The Incident 2: Zoociety

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The Incident 2: Zoociety
The Incident 2: Zoociety
Year: 2021
Two weeks after ‘the incident,’ Michelle has physically recovered from her gangbang in the city pound by dogs, but all she can think about now is animal cocks.
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Two weeks after ‘the incident,’ Michelle physically recovered from her night in the city pound, but all she can think about is animal cocks.  The black MILF dreams about dogs fucking her relentlessly, and it’s so intense she orgasms while asleep.  Kevin is worried about his wife, as he knows what’s distracting her lately.  Thankfully, the school holidays just beginning meant they can send the kids off to their grandparents for a few weeks.  Besides, both are busy with their work currently as well.  Kevin is adjudicating a murder trial, and Michelle is defending a rapist.

All the talk of sex in the rape trial is making her feel horny too.  The attorney doesn’t want to feel horny, but it seems she can’t restrain it.  Her body is out of control ever since the incident.  After the judge adjourned her rape case for the day, Michelle makes her way outside the courthouse and breathes in the cool afternoon air.  She knows Kevin will still be busy for a few hours yet.  The thought of being alone with all this pent-up sexual energy until he gets home makes the woman sigh deeply.

A piece of paper she has in her hand pulls free suddenly in a gust of wind, making the woman gasp, and off she goes chasing it like a fool.  Her DD tits bounce and jiggle as she runs, and the vital document flies down an alley to eventually land behind a large, overflowing bin.

“Oh, great,” she said, bending to pick up the document.

Suddenly, something prods her in her butt, and with a gasp, she stands and spins around.  Standing there is a stray dog, a Cocker Spaniel.  The animal is filthy and smells.  The dog growls at her, and she backs into a doorway.

“Bad dog,” she said sternly.  “Go away.”

The woman waves her hand threateningly, and the dog lunges and snaps at her. Michelle tries to kick the Cocker Spaniel away, but it snaps at her and continues to shove its nose in her crotch.  Then, to her amazement, it pushes its snout into her crotch and sniffs.  ‘Damn, I knew I should’ve worn panties today,’ she thought.  The stray bites at her Saint Laurent wool button-up pencil skirt, pulling it and nearly tearing her expensive clothes.

“OK, OK, stop,” she said with a sob.  “I’ll give you what you want.  Just leave my skirt alone.  It cost me two grand.”

The black buttons are on the left side, and she quickly undoes them and opens the skirt to reveal her naked trimmed pussy to the Cocker Spaniel.

“There, happy now?” she asks the dog bitterly.

The dog quickly licks its tongue along her fully exposed slit.  Michelle moans and slumps in the doorway, surrendering to the canine tongue.  The black MILF stretches her knees apart and lets the Cocker Spaniel lick furiously at her gushing pussy.  She hates to admit it, but it feels terrific.  “What’s wrong with me,’ she wonders?  ‘The courthouse is just over there.’  Her pussy creams, and this excited the animal to lap at her gushing juices.  As the filthy stray slithers its pink tongue inside her vagina, Michelle orgasms.

Oooo, that’s so good…” she whispers.

Michelle quickly glances around the alley to see if anyone can see her debased act.  There’s no one around.  She wants to see the dog’s cock, so Michelle coaxes the stray onto its back and plays with its balls and sheath until the red cock slides out.  The red dick emerges glistening in the light and feels so hard.  Michelle moans hotly, and her fingers tease the cock to its fullest size, a lovely seven inches.  Rubbing her clit wantonly, the woman jerks the dog off to watch it shoot its load of hot semen.  The cock enlarges for her nicely.  The knot swells to be a bit larger than a golf ball, and the woman massages, jerks, and pumps the Spaniel’s cock/knot/balls until it explodes for her.  Her brown eyes go wide, as they always do when she watches a cock ejaculate, and Michelle strokes the cock to make it gush hard.

