucker is getting herself really worked up with her wild imagination.  She leans forward and kisses the horse’s cockhead.  Then she scoops up more pussy juice, lapping it from her cupped palm like a cat slurping cream from a bowl.  There’s still a trickle of horse sperm on her belly.  She scoops that up too and rubs it into her pussy.  The woman raises her hand to her mouth again, licking and sucking up the spicy blend of pussy juice and stallion jizz.

Blaze arched his neck, gazing down at her, sensing there’s more to come and standing patiently.  Amy takes the head of its cock between her two cups hands and tilts her crotch up.  She draws the horse’s dark cock down into her frothy pussy, shivering at the contact.  The stallion’s knob flares in her pussy lips.

Ahhhh,” she moans.

She closes her thighs around its shaft, behind the knob, holding its bloated cock snug in her crotch.  Then she begins to wriggle around, working her pussy against its bloated cockhead.  Her pussy lips gaped wide open.  Her vagina is sucking on the horse’s cockhead just the way her mouth has before.  Her pussy lips plaster to its dark cock, clamping on the stallion like a suction cup.

Amy thinks with just a little stretching, she might get the horse’s cockhead wedged up her vagina.  She won’t be able to take all of its cock, of course.  The damned thing is just about as long as her whole torso.  But she might get several inches of it stuck up her, and what a lovely prospect that is.  As soon as possible, Amy wants to find some woman who is willing to fuck her stallion, so Amy, reassured about the elasticity of a vagina, can fuck the stallion herself.  For now, she will cream on its knob.

She folds her legs around its shaft, holding the stallion in a scissor grip as she writhed on the stallion’s cockhead.  Her slender body arched deeply, and she bridges, lifting her ass from the ground.  Her hips rotate, and her pelvis jolt, and her ass churned wildly.  She feels the horse’s cock begins to stiffen.  Its cockhead swells in her pussy.  The horse is getting hard again.  Amy loves the idea, and she begins to jack the stallion with her legs, using her knees and thighs to pump its cock into her cunt.  As the stallion’s cock gets harder, it rises higher under its belly.  Clinging to the knob, Amy’s lifted with it.

Ahhhh…  Ooooo,” she moans.

Her sleek thighs caress its hot cock, and she grinds her cunt onto its knob.  Its cock slips around in her creamy pussy.  The stallion’s cock is on the rampage again, jolting and throbbing, shaking the woman around on the end of it.  The stallion’s haunches tighten.  The horse paws at the earth with one hind hoof then starts to hump in a fucking motion.  The dumb brute has seemed to understand it cannot fuck Amy in the mouth, and if it humps when she’s blowing the stallion, it would have pushed her sweet mouth away.  But now, with her riding its cock, it’s able to get into its stride.

The horse humps faster.  Amy clings to its cock with her scissors legs, riding its mighty, meaty cock like a lumberjack on a log.  Her whole body shifts back and forth under its belly.  The horse’s shaft pulsates between her thighs, and its cockhead is swelling more with every stroke, filling her whole juicy pussy with bloated cock.  Back and forth, the woman rides, a bareback ride beyond her wildest imaginings.  She’s never done it this way before, but she loves it.

Cum,” she whimpers.  “Cum up, my cunt…”

The horse nickers.  The woman whines.  They’re riding toward the crest together.  The stallion is going full tilt now, humping at a gallop, and its whole powerful body is rippling and trembling.  She sees its massive ball-sack is full again, big as a melon, loaded with another dose of precious horse semen.  Amy yearns for that load.  She wants to feel it squirt up her cunt.  She’s trying to hold her own orgasm back, to wait so she can cream when the horse fills her with jism.  Waves of joy are already coursing across her belly and running up her thighs.  Her clit is like a detonator, ready to set off the explosive blast of her climax.

Cum…” she cries again, pleading for it.

Her ass skims over the grassy ground as the horse draws back, then lifts high as it thrusts.  Her legs continue to jack the stallion.  As Blaze thrusts, she draws her knees up, and as it withdraws, she straightens her legs.  The horse’s cock feels like a heated crowbar between her thighs, and its cockhead feels like a molten ball of iron in her pussy.

