The Prison Bitch Society 2

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The Prison Bitch Society 2
The Prison Bitch Society 2
Year: 2020
Danny is on parole, but his history as a voracious prison bitch catches up with him when his next-door neighbor catches him fucking his dog.
Jack Morningwood
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The dog stares at Danny and starts to growl.  He stops moving.  After a few moments, the man slowly lowers himself to the ground and moves closer.  He holds out his hand, and without warning, the dog takes an offensive posture and barks.  Danny backs off a few feet and tries to make peaceful contact again.  He tries a method he isn’t sure will work, but it’s worth a shot.  The man puts his head down to the ground and avoids making eye contact.  Slowly moving forward, he can’t hear the dog make any sounds.  Once Danny’s close enough, he touches the dog, a light pat on its shoulder blade.  He slowly moves into a cross-legged position and refrains from making eye contact.  Moving his hand up to the dog’s head, he can see the animal’s now completely comfortable with him.  Danny finally makes eye contact.

He scratches behind the dog’s ears and does the typical playing around stuff.  They continue this for about five minutes before Danny moves on down the dog’s sleek body toward the prize.  The man moves his hand to the dog’s underbelly and rubs there.  The dog does not object, so he reached for his sheathed cock.  Again, the Boxer doesn’t protest, so Danny rubs the sheath.  It doesn’t take long for the dog’s cock to start poking out of its sheath, and Danny’s more than willing to stroke it.  The Boxer falls over onto its side and puts its legs into the air, so Danny makes his move.  He moves down to the dog’s exposed cock and brings it to his mouth.  He has to pause for a moment as the dog’s sexy scent hits his nose.  It’s great.  Moving closer and closer, the man finally takes the dog’s red cock into his mouth.

The Boxer tastes so good as Danny bobs his head on its big cock.  The pre-cum tastes terrific as it pours into his mouth.  He wants to keep sucking this doggy cock, but he has another plan in mind.  Danny pulls himself off him and stands.  Quickly he takes off all his clothes.  By this time, the dog is desperately trying to hump his leg.  When all of his clothes are off, he spits into his hand and rubs it into his asshole, hoping it’ll ease any pain to come.

Danny gets on all fours and pats his butt cheeks, but the dog doesn’t need any coercing.  It quickly sniffs his ass and hops on board.  It’s a fantastic feeling as the dog put its weight onto him, to know he’s acquiescing to the Boxer’s maleness.  He can feel the dog’s paws wrap around his sides, and finally, its cock probing his rear.  The dog’s thick fur feels wonderful on Danny’s back.  The man assumes he’ll have to direct the dog’s cock into his twitching asshole, but soon the beast slams in balls deep in one thrust.  Danny almost passes out, the pain is incredible, but it’s subsiding and quickly turning into lust.  Thrust after deep thrust, the dog’s cock is pushing ever deeper into Danny’s guts.  It’s licking his back and tries to bite the man, showing dominance over its bitch.

Suddenly Danny shivers.  He feels the knot at the entrance to his asshole.  Danny isn’t sure he can handle the ball of dog cock inside him, so he tries to keep it out by pinching his sphincter tightly.  Apparently, this was a bad idea because it makes the Boxer push harder and hunches deeper.  Danny can feel the dog’s knot pushing harder and harder until finally, the animal thrust forward with all of its strength, and the knot pops in.  The man yells out in pain, but that doesn’t deter his canine lover.  The dog makes two more massive lunges before Danny feels it start to ejaculate in his belly.  It feels so unique in his stomach that Danny orgasms right there, all over the ground.  The sensations coming from his body are incredible.


Danny wakes sometime later as the dog is about to pull its spent cock from his asshole.  The man’s hanging there on its cock.  Danny’s now this dog’s bitch, its cock stuffed up his bitch pussy.  Danny’s head is still on the ground when he hears a suction pop, and the dog’s semen begins pouring out of his asshole down his legs.  As his thoughts begin to clear, Danny reaches back and scoops some jizz and brings it to his mouth.  It’s just as he remembered it, incredible.  This is the first time he’s had sex with a dog in seven years.  Danny spent that time in jail for this same crime.  He lifts his head back to look at the Boxer.  The dog’s just sitting there, licking its cock.  It then gets up and starts to lick out Danny’s well-fucked asshole.

