The Trouble with Kahn

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The Trouble with Kahn
The Trouble with Kahn
Year: 2021
After his perverted neighbor rapes young Jake, he’s forced to watch the evil man’s dog Kahn while he takes his family away for a holiday. Then Kahn rapes him too.
Jack Morningwood
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“Hey,” Jake said, grabbing for the dog’s collar and missing.  He follows the dog into the bedroom.  Then he goes and sits on the bed again, feeling angry.  “What the hell’s wrong with you, anyway?  Can’t you give a guy a break?  All I wanna do is jerk off sniffing Mrs. Harrison’s panties while looking at her naked pictures.  Tomorrow, I’ll probably jerk off sniffing Kelly’s underwear.  I might even put them on and wear them around.”

By way of answer, the Rottweiler barks loudly.  The dog moves to the bed and again tries to nuzzle the lad’s crotch.

“Stop that, you sick mutt,” the teen shouts, swatting its snout.  “Cut it out.  You’re just as bad as Mr. Harrison.”

He’s not quite sure what to do.  Kahn is strong, and Jake has discovered that obedience is entirely the dog’s choice.  The Rottweiler suddenly props its head on his knee, eying the lad hang-dog style.  Jake shakes his head.

“Forget it.  You don’t deserve a pat.”

The dog remains where it is, woeful-eyed, then coaxes itself between the teen’s legs and probes his groin.  Jake then does something shocking.

“OK.  Let’s see how much you like it.”

He spreads wide and yanks Kahn forward by the collar.  The dog’s nose jabs his crotch too hard, and it makes the lad leap.

“Whoa there.” But he won’t let the dog go.  “Get it out of your system, dog.”

For a moment, Kahn struggles, then, remembering what it wants in the first place, butts the lad hard with its snout.  Jake yelps and scrambles back.

“Take it easy.  That hurt.”

Jake rubs his crotch because the dog got both testicles.  The boy glances around in guilt, eying the windows.  ‘What a stupid idea,’ Jake thought.  Kahn stands, sniffs the air, and makes poking motions with his snout.  Jake suddenly stands and moves away uncomfortably aware he has a hard-on.  ‘What the hell is going on with me?  I let a dog sniff my crotch.’

“This never happened,” he said to Kahn.  “Understand?”

Jake’s erection continues to grow until it creates a small tent in the front of his jeans and makes the lad panic.

“Fuck this.  I’m outta here.”

He goes to the dresser and removes the box of pictures, leaving the room to Kahn.  In the hallway, raw with anger, the teen lad stops at the top of the stairs.  ‘I’m letting a fucking dog thwart me,’ he thought.  ‘I must not want it that badly.’  For a moment, emotions war.  It’s his lust against his anger, disgust, and jealousy.

“Fuck this,” Jake said and went back inside the bedroom.  Once in the bedroom, he shouts at the Rottweiler, “You’re not stopping me, Kahn.”  He unzips his jeans.  “This is my afternoon.  My fun.”

He sits on the bed and undoes his belt.  Kahn doesn’t move.  The teen glares at the Rottweiler, daring it to so much as budge.  Jake kicks off his sneakers and pushes them under the bed.  His jeans go down to his knees.  Jake’s eight-inch erection is full-blown and aching, so he rubs through the front of his shorts and groans.  Kahn rises, suddenly alert.

“Stay right there,” Jake orders.  He put out his foot.  “This is not for you.”

Given time, he’s sure he can force Kahn from the room.  But the dog’s presence isn’t such a drawback.  It’s kind of cool.  Jake’s always wanted to masturbate in front of someone else, and it being Kahn is just weird enough to turn on the lad.  Then he makes a serious blunder.  He removes his cock through the fold-overs and begins to stroke.  Then the teen gets even stupider.

“Wanna sniff it?” he said to the dog.

Jake turns toward Kahn a little, and this sets off a disastrous chain of events.  He had no intention of letting the dog close, of course, but the tease is irresistible.  Kahn watches intently.

“What’s the matter?  Does the real thing scare you?”