The stallion is snorting, nostrils flaring.  The horse tosses its head, its eyes wild and the whites exposed, its mouth foaming.  The horse is like some giant fucking machine gone berserk and out of control.  Amy is as crazy as the horse.  Her eyes are rolling, and she’s drooling.  Each time Blaze jabs into her pussy, she gives a little gasp, then she moans and pants as it pulls back, dragging her with the stallion.  Its cock thunders.

She feels Blaze’s jizz climaxing.  Its huge shaft expands between her clutching legs as the heavy load rushes up its shaft.  Amy let her own orgasm come crashing to the peak, and, as she does, the horse’s sperm spurts out of the head of its cock and into her pussy.  She cries out in ecstasy.  The hot jism pours up her open cunt, soaking into her vagina in a river of cream.

Her cunt is melting like a wax candle around a flaming wick, her pussy cream flooding out and mingling with the horse’s jism.  A watershed of juice pours from her pussy.  Horse sperm spurts through her blonde pussy hair and onto her belly.  Amy’s fucking madly ass and hips grinding.  Another spurt of horse sperm shoots over her stomach and into the cleavage between her fat breasts.  She scoops it up with her hand, then pours it into her mouth.

The stallion’s sperm is hitting her pussy with such force that, if she had not been clinging so tenaciously, she’d fly right off the head of its cock.  Amy feels as if she’s standing astride Old Faithful when the geyser erupts.

Spasm after spasm shakes her slender body.  She’s in the joyful embrace of multiple orgasms, climaxing time after time.  The waves of her ecstasy crash through her in sequence.  She’s so hot she half expected her pussy to ignite, to suddenly burst into flames with only pussy juice and hose jism to quench the fire.  The stallion’s cockhead is throbbing in her cunt, and cream is pouring down from her frenzied pussy.

Oh, my God…” she wails.

Another geyser floods her hot cunt, and another load of pussy juice gushes out to mingle with the sperm.  Then the stallion begins to slow down.  She rides back and forth on its slowing cock, still wildly squirming on its cockhead, desperately working off the last of her orgasms on its spurting cock.

Blaze’s cock softens and sinks, lowering her ass to the ground again.  Amy churns her hips and cries out as the final wave of her multiple orgasms rips through her.  Limp with her climax, she slides off the horse’s cock and lies panting under the stallion.  Its cockhead bobs over her loins like a horizontal pendulum.  Semen is dripping from its cock tip and falling onto her belly.  Amy squirms down, so her face is directly under its cockhead.  She opens her mouth and pushes out her tongue.  The thick sperm drops continue to fall from its knob, splashing onto her face now, failing onto her tongue and into her open mouth.

The last drops fall, and Amy swallows the precious slime.  Then she raises on her elbows and begins to tongue the head of the horse’s massive cock, lapping up sperm and pussy juice from its softening cock with utter delight.  Amy licks the stallion’s cockhead until it glistens.  Then she lies back with a contented sigh, her whole pussy lathered with horse sperm, the pussy juice still running out of her vagina.  Both Amy and Blaze sated at last.  Both are looking forward to the next time.  But it is time to return to the farm.

Amy has to do something about her juice-filled cunt before she put her shorts back on.  She has to mop it up.  The woman scoops the slime up with her hand and, not wanting to waste a precious drop, laps it up with her nimble tongue.  Amy’s delighted now and not passionate, yet the naughty horse lover adores horse sperm so much she drinks it even when she isn’t horny.  She scoops four handfuls and swallows it down happily.  If the stallion still suffered a hard-on, Amy would gladly have sucked it off again.  She loves to suck horse cock even when her pussy is cool.

That’s one lucky horse.  With Amy’s pussy clean, the woman squirms back into her denim shorts.  They’re already damp at the crotch, but nothing like they would’ve been if she hadn’t cleaned her pussy.  She pulls her t-shirt on.  The horse is placidly munching grass.  She grabs a handful of the horse’s mane hooking a leg over, and swings lithely onto its back.

“Giddy up,” she shouts.

Blaze, who likes to please the rider in every way, moves out from the grove of trees.  They return to the lane and head back the way they came, at a sedate pace.  On the way, they pass one of the modernized, converted farmhouses.  Amy knows a young twenty-something brunette named Kelly lives there.  She remembers the man on the road and frees her cell phone and dials a number.

When a female answers the call, she said, “Tina, I’m glad I caught you.  I got something you and Kelly might find interesting.”


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