There’ll Always Be Blackie!

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There'll Always Be Blackie!
There’ll Always Be Blackie!
Year: 2022
When a female border introduces the family dog to forbidden bestiality pleasures, soon all the women of the house are getting some dog cock.
Sheela B.
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Ooooooo, doggie, ohhh, do it there….”

The perky eighteen-year-old blonde rolled her ass back.  Her white legs parted widely for the black Doberman.  Her short red dress had already fallen up around her waist.  Panting heavily, the teen cinches her eyes shut, curling her fingers into the soft piling of the living room carpet.

Julia Finnigan watches open-mouthed, hidden in the shadows of the living room doorway.  The brown-haired teen suspected something strange was happening with her friend Faith, but this was too strange for her to comprehend.  She grips the doorway as Faith lets out another moan.

Ohhhhhh, lick my pussy.  That’s a good doggie, lick me….

The blonde’s going crazy, kicking her long legs high in the air as she works her shoulder blades against the carpet.  It’s Julia’s pet dog, Blackie, doing the licking, bracing large black paws against Faith’s inner thighs, and dropping that tongue into her wet pussy.  The girl appears as if she’s in some pain, but Julia suspects that her friend feels far from agony.  Faith let out another cry, bending her left leg and hooking it around the large Doberman’s neck.  She’s making soft, fucking movements with her thighs, feeding her cunt to the dog.  Blackie growls.  The teen’s flushed, slick pussy flesh muted the dog’s cries.

Mmmmmmm…  Oh, that’s good, Blackie.  Oh, it’s so good feeling you inside me….”

Julia’s face is nearly as flushed as her friend’s.  She draws her knees together, feeling her pussy flesh swell as she watches her pet eat Faith out.  Those soft, smacking sounds of Blackie’s tongue and lips against Faith’s pussy drive her mad.  Twice, Julia tries covering her ears.  But there’s something irresistible about the girl moaning with pleasure as the large animal licks her pussy.

Ahhhhh…  Oh, Blackie, you keep doing that, and I’m gonna  cum.”

Faith is sounding all out of breath and nervous now.  Blackie backs up for a moment, licking the backs of her legs and then her toes.  Faith shakes her hair from her eyes, staring wildly at the dog, then let her head sink back to the floor with a groan.

Ohhhhhh, Blackie…

Julia grips the wall, feeling her heart beating so wildly she thinks it will tear right through her chest.  She peers down at her friend.  Faith has lots of hair over her pussy mound.  Hair that is now slicked down with the dog’s spit.  As she stood watching her, she found herself reaching under her skirt, pulling down her panties, and sliding one finger over her slippery pussy lips.  It’s then she realizes how wet and hot she is down there.

Ohhhhhh.  Oh, Blackie, when you touch me like that…  Ahhhhh.  I think I’m gonna die….

Julia feels her knees knocking together as she strokes herself.  The tiny pink bump letting out all those delicious feelings is swimming in hot juice.

Do it, doggie.  Do it to me.”

Julia had finger-fucked herself many times in bed while thinking all sorts of kinky thoughts about guys or her boyfriend.  But this is different somehow.  A dog.  A fucking dog.

Ohhhh, Blackie, easy, boy, easy.  I don’t wanna cum now.  Not now.  Not so soon.”

Faith has both hands to the Doberman’s face, holding its muzzle back while she rubs her curled, naked toes over its coat.  Her knees brace the dog’s hunkering body.

Julia notices something red sticking straight out between Blackie’s hindquarters.  It’s very hard and long.  The dog’s cock is even bigger than her boyfriend’s.  Julia holds in a cry, feeling it tear at her throat.  ‘Is Faith going to let the dog fuck her?’ Julia wonders.  The thought enters her mind like lightning, nearly bringing her to her knees.  “Oh, God…” Julia groans.

Julia again holds her breath.  She’s terrified Faith might hear her outburst.  But there’s little danger of that.  Faith wriggles around like a maniac, her ass rolled back, pink, and slick and tight for the animal’s broad tongue to swathe across it.  Julia puts her finger down, touching the tiny bead of her clit.  A shock cut through her thigh, and Julia could feel her clit pulsating against her palm.  Oh, how she wishes she could be Faith right now.  Just for a moment.