The stray groans and grunts beneath her treatment and its balls produce a decent supply of gooey semen.  Michelle smiles pleasantly, enjoying herself, as she pumps it all out of the stray dog’s balls.  The gushing cock, spitting sperm all over the dog’s belly and her jerking hand, excites her.

“Hopefully, that’ll satisfy you, and you’ll now leave me alone,” Michelle whispers, massaging the knot and caressing the dog’s balls.

However, Michelle just has to orgasm again to cool the fire in her horny pussy.  Her pussy is hot, so she has the stray dog lick it again.  Michelle doesn’t know it yet, but the steamy vapors from her hot, wet cunt waft skyward and attract another passing dog.  The Spaniel attacks her pussy, and Michelle whimpers with growing pleasure as she climaxes, squirting against the licking, lapping tongue.

This new animal is a little bigger than the cute Cocker Spaniel licking her pussy, and Michelle recognizes it as a standard Poodle by its brown curly fur.  When the MILF sees it, she laughs and opens her legs wider.  The Poodle watches for a moment, licking its lips and sniffing, then joins in the assault on Michelle’s pussy.  To satisfy the Spaniel, she unbuttons her blouse and lifts her bra way above her breasts, and lets it lick her tits for her while the Poodle tastes her pussy.

Oh, wow,” she said with a shudder of excitement.

Michelle collapses with pleasure after a few minutes.  The stray Spaniel licks her tits as if they’re giving milk, and the Poodle grovels at her pussy as if it’s the tastiest treat imaginable for a dog.  The two doggie-tongues drive Michelle wild with orgasmic pleasure.  Michelle climaxes hard for the Poodle and squirts her juices into its greedy mouth.  The Poodle licks for her juices madly with its tongue, slithering inside her cunt constantly.

Ooooo.  Yes.  So good.  Oh, lick me there.  Yessss,” Michelle moans.

Her senses reel, and the woman slumps onto the ground and surrenders her body to the animals.  Her pussy smells permeate the cool afternoon air, and she doesn’t even see a third dog arrive on the scene.  Suddenly, a white dog is licking her face, breasts, and thighs, and anywhere else, it can get its tongue.  The dog’s a Samoyed.  Even in her dazed state, Michelle takes the time to check the sex of each animal, and it thrills her when she finds three male dogs licking her tits, pussy, and asshole.

Oh, yeah,” she moans hotly.

Her titties heave on her chest as a dog licks her nipples into life.  Her clit extends between her tight pussy lips, and the doggie-tongues assault it with passion.

Oh, here,” Michelle pants hotly.  “Let the new guy lick me, too.”

The MILF makes way for the white Samoyed, and it gladly attacks her wet pussy.  The dog wants some of her juice, too.  The dog gets plenty.  Its thicker, broader tongue covers more area of her pussy as it whips her crotch, so Michelle orgasms juicily for it.  That’s the Samoyed’s reward for having a nice big tongue.

Oh, I’m cumming,” she moans when, through heavy eyes, she sees yet another dog joining the first three.

The new dog’s a big one.  It’s a Bull Mastiff of some sort with tan fur and bright eyes and, in its eagerness to get in on the action, knocks Michelle back.  The woman laughs excitedly as all four dogs lick and lap at her tits, legs, pussy, belly, asshole, and face.  She feels surrounded by stiff canine cocks just like that night in the pound, and as the animals lick at her writhing body, she jerks the cocks around her with her hands.  The licking, lashing tongues soon have her dizzy, and the sky whirls overhead as she repeatedly orgasms.

I’m gonna cum…” she shrieks, horny out of her mind.  “More.  More.  Oh.  Um.  Do it.  Do it.  Oh, make me cum more.”

Another dog joins in, then another, until Michelle loses count altogether.  All she knows is many tongues are licking the hell out of her, and her hands are never empty of stiff dog cocks.  Losing herself in a swirling sea of passion, she pulls a stray over to her face and sucks its cock, while other dogs lick her body, especially her pussy and ass, where she’s the tastiest.  Her sexy mouth is so horny Michelle gobbles the dog’s cock and makes it shoot hotly down her throat.