The dog rises, and Jake’s about to have a heart attack.

“Whoa.  Whoa.” He back-peddles across the bed.  “Getaway.”

The dog follows, and Jake holds it off with his foot, then both feet.

“I’m kidding.  Get down.”

The dog does not get down.  Kahn fights back, and Jake begins a slow slide back toward the edge of the bed.  He runs out of the mattress and puts a hand down to keep from going over.  It’s all the opening Kahn needs.  The dog breaks through the lad’s feet, digs its nose into his crotch, and tongues his cock.

Get away from me.”

But his pants have the lad locked at the knees and off-balance, and with no footing on the bed, he suddenly windmills to keep from going over.  Kahn lunges, hitting both his cock and balls.  The big dog knocks the lad backward, setting fireworks off in his groin.  Jake sucks air, and Kahn rams forward again and gets the lad in the groin, finishing the job.  The teen goes over like a toppling oak.

Jake lies there, staring at the dog.  No air moves in his lungs, and heat radiates from his balls in a nuclear explosion of pain, megaton range.  Then Kahn is on the floor, licking the lad’s face, licking his ass, testicles, and cock, and there’s nothing Jake can do to stop the dog.  ‘This isn’t happening,’ he thought.  ‘Please, God, this isn’t happening.’  But it is happening, and as the convulsion in his lungs starts, and pain twists sideways into his guts.  He lies over on his side and coughs, almost passing out.  Then Kahn licks his asshole.

“You’re as bad as your master,” Jake said when enough strength returns to turn over.  He sticks a foot on his head and yells, “You’re both rapists.”

Kahn goes skidding across the floor and comes up against the far wall, collapsing with a thud.  The dog remains there, shaken, and wobbly, looking shocked.  Jake doubts anyone had ever kicked Kahn before.  He had to move.  Sliding on his ass, the lad makes it to the side of the bed and sits up.  Kahn stays still, panting loudly.  Jake inspects his groin and battles nausea after every touch.

“I could kill you,” he said.  “Fucking dog.”

Kahn tilts that large Rottweiler head and softly woofs.

“Come over and see what happens.”

The dog continues to watch.  Jason pulls his underwear up and over his aching balls, adjusts them with nausea following every move.  H starts to pull up his jeans as Kahn stands.  Realizing it lost its prize, the dog moves forward half a dozen paces, only stopping when Jake put out his foot.

“What do you think you’re doing?  Stay put.”  Jake begins to inch up the jeans, and the dog moves forward again.  “You’re not having me too, Kahn.  It’s bad enough Mr. Harrison thinks he can fuck me whenever he wants now.  I won’t become your bitch too.  Now just move the fuck outta here.”

He kicks but misses the dog’s head, still making the dog move one step back.  But Kahn’s insistent and each movement brings the Rottweiler a step closer, and soon Jake’s foot is holding it away.  The pain in his groin is too great to fight for long, and soon the teen gives in.  The dog’s nose presses against his crotch, and Jake almost cries.

Then he loses his temper.  “HERE,” Jake yells, yanking down his shorts.  “Is this what you want?”

Kahn’s head jerks and the dog suddenly crouches, and for a second, it growls.  Regretting this latest smart move, Jake puts his hand down as protection to find he has an erection.  Kahn remains in a crouching position.

“No, Kahn,” Jake said gently.  “Go away.”

Leaving is not on Kahn’s mind.  The dog moves forward, eyes locked on the teen’s crotch, head down, swinging side-to-side.  Jake uses both hands to hold the dog away.  He might as well have tried to hold back a tank.  Trapping the lad against the bed,  Kahn licks his crotch.

Oh, Jesus, no.”

The dog works the lad’s cock out through the front of his shorts, and Jake becomes frantic.

“How did you do that.  Stop it.”

The roar in his ears is like air rushing before a subway train—the dog’s close to losing it.  Then Kahn does something genuinely frightening: Taking the waistband between its teeth, the dog pulls his shorts down, exposing it all.  Jake sits there, pop-eyed, refusing to believe what’s happening.  But the plan is too complex for just a mouth, and Kahn lets go, and the waistband snaps back on the teen’s balls.  Jake again leaps in pain as every nerve ending rings anew.