Ahhhhhhhh…  Oh, Blackie.  It’s good having you fuck me like that,” Faith moans.

Julia reddens to hear her friend’s filthy words.  Blackie is also getting more involved, bracing those paws hard against Faith’s thighs and sticking its tongue right into her cunt.  She trembles.  Julia can smell the heat coming from Faith’s cunt.  ‘If I were a decent person,’ she thought, ‘I’d leave now.’

Oh, oh, oh,” the blonde teen moaned.

There’s a growing urgency in Faith’s voice now.  She’s rubbing her fingers through Blackie’s fur, holding him tightly with her knees.  There are times when the dog moves back so hard that it jerks her ass off the floor.  Julia could hardly believe her eyes.  She pushes her finger deeper between her outer pussy lips.  The feel of those hot, wet pussy lips against her hand is enough to make her more than just a little dizzy.

Blackie is growling now, nipping around her pussy lips, licking hard while more of the dog’s long, thick, red boner slips from its sheath.  Julia groans and slides until her knees press against the carpeting.  Blackie’s growls are low and throaty now.

Ahhhh, doggie, doggie.  Blackie.  Ahhhh.  Oh, I’m gonna…  Gonna…

Faith is going to orgasm.  Julia thinks she’ll faint just from thinking about it.  She stopped rubbing herself, holding her breath until her eyes started to swim.

Ohhhh…”  The blonde’s belly heaves as she gasps in large breaths of air.  Her thighs ripple with muscles.  She’s pointing her toes out, her hands working steadily at the dog’s sides.  She calls Blackie’s name repeatedly as she thrashes and writhes on the rug.  “Do it, do it, do it.”

Is Blackie going to fuck her?’ Julia wonders.  It appears the dog will move around and fuck her with its cock.  Julia keeps one hand to her mouth while fucking her pussy with the other.

Faith is rolling her hips more now, moving her pussy against the dog’s tongue.  She’s heavier than Julia, and her flesh quivers while she bounces against the floor.  Julia starts pumping her ass, letting her fingertips touch the tiny bulge of her blood-filled clit.  The rush of thrills makes her cry out with delight.  She shuts her eyes.  The feel of the carpeting under her buttocks makes her fuck upward with a bouncing, humpy rhythm.  She spreads her legs out a little further, staring at Faith.

Oh.  Ahhhhhhhhh…

Faith is digging at the dog’s back with her heels, tossing her shoulders back and forth.  Her straight blonde hair splashed over her face.  She babbles something.  It isn’t words.  It’s a secret language.  Julia flushes, rubbing her finger faster and faster now along her clit.  She can hardly draw in a breath.  Her body is feeling warm and buzzy.  The dog crouches down now, rubbing its pointy red cock against Faith’s leg while still licking deep into her cunt.

Oooooo, Blackie…

Faith let out a series of panting, tiny screams.  The blonde teen jack-knifed her body, jerking her torso from the floor and flinging her arms around the big Doberman’s neck.  Her face is flushed and streaked with sweat.  Julia moans, clamping her thighs tight, her fingers between her pussy lips.  She pumps her little ass up and down.  It’s a fucking motion she wishes she could be doing now with the dog licking her pussy.

Ahhhhhhh, fuck…

Faith is orgasming again.  Julia knows it.  She can tell it from the way the girl is moving, from the strangled cries of joy and pleasure coming from Faith’s throat.  Blackie begins to whimper.  Julia can hear the dog’s tongue slurping into Faith’s pussy slit.

Oh.  Oh.  Ohhhh…

Faith’s face is pinched and red.  It looked like she was in pain, but Julia knew her friend was far from that sensation.  She’s grinding her thighs against the big animal, calling out to it, caressing its sleek coat with her fingers.  Julia rolls and pumps her ass up and down as she fucks long and deep into her vagina.  Her knees spread as she gives a final hunch to her fingers.

Behind her, she can hear Faith’s cries suddenly becoming softer, fainter.

Ohhhhhh, Blackie.  Blackie, that’s good.  Ohhh, you nasty dog.”

Julia jumps to her feet just in time to watch Blackie shooting canine sperm onto her friend’s leg.  All that rubbing.  That’s why Blackie moved so close to Faith.


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