A few minutes later, Danny finds the strength to stand.  His legs wobble slightly, but he can walk with some difficulty.  He put his clothes back on, whispers, “Thank you,” to the dog, and begins to leave.

His asshole hurt like never before.  The man finds it difficult to move, and the dog’s jizz is still leaking from his stretched asshole.  When he gets home, he jumps right into the shower.  The hot water cleans his body from what he just experienced.  Danny touches his tender asshole.  ‘Wow, it’s so stretched out,’ he thought.  ‘It feels like I could fit my whole hand up there.’  Danny finishes the shower, puts on a towel, and goes to the bedroom.  All afternoon he lies in bed thinking about what happened.  He jerked off ten times


At about six PM, the landline phone rings.  He picks it up, and it’s the next-door neighbor on the other end.  “Oh, hey Danny, wassup?” the neighbor asks in a deep voice.

“Not much, Bubba.  Wassup with you?” Danny said, feeling a pang of guilt.

“Oh, I just picked up some new software for my PC.  Do you think you could come over and help me install this shit?”

Danny doesn’t see this as a problem as he’s helped Bubba with his computer before.  “Sure, when do you want me to come over?”

“How about now?”

“OK, cya in ten,” Danny said chirpily.

He goes to his room and dresses and then goes to his next-door neighbor’s house.  Bubba is there waiting for him.  He invited Danny in and leads him past the computer into the living room.

“Where are we going?” Danny asks, glancing back at the computer.  “I thought you wanted help with your computer?”

He can’t possibly know I fucked his dog, can he,’ Danny wonders?  ‘I mean, his dog can’t tell him, so how could he know?

“Well, I was going into work this morning, and I forgot something and came back,” Bubba said in his deep voice.

Danny suddenly shivers but keeps reassuring himself Bubba couldn’t know.  “OK,” is all he can say.

The big black man continues, “So I came inside to get what I forgot when I heard Killer, my Boxer, let out a wailing bark.”

Danny swallows heavily.  “Really?”

Bubba nods.  “I went around back to see what was happening, and I saw this…”

Pressing play on the remote beside him brings up a video on his television.  The video is of Danny, asleep with Killer on his back, and the dog’s cock plunged obscenely inside his asshole.

“I just had to record it for posterity.”

Danny’s eyes blink rapidly.  “Oh, fuck,” he groans.

“Yeah, I’d say so,” Bubba said with a little chuckle.  “I recorded it on my phone.  I had to get back to work quickly, and you were still out cold by the time I left.  There are about five minutes of this from all different angles.  Check this out, I even move in close, look at that dog cock right up your pussy.”

Bubba pauses the playback right there.  Killer’s hard dog cock is firmly in Danny’s asshole, and the red-faced man just sits there, staring at the screen.  He should’ve been thinking about how he’ll get out of this situation, but instead, Danny wonders: ‘How on Earth did I take that huge cock up my tiny little asshole?

“So, um, what happens now?” Danny asks.

“That depends on you,” Bubba said.  “I know you wouldn’t want your parole officer seeing this.”

Danny gasps.  “What?   How did you know I’m on parole?”

“I did some digging.  I found you on the sex offenders registry too.  Indecent assault, exposure in a public place, multiple counts of bestiality…  Seems stir didn’t teach you anything.”

“It taught me a lot,” Danny said, smiling.  “Just not the kind of things that would set me straight.”

“I bet,” Bubba said and laughs.  “Just how much cock did you take in stir?”

Dany shrugs.  “All of it, multiple times.  Nothing much else to do in there.  Might as well fuck.”

“Tell me, did you get caught for bestiality doing what you did today?” Bubba asks.  “Sneaking into someone’s backyard and fucking their dogs?”

“Something like that,” is all Danny said, not making eye contact.

“Well, now it’s time for a little party,” Bubba said with a smile.  “You see, I couldn’t keep this little tidbit a secret, now could I?  I sent that video out to a group of friends.  They got a real kick out of it too.”

Danny gasps.  “You what?”

Big Bubba nods eagerly.  “We have this society see, and I’ve been unable to really participate until now.”

“Society?  What are you talking about?

“Why “The Prison Bitch Society.’  Haven’t you heard of it?”


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