Thanks.  Oh, Jesus.  God.  I needed that.”

He fixed the shorts, but Kahn noses the lad again and licks the front of the shorts.  Soon Jake closes his eyes and lies back.  Jake’s underwear joins his jeans about his knees.

Don’t hurt me,” he pleads.

This time Kahn doesn’t.  Using the rough saw of its tongue, the Rottweiler makes Jake’s cock dance.  The dog licks the head and the shaft, his bare testicles until gasping breaths chug in his lungs.  A glistening dot of pre-cum forms at the tip of his cock, which Kahn deftly licks away.  Jake’s entire body sings with tension.  Again, he wonders, ‘What the hell am I doing?’  The answer is having sex with a dog.  He groans.  He’s disgusted and aroused.  Kahn begins to lick Jake’s teen balls with frenzied excitement, and the lad jumps off the floor.

“You’re hurting me again,” he hisses.  “Don’t hurt me.”

But the dog’s tongue follows, and Jake’s testicles bounce, and the more the animal licks, the more excruciating the pain.

“Kahn,” Jake groans, trying to close his legs.  “This is insane.  You’re a dog, and I’m a  boy.  This shit is just not natural.”

Undeterred, Kahn opens the lad’s legs.  Using doggie magic, Kahn times the licks and catches Jake’s cock on each backswing, slapping it against the teen’s belly and then catching it again.  A quake of stimulation grabs Jake’s gut, and he shudders like an earthquake.  Jake’s testicles are under full attack when the Rottweiler suddenly lunges in excitement and rams the lad flat against the bed.


Agony ricochets up his spine, and the breath sucks out of his lungs.  He strangles a groan and falls to his side, which is little help because Kahn follows.  The dog straddles the lad.  Panic turns to terror.

Kahn.  NO.”

The dog’s erection is enormous, red, and wet, the size of a small blimp.  It slaps against Jake’s mouth, making the teen shriek.  The dog has the lad pinned to the bed, and he struggles frantically to keep his mouth away.  The Rottweiler does its best to capture Jake’s mouth.


The dog suddenly leaps away, tearing at the teen’s cock and balls, and this is the last straw.  Jake hit Kahn with his fist, making the dog jerk away, barking.


He rolls onto his side and pulls his jeans high enough to protect his balls.  Kahn stops them from going any further.

“Leave me alone.”  The dog licks his naked butt-crack probing deep into his asshole.  “Why are you acting like this.”  The dog digs its cold wet nose into his butt crack.  “Leave me alone.”

But, of course, Kahn doesn’t.  Eventually, the pain subsides enough for Jake to roll on his back.  He let his knees fall apart in an open invitation.  ‘I have no choice,’ Jake thought.  He feels like a baseball bat has hit him.  Every movement is agony, and when he pulls his underwear down to free his balls, even this is torture.

“You’re nothing but a fucking cock licker,” Jake growls at Kahn.  “Do you lick Mr. Harrison’s cock too?  Maybe you lick Mrs. Harrison’s pussy, eh?”

Kahn does not comment.  Movement, in general, is unwise, and sitting up is impossible.  The ache extends from his groin to the depths of his chest, generating almost unbearable nausea.  He shakes, trembles, and shudders.  Cold sweat covers the lad, and he wants nothing more than to vomit.  Kahn,  two feet away, lies on the floor and watches.  Jake kicks at the dog but misses.

“Yeah, this is not normal for a dog,” he said.  “You have to have done this before.”

Jake’s flaccid stub of a cock hangs miserably between his legs.  It couldn’t have been more than two inches long.  The lad continues to massage his testicles and, after some time, feels ready to sit up.  Pushing on one elbow, he waits to see if the dizziness returns, and it doesn’t.

“See this?” Jake said, pointing at his crotch.  “You did that.  Now stay away.”

The dog continues to watch.

“I must’ve been tripping,” he said.  “Even to consider this.”


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