Then the woman gets another dog, sucks it off as she orgasms, and squirts against a sloshing, slurping tongue.  Her mouth fills with a stiff cock as she sucks passionately on the tangy phallus, moaning and whimpering with great pleasure.  Not caring where these dogs have been or how dirty the stray animal dicks are, Michelle sucks greedily at any she can.  One by one, the sucked-off animals creep away.

Then Michelle finds herself alone with a dog she doesn’t even recognize, and it’s licking her to another big orgasm.  The black woman squirts again as the orgasm takes her, and the dog licks her clean.  Her pussy is buzzing by now.

Then she lifts her ass to encourage the last dog to mount her.  Michelle begins to feel her clit grow hot and hard, and sparks of delectations shoot through her body, making her quiver uncontrollably.  The dog’s muzzle lodges itself into her, too, licking her again.  As the dog continues its relentless licking of her cunt and ass, Michelle pinches and pulls her nipples, making them hard.  The woman’s face begins to show the fire growing inside her as moans escape her again.

Oh, good boy.  Oh yes, God, yes,” she moans, enjoying the laving she’s again getting.

Michelle’s body begins to shake, and her face turns bright red as her pussy and anus start to violently spasm—she orgasms.  The large dog doesn’t waste time and mounts her, wrapping its strong front legs around her waist, and starts probing her with its already erect red veined monster cock.

Suddenly, its cock slides into her cunt, and feeling her warmth encase its mighty phallus, the dog drives it home and fucks her with the feverish intensity only a dog can.  The odd-shaped phallus is slicing her cunt open with quick, hard thrusts.  The dog’s knot was already expanding and slapping her clit.

She can feel her cunt opening to the stray dog as if a blossom.  Slam.  Her resistance shatters.  The dog owns her now, mind and body.  The dog plunders her insides with brute force.  Michelle simply takes it, moaning as she feels the knot and cock growing and stretching her.  This dog is the master, and she’s the bitch.

Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” she moans, quivering with mounting excitement.  “He’s fucking me.  Mmm, my pussy’s so hotFuck me, fuck me.”

As the fucking continues unrelenting, it almost seems it won’t be able to push its knot into her cunt, yet it does.  The knot expands inside her vagina to where it can’t pull it out, and this hampers the fucking motion.  Michelle recalls the multiple knotting’s she experienced at the city pound, and she can feel the dog’s animal semen shooting into her insides.  The bulge continues to increase as its humping slows to nothing.

Ooooo, you’re stretching me so much,” Michelle squeals with delight.

Her mind collapses.  All Michelle can smell is this dog’s rank smell, and the feeling of its invading cock now setting up shop deep in her loins as if it’s never going to leave overwhelms her with pleasure.  Michelle is trembling, and she moans in the alley, enjoying the moment without a thought about who might catch her doing such a debased act.

Sometime later, amid smelly air of the alley from the rubbish and with the sound of the stinky stray dog panting above her, the dog’s cock shrinks and pulls out of her cunt.  As the mighty phallus retreats, it feels as if her innards have come unraveled and drawn outside her body.  The sensation includes a rather humiliating sensual tingle, the slightest bit of arousal as its bulging flesh strokes her g-spot.  She gasps and clenches her teeth in shame and anger.  This dog’s tongue and snout are back at her cunt, investigating the deed it has just done, and it’s proud of itself, given the halo of happy snorts, panting, and licking it subjected to her exposed backside.  A moment later, it must have gotten bored or heard some sound because it turns and pads heavily out of the alley, leaving her alone.

Michelle climbs to her feet and quickly does up her clothes.  She grabs her bag and uses some wet ones to wipe herself.  Then she runs from the alley and catches a cab home.  Michelle can’t wait to tell Kevin about what happened in the alley.


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